Broken Spirit: 21. Chapter 21

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21. Chapter 21

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Beta: Tena


Day away from the palace…

King Thranduil stared at the limp form of his son with concern in his eyes.

Legolas grew paler, and was shaking violently in his Adar's arms, and Thranduil tried to ease the shaking, hoping that he would not lose his son.

"Greenleaf… saes… live…" Thranduil begged, his eyes watering with new tears falling on the pale Legolas.

The king hugged his son tightly, and prayed for the Valar to spare his son's life. Legolas was the only family that he had left.

Thranduil turned his head around, looking for Elrond, but was surprised to see nothing but the gray in the sky, and heavy shadows closing down the path behind him, making everyone who followed him virtually blind.


Lord Elrond, his sons, and the rest of the guards had been caught by the shadows.

There was a smell of upcoming battle, Elrond could sense it. He could also feel the strange presence.

"Stay close, we are near danger." Elrond called.

The guards readied their weapons for attack.

"Elladan, my child, how do you feel?" Elrond asked wanting to be certain his eldest was ready to fight.

"I am fine, Adar." Elladan answered though he did not look at his Adar.

Elrond scanned his son's face, noticing the confusion.

"Are you certain that you are feeling good?" Elrond teased him, eager to see him in good shape, and smiling too.

"I am, Adar." Elladan placed a small smile in his face, and moved his hand at his sword, ready to pull it.

"Can you feel the presences moving in the dark shadows?" Elrond questioned him.

Elladan nodded.

Elrond decided to test a bit Elladan; not knowing if his son can hold the sword steady.

"Can you hold the sword?"

Elladan's hands were tightening at the sheath, as he tried to remove it, but it was without success.

Elrond was surprised; Elladan's body was still weak.

"It is all right, and you can be my eyes. Direct the horse at any surprises attack. Can you do it, ion-nin?" Elrond asked softly, not wanting his son to feel useless on the battlefield.

"I understand, Adar, and I will try to watch my siblings. I do not want them to get hurt, I love you and them too much that I can not sit and do nothing," Elladan said, "I will watch them closely, and help you too, Adar."

"I love you too, ion-nin, and your brothers, love you too."

Elladan nodded.

"You did good, ion. You were the one to tell us where Legolas was when we lost hope."

Elladan stared at his Adar, not knowing of what he should said. Elrond smiled back.

"Elrohir…" Elladan tried to call out, but his voice was weak.

"Elrohir!" Elrond called out.

Elrond saw Elladan's smiling at him, and nodded to him. It was an understanding in their eyes.

Elrohir and Estel rode their horse a bit far from their Adar, as they let themselves enjoy the fruits and ease all the worries, but when they heard Elrond's voice, they came forward to their Adar.

"Look, Elladan is awake…" Estel said it suddenly, and by accident he drops the fruit on the ground, "Oops…"

"Nothing is wrong, my son." Elrond assured him.

"Nothing is wrong, brother." Elladan said to his brother.

"They are right, you know…" Elrohir added and giggled.

Estel laughed lightly, but the smile vanished fast from his face as he heard a yell.


Thranduil stared at the guards, noticed the frown at their faces, something must be wrong, and Elrond was not behind him.

"Follow the tracks, and send arrow at the sky, if there is a battle." Thranduil ordered, and the four guards left with the king.

The rest of the guards rode through the dark shadows, and a slight fear pierced their bodies. They were alert; weapons were already in their hands.


"Estel, whatever happens, stay close to Elrohir, and fight back!" Elrond said with concerning in his voice.

Estel nodded, and then he asked Elrohir, if there is something that he could do to help.

"You can help me, Estel, tell me about their location, and watch yourself from getting hurt." Elrohir said with a light smile, not wanting anything to happen to his little brother.

"I will," Estel said, and then he grinned at Elrohir, "After all, what would you do without me?"

"Bored to death when I and Elladan would hear Glorfindel and Erestor's lecturing…" Elrohir answered with a large smile on his face.

He loves Estel, and the boy loves him and his family. What more could he asked for?

The yells came forward to them like a crushing wave.


Thranduil stared at the sky; while the guards surrounded him, protected him and his princeling from the danger.

Something was shot in the sky, the king saw it, and was not happy at all.

He wondered who would save his son, when the healer might be in danger as his guards as well.

He turned and face two of his guards, and started at his orders, "Ride to the palace, and bring more guards with you, do it quick, or the Healer and his sons might find their death!" and quietly he said, "Because of my own fault, I should have wait for them, and fought with them."

The guards rode like the wind, hurried to the palace, knowing that lives set upon their shoulders. Important lives.

"Forgive me, ion-nin." Thranduil let the tears falling down upon the limp form in his hands.


"Adar!" Elrohir called as he noticed the amount of the orcs that soon surrounded them.

They were outnumbers, and it did not look good.

Estel saw everything moving fast, as the battle was. And his mind was busy to see those who fight. He did not feel the claws grab him from the horse, despite Elrohir's effort.

Elladan almost gave a shout and jumped from the horse, but being struck by the orcs, leaving him numb on the brown mud ground.

Elrond was torn between saving Elladan's life as the orcs surrounded him, and between rescuing the boy from the clutches of the orc. He noticed the situation that Elrohir was in and the lord gave a shout, "ESTEL! FIGHT!"

Then Elrond dismounted from the horse quickly and amend Elladan's form. He noticed how the bandage soon re-filled with blood, it was fresh, and he hoped that it did not cause anything to be wrong, as Elladan was already was in bad shape.

Then he glanced at Elrohir, noticed how the elf fought bravely, trying to save Estel.

Estel was angry, and tried to fight against this horrible creature who took him from his family, but he could not get far, as the orc struck him hard on his face, and all Estel saw was the sparkle stars, and then the darkness engulfs him.

"Forgive me, Estel." Elrond could feel failure and guilt trembled in his body, as the boy was lifted upon the orc's shoulders and disappeared in front of his eyes.

End of Chapter 21.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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