In Dreams: 7. A Miruvor Kind of Thing

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7. A Miruvor Kind of Thing

Chapter Seven

                A Miruvor Kind of Thing

Elrond sat on the balcony of his library late that afternoon contemplating his glass of miruvor  intently.  His visitors had departed earlier that afternoon. They had remained stubborn but finally agreed to send scouts into the border regions of Dol Guldor to gather and confirm activity. 

"If the scouts survive," he muttered darkly to himself, " the fools may yet face the truth, get off their rear ends and take some action."

Inside, the door from the hall opened and Erestor sauntered in. Seeing Elrond out on the balcony, he poured himself a glass of miruvor from the carafe on the table before joining him.

"You don't seem to be happy, my friend." Erestor commented as he settled  down in the chair near Elrond and propped his feet up on the railing. "You at least got them to take some action, that is a start."

Elrond sighed, " I seriously thought of downing four or five bottles of miruvor before this last meeting so I would not take a spear off the wall and do a little physical persuasion."

"Well I am glad you didn't, it would have been a waste of good miruvor."  he grinned at Elrond.

Elrond returned the grin and they sat in companionable silence for a while.

Elrond finally looked over his glass at Erestor pointedly. "Did you just want the miruvor or did you have something specific you wanted to talk to me about?"

Erestor nodded. "Both, but I primarily wanted to talk to you about the Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain move."

"Go on."

"After looking over everything the Lady Amarie sent, I had a pretty good idea of their space requirements. Those unused storage rooms over by the lower river on the south side have the right amount of space for the work shops and it has the added benefit of the outside sorting floors we can convert into pleasant terraces with garden plantings. Always wanted to do something about that, but never had a good reason." Then almost as an after thought, he added.  "Access for their wagons is good too."


"That group of houses further up the hill from the storage rooms I think.  We can create a self contained little community if they want to keep every one together. There are only a few still occupied and I've talked to those remaining. Two families are leaving soon for the Grey Havens and the other three would be satisfied with smaller quarters. They were delighted to hear why we were asking them to move. They liked the idea of some new activity over there. Said it had been much too dead."

Elrond sat quietly for a while considering Erestors' words, then nodded. "It sounds like a good plan, but we should be prepared also if they want to settle near any family members already here."
"Not a problem, we have plenty of room."

"Will the storage rooms need any work or structural changes?" Elrond questioned.

"Initially a good cleaning. We will need to move a few doors, and add a lot of windows to improve the general light and circulation."

Elrond shook his head. "We had better wait on that until the first group arrives.  Their leader can help make those decisions and they may well want to do it themselves.  We can get on with the other work, though, the cleaning, redoing the sorting floors and relocating any paths so they can get around the place and the rest of Imladris easily."

Erestor nodded, "We can start that the day after tomorrow. I want the staff to concentrate on clearing up the remnants of our recent visitors first."

"Want some more miruvoir?" Erestor asked as he got up and moved toward the library table and the carafe.

Still considering details, Elrond merely nodded and passed him his glass.
He asked. "What will the houses need to get them ready?"

Erestor poured the miruvoir into the glasses and returned to the balcony handing a glass back to Elrond.

"Very little, and the neighbors volunteered to undertake their cleaning and act as hosts to help the new occupants settle in."

"There remains the matter of their escort." He paused.  "I will turn that over to Glori to deal with."

"It looks like everything is well in hand then, old friend," He raised his glass with a grin and saluted Erestor, "It's nice when a plan comes together."

Just then the muffled sound of the dinner chimes echoed through the building.

"Shall we join the family," asked Erestor as they rose, "or do you want something sent up to your rooms again?"

"You have been talking to Gandalf, haven't you?" Elrond chuckled dryly as they moved into the hall and joined the parade to the dining room.

"Yep, and he said you would bare watching as you were still simmering over our visitors."

At that, the elf lord threw back his head and let loose a deep whoop of laughter. " Come on, suddenly I could eat a horse."

The other inhabitants of Imladris were much relieved to see their Lord in
better spirits after the past difficult days and the merriment lasted long into the night in the Hall of Fire. Few sought their beds until the wee hours of the morning.
miruvor. - Rivendell cordiall much prized in middle earth
Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain - house of a thousand jewelled threads

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