Lost Out Of Time II : The Coming Together: 23. Catastrophe?

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23. Catastrophe?

Middle Earth, Imladris, Third Age, Spring 2863,

Elrond was furious. His youngest ion had once again charged blindly into a thoughtless adventure and this time injured someone as a result. “We must do something before he does irreparable damage to someone!” He paced up and down on the small stone porch of the cabin.

Amarie tried to sooth him but he brushed aside her efforts. “Meleth nin, he is but an elfling.” Amarie pleaded. “He will learn in time.”

“He is as impetuous as my muindor was. And that resulted in him seeking the world of men. I will not allow that for ion nin! He must learn to think before he does these things so thoughtlessly.” He continued striding agitatedly for a time, and then stopped abruptly. “I must return at once.”

Amarie sighed as she studied the tall figure of her hervenn. “Very well meleth, I will be ready to depart in an hour or so.”

He looked at her worried face and crossed over to where she stood. Taking her in his arms he pulled her close and said wryly. “No, ind nin, stay and enjoy the peace and quiet a while longer. I may lock him in one of the towers for the next two hundred years but I promise I will not skin him alive.”

Eli studied the murals in the library while she waited for her uncle Ted to finish the last of his research for the evening. She had reluctantly agreed to remain two additional days so that he could finish his review of at least one major era of eldar history. She simply could not refuse him when she saw the avid joy reflected on his face but she was concerned that they would barely be away from Imladris before Lord Elrond and Lady Amarie returned from their short stay at their summer camp. Turning from the murals she descended the stairs to the lower level and approached the tall dark haired elf seated at a long table near the main terrace adjoining the library.

“Mae Govannen, hiren, please forgive my interruption but would you be so kind to tell my uncle Theodore that Eleiann has returned to her room?” She gasped as the elf turned and smiled up at her. “Lord Erestor, forgive me, I mistook you for Master Hebperf.”

Erestor shook his head. “Master Hebperf’s presence was required at home. He asked that I assist should your uncle require it.” He stopped at the look of embarrassment on her face.

“Lord Erestor, I regret that you have been detain for such a small matter. My uncle should have been informed so that you would not have been troubled.”

“It was no trouble, Mistress Eleiann, I had some reading of my own to finish, and I was grateful for the excuse to do so. I will be happy to give him your message. Will you be joining us at diner this evening?”

Eli shook her head. “I find the scholarly discussions a bit over my head when he starts on the history of the eldar and I prefer to enjoy the comforts of my bathing chamber to the utmost before we return to the village.”

Erestor smiled and nodded returning his attention to the stack of scrolls in front of him. “Then I will wish you the enjoyment you seek and hope you will find the time to join us later.”

Eli sketched a brief formal bow and slipped out of the room onto the terrace and across the bridge that gave access to the guest quarters on the adjoining hill. She had gotten no further then the small garden that surrounded the entrance when she heard the sobs of a small child.

“Hello? Who is there?” She called out softly. “Are you lost? Hurt? Do you need any help?” There was the rustle of leaves and a golden wolf emerged from the shelter of a brush thicket. It paused and yipped softly then looked back over its shoulder then back at Eleiann and waged its tail tentatively.

“Well, hello beautiful one.” She smiled recognizing the wolf that had greeted them after they had crossed over into Middle Earth. Turning it reentered the thicket and disappeared. Eli shook her head in amusement and followed the wolf. When she caught up to it she found a small elfling curled up in a miserable ball and weeping as if his heart would break. The wolf laid beside him its head resting on the elfling’s neck.

“Oh my, penneth, what is the matter? What has happened to make you so unhappy?” Eli knelt down and gathered the elfling up in her arms and cuddled him against her chest. Two small chubby arms wrapped themselves around her neck and he buried his head against her neck.

“I am a ter..ri..ble ellon.” He sobbed. “And ada is very upset with me. He says I must change or I will be sent away to Valinor to my relatives there.”

“I am sure he did not mean that, he was only very angry with you and will not do such a thing.”

“Ada never says anything he does not mean,” he whispered. “I will be sent away from naneth and Elwing and Glorfi and I will never be a warrior like ‘Roh and ‘Dan.”

Eli froze then said jerkily, “You are Elros, are you not?”

The elfling nodded, “Do I know you?” He studied her with narrowed grey eyes so like their father’s and frowned. “You look like us.”

“Well my eyes are grey and my hair is dark like yours, that is true….”

“No, you look like us, my brothers and sisters and ada. Are you a sister?”

Eli was silent for a minute before she answered carefully, “Do not we all belong to the great family of the eldar?”

“Elros, where are you?” A deep voice heavy with worry called out, “Ion nin, I know you are here. Please come out, you do not need to hide.”

Both Elros and Eli froze. The golden wolf rose and stretched. With a grin he trotted out to meet the elf lord. Elrond paused. He sensed that there was someone else there with his ion, someone he did not know. Unconsciously rubbing the wolf’s head before he moved cautiously towards the thicket his hand on the dagger he wore at his waist.

Eli took a deep breath and strengthened the shields to her mind. It looked like she was going to finally meet her father whether she was ready or not! Luckily she was dressed in her usual costume of tunic and leggings. He may not realize their close relationship and she would merely have to acknowledge only that she was the daughter of an elf. Squaring her shoulders she rose and taking Elros by the hand she called out. “We are coming out my lord.”

Tugging a reluctant Elros behind her, she emerged from the thicket and bowed to her sire in a formal acknowledgement of his presence.

“I am Eleiann, Lord Elrond. I accompanied my uncle Theodore at your invitation to study the books in your great library. I found Elros hidden in the thicket weeping and sought to discover the source of his unhappiness. Now that you are here, I will leave him to your care and return to my chamber.” Eli carefully kept her head lowered in apparent respect for the elf lord and slowly backed away from them.

Elrond knelt and after assuring himself of Elros’s well being lifted the ellon in his arms and returned his gaze to the slender figure trying to disappear down the pathway leading to the guest chambers. He was puzzled as he recognized her name and wondered at the strength of her mental barriers. “Wait, Mistress Eleiann.” He called out before she could do so. “It appears I am in your debt for assisting ion nin.”

Eli hesitated. “It was nothing, my lord, he merely needed comforting, and I was happy to do so.”

Off to one side the golden wolf sat watching this interchange with obvious amusement and impatience. With a sharp bark he rose and moved to cut off Eli’s escape route and then grabbed her tunic dragging her back towards the elf lord.

Elrond watched the wolf with amazement. “Silanor, what possesses you to treat a guest of our house in such a manner? Release her at once!”

The wolf ignored him and as Eli struggled to free her self she stumbled and fell at Elrond’s feet. Shifting Elros to one side and holding him with one arm, the elf lord reached down to help her rise and in the process brushed against her hair freeing a dainty ear to his sight. Startled, Eli looked up at up at her sire and both gazed into identical grey eyes and eyebrows that rose in matching archs.

“Blessed Eru, you are elf kind.” Elrond whispered in shock. “Who are you?”

Shaking Eli lowered her head and clasped her hands tightly together. “I am only half elf, hiren. My adar was an elf and I came in search of him hoping to discover what my future held for me. My mother feared for my safety among our people if I had inherited certain elven traits.”

“Have you found him?”

“Yes, hiren, he is here.”

“Why has he not acknowledged you?”

“He has no knowledge of my existence and I have not identified myself to him.“

“Why not?” Elrond frowned.

Eli hesitated for some time before finally answering. “Because I could cause his family pain, hiren, and he does not deserve that. I will be satisfied to learn what I can expect as peredhil and then I intend to seek a healing hall where I can learn to be a healer like both my parents.”

Elrond studied Eleiann as she stood before him in obvious distress. “Penneth, hin are loved and welcomed among the eldar. Tell me your adar’s name and I will go with you to him.”

“I regret hiren, I cannot. I would not force him to accept me in such a way.”

Elrond stood silently considering her words as Elros sat on his father’s hip. “Ada,” he said hesitantly, “She belongs to us.”

“Ah, there you are Eleiann,” Ildris emerged from the guest wing. Seeing her companion she grinned. “Oh I see you and your father have finally made each other’s acquaintance.”

In the ensuing silence Elrond stared first at Ildris and then at Eli. “Who is your mother?” He demanded tight jawed. “And how can I be your father?”





Ind nin-my heart

Mae Govannen-well met-agreeting

Penneth-young one

Ellon-male elf



Ion nin-my son



Peredhil-half elf


This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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