Paradox of the Fourth Age: 5. Chapter 4 ~ Falling

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5. Chapter 4 ~ Falling

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Elvish sayings:
Melethen - My love
Melethrilen - my beloved -feminine
Melethronen - my beloved -masculine
Gerich velethen – You have my love
Laurëanna – Golden Gift
Indil – Iris

20th Day of December
Fourth Age, Year 25
Tirion, Aman

"Indil, when are you going to tell them?" Glorfindel asked.

"I will tell them. Soon. I am waiting for the right time," Indil explained nervously.

Glorfindel smiled. "Will they know before or after our child is born?"

Indil blushed. She did not know why she was reluctant to tell her friends she was with child. Perhaps she was still surprised herself that they had not waited a little longer. She had thought they would have had more time with just the two of them before they had a child. Of course, it was the activities of 'just the two of them' that had caused this, Indil thought with a smile.

She had found herself to be uncontrollable when it came to her husband's love making. If he even looked at her in a certain way, she became hot and flustered. Of course, she had always melted when she looked at him, even before she knew him. Now that she knew him as intimately as she did, it was even worse. She had a hard time leaving the house with him for a few months after they were married. She felt like everyone knew what she was thinking and she seemed to always blush. The minute Glorfindel would see her blush, his eyes would subtly change to a darker shade of blue and then they ended up rushing home to make love.

Taravil and Celebrían made matters more uncomfortable for Indil. Every time Glorfindel was anywhere near Indil, they would look at Indil with a knowing smirk and she would want to crawl away and hide. She felt sure that it must wrong to be this happy and in love despite all that was happening in Middle Earth and the sadness caused by it.

They had a very quiet and simple wedding in mid-summer. Celebrían had helped Indil with all of the preparations, feeling motherly towards the younger elleth as well as close to Glorfindel. Thranduil and Glorfindel were friends due to the closeness of their wives more than any other reason. Taravil, Indil, and Celebrían had become inseparable since Indil's arrival in Valinor.

Rumil was also close to the families. Indil had grown very affectionate towards him during their trip to Aman. She had once talked to him about losing his family and had been drawn to his wounded fëa and gentle heart. He had lost his parents when he was very young and had lost his brothers in Lórien. His oldest brother, Haldir, was much like a father to him and the three brothers were very close. Their loss as well as the loss of his fellow Galadhrim had traumatized Rumil. His relationship with Indil had turned into a very close bond, for Indil reminded him much of his memories of his mother.

Glorfindel and Indil lived next door to Celebrían and it was at her house they were married. Although it was a small wedding and feast, Indil was happy because it was so intimate. She knew Glorfindel was not one to enjoy lavish festivities and was happier with it being a small celebration. As long as she was marrying Glorfindel, Indil did not care how or where they were married. She had grown to love him even more strongly each day and becoming his wife was an answer to all of her dreams.

Now she was with child and her feelings were conflicted. She was excited and happy, but she worried how it would make others feel. Most of their friends were still in Middle Earth and no one knew what was to happen. She did not want to bring a child into such sorrow, yet she felt family was more important than anything else was. She knew that a child would help heal her heart, but she worried how her friends that had lost children so recently would feel. She would have to tell them soon because her body was already beginning to change.

"Indil, I do not know why you are so concerned," Glorfindel said drawing her to him. "It is completely natural for married couples to have children. Do you wish we had waited?"

"No. It is just…" she paused. "They have lost their children so recently, I feel as if it is unfair to them somehow."

Glorfindel sighed. They had discussed this matter before, but both had wanted a child and he saw no reason to wait. He knew she longed for a child as well.

"I think our friends will be very happy for us. They have had children. Celebrían still has children. I am sure they would not want to deny us this joy." Glorfindel kissed her lovingly.

"I know you are right. I just do not know how to tell them."

"We could wait until they notice the swelling of your stomach and ask," he teased.

"Can we? Please?" Indil laughed when he rolled his eyes. "Fine. I will tell them today. Will that make you happy?"

"There is something that would make me very happy," Glorfindel said in a sultry voice that gave her shivers.

"Glorfindel, I have just gotten dressed," she admonished him, playfully evading his hands.

"I do not know why you even bother anymore," he said as he grabbed her and brought her into his embrace.


When she finally told Celebrían and Taravil, both were thrilled much to her relief. She saw no signs of hesitance in their outbursts of well wishing. Feeling a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders, Indil allowed herself to feel the happiness that had been threatening to explode for two months.

"I remember Glorfindel enjoyed being with my children when they were small." Celebrían recalled with a smile. "Although as they grew up, the twins tended to get into mischief and Erestor and Glorfindel attempted to prevent them from being caught by Elrond. Finally, Glorfindel gave up. I had heard that Erestor is still trying to prevent the twins from misbehaving or at least from being caught. And with Elladan, that means a constant watch."

Indil laughed. She had heard stories of Elrond and Celebrían's children from both her and Glorfindel. She was already fond of the twins.

"I cannot imagine having twins. Legolas was a very well-behaved child but brothers usually means trouble and twins can only be worse," Taravil smiled. "Perhaps you will have twin boys Indil. At least Glorfindel will have some training with them."

Indil gasped as she looked at her. "Do not dare say such a thing. I am afraid he would return to Middle Earth, if he knew I was to have twins." She shuddered.

"My sons may have been mischievous, but they brought as much joy as they did havoc." Celebrían smiled proudly.

Indil and Taravil smiled at her, knowing how proud she was of her sons. Celebrían rarely discussed Arwen. The grief was too near. Indil had spent countless hours with both Taravil and Celebrían comforting them about their lost children. Tears welled up in her eyes when she thought how relieved she was that her child would not be born in Middle Earth.


"I want a little girl," Glorfindel said quietly. They were lying in bed snuggled together.

"A girl?" Indil turned to look at him. "I thought you would have wanted to have a boy."

"No. I think twins cured me of any desires to have boys." Glorfindel chuckled. "Besides, I wish to have a beautiful girl who looks like her mother."

"What if she favors you?"

"Then we shall never marry her off and I will keep my daughter to myself."

Indil shook her head at her husband's comment. He honestly had no idea how beautiful he was. But that was fine. He was arrogant enough without knowing that, she thought to herself with a smile.

"I do not care as long as our baby is happy and healthy," Indil sighed. "I just wish we did not have to wait so long for him to arrive."

"Him?" He chuckled. "Are you sure you are not wishing for a boy?"

"Perhaps." Smiling mischievously, Indil said, "Perhaps we will be blessed with twin boys."

Glorfindel groaned. When she giggled, he tickled her side. Rolling above her, he glared down at her.

"Do not tease about those things. You would not laugh if it truly happened."

"I would love two little boys just like you." Indil pulled him to her for a kiss.


Indil woke up when she heard him moan. Reaching out, she felt his sweat covered back and sat up quickly.

"Glorfindel, wake up. You are having a nightmare." Indil attempted to shake him.

Quicker than she could have imagined possible, he jerked awake and grabbed her arms roughly. His eyes were flashing with anger and he seemed to not even know who she was. When his fingers bruised her flesh, she let out a small cry.

His senses returning to him, Glorfindel looked at her in horror as he let go of her arms. Gently, he drew her to him and held her close.

"Indil, my love, forgive me. I did not mean to hurt you. I was dreaming and … when you woke me, I did not even realize…" he said, his voice heavy with guilt.

Indil shushed him and she stroked his sweat dampen hair. As she kissed his face repeatedly and continued to stroke his hair, his breathing eventually calmed.

"Glorfindel, I had hoped these nightmares had stopped," she whispered, concerned.

"I had thought so as well," Glorfindel said sadly.

"What did you dream this time?"

Glorfindel's nightmares when he left Middle Earth had been constant. Indil thought that perhaps it was the guilt of leaving, as well as feeling both happy and safe in Aman that was causing these nightmares. When they were first married, they grew more frequent and worse. He had finally admitted, after a few nights, that they had started soon after they left Middle Earth.

The nightmares of what had happened in the past haunted him most often, but the worst nights were when he dreamt of what was happening there now to those left behind. There were nights when he would leave the bed when he thought she was asleep. She knew that he had stayed awake many nights to avoid the thoughts of his subconscious mind. Eventually her presence with him at night soothed him and over time the nightmares came less often and were not as horrible. When she became pregnant, they had stopped. Indil had hoped that they would not return.

"Glorfindel, what was it? What did you dream this time?" she asked quietly.

He was quiet so long; she thought that once again he would not tell her. Most of the time, he would not speak of what haunted him other than to say if it was memories of the past or fears of the present. Tonight, he was even more unwilling to speak of it. He lay back down and she watched him until he finally looked at her. Seeing her concern for him, he reluctantly told her what he had dreamed.

"I was back in Imladris and I could see the Nazgul flying overhead. And it was dark and cold. The air was thick and hard to breathe. Then a little girl came running through the garden laughing. And she was so beautiful and pure, so untouched by evil, that she was like a ray of sunshine through the clouds."

Glorfindel paused and Indil watched his eyes. The sorrow in them was heart wrenching to her.

"Her laughter was like music that floated through the air. She ran to me, her golden curls floating behind her. She was such a vision of happiness; she was like nothing I had ever seen before. When I bent down to pick her up, I saw Arwen watching us. She was smiling sadly. Then I heard the screech of the fell beasts above and Arwen looked up at them and started weeping. When I picked up the little girl, she was…" Glorfindel stopped and ran a hand through his hair unwilling to look at her.

"She was what, Glorfindel?"

He shook his head and lay silently for a long time before he whispered, "She was dead. Like the others."

Indil lay down and held him to her tightly. "Glorfindel, it was a nightmare, nothing more. Our child will never have to be in Middle Earth."


27th Day of September
Fourth Age, Year 88
Tirion, Aman

"I think I have never tasted wine this good before," Elladan smiled.

"You say that every time," Rumil laughed.

Elladan looked offended. "I say it every time because each bottle is better than the one before it."

"Especially after three bottles," Elrohir smirked.

"You are very correct, my tyrant brother. If I were to drink another, I am sure it would be better than this one," Elladan said with a hiccup. Leaning forward, he put his arm around Airemír. "At least Airemír appreciates my taste in wine."

Airemír's blush could be seen even by the firelight and Laurëanna smiled. Elrohir was sitting on the blanket and she was curled up with her head in his lap. Elladan had been entertaining them all for the last hour.

"But I drink for my heart was truly broken when the one that I loved married another," Elladan said sadly.

"Here it comes." Elrohir winked at Laurëanna.

"I feel sure that Laurëanna thought she was marrying me rather than he. She is still confused as to which of us she loves. She sees him, but she yearns for me."

Laurëanna laughed. Elladan said this every time he had been drinking. It had become a custom with him.

"Tell me Elrohir, does she cry out my name when she dreams? For I feel certain, she dreams only of my fair face." Elladan smiled brightly. "As do all of the fairer sex, I am sure. Airemír, do you dream of me as well?"

"I dream of you Elladan," Rumil said quietly. Everyone turned to look at him. "Every night I dream that you will think of something more original to say or will at least grow weary of this love affair with yourself."

Everyone laughed.

"Envy, Rumil, is so typical of the Lórien elves." Elladan smiled smugly. Airemír promptly slapped him on the arm. "I meant typical of the Lórien males. They know secretly that all Lórien maidens prefer Imladris lords."

Airemír glared at him until he held her hand to his mouth and kissed it. She blushed crimson again before Elladan's attention was diverted again.

"That is why there is no lady love for you, Elladan. There is no room in your heart for love of another besides yourself." Rumil chuckled. Elladan scowled at him.

"Elladan, perhaps you have had enough to drink. I do not think you can walk back to the manor anymore," Elrohir said as he confiscated the bottle from Elladan's hands.

"First my lady love, now my wine. Oh, you are a tyrant." Elladan smirked.

"Why have you suddenly begun to refer to my husband as a tyrant?" Laurëanna smiled.

Rumil and Elladan snickered as they looked at Elrohir waiting for him to answer. Elrohir smiled slightly.

"Your mother called your father and I over-demanding tyrants last night."

Laurëanna looked shocked as the others laughed. "My mother? My mother never says things like that. Especially not to my father."

"Your mother can be very intimidating if she wants to be and she is not afraid of your father, I might add." Elrohir smirked. "She was quite…umm…"

"Frightening? Terrifying?" Elladan laughed "Which word were you searching for, Elrohir? You were quite pale when you came home last night."

"Angry is the word I was looking for Elladan." Elrohir glared at his laughing brother.

"I cannot imagine Lady Indil saying something like that or even being angry." Airemír smiled. "I wish I could have seen it though. I cannot imagine anyone standing up to Lord Glorfindel, especially not one as small as your mother. Perhaps you have not inherited all of your outspoken personality traits from your father, Laurëanna."

"I will say in her defense that Lady Indil was completely correct. I was being an over-demanding tyrant with my beautiful wife," Elrohir said bending down to kiss Laurëanna's forehead. "I had intended to make it up to her today but I had a group of guests to entertain instead."

"Is he trying to imply we should leave?" Elladan said looking at Rumil. Rumil shrugged, yet neither moved. Elladan smiled brightly at Elrohir.

Elrohir sighed and Laurëanna held back her laughter at his frustration. He had been encouraging Elladan to leave for the better half of the night.

Airemír stood and brushed the sand from her dress. "Rumil, Elladan, why do you not walk me back to the manor?"

Rumil stood and began gathering the empty wine bottles. Elladan just rolled on his back moaning, "But I am having a good time. I do not want to return to the manor yet. We can go swimming or play in the sand. It is still early."

"We could bury you in the sand Elladan, that would be entertaining," Elrohir said standing up.

Grabbing Elladan's arms, Elrohir pulled him to his feet. Nudging him in Rumil's direction, he said, "Now you run along to bed. It is time for the grown ups to talk."

"Why do I get saddled with him every time?" Rumil groaned. "You half elves cannot handle your wine."

Elrohir gave Rumil a menacing look and Rumil sighed, grabbing Elladan's arm as he was slightly wavering. Airemír came and put her arm around Elladan as the three went back to the manor.

"Your brother." Laurëanna shook her head.

"It is embarrassing that people say they cannot tell us apart." Elrohir sighed. "He is the one acting like a fool."

"And he is not as desirable as you are my love." Laurëanna stood and put her arms around him. "Now that we are alone, what it is it you wish to talk about?"

"I do not wish to talk very much. Only words of love in your ear as I ravish your body," Elrohir said grasping her closely to him.

"Fine. After we swim, you can ravish me," Laurëanna said moving out of his arms.

"Swim?" Elrohir said, annoyed. "I do not wish to swim."

Laurëanna began to walk towards the water. After a few feet, she pulled her dress over her head and dropped it on the sand. Elrohir, seeing her walking in all her glory, smiled then cursed as he made sure that Elladan and Rumil were far enough away to not see her. He hastily undressed and chased after her. Hearing him behind her, she laughed and ran to the water. He caught her and, picking her up, walked the rest of the way into the water.

"You should not walk completely bare on this beach with my somewhat unscrupulous brother and his friend lurking about," Elrohir admonished her.

"It is not as if they would hide behind the bushes to see me. Elladan knows you would kill him and Rumil has known me all of my life. He has seen me completely bare before," Laurëanna teased as she floated to the deeper water.

"Yes, but you were a small child then. You are not a child any longer. I do not wish him to see you in this form," he said splashing her. He laughed at her look of outrage as she splashed him back. They swam and played in the waves for a long time, enjoying the carefree moments they were together.


Elrohir wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her wet body against his with a smile. She smiled back as she wrapped her arms around his neck. The water was swaying against his bare thighs as he lifted her up.

"Elrohir, what are you doing?" Laurëanna said, surprised, as he pulled her leg around his waist.

"What does it feel like I am doing?" he asked, kissing her throat.

"It feels like we are going to fall over," she said glancing nervously at the waves.

"I will not let you fall," Elrohir said kissing her deeply.

Smiling, she asked him, "Do you promise?"


Laurëanna kissed him lovingly. Wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, she ran her tongue over his bottom lip teasingly. Reaching down, he cupped her buttocks and lifted her completely off her feet. She wrapped her legs around his waist as she leaned forward to lightly bite his ear. Her lips searched for the overly sensitive place behind his ear that she had discovered early on in her many explorations of his body. She knew it would make him even more aroused as she lightly sucked on the spot.

Holding her up with one hand under her buttocks and the other around her waist, he gave in to her torment and moaned. Laurëanna knew every inch of his body and memorized every detail; therefore, she drove him wild with passion with the slightest touch. His breathing quickened as she buried her hands in his hair and lightly pulled his head back. Running her tongue lightly along his jaw line, she pressed her stomach up against the length of his arousal eliciting another moan from him. Sensuously, she kissed her way back to his mouth.

Elrohir met her lips in a fiery kiss as their tongues dueled for dominance. As always, she allowed him to control her pleasure and surrendered, knowing he would satisfy her every want and need. The sounds of the ocean were in concert with the waves of passion crashing over her.

He could taste the salty water on her as his lips glided sensuously over the tender skin on her neck. Lifting her higher, he dropped his mouth to her breast. Laurëanna moaned as he ran his tongue in circles around the nipple, teasing her. She tangled her hands in his hair pulling his mouth closer. As he continued to tease her, he chuckled as she tried to bring him even closer still. When he finally closed his lips over her nipple, she moaned deep in her throat, barely heard over the waves. She arched her back in pleasure. Elrohir tried to stop her.


Off balance, the next wave knocked them both down. Elrohir quickly stood up and pulled her from the water. She began laughing as soon as she looked at his frustrated face.

"I thought you said you would not let me fall," she laughed.

"I did not think you were going to tip us over," Elrohir said, grabbing her to him playfully.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Laurëanna kissed him. "Well, you distracted me."

"The wave crashing down on us has distracted me. I am beginning to think that I am unable to make love to my wife anymore."

"You have never had that problem before. Perhaps you should speak to your father about this. He might be able to cure this ailment," she teased.

"I do not mean I am not capable of it," Elrohir said slapping her behind. "I mean forces are working against me. Every time I try to make love to you, I am interrupted by some unforeseen event. And bringing my father into this discussion is not helping matters."

"Are you certain you are still capable of it?" Leaving his arms, she winked as she walked backwards out of the water to the beach.

Elrohir smiled as he watched her. The moonlight was glistening on her wet skin and her hair clung to her, making her look as if she were a beautiful creature of the sea.

"Perhaps you need to rest before you try again. You do look a little winded. I did not mean to tire you out with all of that swimming." Laurëanna smirked, still taunting him.

"I am not the least bit tired. I was more worried about you, my love." He walked in her direction slowly.

"Why are you worried about me?" she said watching him cautiously.

"It has been three days."

"Yes, and?"

"The last two nights you have fallen asleep quite easily. And…"

"You are concerned I would fall asleep on you while we were making love?" She smiled. "I could never do that."

Elrohir grinned.

"You are much too loud to sleep through," Laurëanna said crossing her arms over her chest.

Elrohir stopped in his tracks and looked at her seriously. As he continued to study her intensely, her smile faded thinking him angry and she began to look concerned. He continued to glare at her and she squirmed visibly. He walked to her as if he were stalking his prey.

"Forgive me, I should not jest like that. I am just…" She looked at him and saw he was restraining his laughter. She playfully hit him on the arm. "Oh, you are incorrigible."

"Yes but you love me." Elrohir swept her into his arms.

"Yes. I do. I love you more than I thought possible," she said softly as she traced the outline of his face. "I feel like I have been blessed with the most wonderful gift."

Elrohir watched her for a moment. All of the playfulness as well as the passionate embraces had stopped. As he held her, he realized what he was losing in a few short days and his chest tightened. When she looked at him and her tears started to fall, he pulled her into his arms and held her tightly.

"No, I am the one who has been blessed, Laurëanna. I had lived many years before I met you, but I was never alive until I loved you," he said softly in her ear. She began to sob and it tore at his heart.

"Laurëanna, my love, do not cry. I do not want to spend the remaining days with you weeping or unhappy. I want you to know how much I love you and enjoy our happiness together," he said pulled her face up to look at him. "I am afraid when you meet me in Middle Earth, you will not love me as much. I must make sure you leave remembering how much we are in love and how happy we are now."

"Why will I not love you? I have loved you since the first day I met you. How could I possibly not love you knowing how happy you have made me?" she asked confused.

When Elrohir looked away, she saw the pain in his face. Laurëanna watched him as he walked to where the water splashed against his ankles.

"Is that why you are concerned, Elrohir? Not that you will resist me because of the seriousness of the times, but that I will not love you?"

"I am not the same as I was. I was vengeful, dangerous, and full of anger. When I think of who I was then, I do not feel I deserve you. My sole existence revolved around killing," Elrohir said not looking at her. "Part of me wishes to warn you away from my former self for you are owed more than that. But the selfish part of me needs to know you will still be able to love me. Perhaps you will be able to pull me from the darkness at last as you have done here. Middle Earth is not Aman though. And I am no longer him."

Laurëanna walked to stand behind him and wrapping her arms around his waist, she laid her head on his back. They were both quiet just listening to the waves.

"Elrohir, my love for you will not end. No matter how dark your past is, I know your heart."

He turned in her arms and placed his hands lightly on her face. "But I will not know your heart and I fear I might break it."

Laurëanna smiled slightly then stood on the tips of her toes to kiss him. "I have always trusted you with my heart. I will never distrust you. You cannot persuade me not to love you."

Elrohir smiled gently feeling overwhelmed by her love for him. While he did not understand how she could love him as much as she did, he happily accepted it.

She ran her hands over his chest lightly. "Now, I suggest you take me back to the fire and make mad, passionate love to me before we are interrupted again. With your luck of late, my warrior prince, Ulmo himself will rise out of the water to stop us if you delay."

Elrohir chuckled. Stroking her shoulders, he smiled at her as she watched his gray eyes grow stormy with desire. He lowered his mouth to hers stealing her breath away with a passionate kiss. He picked her up and carried her back to their fire as she kissed him continuously.

Laying Laurëanna down on the blanket, he rested on her, half covering her body as he kissed her fiercely. Faintly brushing his hand down her neck, he began torturing her ear with his tongue, loving the way it made her squirm. He leisurely kissed down her neck as his hand moved from her neck along the line of her shoulders. Kissing her lips again, his hand swept between her breasts without touching them and onto her stomach.

Laurëanna was going mad with desire. She buried her hand in his hair and tried to move her body against his. His hand on her stomach prevented her from moving. Her frustration only added to his desire.

"Elrohir, make love to me," she whispered when he released her lips.

Elrohir kissed along her jaw line before whispering in her ear. "Patience." He smiled at her soft groan of frustration.

His hand was again stroking her body yet he never touched her aching breasts, just lightly teased the velvety skin around them. She tried once again to press her body against his. He altered his position so he was lying with his leg draped over hers and his upper body lying over her arm; therefore, pinning her to lay beneath him, completely under his control. He sucked her lip in between his own then reclaimed her mouth and his tongue found hers, stroking her mouth to ecstasy. Laurëanna welcomed his sweet invasion as her tongue danced with his, wanting more. Once again, he released her mouth and kissed his way to her tender throat.

Lazily, Elrohir swirled his tongue on her heated skin, awakening her senses until her body was tingling. He sensuously sucked her warm silky flesh marking her with signs of his passion. Laurëanna ran her free hand down from the powerful muscles of his chest to his sleek abdomen but he would let her go no further.

"Elrohir, I want you," Laurëanna whispered urgently.

"Not enough," Elrohir murmured, still kissing and sucking on her neck. "Want me more."

As he once again gently nibbled her shoulders, Laurëanna moaned in frustrated desire. Elrohir ran his hand slowly and provocatively down to caress her breasts. She arched up to him as she sighed in relief. He teased the sensitive peaks before bending down to circle each with his tongue. Laurëanna whimpered with longing. He covered each breast with feather light kisses, intermittently flicking his tongue across her aching nipples.

"Please, Elrohir," Laurëanna whispered desperately.

"Want me more," Elrohir said in a deep passion-filled voice.

Laurëanna drew in a gasping breath as he hungrily sucked a swollen and sensitive nipple into his mouth. Cupping her heaving breasts tenderly, he continued to suckle as her fingers intertwined in his wet hair. When she wrapped her leg around his thigh, she brushed her stomach against his hardened arousal and he moaned deep in his throat.

"I want you."

"Want me more," he commanded

"Please, Elrohir! I need you to make love to me," she pleaded in a husky voice.

Still caressing her breast, he looked to her turbulent eyes. "You need me?"

"Yes," she whispered.

Intertwining his fingers with hers, he demanded, "Show me."

Her eyes never leaving his, Laurëanna drew his hand to the heat and wetness of her passion. Elrohir sucked in a ragged breath as he closed his eyes. Opening them, he watched her as he stroked his fingers, still meshed with hers, across the aching core of her desire. He moved both of their fingers into her seeking the deeper heat within her tightness. She cried out as she moved up to him.

Laurëanna looked at her husband steamily as she pulled their hands away from her. Forcing his hand to follow hers, she wrapped them around his pulsing length. He moaned feeling the heat from both their hands as she began stroking him. She continued to massage him impatiently as he followed her movement, still watching her eyes.

Finally, she whispered, "Elrohir, I need you to make love to me."

When he opened his mouth to respond, she cut him off ordering, "Now."

Elrohir moved fluidly between her thighs. Allowing her to guide him into her, he eased into her inch by agonizing inch, stretching and filling her completely. They both moaned, then he captured her mouth seeking the sweetness within.

Elrohir paused a brief moment for control as he felt her heat envelope him. When he slowly withdrew, her tightness gripped him and welcomed him back into her depths. The friction of their joining caused each of them to breathe in fast shallow breaths.

As he stroked into her, Laurëanna bent her knees on each side of his hips and moved up to accept him feverishly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him with aggressive plunges of her tongue into the hot reaches of his mouth. The faster her tongue mated with his, the faster his thrusts were deep inside her. She released his mouth gasping for air. His lunged into her forcefully as she moaned in ecstasy.

"Laurëanna, open your eyes. Look at me," Elrohir commanded.

Her hungry eyes met his as she bit her lip trying to refrain from screaming in rapture. Elrohir loved to watch his wife overwhelmed with pleasure, knowing he was the source of it. As he continued his blissful filling of her, she stroked his solid back, feeling the muscles tightening underneath his heated skin. She dropped her hands lower still to his rising and falling buttocks.

Elrohir watched as her passion built, pushing her closer and closer to the edge. Seeing her eyes darken even more, he felt her inner canal convulsing around his embedded shaft. He increased the speed at which he drove into her as she surrendered herself to him. She cried out in abandonment as her release came and dug her nails into his hips as she arched up to meet his deep, hard thrusts.

As he continued to slide into her scorching depths, he moaned. His fluid strokes through the tightness that surrounded him made it difficult to resist his body's natural demand for release. But he wanted more of her. He wanted, no he needed, all of her.

With every plunge into her body, her hips rose to meet him. She was kissing his chest, his shoulders, any skin she could reach with her mouth. Laurëanna soon tilted up her pelvis to meet him as she wrapped her legs around his hips. His sweat drenched skin slid against the tender skin of her inner thighs causing goose bumps to rise.

Kissing her, Elrohir took possession of her body bringing her to the ultimate peaks of pleasure again before finally succumbing to it himself. Sheathing himself to the hilt, he felt the waves of ecstasy crash over him. He moaned loudly dropping his head to her neck, his wet hair falling forward to drape across her hot skin.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he rolled to his back bringing her with him, still joined together. She snuggled against him as they both fought to catch their breath. After a short time, she raised her head and began kissing his throat. Her body moving against his made him harden again inside her. Rising on her knees, she looked down at him seductively. Her hair was clinging to her and covered one breast. Sitting up, he moved her hair to expose her luscious breast and lowered his mouth to capture the hardened flesh with his lips. He wrapped his arms around her waist and began to move her along his rigid shaft.

Elrohir gazed at her excitedly and she watched with fascination as he entered her over and over again; both growing more aroused each moment. She loved to watch the union of their bodies.

Finally, Laurëanna looked at him licking her lips. "I love the way feel you inside me," she whispered before she leaned forward to kiss him, sucking his tongue into her mouth.

Soon his movements became more frenzied as his control slipped and he slammed her down on him repeatedly. Releasing his lips as she cried out. He drew her tightly to him so he could feel the soft swells of her feminine body pressed against him. As her climax overtook her, she bit down on his shoulder and his thrusts grew stronger and faster. Finally in a fiery culmination of their union, he exploded deep within her.

Completely spent, neither could move for some time. They just kissed each other lovingly. Finally he lay back and she curled up beside him.

"Melethronen, that was magnificent," Laurëanna said draping her arm across his waist. "I am overjoyed you were not interrupted this time. I think I would have had to murder someone if they had."

Elrohir chuckled and kissed the top of her head. He pulled a blanket over them and she snuggled tight against him.

Laurëanna whispered, "Gerich velethen."

He replied, "Gerich velethen, Melethrilen." He smiled gently. He soon felt her even breathing as she fell asleep. Unable to resist the peacefulness he felt, he fell asleep soon after.


Elrohir woke the next morning and, watching her sleep for a few moments, once again feeling tormented. Sliding out of her embrace, he stood and, finding his clothes strewn around them, he dressed silently. Afterwards, he watched the ocean for a long time.

Laurëanna felt cold and alone when she woke up. Looking around, she saw Elrohir watching the water.

"Melethen, it is still early," she said sleepily as she watched him.

"No. Dawn has already broken. This darkness is not natural," Elrohir said quietly as he turned around.

Laurëanna looked at him sadly realizing how short their time was growing. In seven days, she would be leaving. She slowly stood up and dressed as he watched her. Both gathered the blankets and walked back to the manor silently hand in hand.


In the midmorning, they returned to Tirion. Rumil and Airemír had gone home and Elladan had returned to Lord Elrond's house. Elrohir and Laurëanna went to see her parents and Indil was very affectionate to her daughter while Glorfindel seemed almost cold to her. Laurëanna felt hurt by his stubbornness.

Indil watched the distance grow between Laurëanna and Glorfindel, but did not know how to make things right. Finally, unable to stand the tension, Laurëanna said they needed to go see Thranduil and Taravil to discuss her seeing Legolas. Indil sadly said farewell to her.

"How long will you push her away, Glorfindel?" Indil said from the doorway.

Glorfindel looked up surprised. "What do you mean? I am not pushing anyone away."

"You push Laurëanna away every time she comes near you now. Do you think you will stop feeling this pain in your heart by hurting her? Or are you closing your heart to her to ease your own suffering?" Indil responded. "I watch you and I want to scream at you. I see your attempts to make things easier on yourself by any means. I understand your feelings. I am losing her as well. Do not be so selfish that you push her completely out of your life before she leaves us," Indil said. She left the room, walking down the hall to their bedroom.

Glorfindel felt anger burning inside him but resisted his urge to follow her. He knew she was right but he did not know what to say anymore.


"Laurëanna. Elrohir. Come in. I am so pleased to see you," Taravil said as they walked into their home.

"Taravil, it is wonderful to see you as well. We have not seen you since…" Laurëanna trailed off. Taravil looked at her sadly and touched her arm.

Elrohir and Laurëanna followed her inside then Elrohir went to talk to Thranduil while Taravil spoke with Laurëanna. The two of them sat together on a settee in their parlor.

Taravil reached behind her neck and unclasped the necklace she was wearing. Giving it to Laurëanna, she smiled.

"I have not taken that off a day since Legolas was born and Thranduil gave it to me. Legolas will know that only I could have given it to you."

Laurëanna looked down at the delicate gold necklace. The pendant was a small leaf with a gem that was a unique shade of green. She nodded and Taravil helped her put the necklace on for safekeeping.

"If he is still unsure, remind him of the words I last spoke to him when I left Middle Earth. The two of us were alone when I said them, so only I could have told you this." Taravil had tears in her eyes as she said softly, "Listen to the sea and you will hear my prayers for our swift reunion."

Laurëanna smiled and squeezed Taravil's hand. "Hopefully, you will have that reunion now."

Even as she said it, Laurëanna wondered if she would have a reunion with her mother. The thought of not seeing her for awhile hurt Laurëanna deeply. She loved her father terribly, but the bond with her mother was somewhat different. Glorfindel still looked at her as a child to love and protect. Her mother looked at her as an adult who needed to spread her wings if she wished to fly.

"Laurëanna." Taravil smiled. "My son will protect you as will Elrohir and Elladan. I know this in my heart. And when the ring is destroyed, Elrohir will bring you to see your parents again. You will not be without them for long."

"Yes, but it will not be the same." Laurëanna voice was sad as she reminded Taravil, "I am not allowed to say anything to them about now. They will not know who they are to me or who I am to them."

"My child, I cannot speak for a father but a mother knows her child. Your mother may not understand it, but she will know you in her heart." Taravil stroked Laurëanna's hair. "The bond between a mother and her child is so strong, nothing can change that."

Laurëanna nodded and hoped Taravil was correct.

Tears welled up in Taravil's eyes. "Laurëanna, I must ask a favor and pardon me if it seems selfish. I know it is not your task to do this, but will you please tell Legolas how much I love him? Tell him how proud of him I am and that one day does not go by without me missing him."

Laurëanna leaned forward and hugged her. After a few moments, Taravil pulled back with a smile.

"You are so like your mother. Her compassionate and caring nature is the reason we are friends. She reached out to me as you are. Your mother always had an open heart and you do as well." Taravil smiled. "If I did not love Elrohir so much, I would wish that Legolas would fall in love with you."

Laurëanna laughed. "I am very flattered but there is only one for me. I just have to make sure that he knows in the past that there is only one for him as well."

Standing, Taravil put her arm around Laurëanna's shoulders. The two walked through the house out to the courtyard where Thranduil and Elrohir sat talking.

Taravil leaned over and whispered to her, "He will know."

Seeing the two of them standing there, Thranduil and Elrohir rose. The four sat down and Thranduil and Taravil told Laurëanna some of the things they felt she needed to know about Mirkwood, if asked. Laurëanna worried that she would forget all of these things and someone would see through her lies. Knowing she would have to lie to those she loved was difficult. She had never lied to her parents or her husband and now her whole life would be a lie.

Thranduil came to Laurëanna and embraced her.

"Be safe, Laurëanna. You have all of our prayers to guide you. Tell Legolas I said to be brave and true, but to return to me soon," Thranduil whispered in her ear and she nodded.

As they were leaving, Elrohir put his arm around her waist. "Are you all right?"

"No. It seems like time is moving so swiftly and I cannot seem to keep up. I have so much to do and I do not feel I have enough time to do it all."

"I know. I feel the same way. Time is moving faster every day," Elrohir sighed.

"We need to go back to my parents house. I need to speak to them as well as your parents and Elladan. There is something I need to discuss with all of you," Laurëanna said looking at him seriously.

"What is it?" Elrohir asked concerned.

The two of them were near a courtyard with a beautiful fountain, so Laurëanna took his hand and led him to the fountain. She decided it was best to discuss it with him before the others.

"Laurëanna, what is it?" Elrohir asked again.

"I spoke with Eönwë. He came to see me because I made a request of the Valar and he came to tell me Manwë's decision." Laurëanna looked at him and said, "I asked the Valar that when the time came and each of you returned to Aman, you would be allowed to remember who I am and our past."

"Did they agree?"


Elrohir grabbed her into a tight embrace as he kissed her repeatedly. She pulled away slightly and said, "Wait. Please listen."

"You have to make the choice before I go and it cannot be changed no matter what happens." Laurëanna looked down for a moment before returning her eyes to his. "Even if I die in Middle Earth, if you choose now to remember me, you will regardless."

Elrohir looked stunned. She continued, "And if your path changes and we are not together, you will still know. My parents will remember their lives together even if they are not married or if they are married to someone else when they come here. The decision you make now cannot be changed."

He was silent for a moment and she looked away. Looking at her, he reached over and brushed his hand across her cheek. She looked up and he was smiling.

"I would rather remember the few years we have been together and suffer the pain of our parting again than forget how much I love you. And if I am too stubborn to love you in Middle Earth, perhaps these memories will knock some sense into my hard head." He leaned over and kissed her. "Yet do not fear, my beloved. You will be mine when these memories come back to me and they will only add to the new ones we will create. I will be allowed to fall in love with you all over again in Middle Earth and I would hate to not recall the first time."

Laurëanna laughed and put her arms around his neck. He held her for a long time before she sat back.

"Well, you are a fool if you think you will come to Aman without being with me. If you do not fall in love with me in Middle Earth," she grinned mischievously, "I will stab you with your own sword while you sleep." He chuckled before kissing her passionately.


When they returned to her parents' house, Elrohir went to get his parents and brother. Laurëanna went inside and, seeing her mother, ran over and wrapped her arms around her tightly. Indil stroked her hair and asked what was wrong.

"I just worry that I may not see you for sometime when I arrive in Middle Earth and I will miss you," Laurëanna said softly. "I cannot imagine not seeing you almost every day."

"I know. I worry about that as well," Indil said, drawing Laurëanna to the couch to sit with her.

"Yes but you will not even know to miss me. I will know. I will miss both of you. But I will most likely see Ada before you. I am not sure I can explain why we need to go quickly to the Gray Havens when the ring is destroyed without an explanation. We will return to Imladris, for that is Elrohir and Elladan's home. Even then, who is to say that Ada will even want to get to know me," Laurëanna sighed. "Everyone has said that he is rather distant from the others in the city. Why would he not be so with me as well?"

"Because, my darling, he will see something in you so like himself that he will be drawn to you without reason." Indil smiled.

"Taravil says that you will know me no matter what. She says a mother knows her child." Laurëanna looked at her mother hopefully. Tears swelled in Indil's eyes as she nodded.

"I will know you. My heart will know you, as will my fëa, even if my mind does not understand." Indil stroked Laurëanna's cheek. "How could I forget my beautiful baby girl?"

Both held each other tightly as tears streamed down their faces. Glorfindel walked into the room and silently watched them. His heart was full of love, yet feeling as if it were being ripped to shreds. Before he could say anything, there was a knock at the door. He moved to let Lord Elrond, Celebrían, and the twins into the house. Celebrían looked at Laurëanna and Indil's tears and quickly asked what was wrong.

"I need to tell you all something and I thought it would be easier to tell you all together." Laurëanna rose to stand with Elrohir as the other sat down. Everyone glanced around nervously.

"Do not worry Glorfindel. Elrohir cannot steal your daughter from you twice," Elladan teased trying to lighten the mood. Glorfindel smiled slightly as the others laughed.

Once again, Laurëanna explained her request and the decision of the Valar.

"That is wonderful news, Laurëanna." Celebrían smiled.

"There is one thing though," Laurëanna replied, looking at her parents. "If you make the choice to remember, you will no matter what happens. If you two do not marry one another, you will still know everything. If I die…"

Glorfindel surprised everyone when he got up and left the room, slamming the door to the balcony. Stunned silence filled the room. Indil recovered first and got up to follow him.

"No, Naneth. Let me speak to him," Laurëanna said and went outside.

Glorfindel was standing with his hands on the railing looking down and did not look up when she came out. His thick hair had fallen forward and she could barely see his saddened face.

"Are you going to keep doing this?" Laurëanna said softly. "Keep running from the truth. Or are you trying to punish me for doing this by making me feel like you are disappointed in me?"

"Laurëanna…" Glorfindel started but did not look at her. "It's just hard. I cannot explain it…you would not understand…"

"I would not understand? What would I not understand Ada? The sadness that our lives have been ripped apart? The fear that all of this pain might be for nothing? The heartbreak of knowing things will never be as they are now? Tell me Ada, what would I not understand?" Laurëanna exclaimed.

"I am losing everything for this. You are losing me but in a few days you will not even remember me. I cease to exist to you. I have to continue to live knowing what I have lost. You do not." Laurëanna replied looking at him, desperate for some understanding.

"Do you think it is easier for me to not know what I am missing?" Glorfindel finally looked at her, hurt written in his eyes. "I can barely even breath at the thought that soon I will forget you, your mother, our family. I cannot protect you in Middle Earth and now I know that I can get these memories back, but even then there is a price. I might remember it when it is too late. Too late because you have died before I even knew you. Or too late because your mother has married another. "

"Then make the choice not to remember," Laurëanna said softly. Glorfindel looked away and laughed bitterly.

"Do you not see? There is no way for us to make it through this and ever be back to what we are now. Is it wrong for me to feel angry that the Valar have done this to us? I would rather fight all of the forces of Mordor by myself than let you return to Middle Earth but you could not live with the guilt that others would die."

"Could you?"

"Yes," Glorfindel replied looking at her. "Yes, I could. I would do all I could to prevent it. In the end though, I would rather keep you safe and live with the guilt of their deaths." Once again, he looked away. "I know that makes me seem heartless but you are my child. It is my duty to protect you and they have taken that ability from me. I have to watch your mother grieve for your loss, knowing that soon we may not even have each other."

Laurëanna studied him for a long time. She was confused how to comfort him or get through to him. Finally, she walked over and put her arms around him. He turned and held her tightly.

"Ada. You know as well as I do that you could not live with the death of another on your conscience. You would try to find some way to save us all even if you were lost in the process." Laurëanna looked up at him. "I need you to stop doing this. Naneth needs you to be there for her and I need you as well. You cannot protect me, so at least help me get through these next few days. When the ring is destroyed, I will come to Imladris. You will come to know me and when you come here, you will remember everything. And if you and Naneth are not together, you will change that. Things will happen the way they are supposed to happen."

Glorfindel raised his hand to her cheek and whispered, "I love you so much. I cannot accept that I will not know you even as you are fighting to stay alive. I trust Estel, Legolas, and the twins to do what they can to protect you but there is nothing for certain."

"Ada, I could die here in days when Sauron arrives. You could die as well. Do you think that if the Dark Lord comes here you are guaranteed to live long enough to protect Naneth and I from harm? There is no other way. At least this way, we have a chance to once again find each other," she replied. "Now, please, be there for Naneth. She needs you to be strong for her. She only pretends to be so strong. She's really tenderhearted underneath. She counts on your strength to help her through this."

Glorfindel nodded. "I feel as if I have let everyone down. I have been horrible to you and your mother both."

"Yes. Luckily for you, I am used to a temperamental husband," Laurëanna laughed. "You have spoiled Naneth. She actually thinks you are very even tempered most of the time."

Glorfindel smirked. "I am. Most of the time. Its just my daughter tends to bring out the worst in me. I think the last time I was this difficult is when you fell in love with that troublemaker."

"It could have been worse Ada."


"I could have loved Elladan." Laurëanna smiled.

Glorfindel thought for a moment. "I honestly do not know which is worse."

The two of them laughed.

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