Wanderer: 22. Chapter 22

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22. Chapter 22

She is stunned, shocked beyond belief, my mortal friend. Does she think I wish to reclaim the Silmaril for myself? Even I know the folly of that! For the pain the Jewel gave me all those years ago made me realise that my evil deeds had relinquished my right to it. For the Silmarils were hallowed by the Valar and would not allow anyone evil to touch them, and evil I have become through what the Oath drove me to.

I wandered; lost for thousands of years after I threw my Silmaril into the sea, and my last living brother threw himself into the fiery chasm that took both his life, and the Silmaril he carried. I went mad of course, and could not even understand that madness is what drove Maedhros to end his own life.

Does Bronwyn think that I want to do that to myself again? To go mad again, to live again as one who should be dead?

‘Why’? She whispers, forgetting not to speak aloud.

‘To see that it lies safe, where none can disturb it, even me’, I answer her.

She is silent, thinking, and I can feel her unguarded thoughts as though they are my own. She is angry with me, but not because she believes I might try to reclaim the Silmaril, but because,

She fears for me?

I start to speak to her again, but she interrupts me, ‘Later, Maglor. We need to talk, but not here, not with all the people here. Anyway, here comes the truck and equipment to take George to the Marine Institute.’

Soon the beach is a hive of activity as George is carefully lifted on to the truck that is to carry him. The poor beast is terrified, and I have to use all my skills and magic to help him maintain any semblance of calm.

Finally all is ready to travel to the Marine Institute. I have taken up a position with the whale, by his head. George has calmed a little, thankfully. For if he had continued to panic and thrash his huge flukes about, it may have rendered any attempt to move him impossible.

The truck is moving, and I have found the only way to help the whale is by using my singing ability to its fullest. By unveiling my voice, I am able to make this badly frightened beast believe he is back in the sea, and he is travelling well. To my intense amusement, the Vet is trying to understand what I am doing, but he has made attempt to interfere with me, he is just sitting down watching closely.

Finally, the truck turns off the road, towards a large group of buildings ablaze with lights. Now comes the difficulty of unloading George into an enormous salt-water tank. As George is lowered using slings and one of the huge machines the people of this time delight in, I notice Bronwyn and Nicole standing several feet back from me, and stare in surprise, for both are wearing wet suits, as is the Vet, and several others.

‘We’re going to swim with George, Aaron wants as many people as possible in the water with him, to help him adjust to being in the tank,' said Bronwyn, indicating herself and Nicky. ‘What do you want to do, Maglor?’ she asks softly.

‘I could stay and help George, but that is not what you asked me, is it? I said to her.

‘No, it isn’t.’

‘I have to see the Silmaril, Bronwyn. I cannot explain it, but this is something I must do’, I say, taking her hands in mine, gazing deeply into her eyes.

She holds my gaze for a few seconds, and then turns her face away, sighing deeply.

‘You’re determined to do this; I don’t understand why, but should you?’

‘Your concern is misplaced. I only want to look’.

‘Yeah, right now you only want to look. But you did say that these Silmarils can capture someone’s mind, so they will do anything to get one?’


‘Ok, so do you think you should charge off by yourself to look at the thing? Gods know what would happen to you all alone with a jewel you took an oath to recover!’

‘But who is there to go with me?’

‘I’ll go’ she says, her voice flat, and matter of fact.

‘But’ I began, only to be silenced by Bronwyn placing her fingers on my lips.

‘Here’s the deal. You finish helping out here tonight with George, and I’ll help you get a look at this darned Silmaril,' she says.


‘First, you’re going to need some stuff. A boat, and probably diving equipment. I can get those things. Secondly, it’s just not safe to let you take off after the thing alone’.

This mortal has an ability to make me feel like a small boy at times. What worries me is ‘Why do you care so what becomes of me?’

‘Oh for Gods sake, Maglor, when will you relax, and stop treating the rest of the world as your enemy?’

There is hurt in her expression now, and I feel her wondering how can she help if I will not trust her.

She has laid one hand on my face, and has a puzzled expression on her face, ‘I want to help you because I care about you, and I care about you because I like you. Will you let me help you?’

Her touch, and the raw emotion of her thoughts have shaken me to the core of my being as has not happened to me for many years. I agree to her plan, which is to borrow a powerboat, and diving equipment from the Marine Institute and set out early tomorrow afternoon to seek the Silmaril.

‘Just us two’, she says. ‘I don’t feel comfortable involving anyone else’.

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