In Dreams: 77. Two Become Four

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77. Two Become Four

Amarie sighed and shifted her body in the chair uncomfortably. Over the last three months the activity of the growing gwanur had increased as had her girth and she now found it difficult to rest, either sitting or laying down. With another eight weeks to go before their expected arrival she was feeling anxious and tired. She looked across the sitting room to where Elrond sat going over the seemingly, never ending reports and letters he dealt with.

Elrond looked up from his desk and frowned.

“Ind nin, do the little ones add to your discomfort again?”

She grinned ruefully and gently ran her hands soothingly over her swollen belly. “For once they are quiet, meleth, but I fear they may be plotting another attack on one another. They are pushing against me and I feel very heavy.”

Elrond studied her tired face and when she flinched, he rose and crossed to her, kneeling and placed his own hands on the lower curve of the swell. Gently moving over the surface he sought the faer of the two elflings. After a short period he looked up at her and smiled. “They prepare to join us.”

“But there is another two months to go. Is anything wrong?” Amarie asked suddenly worried.

“No, remember ind nin, I warned you that gwanur often arrived early. Your body only has so much room for a hen and when there are two they crowd it before one does. We must begin preparations for their arrival, but let us get you comfortable first.” Rising he lifted her in his arms and carried her into their bedchamber where he settled her on the bed. Adjusting a pile of pillows, he helped her settle back and with a quick kiss on her forehead he stood up and chuckled. “You will soon be a naneth.”

She smiled back weakly and relaxed into the pillows. “Will you pass me the book I was reading earlier, meleth? It helps to distract me somewhat.”

Returning to the sitting room he opened the door and asked one of the guards to summon the lady Saldae at once and notify the healing hall that he would need their assistance shortly. Both guards grinned and one asked if it was time for the elflings. At Elrond’s smile and nod, he rapidly departed to carry out his lord’s instructions before returning to his post.

It was not long before an anxious Sadi and Erestor arrived and joined Elrond in the sitting rooms. At her worried look, Elrond smiled and went to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder giving her a gentle hug. “She is well, Sadi, do not be concerned. Her water has not yet broken. Gwanur often come early and ours are eager to be born now.”

Erestor grinned at his lord. “Well, meldir nin, are you better prepared this time? It has been a long time since you paced the halls with your last.”

Shaking his head in amusement, Elrond began to respond when there was a sudden gasp of pain from the bedchamber. Turning from them he muttered, “It begins.”

“I will get the midwives from the healing hall,” Erestor rapidly departed out the hall door and Sadi followed Elrond into where Amarie lay curled up on the bed in pain. He sat down on the edge and tenderly took her hand in his.

“Meleth nin, you must not push now, it only increases your pain and adds to the difficulty in letting them enter the birth canal separately.” He grimaced briefly as her nails dug into his skin as a new wave of contractions raced across her body.

“Heed him penneth. Try to breath deeply and slowly, “ Sadi added.

Amarie glared at the two of them. “I am the one having them, if I want to bear down, I will.” She screamed again loudly as the contractions continued.

Sadi looked at Elrond worriedly, “They are coming too quickly,”

Elrond nodded and sought Amarie’s attention. “Meleth nin, we must slow this down so that each elfling has time to move into the birth channel separately. I will prepare a drink that will ease your pain and slow the contractions. The midwives will soon be here to guide you through the birth process. If they will allow it I will remain here with you but they do not usually like fathers present.”

Amarie nodded and gritted her teeth. “Please hurry, I feel like they are tearing me apart.”

Over the next few hours the last homely house filled up as the news spread with anxious elves quietly waiting for the birth of their lord and lady’s elflings. Every so often there would be the sound of quick footsteps echoing up and down the halls and a muffled cry of pain as Amarie’s progress wound down to it’s natural climax. Even though he had been through the birthing process twice before, Elrond still found himself pacing nervously up and down the lower hall after he had been banished from the bedchamber. He tried numerous times to reach Amarie through their bond, but she was so deep in a cloud of pain she remained unaware of him. Finally he retreated to his office and tried to concentrate on the paperwork piled on his desk. After a short period he gave up and threw the quill on the desk and rose to look out blindly into his garden.

*The time has come, I see. Elrond nin, have courage, all will be well. * Came the soothing voice of his former mother in law.

*My lady, Word spreads fast beyond Imladris. I hope you are the only such recipient of this knowledge. *

*Amarie and I have been in touch often. I sensed her pain and knew at once what its cause was. I am attempting to help her pace herself now and ease her through the contractions. The first little one will be born soon. Celeborn and Arwen are aware and send their greetings and well wishes. *

*I thank you my lady but…. *

*You have other things on your mind, * came the gentle affectionate touch. *When all is finished I will speak with you again. May the grace of the Valar be with you both. Namarie Elrond. *

*Namarie, my lady. *

There was a knock at the door and Erestor entered smiling broadly, “Well meldir nin, you are now the proud ada of another sell and ion. Congratulations.”

*Why do the Ellyn always get the congratulations? It is the ellyth who do all the work carrying and giving birth. * Came the disgusted and very tired voice of his hervess.

*Because meleth nin, we are to ashamed to admit we do so little. It is an ego thing. * Elrond responded with much relief and a very large grin.

*Oh Elrond, They are so beautiful…and so tiny. Will you not come? *

*I will be there very soon, ind nin, and I thank you for this most precious of gifts. *

Elrond grinned at Erestor and crossed to the table where a carafe of miravor stood and poured out two glasses. Passing one to Erestor he lifted his glass and with a broad smile toasted his beautiful hervess and new hin.

gwanur-a pair of twins or brothers
ind nin-my heart
meldir nin-my friend (m)
penneth-young one
ellyth-female elves
ellyn-male elves

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