Recaptured!: 40. Remembering

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40. Remembering

Author's Note:

This is a slash chapter. You do not need to read this for the plot and it can be safely ignored for the purposes of story progression.

So all who do not like Merry and Pippin in a relationship could you please talk amongst yourselves and try not to disturb the others.

The sex is not, IMHO, particularly graphic – so don't worry about that, but if it is not your bag – or you're too young (what are you doing here anyway? This is R Rated!) don't read or flame.


As Pippin lay abandoned in the dark cell, he thought about what Legolas had told him, that he needed to think of good things that had happened, things he liked, of happy times or make up nice thoughts.

The first thought that came into his head was of Merry, of course it was. He loved Merry more than anything and he was certain that Merry loved him in every possible way. It was only a few days before at the big castle, after he had found Merry in the cage and when Merry had been so ill, a time when Pippin realised Merry would always love him and that had been a really special time. That was what he would think about, Pippin decided.

He had given Merry the poppy paste and Strider had been angry, the golden haired lady had made him sick with soap in his mouth and then they wouldn't let them, he and Merry, sleep. They had walked them around and made them eat, which was all right, but he had just wanted to lie down really.

But mostly Pippin remembered the next morning. He had woken up in the big bed with the curtains on it and the golden-haired lady was sitting on the edge of the bed – watching him.

Pippin found that a bit odd, but she smiled at him and she was very pretty – no, not pretty like a hobbit lass – but beautiful in a human way. It was different. She took his good wrist in her hand and pressed it underneath with two fingers. Pippin had looked at her quizzically and tried to pull away. But she just smiled and shook her head at him and then felt his brow.

Pippin decided he must be ill again, although he felt all right, except perhaps for a headache and his wrist was still painful. Some more of Strider's medicine would be good, although there did not seem to be much chance of that judging by the reaction when he helped himself.

As the golden-haired lady let his wrist go, Pippin could see she was talking to him. It was odd how people did that, even when they must know he couldn't hear. He looked at Merry, who was still sleeping, and decided he had better wake up and do the talking. Pippin shook his cousin, with his good arm and blew on his face, something he knew would wake Merry.

The lady tried to stop him, but it was too late and Merry sleepily sat up and, as Pippin had now started tickling his feet, the older hobbit leaned forward to grab hold of his annoying cousin and wrestle him on to his back.

Pippin kicked at Merry half-heartedly but soon gave in. Pippin watched Merry's lips move as he was obviously talking to the lady and he wondered what they were saying. The little hobbit was grown accustomed to ignoring the fact that he was isolated in his silent world, but it bothered him most when Merry was talking.

As the lady stood up and left the room, Merry lay back down on the bed and Pippin watched his lips moving again.

The smaller hobbit put his hand over his cousin's mouth to stop him talking, but Merry pulled the hand away and continued to say something. Pip was cross, Merry knew he couldn't understand. He turned his back on him in the bed and pulled the sheet over his head, tacitly hiding from the blind hobbit.

But Merry must have realised what he had done and was not so easily deterred. He groped around until he found a curled up back and wriggling under the sheet himself, snaked his arms around Pippin, nuzzling into his neck.

Pippin tried to shrug him off. He knew he was being unfair, but he felt so lonely when everyone else knew what was happening, and if Merry was going to start talking at him when he couldn't hear, that was too much to bear.

Merry took Pippin's palm and tried to write in it, but Pippin was sulky now and too recently awakened to bother trying to understand the words. He pulled his hand away and tucked it under his arm. Merry just lay beside him, contenting himself with stroking the soft curls.

Then the blind hobbit must have heard something, for he sat up. Pippin peered out over the top of the sheet to see what it was.

The lady brought them both a drink of milk. Pippin noticed how she carefully placed both Merry's hands around the cup so that he would not spill it. It suddenly struck Pippin just how difficult everything was for his older cousin now he was blind. Then he felt deeply sorry for being sulky with him. Merry really had done nothing to deserve it, he was just feeling fed-up and taking it out on the person in the world who cared about him more than anyone.

Once they were alone again, Pippin pushed himself up against Merry to show he was sorry and friends again. His thigh was wedged between the other's legs and he couldn't help but notice the erection that must have felt most uncomfortable. As they had just woken up, the small hobbit decided it must be an early-morning-need-to-pee stiffness and Pippin knew the remedy for that.

He pulled Merry to sit upright then pushed him over onto his front and guided him down, backwards, off the big bed. Then holding his hand tightly, they set off for the privy. This was one essential function Pippin reasoned that Merry and he would have to learn to communicate or how else would Merry let him know when he wanted to go. He would never find his way there on his own, Pippin had had enough trouble himself until Legolas had shown him where it was.

Once in the small room Pippin quickly relieved himself, but Merry seemed uncertain about where they were and just stood as he had been left, waiting for Pippin to return to him.

Pippin looked at his cousin in exasperation and put his hand on Merry's stiff part to try and show him what to do. Merry was a little surprised and caught Pip's hand in his own and started to say those infuriating, indecipherable words again. Pippin put his hand over Merry's mouth and then took the other's hand and wrote a word he actually knew how to spell 'p–e–e!'

Merry got the message then and, with obvious relief, used his own hand to point himself. Pippin thought perhaps he had wanted to for some time but was too embarrassed to ask the golden-haired lady where it was. He knew he would have been. Merry still seemed uncertain of the direction, so Pippin held his shoulders, pointed him the right way and prodded him in the back to let him know it was all right.

They made their way back to the bedchamber and Pippin discovered to his delight that while they had been away someone, the lady he suspected, had left breakfast for them. So much food in fact it would serve for first and second breakfasts.

He led Merry to the washstand and cleaned both their grubby sets of paws, then back to the bed and pushed him to help him climb back up. Merry struggled a little, the bed was high even for a human and for hobbits it was like climbing up Caradhras again Pippin thought. Merry had trouble finding what to hold on to as he clambered up. Pippin climbed up first and pulled Merry up, then making sure his cousin was in the middle of the bed and could not fall off, he scampered back down and filled plates with food, making sure each was the same. He brought the feast back to the bed and together they made a fine picnic.

When they were finished, with first breakfast at least, they both lay back tired from their labours. Pippin pushed himself up on one elbow and watched Merry breathing. He noticed that Merry did not move his lips now and Pippin suddenly thought the absence of him talking seemed very strange. He had been irritated by it earlier, probably because someone else was in the room and Pippin was jealous of his Merry talking to others when he couldn't hear him. But then he had been cross when he continued after the lady had gone and they were alone. Now Pippin felt mean and selfish, it obviously made Merry feel better to talk to him even if he couldn't hear and poor Merry couldn't even see, he must be so very lonely too.

Pippin put his hand on Merry's mouth and moved his lips, showing that he wanted him to talk and it was all right. Merry just caught hold of his fingers and kissed them, letting him know it didn't matter. That made Pippin feel worse and his eyes filled with tears as he thought how selfish he had been.

Merry sensed from Pippin's slight shudder that he was upset and reaching up touched his cousin's eyes and felt the damp tears. Merry sat up and pulled Pippin close, hugging him tenderly. Then he let go and sitting back from his cousin pointed at himself, then clutched both hands to his heart, then pointed at Pippin.

Pippin smiled. He could not mistake the message, so clear had Merry made it. He wondered how he could do it back. He took Merry's hand in his and touched it to his shoulder, then to his own heart and then touched both their hands back to Merry's shoulder.

They both wrapped themselves in each other's arms and pressed up against each other as if they would stay that way forever. Pippin then felt with some surprise that Merry's erection was back again. He wriggled out of the embrace and taking Merry's hand wrote in it 'p–e–e?'

Merry laughed, he realised the younger hobbit's mistake and shook his head from side to side and shyly pointed at Pippin then, head cast downward, pointed back at his erection.

Pippin was a little taken aback He remembered what had happened at Orthanc but had Merry just been helping him or had he really, really wanted to? The younger one had never been too sure and so much had happened since then he had not had a chance to find out.

Pippin snuggled back into the warm, encircling arms, he knew for certain that if Merry wanted to then so did he. The problem now was how to let him know. Well, Pippin reasoned all he had were actions, so now was the time to let them speak louder than words.

He positioned himself over Merry and found his lips with his. There was a warm and tender response so Pippin let his tongue explore a little and, at the same time let his hand wander down towards the still tight erection.

Merry caught his hand as it made contact and pulled it back up, but by now Pippin had an erection of his own. He moved Merry's hand so that he could know the urgency of his feelings, of his desire and his love.

Merry moved away and Pippin thumped his fist into the pillow so that Merry might hear his disappointment. It was not lost on the older hobbit and once more he touched his shoulder, his heart and his cousin, his simple explanation of why he could not.

But Pippin could be a fierce debater too. He used the same argument and took Merry's hand, touching it to his own shoulder, his heart and Merry's shoulder.

Pippin studied his reaction carefully and for once he could see what Merry said. "Oh Pip!"

Pippin, careful of his broken wrist, put both his hands together around Merry’s in a gesture of supplication that said a heartfelt 'please'. Without waiting for Merry to say no again, he kissed him and reached down, desperate to please him and show his love in every way possible.

Merry had no more fight left in him. Pippin knew he was hurt and tired and probably would not have agreed normally but it made no sense to Pippin. They loved each other, what else was there? Why shouldn't they do this?

The little one moved down the bed to take the erection in his mouth as he had done before, but Merry pulled him back up and just pushed their bodies closer together, stroking Pippin's hardness with his hand and putting the other's hand on his erection.

Gradually Merry eased Pippin's shirt open until he could feel the naked body. He undid his own shirt and then lovingly and slowly he kissed and caressed Pippin whilst easing them both into a steady rhythm. He let his other hand wander and smiled, feeling Pip wriggle with delight as he gently pinched the tip of a pointed ear. Merry followed his fingers with his mouth, pushing Pippin's head down a little, he nibbled on first one ear tip and then the other.

Merry continued to play with Pippin's ears, rolling one tip around with his finger and thumb whilst nibbling on the point of the other at the same time. Hobbits have very erogenous and sensitive ears and the sensation almost drove Pippin wild.

As their passion grew so did their movements and soon they were rocking against each other, stroking and panting, with sweat soaking their bodies, melding them together. Pippin could hold back no longer and Merry knew as he orgasmed from the giant shudder that ran through the little frame. Pippin's finish sent him over the edge and he gasped out his pleasure, clutching the little one to him as he reached his climax.

They lay still together for a long time, both wanting the moment to last. Merry gently ran his fingers over Pippin's face, lovingly caressing each contour and dimple, picturing the memory of his sweet face. Pippin kept very still while Merry touched him, he knew that what he was really doing was looking at him. He gazed up into the sightless eyes and the only move he made was to lick playfully at Merry's fingers as they brushed across his lips.

Eventually Pippin sat up and taking Merry's hand helped him off the bed and over to the washstand. With difficulty because he was using only one hand, the little hobbit managed to pour some more water into the big basin and with a cloth and soap cleaned their sweaty bodies, hands and faces. Then doing up their long shirts and donning the britches they had been given, they set about the important task of second breakfast.

Pippin guided Merry's hand to the cup, knowing instinctively when his cousin wanted to drink. Merry took a long draught of the sweet honey mead then stopped and turned to where he could hear Pippin munching on an apple. He caught Pippin's face in his hands to make sure he had his attention then once more he touched his shoulder, his heart and pointed to Pippin.

Pippin stopped eating his apple and snuggled himself into Merry's arms. Then carefully he moved back and, taking Merry's hand, touched both their hands to his shoulder, his heart and then Merry's shoulder.

Pippin smiled in the dark corner of the cell as he remembered, he hadn't after all taught Merry a signal for "I want to pee" but they had learned to communicate a more important message.

In his head Pippin whispered soundlessly into the darkness, "…means I love you, Merry – love you."

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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