Lost Out Of Time: 3. Story Teller

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3. Story Teller

Chapter Three

Amanda heard the shower running.

Damn it, her mental pictures were back, more strongly then ever! She could see him standing under the streaming water, eyes closed, face lifted to its warmth. Shaking her head she tried to dislodge them and then gave up. She lay back on the bed and shuddered as she imagined his hands slowly soaping his body, first his chest, then lower to the pulsing centre of his maleness. Her own hands were tracing the same paths over her own body. She wondered what his body was like under the clothes he had worn. He had hair most women would die for, long, black and silky. And those beautiful storm grey eyes; you could loose your soul in them!

Elrond paused under the stinging jets of water. He smiled as he sensed her thoughts. He found himself physically responding to them and adding extra soaping movements around his hardening arousal and sacs and then throwing his head back in apparent ecstasy. He felt her responses to the mental pictures he created. He grinned to himself then sighed. She was easily aroused. He was intrigued by this human female who was not thrown by his unusual arrival or the situation they found themselves in, yet was embarrassed by her own attraction to him. He also sensed pain, which he determined to seek the cause.

He knew that the humans of his world were not as relaxed with their sexual activities as were those of his kind who believed that expressions of love and physical need were natural and exchanged freely until such times as they took a mate. Nor was it unusual for elf kind to take lovers when separated from their mate for long periods. He had taken a couple since the departure of Celebrian for the Undying Lands but neither had been long term or serious affairs. While he might find it satisfying to have such a relationship with Amanda, he suspected she would not. He would have to consider the possible consequences for both of them while their future remained unclear.

Ducking his head under the water he washed and rinsed his long black hair then wrung the excess water from it and tossing the gleaming tresses back over his shoulders. He leisurely dried off chuckling as Amanda clearly was still responding to her mental images of him.

Turning to the clothes she had left for him he puzzled for a short time over the leggings she had referred to as jeans and the short tunic she had called a shirt. He picked up the small clothes she had called briefs and undershirt and recalled her unspoken though wondering whether he preferred going ‘commando’. He wished he understood the meaning of that! Finally, dressed and with his hair restored to it usual orderly appearance, he returned to the sitting room down stairs.

Amanda was in the kitchen preparing a stew for dinner later that evening. She turned at the sound of his footsteps and was glad that the heat from the stove provided a good excuse for her red face. He stood there in the doorway totally relaxed with his hands resting on his hips. Her brother’s shirt fit him like a second skin and the jeans rode low on his hips, encasing his long legs and trim buttocks lovingly. There was no mistaking the bulge that proclaimed his sex. He was barefooted and she noted that his feet were long and slender like his hands and fingers. Swallowing hard she had no problem visualising his fingers on her own body after the memories of his recent bathing. She had to really be loosing it! He had only been there for a matter of hours and she was already lusting after him like a randy sex hungry teenager.

Turning back to the stove she waved the ladle she was using to stir the stew at the table next to the window. “There are ham sandwiches and hot chocolate over there for lunch, my lord, help yourself. There are several kinds of mustard or mayonnaise as you prefer.”

He studied her for a moment and nodded. “Thank you, I will try your food. I wonder if it is much different then that of my world?” He sat down at the table and studied the items on the plate in front of him. “How does one consume these?”

Amanda turned and smiled. “They are called sandwiches, my lord, after the Earl of Sandwich an English noble who wanted something simple he could eat while playing cards, a game of chance. His solution was to take some sliced meat and placed it between two pieces of bread. You eat it by picking up the individual sandwiches in your hands and consuming it. There are many different kinds of sandwiches now, but they are all eaten the same way.”

He lifted one of the halves and awkwardly turned it about as he tried to decide where he should bite into it. Pausing before he did so he looked over at her. “My name is Elrond, Amanda, can you not address me by it?”

She worried her bottom lip with neat white teeth as she considered it then nodded. “Certainly, we are much more informal here. If you are OK with that, I would prefer to.”

Amanda lowered the heat under the stew to simmer and replaced the lid on the pot. Sitting down opposite him she selected a couple of sandwich halves and placed them on her plate. She ignored his attentive stare as she selected mustard and slathered it on the ham along with some horseradish.

Grinning up at him from under her lashes, she grasped the sandwich firmly in her hands and proceeded to eat it down with relish. He smiled at her amusement over his obvious inexperience. He turned his attention to the hot chocolate with the sticky white topping and sipped it experimentally. Licking his lips he nodded in approval only to look up at her laughter. She picked up hers and took a swallow, licking her lips too. He stared at the moustache that was left on her upper lip and suddenly realized he had one too. He licked his off only to find her watching him intently and unconsciously echoing the movement of his tongue with hers. They stared at each other suddenly aware of the sexual tension between them.

Elrond cleared his throat. “You promised to tell me about the writer and the stories that speak of my world.”

Amanda nodded and took another sip from her cup before speaking, “Lets go into the sitting room. We will be more comfortable in there. The fire needs more wood any way. Bring your hot chocolate with you.”

After they both were comfortable in front of the fire, she studied him for a while. “Would you give me an idea of what was going on in your world before you appeared here? How long ago you started Imladris for instance? Have you had the White Council yet? How long you have been married? How is your wife? How old are your children?”

“Does it matter?” He asked interestedly.

“It might give me a reference point to start with. I don’t know how much time you may have here and Tolkien covers a lot of pre history of your world. I want to give you enough for comparisons sake but we can’t afford to delve too deeply in the early stuff. It is very complex.” She paused then frowned. “I wish Ted were here, he is the real expert on middle earth in our family.”

He nodded and began to answer her questions.

* * * * *

The afternoon passed swiftly. Elrond was amazed at the accuracy's of the Tolkien writings. It was not long, however, before he realized that while she freely shared her knowledge of details of his world’s past and present history, she would only speak in generalities of its future.

“Amanda, why do you not share details of the future of middle earth? There is one is there not?” he asked anxiously.

“Yes, Elrond, there is. Tolkien included your continued presence in his tales of future middle earth. Since that is a strong indication that you will return I do not believe it wise for you to know specific actions or details beyond your present. Such knowledge may influence the choices you and others will have to make and that could change their eventual outcome.”

She paused then continued. “It is no secret that middle earth will face Sauron again, and that it will be a brutal fight. Isildur’s heir will return but I will not tell you who he is or when he will appear. Nor is it a secret that in time the elves will either leave middle earth for the Undying Lands or remain and fade. Choices will be made and not all of them will be happy or good ones for them. If it turns out you must remain here, you will learn what Tolkien has seen for your world’s future and if it is indeed accurate, find some of it a comfort. You must be satisfied with that.”

He lowered his head and pondered her remarks for some time before looking at her again. “Can you at least tell me if my family will survive?”

Amanda hesitated then nodded. “Yes, you will all survive, and you will sail to join Celebrian in the Undying Lands.”

He closed his eyes and sighed in relief. “Thank you.”

She was glad he had not noticed her lack of specifics with regard to who would sail with him. Amanda rose, collected the cups and entered the kitchen where she checked the stew, stirring it before replacing the lid. Going to the window she stared out at deepening drifts of snow. The storm had not let up in its intensity. Elrond had followed and stood behind her watching it as well.

“I have never seen such a heavy fall of snow before in my world. Does this occur often here?”

“It is not unusual, but this storm is one of the worst we have had in two hundred years. The lakes don't help. The weather bureau predicts it at least another four days.”

“You have men of magic who predict the weather?”

“They are not men of magic; but, yes, we do have people who study and predict the weather.”

“Will you tell me of the wonders of your world? Here I have seen strange things that I do not understand.” He gestured about the kitchen, his face alight with curiosity. “The cell phone would be of great value to us.”

‘I am afraid it would not work in your world. You have not developed the technology that you would need to support it.” She paused and turned to face him. “Not all technology is good. In fact, Tolkien hated what it was doing to his world. In his stories he used the figure of Saruman to show the destructiveness of such power when it is used without regard to the consequences.”

“Saruman the Wise is a great wizard and councillor. He is a friend to us all.” Elrond frowned. “Surely in this your writer is in error.”

Amanda looked troubled and hesitated for a long time before responding. “Perhaps, but the desire for power can do strange things to people, even a maia. You would be wise to put your trust in Gandalf before Saruman.”

“You will not tell me more, will you?”

She sighed, “No, and I should not even have told you that..

He nodded, “Very well, I will consider the possibility.”

Amanda turned back to the stove. “The stew is ready. After dinner I will tell you something of my world, both good and bad. Perhaps there will be something that will be of interest or use to you when you return home.”

After dinner she was as good as her word. Knowing of his interest in healing she started with the strides made in medical science and some of the problems they had to deal with. There were the constantly evolving diseases and the rush to find new medicines to cure them. Of the new machines that allowed them to perform miraculous surgeries and prolong life. He was stunned to learn of organ transplants and in vitro fertilization that gave hope to childless couples and the terrible decisions that led to abortions right or wrong. It was almost more than he could comprehend. He was overwhelmed that most all of this had developed in the last fifty years.

She went on to tell him about the development of powered flight and the reach for the stars. Her comments of man landing and walking on the moon were met with snorts of disbelief. When she told him of the landing of the Martian rovers and their exploration he listened with fascination. The launch of various satellites and how they were used for the study of the earth’s features as well as communications left him wide eyed. When she described the development of atomic energy and its various potential uses for power generation and medical applications, he was impressed until she mentioned its use as a terrible bomb and the radiation problem that had not yet been solved.

“I promised I would tell you the good and bad.” Amanda reminded him, “We are capable of both great good and terrible evil.”

“You have given me much to ponder over. It may have been no accident I was sent to your world.” He considered thoughtfully. “There remains much more I would like to know. Yet it grows late and I think we are both weary. Will you continue this in the morning?”

Amanda smiled wryly, “We are not going anywhere for a while. If nothing happens to send you back home before then I will be happy to continue.”

“Then I suggest we do so.”

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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