In Dreams: 62. Getting Things Moving!

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62. Getting Things Moving!

Amarie hummed to herself as she worked on her latest tapestry cartoon in her workroom. She smiled as she felt the warmth of Elrond’s mental touch and tilted her head back her eyes closed as his lips ghosted over her face and throat.

*Thinking of last night ind nin? *

*Um hum. Your punishment was… most intriguing and creative. You should be so angry more often.

*I have a feeling our future will include many such sessions, especially if you repeat yesterdays exploit very often. *

*Where are you now? *

*Do I dare tell you? *

*Another meeting? *

*Yes and it’s as dull as last night. *

*I could imagine I am under the table and liven things for you. *

*Please don’t even start thinking of it. Please, ind nin. *

*All right, I will be good, I promise. *

*Thank you. *

*Poor meleth nin, does that help? *

*Oh…. Yes…. Now that is something I will be able to enjoy with out fear of embarrassment. *

*As you command, my lord. *

*Tonight, your room, after dinner? *

*In the flesh or via the bond? *

*Definitely the flesh, very bare flesh. *

*Is there any other way? *

*Seriously, lirimaer, you will have to be a little more cautious about when you indulge so. It could have real political repercussions since none of the other races share the bonding gift and wouldn’t understand my reaction. They would think the Lord of Imladris was simply going mad. That is not a good thing for someone trying to forge a consensus. As it was, poor Celeborn thought I was having some sort of fit. *

*I know, to suddenly discover such power was heady and I had to understand what it meant. I promise to be more careful in future. *

*It can be quite unsettling. *

*I meant to talk to you last night about setting a wedding date. Unfortunately you have a way of distracting me. We need to so that Erestor and Sadi can make their arrangements.

*I know. I have tried to talk to Sadi several times, but she keeps telling me they will do so after we are settled. *

*That is what I mean. We will not wait the normal full year between betrothal and wedding, but it will have to be sometime after the Harvest Festival. You would make a beautiful Yule bride, I think. That will allow time for all the arrangements needed both for family and for dignitaries. *

*I will also not be too conspicuous with elfling at that point. *

*Does that concern you? *

*No, but it would be nice to not look like an oliphaunt in my wedding gown. I fear those last months I will be quite large. Sadi did say my naneth was and I do seem to take after her. *

*You would look beautiful no matter what you wore. *

*Meleth nin, I love you. *

*I know. I love you too…Oh the meeting is winding up. I will tell Erestor that it will be a Yule wedding if you agree? *

*Of course. Yule is my favorite time of year. *

*Tonight, Your room and you bare on your bed. *

*At your command, my lord! *

* * * * * *

Elrond rose smiling from his chair and addressed the group.

“My friends, while this concludes this series of meetings, we still have much to deal with. I suggest that we meet here again in one month’s time, the week either before or after the Harvest Festival. If you will let Lord Erestor know which dates you prefer, we will make the necessary arrangements and advise you of the final dates. That way you will be able to join in the official celebration of my betrothal to the Lady Amarie, the Mistress of Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain and keep your travel to a minimum.”

“In the meantime there will be a buffet with an evening of unofficial entertainment in the Hall of Fire. I would also like to add that thanks to the efforts of our Mirkwood friends, King Thranduil has provided us with a supply of his best vintage. Please enjoy yourselves and take your leave when you wish on the morrow.”

Nodding graciously to everyone and wishing them namarie, he quickly left the room and retreated to his private study. There he asked a house elf to request Erestor to join him for dinner as soon as he could get away from the rest of the attendees. He also requested a light dinner to be served to them there at the usual time. The house elf nodded and departed closing the door after. Elrond sighed and turned to the pile of paperwork awaiting his attention and sighed. Knowing that most of it needed to be attended to if he wanted to spend the rest of the evening with Amarie he sat down and began the never-ending task.

A short time later Erestor entered the study with two large plates of food from the buffet.

“Elrond, meldir nin, I brought some food but I thought that our miruvor was a better drink than Thranduil’s wine.”

Looking up, Elrond chuckled, “We won’t tell Thranduil that.”

Erestor crossed to the small table near the balcony door and placed the food there. Returning to where the miruvor sat he poured two glasses and added them to their dinner.

“Dinner is ready, are you ready to stop working for the day?”

Nodding, Elrond rose and stretched, his neck and shoulders tired. “I am so ready, meldir, I intend to join Amarie this evening and see no one else until tomorrow.”

Erestor grinned at his lord, “I intend to lure Sadi to my rooms and lock the doors, myself.”

“Well, one thing you can do is tell her that Amarie and I have set Yule as our wedding date. Now you and Sadi can start making some plans as well.”

“That is wonderful news, meldir. We can set up a date for our betrothal perhaps just before Yule. We have discussed it and we want just a small private ceremony.”

“Well just let me know and we will set it up.’

They exchanged grins and began eating happily anticipating the coming evening.

meleth nin
lirimaer-lovely one
ind nin- my heart
naneth- mother
oliphaunt – animal used by Haradrim as beasts of war
Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain -house of a thousand jeweled threads
meldir – friend (male)
miruvor - Rivendell cordial much prized in middle earth

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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