Lost Out Of Time II : The Coming Together: 26. Discombobulating Meetings

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26. Discombobulating Meetings

Middle Earth, Imladris, Third Age, Spring 2863,

Ted looked at his niece and shook his head in confusion. “I thought we agreed that we would not say anything to anyone about you being Elrond’s daughter, Eli.”

“We did, Uncle Ted, but I did not expect Lord Elrond to return so soon and become suspicious of me when he ran into me in the garden. I certainly did not expect Ildris to blurt out what she did when she saw us together.”

“Then there is no question in Lord Elrond’s mind that you are his daughter?”

“Absolutely none. He acknowledged the visit to Earth and his relationship with Mom. Lord Elrond says that Lady Amarie also was aware of the visit and was not concerned. He has asked me to join his family for dinner this evening. Lady Amarie should be back in time.” Eli shivered. “I am terrified Uncle Ted. I have no idea what to expect. I am not ready to announce our relationship to all and sundry.”

Ted enfolded her in his arms and hugged her. “You will not face them alone, Eli, I will be there by your side. If in fact part of the discussion will deal with how you are to be acknowledged, then I intend to see it is done with consideration and care.”

“Thanks, I could use all the support I can get.” Eli grimaced ruefully. “He asked me to wear something more elvish. I hope Ildris does not mind helping me turn into an elleth.”

Looking down at her, Ted studied her drawn face and realized suddenly that she looked far more elven then when they had left Earth. Frowning he brushed her hair off of her face and tucked an errant strand behind a delicate pointed ear. “Damn it, Eli, you are becoming more of an elf. What is behind all of this? What reason did the Valar have to send Elrond to Earth to sire you and then lead us back here?”

Eli shook her head in bewilderment, “I don’t know Uncle Ted, I just don’t know.” For a moment, tears sparkled in her eyes. Swallowing hard she closed them and rested her forehead on his shoulder. “I miss mom. It is hard to realize and accept I will never see or hear from her again. Maybe we should not have let our imagination get confused with reality.”

Ted rested his chin on her head and snorted in amusement. “Eli, it is a little late for second guessing now. We are here and the reasons have not lost their validity.”

She nodded reluctantly. “I know, but these changes have been easier for you and Owen. This society is very male centric and there was something that drew you. You wanted access to the library and Owen wants to be a ranger. You both have fitted in. I have nothing to relate to. I am here because we all feared I could wind up living forever on Earth and be all alone for centuries.”

“You can be a healer. With what knowledge you bring from home you can be of great help in the years ahead.”

She pulled back and turned away shoulders hunched. “I don’t know if I will even be around long enough to help or if I have the courage to face what is coming Uncle Ted. Things are much different than what we were expecting to find. They may be heading for defeat instead of victory. And both you and Owen will be long gone. I may well be alone. ”

“You will have your father and your brothers and sisters, Eli. That is far more then you had before. There is also the possibility you will be given the choice your siblings will be given. Valinor will be waiting for you afterwards if you chose to join your father.”

“Do you really think the Valar will let me in? I have been fairly vocal to Gandalf that I did not think very much of their actions. As a Maia he is one of their servants and I am sure he has kept them informed about us. I have no idea how the elves already there would welcome me.”

Ted grinned, “I cannot believe they brought us all this way to just use us and throw us away when our task is finished. In any event it will be Illuvatar that will make that decision. The Valar are powerful but this seems like something beyond their level of responsibility.”

“Did you ever think maybe they didn’t want to risk one of their own to do what ever we are tasked to do?”

“Oh come on Eli, that is just plain silly. With all of the chaos and bloodshed that is going on here, why would they go off world to find someone for what ever is in the works?”

Eli sighed, “I don’t know, Uncle Ted, I am just trying to make some sense out of all of this. It is so weird. Things like this just do not happen. Stories out of books don’t suddenly become reality and drag you into the middle of them.”

“Well as much as I agree with you, it has happened and we are here. There is no going back for us.”

She sank down in a chair her face tense and lowered her hands to her lap. “We will be due in Lord Elrond’s chamber at seven. Do you want to meet me there or here?”

“I had best meet you there. I have to finish some work if we are going to leave day after tomorrow.” He paused reflectively, “That is if we are allowed to.”

Eli looked at him a stunned look on her face as she considered that possibility. ”You think that is a real concern?”

Ted shook his head, “Not really, there is nothing to be gained by keeping us here.” He paused. “I will meet you at seven in the lower corridor by the stairs leading to his quarters.”

“I guess I will see you then.”

“Yep, see you then.” He waved a hand and gave her an encouraging grin before crossing to the door leading to the hallway.

Eli watched her uncle close the door after him self then laid her head back against the chair back and forced herself to take slow deep breaths. Gradually she felt the tense nerves across her shoulders and the back of her neck relax. She sat there for a long time forcing her mind into a blank state and eventually she slept.

She was awakened by a soft knock. Expecting Ildris Eli rose and went to the door calling out a welcome as she swung it open.

“Ildris, I will need some help getting….” She stopped when she realized it was a strange elleth standing there. “Hello, I was expecting someone else. May I help you?”

“Mae Govannen, Eleiann, I am Amarie your ada’s hervess. My I come in?”

Eli momentarily froze then stammered as she stepped aside and opened the door wider. “I beg your pardon my lady, I was not expecting a visit from the Lady of Imladris.”

Amarie entered then turned and faced the shaken girl. “I thought it would be better if we were to meet first away from the rest of the family. I think I have a good idea of how you must be feeling about now. Very much as I felt when faced with meeting Lord Celeborn for the first time.”

“Oh my god, I forgot about them.” Eli covered her face with her hands. “My Lady…”

“Please call me Amarie. After all, you are now part of our family and formality is not required.”

Eli moaned and turned away. “I never intended to intrude on you and your family, my lady. Once I knew Lord Elrond had found a new mate and had a new family I was planning on staying out of the way of you all. I do not want to cause any pain or embarrassment for him now that he has found some happiness after all of the pain in his past.”

Amarie reached out and placed her hand on Eli’s trembling shoulders. “Eleiann, please, this is not something we can simply ignore. Elrond told me long ago of the strange adventure that transported him to your world and the meeting with your naneth. While we do not yet know the reason for it, I have no doubt in time the Valar will reveal all. We cherish the gift of the golden wolves and do not yet know their true purpose either but they have proven their worth many times over since their arrival. You too are an unexpected but much appreciated gift. In time you will prove your worth and validate the rightness of your presence.”

Eli looked up in surprise. “You really do not mind my being here? Please be honest, my lady. If you have the slightest doubt no one need ever know that you do. I will simply refuse to accept or acknowledge any relationship with Lord Elrond and return to the village until I can figure out where to go.”

Amarie smiled. “I assure you, you are welcome to join the rest of your brothers and sisters in our family. Your father would never allow you to simply disappear in any event. He would use every means available to find you and that could alert the very ones you wish to remain hidden from.”

“You mean including using Vilya beyond the borders of Imladris.” Eli looked gloomily at the floor. “That is blackmail my lady.”

“Blackmail? That is something I am unfamiliar with.” Amarie said in puzzlement. “What does that word mean? And you know about Vilya?”

“It means someone will do something you do not want them to do if you do not do something they want you to do.” She looked up worriedly. “All three of us know a great deal about Middle Earth and the coming conflict. Or thought we did, but since we arrived we have found much changed from what we expected. We may in fact no longer be a real danger but we cannot risk saying anything based on our earlier understanding that might influence the decisions that others will make and thus lead them on the wrong path.

“Oh I see…. I think.” Amarie tilted her head thoughtfully then gracefully sank into the chair Eli had earlier occupied. “You should also consider the possibility that those changes that have occurred are the very reason you and the others have been brought here. Having the knowledge of our true pathway you might well aid us to return to the one we were intended to follow in the first place. We would not have known where we departed from what Illuvatar had intended for us.”

Eli stared at her. “But that does not make any sense, my lady. Surly the changes were allowed to occur only because your Illuvatar allowed them.”

Amarie chuckled. “Perhaps, but this may be his way of adjusting the harmony of the song we all sing to allow for the disharmony caused by Sauron’s evil.” She studied Eli’s disbelieving face. “You do not accept the existence of Illuvatar nor his plan for us.”

“I accept there is a higher power my lady. The fact that we are here would indicate that. The problem is I do not know if he is the same one we call God on Earth or a different one and that raises a whole lot of questions I would rather not address just now. Things are already confused enough. We were raised to believe in a monotheist religion and the existence of more then one higher power will take a major adjustment in my thinking.”

“I see. Well you do not have to worry about that now. A journey is made one step at a time and you will find the right path to it’s end. In the mean time let us make plans for dinner this evening.”

Elleth-elf maiden/woman

Mar govannen-well met-a greeting




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