Mael-Gûl: 9. Council Morning

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9. Council Morning

Author's note:
Completely A.U. Legolas slave fic. This story was inspired by Bluegolds story "Bound", which can be found here:
I use similar plot ideas here with her permission.
Betareader: Many thanks to Randy, who polished this chapter and made it so much better! All still remaining errors are my own.
Warnings: Slash. M/m, BDSM, d/s, torture, toys, non-con and debatable consent. Very graphic descriptions. Special warnings for this chapter: none. Please heed the warnings!
Disclaimer: Universe and characters are not mine, but Tolkien's. The idea of the spell, however, belongs to me.

For all other disclaimers and authors notes see Story Intro.


-- Part II: The Council of Elrond --

VII. Council Morning

It was near morning when Legolas silently slipped back into his master's chambers. Aragorn was already sleeping, but he looked as if he had made it back to his rooms only recently, too, and then had just barely managed to disrobe before he dropped into bed. His clothes and boots lay discarded on the floor were he had dropped them and the blanket covered him just halfway. He had not even bothered to close the drapes; for a ranger who was used to sleeping in the wilds it was not necessary to keep the light out to find sleep. Still, Aragorn normally used to be more careful to keep his things in order. He must have been completely exhausted.

Careful not to wake him Legolas picked the clothes off the floor, folded them neatly and laid them on a chair. Then he stored the boots at their customary place beside the bed. Only then did he undress and slip into the bed himself, careful not to wake his sleeping master. In the wilds, this would have been impossible, since Aragorn's honed instincts would have woken him even at the slightest movement or noise. But here in Rivendell the familiar surroundings told him he was safe and he subconsciously recognized his slave's well-known movements and scent, so he did not really wake but just rolled to his side in his sleep to give his bed partner room to snuggle closer. Legolas obeyed, settled comfortably into his master's arms and slipped into Elven dreams.

Aragorn woke to an empty bed. Dismayed, he got up on his elbows and looked around. He saw his slave silently slipping back into the room, carrying a big pitcher with fresh water. Legolas closed the door and placed the pitcher noiselessly beside the wash stand. Only then he turned around. He saw that his master was awake and bowed.

Aragorn groaned and let himself fall back into the pillow. His body was of the opinion that it was far too early to be up. Unfortunately the bright morning light drifting through the open windows said otherwise. The sun had already risen.

Still, he was in the mood to indulge a bit. He patted the empty space beside him and said: "Come to me, Little Leaf."

Legolas raised a brow. He knew well Aragorn had to be tired; after all his master had hardly gotten any sleep the night before, and obviously he did not get the chance to sleep much this past night, either. Even so it was unusual for him to stay in bed well after sunrise. But then, perhaps he had decided to have a bit of fun before he rose.

Hesitantly and full of apprehension, yet obedient, the slave disrobed again and settled back into the bed beside his master. "Good morning, Estel" he greeted. "Did you sleep well?"

Aragorn smiled at him, relishing the contact of the warm body beside him.

"I did. Is there any chance for breakfast yet, or did we oversleep?" he asked.

A wide grin graced the features of his slave. "Why, Estel," Legolas teased, "I am dismayed! I had hoped with your recent habit of having meals waiting for me whenever I woke up you had already arranged for breakfast to be served to us here in your chambers!"

Aragorn gave him a slightly startledlook, but then he settled back into the pillows quite amused. It was good to see his slave recovered enough that he was in the mood to tease for once!

"Hmm, breakfast in bed," he mused, "already waiting. Let's see. This sounds like a splendid idea!"

Legolas saw the mischievous glint in his eyes too late and found himself suddenly on his back, straddled by the man who caught his wrists and gathered them in one hand. He gave a startled yelp.

"Maybe I'll have tied-up Elf," Aragorn said with a grin. Dismayed, he saw the sudden flash of fear in his slave's eyes and decided instantly to keep teasing instead of indulging in bed games. With a devilish grin he added: "Or maybe I would rather have tickled Greenleaf!"

And with that, he began to tickle his slave with his free hand relentlessly, until Legolas gasped for air and begged for mercy. Aragorn grinned down at his laughing, wriggling victim. He was so pleased with himself that he loosened his grip on the Elf's wrists for just a moment.

In the next instant he found himself rolled around and on his back, straddled by his slave, who caught his wrists and smiled down at him. "I'd rather have tickled ranger!" Legolas said with a devilish grin.

For a moment, Aragorn was just too startled to react.

Since Legolas, being his slave, hardly ever fought back no matter what his master did to him, it was easy to forget that the Elf, at least when he was healthy and well rested, actually was as strong as Aragorn himself and much, much faster. Normally, Legolas did not use that strength and quickness against his human master, but now he was obviously in the mood to tease and had judged his master's mood as safe to do so.

Aragorn's second of hesitation cost him dearly because Legolas caught his wrists in one hand so he could retaliate and began to tickle him back until Aragorn tossed and wriggled helplessly under him and gasped for air.

Finally Aragorn could suppress his laughter just long enough and gather enough air to command:
"Stop! Stop it, Little Leaf!"

Dismayed but obedient, the Elf stopped his tickling attack instantly and let go of his master's wrists. Then he started to rise to get off of Aragorn's stomach, but was stopped by his master's hands settling on his hips and holding him there.

Aragorn looked up at him admiringly. Golden sunlight filtered through the open window and bathed his Elf in a warm glow. Aragorn watched with pleasure how the flush of their little wrestling match enhanced the healthy hue of his slave's skin, admired the shining golden hair, the lithe body, the well defined muscles of the powerful arms and legs and the hairless, flat breast and stomach. Legolas was strong again, his health fully restored. But most of all Aragorn liked the smile on his face and the mischievous expression in his eyes. It had been far too long since he had last seen his slave that way.

He smiled up at him. "You look well!" he said. "Did you have a good night?"

Legolas smiled back at him. "Yes, I did. Thank you, My Lord. It was good to hear news from my home again."

He saw Aragorn's slightly questioning gaze and hesitated a moment, then he added: "Thank you again, My Lord, for your generosity in letting me spend the night in the company of my kinsfolk."

While he spoke he looked quickly around and gave a small, nearly imperceptible shake of his head that signaled a quick, wordless: "Not here!"

Aragorn looked at him a bit astonished, then he gave his slave an equally imperceptible nod. He would postpone any questions to later, when they could speak without danger of being overheard, although he wondered what tidings would afford such need for secrecy. Still he trusted Legolas implicitly.

Instead he asked: "How fares your family?"

Legolas smiled joyfully. "They are well! My father is his old, temperamental self and he fares well, although he misses me. In the time when he is not busy ruling his realm he indulges himself in doting on my nieces and nephews, much to the dismay of my sister, who tries to teach her children some restraint. I am told my oldest niece has grown quite a bit since I have last seen her, and my youngest nephew just spoke his first word a few weeks ago."

Aragorn grinned at his eagerness. He remembered the little Elfling well from their last visit in Legolas' home in Mirkwood, when they had delivered the creature Gollum. For Legolas' sake he had agreed to stay a bit, and had watched his Elf play hide and seek and others games with his sister's children. That had been the last time that he had seen Legolas so happy. The little Elven toddler of merely a few months1 had shocked them all by determinedly climbing on the ranger's knee and trying to taste his pipe. Aragorn remembered well the fearful shout of the boy's mother, who did not trust her brother's human master one bit, and Legolas' expression of fear as his little nephew first tried to take the head of the lit pipe into his mouth, then settled on the mouthpiece and wrinkled his nose at the taste. Aragorn had rescued the situation by carefully prying the pipe out of the little hands and setting it away, then sweeping the tiny Elfling up in his arms and high over his head, crying aloud: "Look here! The first and only smoking Elf!"

He had been rewarded with a joyful shriek and had to repeat the sweeping three more times until the terrified mother had rescued her Elfling from the sinister Adan's hands. But Legolas had been delighted and had teased his master later for several days, because Aragorn had to suffer the curiosity of the other Elflings afterwards. After the little toddler had dared to get close to the strange human companion of this new, blond Elf who had been presented to them as their uncle, they did not wish to seem less valiant, and Aragorn had been haunted by a group of Elf children who watched his every step and could not get enough of touching the scruffy human's strange round ears, and even more his beard. He had taken it graciously until he and Legolas had to leave a few days later. Legolas' mood had been bleak when they left, and Aragorn had held him through a night of helpless crying and bad dreams. It had been over a week until he dared to take his slave again, and by then Legolas had been already deep in need and eager for his master's attentions, although they brought him pain. Later he had thanked Aragorn for the chance to see his father and his family again. His gratitude had moved the Ranger deeply, and he had gladly endured Elrond's later reprimand for taking his Elven slave and important Mirkwood hostage with him to Thranduil's realm. Again.

For the moment Aragorn shoved the memories away. Deciding to indulge his slave some more, he said: "Let me guess. Ada? Nana? Daerada2?"

Legolas shook his head and grinned. "That's what they all wished and competed about. I am told they actually each tried to teach the young one what he should say first. But in the end, it was 'coron'3."

Aragorn laughed aloud. "Your father must have been so disappointed!" he said, "I bet he had hoped his grandson's first word would be 'Thranduil'!"

Legolas snorted. "I doubt that," he said, "The outcome when he first tried to teach his name to me while I was still too small to pronounce it should have taught him better." Soundlessly he mouthed 'Tranny', and Aragorn gave another delighted laugh. He caressed the hips of his Elf teasingly. "I'll wager it took him a long time to live that one down," he said.

Legolas smiled. "Only a little more than four hundred years," he said. Then a sudden shadow fell over his features and he sobered.

"I miss him, Estel," he admitted. "I miss them all. Very much."

Aragorn sobered also. Carefully he rose one of his hands and trailed the line of his slave's flat, muscled chest, then followed his breastbone down to the stomach and finally circled around the belly-button.

"I am afraid there will be no chance to visit them again in the near future," he said. "I'm sorry, Little Leaf."

With his other hand and a small rising of his hips he signaled his slave to get off of him, and when Legolas obeyed and settled himself cross legged beside him, he rose himself and sat comfortably in front of his Elf.

Quietly and quickly he explained:

"The One Ring has been found. One of the Hobbits brought it here. Todays council will decide what to do about it." He looked earnestly at his slave. "Whatever the council will decide, I doubt that our travels will take us to your home again very soon."

Legolas' eyes had grown wide.

"The One?" he said, "And it was carried by a Hobbit? That was the reason Mithrandir wished you to wait in Bree for Bilbo's nephew?!"

Aragorn nodded. "And the reason why I had to leave you here. I curse that decision now, but Gandalf's reasoning was sound. An Elf lingering in Bree would have been too suspicious under these circumstances. Our need for secrecy was far too great!"

And with that he quickly filled his Elf in about his journey with the Hobbits including the fight with the Nazgul at Weathertop and Arwen's hard ride to Rivendell to rescue Frodo. Legolas' eyes were dark.

"I should have been there," he said. "I should have fought beside you!"

Aragorn nodded. "Yes, you should have," he said, "if only because then I could have taken care of you. However, Gandalf's counsel that I should leave you here was sound. We found that there were many spies in Bree."

His face was grim.

"Of course I could not know that my brothers would have the splendid idea to talk you into trying to wait for me!"

Legolas looked dismayed and blushed deeply.

"I am sorry, Estel," he repeated. "But it is not the fault of your brothers. It was my fault! I told you that I thought you would return much sooner..."

Aragorn watched him closely.

"Do you deny that it was their idea?"

Legolas blushed. "No," he said. "It was their suggestion at first, but..."

"And do you deny that it was the two of them who convinced Glorfindel to go along with the plan?"

Legolas bit his lip.

"I asked Glorfindel to wait," he said. "'Tis true that they also spoke to him, but he would not have left me without asking me if I was willing to take the risk. I.. I told him I was willing. I... I'd understand if you wish to punish me for that, master."

He swallowed hard. He was not ready to bear Estel hurting him again just yet, not so soon after their carefree tickling match this morning.

To his relief, Aragorn shook his head. "I do not. I know that Glorfindel would not have left you without asking you if you were all right with this," he said, "but Glorfindel also thought if your condition became unbearable for you, you could always turn to Elrond. He would never have believed that my foster-father would deny you. But Elrohir and Elladan should have known better!"

He shook his head again. "Do not try to take the blame for that, Little Leaf. I will not punish you for this; it is over. You have given me your promise and I know nothing like this will ever happen again. Besides, I know a stupid idea of my brothers when I see one. It is noble of you to try to take the blame for this, but you are not the one at fault. They are, and they should have known better!"

Legolas hesitated. "I do not want to be the cause of a rift..." he began carefully.

Aragorn shrugged. "Too late. Besides, we have much greater concerns now. I fear I have to face my destiny quite soon." He saw the pale, fearful face of his slave and placed a hand on the archer's arm.

"Do not fear," he said, "Whatever happens, we will face it together. I need you beside me in this fight, Little Leaf, and I will not give you up nor leave you behind again." He looked at him earnestly. "I cannot help being forced to hurt you to keep you alive, but I will not let you die. Not as long as I am able to prevent it!"

Legolas said nothing. Finally, he hesitantly said:

"If you wed the Lady Arwen..."

Aragorn hesitated. "Actually," he said, "I meant to talk to you about that..."

They were interrupted by a knock.

Aragorn stared a bit irritated at the door, then at his slave, then he took the blanket and wrapped it around both of them before he called: "Enter!"

It was Erestor. He stared with disdain at the two barely covered males, Adan and Elf, sitting within the bed together. Nevertheless he offered Aragorn a courteous greeting.

"My Lord Aragorn, my excuses. I did not know that you still indulged in bed play with your slave at this hour. Actually I meant to speak to your slave."

He turned to Legolas. "You, Mirkwood spawn!" he snarled. "You have no call to stay seated while in the presence of your betters! Rise!"

Legolas blushed furiously and bit his lip. He was completely naked, but taking the blanket with him when he rose would uncover Aragorn. Still, he could not risk to refuse, since Erestor would find pleasure in reporting this to Elrond and make sure that he was punished. And a punishment by Elrond was much worse than the worst and harshest treatment by Estel, even in Estel's worst possible mood.

Reluctantly he started to rise without the blanket, but was prevented by Aragorn's hand on his shoulder.

"As you correctly said, Lord Erestor," Aragorn said icily, "it is my slave that you address. And he will rise and present his body to you only should I wish it. I do not!"

To Legolas he said: "Stay seated! Whatever Lord Erestor wishes to say to you, he can do so in my presence and while you sit with me. This is my chamber after all, and we are in my bed!"

He turned to Erestor again. "If you have objections to that, My Lord Erestor, you are welcome to take them up with me!"

Erestor fumed. Still, he could do nothing, for Aragorn was well within his rights to override any command given to his slave by another person.

Icily he clipped: "Very well. Then keep your slave seated if you wish! Still I have to address him and bring him a message from Lord Elrond!" He turned to Legolas again.

"Mirkwood spawn, it is the decision of our Lord that, since you are a son of Thranduil, you shall represent your father and your people at the council held in two hours. You will have to present your people's news and their case, and you will have to answer for your father's realm. Your station as a slave will not be discussed. If it has to be addressed at all, it shall be done in Elvish, since there will be outsiders present who shall not learn about our internal matters. Do not dare to fail in this, or the punishment will be harsh not only for you, but all of your people. Do you understand?!"

Legolas looked stunned. He opened his mouth to answer, then he remembered that he was not supposed to speak without permission – and Erestor was one who would be delighted of any excuse to punish Legolas or force his master to punish him. He gazed pleadingly at Aragorn and received an approving nod.

"It is well, you can answer him," Aragorn said. "you will need to speak freely and openly at the council if you have to represent your people anyway."

He saw Erestor fume and felt dark satisfaction at the Steward's impotent anger. If Erestor and Elrond had planned this as a farce and a way to humiliate Mirkwood, maybe he could throw it back into their face and use it to get back at them for nearly letting Legolas die.

Legolas gave his master an obedient bow and turned to Erestor again. "I do understand, My Lord Erestor," he said with his melodic voice. "It will be my honor to stand for my father at the council."

Erestor snorted disdainfully. Bitingly he said: "Then I suggest you end your bed play with your slave now, Aragorn, and send him to his people so he can hold counsel with them. And you," he said to Legolas, "I suggest you do so as soon as your master is finished with you here, for the day is waning and the council will start very soon."

"Yes, My Lord. Thank you," Legolas said politely.

Erestor glared at him, then he turned around without so much as an acknowledgment or even a final remark to Aragorn. "Be there! Both of you!" he snapped, before he left and closed the door.

Legolas looked after him, then he whipped around to his master,dismayed. "Aragorn! I cannot do that!" he said. "I have not lived in my father's realm for eighty years! I have hardly a clue to his recent politics. How can I then hope to represent him? I do not even know all the new tidings of his realm, since I spent last night with much talk about private matters!"

Aragorn stopped him by taking his face into his hands.

"You will do well," he said. "I have seen you among your own people. It does not matter how long you have been away, you are still their prince. And if you think you can tell me that you did not use last night to learn all the important news and tidings of your home, then you forget that we have been together and have known each other for over sixty years."

He leaned his forehead against the one of his slave and added a bit teasingly:

"Besides, wasn't it you who told me not too long ago that I should not fear my destiny and trust in my own strength? I think you should take a part of your own advice in this, my prince of Mirkwood!"

"I am no prince anymore, Estel," Legolas said bitterly. "I am a slave. Your slave."

Aragorn kissed him, a chaste kiss for once and only to the lips. "And still you are a prince. Their prince. Go now and take counsel with your people. They will want to discuss with you what should be said."

Legolas shivered. He hung his head.

"Aragorn, there is one more thing that you should know. Ill tidings my people brought, I fear..."

Aragorn shook his head and placed a finger on his slave's lips.

"Shh! I will hear it soon enough, at the council. Trust me, Little Leaf. You will do well. If Erestor and my foster-father did this to humiliate your father, I think they made a grave mistake, for I do not doubt that you will do him honor and he will greatly enjoy hearing such news."

Legolas hesitated. "But..."

Aragorn sighed and gave him a small shove.

"No 'but!' Go! I'll see you at the council. Besides, what better thing could happen? Now I will not even have to fill you in afterwards! You will be there and hear all news yourself."

Sighing, Legolas gave his master an obedient bow and said quietly: "As you wish, My Lord." Then he got up and went to wash and dress himself, and left to see his people.

_______________ o ___________________

--TBC --


1) Elven children grow as fast as human ones in their first three years, but they master body control and speech sooner. So, when Legolas and Aragorn had visited Mirkwood to deliver Gollum only a few months before, the child had already been able to toddle, but was not yet speaking; but he had managed, now.

2) Sindarin: Ada – Daddy (dear form of Adar - father); Nana (of Naneth) - Mommy; Daerada (of Daer adar)- Granddaddy.

3) coron – Sindarin: Ball.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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