Lost Out Of Time II : The Coming Together: 46. Sibling Relations Can Be Testy!

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46. Sibling Relations Can Be Testy!

Middle Earth, Imladris, Third Age, Spring 2871,

Eleiann sighed and bending to the table she collected the scattered scrolls and books and carried them across to the bookcases where she carefully returned them to their proper places. She turned at the sound of approaching steps along with the click of paws on the stone floor.

"'Dan!" She laughed as her brother swept her up in his arms and spun her around. "When did you get back? Is Turin with you? Where is 'Roh?"

Grinning he set her back on her feet. He shook his head. "Turin will be here in a day or two. There were some problems with yrch and he wanted to make sure they would not cause further trouble. 'Roh is with ada."

Eli knelt to hug the golden wolf that sat patiently to one side a huge grin on his muzzle his tongue hanging to one side. " Hello Celldae! I thought you were going to stay with Turin!" She ruffled his head then turned back to Elladan.

Her brother chuckled. "Turin has acquired one of his own. Young Malthendae it seems has chosen him as his elf. We were glad that Turin now has a permanent companion of his own. Just one more layer of protection for him."

"I am glad. Celldae was only there whenever you or 'Roh were present.

You just missed Owen. He came to inform us of his betrothal to Morwen the youngest daughter of Durwen and Astral.  We all are invited to their wedding later this summer."

Elladan chuckled. "We have been wondering for some time when he would finally ask for her hand. He has had his eye on her for years and we all knew it."

She smiled in amusement. "I know. Did her parents willingly approve, Dan? Uncle Ted and I have been afraid that our being from an unknown place and people might give them pause."

"No, There are many reasons for them to look upon Owen as a desirable son in law.  Firstly, he has proven himself as a mighty warrior, and secondly he brings property to the match with the cottage he will inherit from your uncle. Theodore has become a much, respected scholar, and adds great stature to your family's reputation. Nor does it hurt that Owen is related to the house of Elrond through his relationship with you and numbers the grey wizard among his friends. They had no problem accepting his suite."

Ellie breathed a deep sigh of relief. "That is wonderful news. Ever since he told us he thought she was the one he was waiting for we were worried."

She did not see his quick searching look and flushed when he said knowingly. "Another part of your mysterious knowledge, I take it."

She looked up and frowned at him. "You know I will not answer that."

He nodded then leaned back against the table his arms folded across his chest and studied her for a long moment and then asked.  "When will you put Turin out of his misery?  You must know ada would approve of such a match if that were what you both want. Turin has put his house in order and relieved Lord Elurin, his distant cousin, so that he could depart for the Undying Lands. A number of warriors have sworn support to the house of Hador and now follow Turin gladly. Several families have requested permission to settle on his lands or nearby. His influence grows daily as many seek to follow his banner."

She sighed. "I know, and I am happy that things are going well for him.  I just need to settle in my own mind that this is the right move for us. If the choice for my future must be with the human race then a marriage between us would leave him alone for the rest of your eternity.  I could not risk that."

Elladan threw up his hands and groaned in exasperation. "Eleiann, both ada and Gandalf have told you the Maia have confirmed your place already. Why do you still hesitate to accept it?"

She bit her lower lip before looking up at him. "I know you trust and believe in them 'Dan, but I am still unsure. For me the Maia seems capricious in the way they deal with the Eldar. In that they are not unlike the Greek gods in the mythology of my world."

"Surely the fact that you are here tells you that they are carrying out the will of Illuvatar himself and that all of this is part of his plan."

She shook her head.  "The Valar have not always chosen wisely. Their mistakes have cost the Eldar greatly in the past and will cost the humans much greater still in the future. If they are wrong in this instance then one I have come to love and admire will suffer again because of me. I just want to feel more comfortable in my final choice."

Elladan frowned. "I am sorry you have such distrust of us still…."

Eli held up a hand. "It is not the Eldar I distrust, 'Dan, it is the Maia. I do accept that your Illuvatar is either the same or the equal of the Supreme Being that is called God on my world. I cannot begin to understand either their power or their intent for us. I just cannot accept the Maia pronouncements without challenge nor find comfort in the powers that the they wield."

Shaking his head, Elladan asked in a troubled voice. "If you have so little faith then why did you make the crossing from your world to ours? What possibilities you could find here prove so much stronger then the safety that existed in yours? Did that not require faith?"

"I was never a strong religious person, 'Dan. I believed in a supreme being there and I believe that one exists here. I just have no basis for a belief in your Valar. Now can we just leave it for now? This is something I have to work out for myself. Rest assured that when I have settled it in my own mind, you will be among the first to know."

Elladan watched her silently for some time then finally nodded.  "As you wish. Eleiann. But promise me you will talk with ada, or even Gandalf, about this. They are both wise and may help you find your answers."  He paused as if remembering something. "If you feel they are too close to the problem, perhaps you should talk to Saruman. He is also wise and could help you find the answers.   I could accompany you on such a visit…."

Eli stared at him in horror. ""Dan, no, and you must promise never ever to mention me to him or anything about me or Uncle Ted or Owen or how we got here. You must guard your thoughts around him if you should ever meet up with him. No one must ever suspect we are not of your world or that my world even exists. You should trust him even less then you would Sauron. The blackguard is even more insidious then him. He has wormed his way into your circles, and will work to destroy you all in his own desire for power. He will challenge Sauron himself and he will fail." She covered her face and sobbed into her hands.

He listened to her with disbelief. "But he is the White Wizard, the leader of the wizards here in Middle Earth and Gandalf's superior."

"Even so, you must treat him with care and reveal nothing. Swear to me you will do this."


"Swear, our lives depend upon it."



He finally nodded and gathered her into his arms. "Very well, I assume this has something to do with your mysterious knowledge. In return, you must tell ada why you have such concerns over Saruman's presence."

She buried her face against his chest and not for the first time noted the clean woodsy smell she had come to associate with the elves. Finally she looked up at him with a troubled face. "If I could do so now, believe me I would. I would love to be rid of this burden and the necessity to constantly weight my words or actions."


"What you ask is not possible just yet, 'Dan. I promise I will do so when the time is right."

He suddenly grinned down at her wickedly. "If you do not trust the Valar, How will you know the time is right?"

She buried her face once more and with a muffled voice said. "I do not know. Things happen and I just know. I have to believe it is Illuvatar's doing and hope I am right."

Elladan hugged her again and placed a kiss on her bowed head.  "Muinthel tithin you will find your answers soon, but I will do as you ask. I will also caution 'Roh as to your concerns. Hopefully the day will come when you can face us all and share your information and fears."

Eli sighed and nodded. "I hate having to be so stubborn or mysterious, 'Dan, but I fear if I say something then I will cause everything to be much worse then it will be if I say nothing."

Elladan grew very quiet, then drew back and held her at arms length.  "What ever you think you know you believe it shows our future? Perhaps progress of who will survive in the coming struggle against the growing evil? Or who will sail to the Undying Lands when it is all over?"

She nodded. "But the things we found when we got here are different then what we expected to find."

"You fear that if you tell us of what you expected to find then we will make decisions on the basis that certain things are different and for some reason that will change the final outcome for the worse."

"Yes, you can understand my predicament. I do not want to be the cause of someone deciding that it is safe to do something simply because what we found was not the future we expected to find. Their actions may be the pivotal one that will lead to either success or failure over the long run for all of us."

Elladan studied her silently then nodded. "I do understand, but Eleiann, you must understand that no matter what decisions are made there is danger attached to them either directly or indirectly for all of us. Simply by knowing or even suspecting something we can be more cautious or aggressive in a particular circumstance. It need not influence the outcome one way or the other."

She shook her head in frustration.  "That is exactly what I am afraid of! What if you hold back on a needed action when you should aggressively pursue it? Or visa versa? What if in one reality a friend is an enemy or the other way around? What if my so called knowledge deprives you of an ally or fails to warn you of a traitor?"

Elladan laughed. "Muinthel tithin have you so little faith in ada? He has a strong gift of foresight. Ada carries the favor of a high one that has protected him and us up until now. Ada, along with Gandalf the Grey and daer naneth will keep us to the proper path until the time for us to leave for the Undying Lands. I doubt very much that what you believe to be true will lead to actions that are not of the song we are intended to partake in."

She looked up at him through tear bright eyes. "Your naneth was not protected."

Elladan jerked back, his face suddenly grim. "What ever was the reason, she is safe and happy in Valinor. No one can touch her now!"

"Are you so sure? And what about Amarie and the twins? What about Arwen and you? Every time you leave the safety of Imladris or Lorien you are in danger."

He took a deep breath and nodded. "Yes there is danger, but we cannot live our lives as prisoners behind the safety of this valley or the Golden Woods.  We do not value our lives cheaply, we simply value the safety of Middle Earth a great deal more."

"Yet the elves will desert Middle Earth and leave it to its fate in the end."

Elladan stared at her then abruptly turned and left her standing alone in the middle of the great library. Little did she know what impact that conversation was to have in later years!!!!!!!

Celldae-Running Shadow-one of the golden wolves of Imladris

Malthendae-Golden Shadow-son of Celldae

Yrch-orc (pl)


Maia-servants of the Valar

Valar-servants of Illuvatar

Illuvatar- the Supreme Being

Penneth-young one

Muinthel tithin-Little Sister

Daer naneth-grandmother


This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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