The Golden Lion: 13. Painful Considerations

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13. Painful Considerations

Meren sat on the edge of the talan her legs tucked up under her and watched as Glorfindel groomed Asfaloth. The horse stood relaxed on three legs, his forth cocked, and resting on the tip of a hoof. The elf lord was dressed in only his leggings and boots and his long golden hair fell in a curtain of gold silk down his back. As he reached down to brush the stallion’s stomach and legs his hair fell forward and revealed the smooth musculature of his back and arms and Meren shivered with delight at her undisturbed view of her lover. If only she dared to believe all could be well between them!

They had talked the whole afternoon the day before and well into last night. Glorfindel had been especially loquacious in his determination to convince her of his true affection and desire for her. Meren did not doubt his desire but she had serious ones that his affection was really based more upon the fact that she had not fallen into his arms when he had sought to continue the relationship after their initial explosive passionate encounter and less upon true love.

Meren knew Glorfindel was an honorable elf and would be faithful to her should she agree to remain and bind with him but she also feared that they could find themselves tied to each other after his initial passion had waned. That would be even worse since she would find herself continuing to love him and while he merely would go through the motions of an empty one sided relationship. It would be far easier for her to survive in a distant Valinor and not seeing him daily until the ending of the world. By the time he himself had sailed to the Undying Lands with Lord Elrond and the rest of the elves she would have be able to extinguish her love and desire for him and so allow them all to settle in to an acceptable association. Yet if there was the chance he really did love her, could she afford to deny it? She simply did not know if she should dare risk it.

In addition she continued to worry that in future she could be the channel of an enemy that could use her to destroy her loved ones and Imladris itself. Already her ‘gift’ had caused much grief even if the outcome had not. The Lady of Light had seemed quite sure there would be no further occurrences but Meren was not convinced. Even if she never left the safety of the refuge she feared her mind would remain an open conduit for any power that could reach and read it.

Glorfindel paused as he felt the chaos that churned within the elleth. Straightening from his task he turned and looked up at her. Catching her staring at him he smothered a hopeful grin and returned her look with a serious mien. Focusing all his love in into his glance he enveloped her within the warmth of his affection. Meren found she responded with all the willingness of a flower seeking the light of the sun and rose to meet him as he climbed the ladder and joined her. Gathered her close he murmured into her ear even as he nuzzled it. Meren in turn wrapped her arms about his waist and sighed with longing.

“Meren, I hunger for you with every bone in my body. I desire to bind my faer with yours and taste the sweetness of yours in return. Is it so impossible for you to believe that?”

“I accept you believe it now, Fin. But can we be sure that I will not prove a threat in the future should my ‘gift’ return? How can you consider joining yourself to me faced with that? I could prove to be a threat to Lord Elrond and all that you hold dear and are charged with protecting.”

“If Lord Elrond is willing to risk that why should we not be equally willing? He has the gift of foresight and he has seen nothing that speaks of such a danger.”

Without answering Meren hid her face against the chest of the elf lord and unthinkingly placed her lips against his warm bare skin. Tasting its salty tang on her lips she found herself first tentatively running her tongue across them and then along the hollow at the base of his throat. He shuddered and tightened his arms about her.

“Meren,” he growled in warning and pulled back watching her through desire filled eyes. Her eyes looked back at him dazed and confused yet filled with incredible yearning.

With a reluctant sigh he surrendered and lowered his face to hers and claimed her mouth in a long drugging kiss. When he sensed her own surrender he lifted her in his arms and carried her to a nearby pallet of fragrant fir boughs that had been one of the beds occupying the talan. Sinking down he lowered her gently before following her. Tenderly stroking her cheek with the back of his fingers he shook his head slowly.

“I have tried to be strong enough for both of us, kitten, to give us time to discuss this rationally. But I can no longer fight this thing between us. Each time we touch the hunger grows. Each time we look at each other the heat burns hotter. Each time we kiss I feel the desire to bury myself in you, both body and faer increase. If you refuse me I will fade and return to Mandos’ hall whether it is my time or not and with my duty to my lord unfulfilled. I am as confused as you about this and I do not pretend to understand why after all this time I have found my bond mate in you but one thing I am sure of is that you and I are meant to be together. If you will not stay then I must travel with you to Valinor and face whatever fate the Valar ordain.”

Before she could respond he took her mouth in a passionate kiss and began a tender assault on her trembling body with his seeking hands. When he tore at the laces of her tunic and freed her body from its prison she thrust her breasts to the questing fervor of his mouth and whimpered in frustration even as he sought to remove her leggings. She too felt the fire between them and could no longer deny her feelings. In her turn she tore at the lacings of his leggings freeing the heated elf hood that was growing hard and swollen within its confines. When both were freed of their garments, she reached her hands up to his face and held him still for one short moment.

“Meleth, I would never agree to such a sacrifice from you. Even if it means my eternal pain should you turn from me after our binding, I would not require you to turn from you duty now. If you wish it, I will remain willingly until you send me from you. I only ask that you be honest with me when that time comes.”

He stared down at her shaken by what she offered. “Meren, meleth nin, I will never send you from my side, you are part of me, my very being…”

She pressed a finger against his mouth stopping him. “There may come a time when there is no other choice meleth. Your duty to Elrond and his kin may require our parting. We cannot know what danger the Valar sent you back to protect them from. If I become a hindrance to your ability to accomplishing that then you must take whatever steps are necessary to insure their safety. Just know that I accept that and will go willingly if I know it is truly your wish and desire.”
Glorfindel hesitated but a moment until she smiled and encircled his neck with loving arms, “Come, my golden lion, surely you do not fear one defenseless meek little kitten?”

“You are no defenseless meek kitten.” He growled back. “Rather a full grown lioness that has finally claimed her bewildered mate!”

“Glorfindel the Balrog Slayer bewildered?” She teased delightedly. “I truly must have wondrous powers.”

He returned her smile then grew serious. “Meren, I give my heart, my faer, my love and my body into your keeping and ask for yours in return. Will you join with me as my other half? Will you bond with me now and until all pass the circles of the earth and beyond?”

“Ayah, meleth I gladly take you into my keeping and give my heart, my faer, my love and my body into to your keeping in return. I join willingly with you and ask that you bond with me until all pass the circles of the earth and beyond.”

As they both completed the traditional words of joining Glorfindel tenderly joined his body with hers and they both felt the mingling of their faers and the music of the song of Eru filled them with joy. A light began to glow and traced a fiery path about their bodies even as they moved in the age-old dance of passion and for one brief moment they sensed the presence of one of the Valar who raised a hand in blessing and then disappeared. As they gazed at each other in wonder, both felt all the empty and lonely corners of their being filled with the love and warmth of the other. No longer were there two separate beings, there was only one.

As the joyous sound of the notes echoed through the glade, Asfaloth raised his head from his grazing and snorted in satisfaction. His master had finally come to his senses.

In Imladris Elrond looked up from the letter he was reading recognizing the melody and smiled. No matter what lay ahead, at least his seneschal now had someone to share it with. Rising from his chair he went to find Meren’s parents to share the good news.

*Ah Elrond, mell nin, it appears our way ward children have settled their differences. * The amused voice of his mother in law drifted across his mind.

*So it appears, my lady. * Elrond replied wistfully. *Glorfindel has been alone for far too long. I am glad he has found someone to share his life with at long last. *

Galadriel was silent for a moment then he felt her gentle compassionate touch brush across his mind. *In time you will rejoin our beloved sell, ion nin. We all share your pain and miss her as well. Know that your sacrifices are not in vain and we are all grateful for your devotion. *

*I miss her Galadriel, terribly. Sometimes I can hardly go on. *

*Yet we all must, Elrond. Much depends on our doing so. We cannot leave before all is accomplished. *

*I know, my lady. * He sighed. *I must go and prepare a welcome for our newly bonded pair. Her parents will be most relieved at the news. *

*There will also be more than a few disappointed ellyth when the news is spread! Our golden lion will find his claws somewhat clipped! * Galadriel chuckled.

Elrond grinned. *I doubt if he will even notice. Namarie my lady! *

*Namarie, Elrond mell nin, please share my congratulations with them. *

*I will my lady. *

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