Broken Spirit: 18. Chapter 18

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18. Chapter 18

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"NO!!!" Thranduil shouted, and let his legs crash to the stone ground.

Estel jumped as he heard the king's shout, and asked, "Adar, what is wrong?"

Elrond scanned the mountain as much as he could see, as he still sat on the horse, catching the boy from falling to the ground.

Elrond saw a movement, and shouted at the king, "CATCH HIM BEFORE HE FALLS, YOU DID NOT LOSE HIM YET!"

"It is all right, my son," Elrond said in a calm voice, as he tried to ease the boy's heart, "Thranduil will catch him before he falls."

Elrohir looked between the king and his Adar. He had seen the movement too, and was glad his father yelled to the king. He was worried and did not want his friend to be hurt.

Elrond kept glancing between the king and the boy. Estel trembled with fear, and jumped when Thranduil yelled.

"Thranduil only lost eye-contact with his son, and he feared that he might lose him, that is why he screamed." Elrond softly explained, kept rubbing the boy's shoulders, hoping to ease his fear.

"Calm down, Estel… there is no need for you to fear, King Thranduil will bring Legolas safe and sound." Elrond assured the boy.

When Elrond saw that the Estel's breathing was slowing; he smiled, and glanced at the king who kept climbing with determination. Thranduil hoped his son would forgive him for letting his pride get in the way of loving his son.

King Thranduil raised his head from time to time to see that he did not lose the sight of his son. Thranduil knew that he would fade from grief if he were to lose his son. The king pushed the pessimistic thought away, instead he focused on reaching his son in time.

The elfling had only fallen upon a bump, and not from the cliff as he had imagined. His mind was in a fog, as the poison of the water started to weaken his body. He could not think clearly and kept hearing a voice calling him, calling him home.

"Greenleaf?" Thranduil called, hoping that his son would answer his call.

There was no answer to his call.

But there was a weaker voice, calling for another.

"N… nana?"

'Is Greenleaf calling to his Nana?' Thranduil thought with worry in his eyes.

He kept moving, wondering what he heard, and wondered of why the elfling did not call to him, to his Adar.

And then he remembered…

He remembered as he gave to his son a punishment.

"For your punishment you will not leave your room or play with your friends. You disobeyed me, which disappoints me greatly. I will let Lord Elrond know that until you respect my authority; and me they are not allowed to see you. Stay here in your room, away from the nature that you love and your friends and think over your actions."

Thranduil mentally kicked himself for his last words just before Legolas shouted how much he hated him, and how could he blamed him? No wonder Elrond hit him, and the glares that the twins and the boy gave him… the king knew that he should do something before he would lose the only one that left from his family.

He could see Legolas' form. His heart cried for the sight. He was happy.

"Nana? Home?" The princeling kept calling as he followed the white light that he saw, crawling with the last strength that remained in his body.

Thranduil still did not know why Greenleaf kept saying these words and kept crawling forward. He noticed the point where eventually the ground disappeared and Legolas was so close to it. The king hurried up.

Then the ground fell completely out from under Greenleaf's limp form, and all that the elfling could feel was the breeze upon his face, he felt like a feather that had fallen from a great eagle.

End of Chapter 18.

Till next week...

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