The Voices of Silence: 1. The Voices of Silence

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1. The Voices of Silence

"Stillness is the tranquility of the inner life; the quiet at the depths of its hidden streams. It is a collected, total presence, a being 'all there,' receptive, alert, ready . . . It is when the soul abandons the restlessness of purposeful activity."
-- Romano Guardini

Quietude – Finwë

There you rest, so silent and motionless: your hands clasped in your lap that gave birth to our only son. Oh, Miriel, I do love him; I love the life we both poured into him. The thought of losing you to this stilled madness is something I truly no longer can bear. I do cherish the memories of the three of us. Yet, I cannot comprehend nor understand why this very same creation made you flee in silence, forcing me into this quietude that is not mine. I long for the life you chose to forsake. May forgiveness be mine.

Quiescence – Fëanor

I have sworn to avenge you in threefold. Why, father, what power is there in following them, what is the meaning of being robbed from my roots, my support, my shelter? He maimed you: and so shall I, I swear, destroy him in return, the reward shall be reclaiming my creations of which you have been so proud. I shall go now to the lands you once came from, forsaking the Valar's counsel. They are madmen, blinded in the dark that shrouds you now. Manwë's wind carried away your ashes: even in this maddening quiescence, you are taken from me.

Speechlessness – Maedhros

The past days appeared to me as a dream: loss seized our hearts, rendered us mighty lords powerless, as the masses wanted us to grieve with them. I know that in your right you assume leadership, but these words, father. Aye, I shall follow you, you know I will, but what of the others? Death to the day's ending, woe to the world's end, what is this everlasting dark you speak of? Such bold words spoken leave me speechless. What can I say, father, what do you wish me to say, knowing that when I will answer, all will follow.

Tranquillity – Maglor

My arm trembles from the strain I forced upon it, I clutch the railing to make it stop. Years of musical lore, this all combined with a study for destruction, little I knew that both would mingle my thoughts today. It was such a strange thing: the cries of the fallen, roars of vanquishers, the sloshing of water against the bows as my blade whirled its own dance, my mind retreating to a place unknown to me. Our ship cuts through the rough sea and this tranquillity surrounds me: a balm to our loss for all we cannot leave behind.

Assuage – Celegorm

Hush now, father, you have rendered your blood for those you killed during our first victorious battle. Look at you now, such a severe price to pay. Forever shall we dwell in death's shadow since we have sworn to you thrice that we will pursue your oath until it is fulfilled. No, do not try to speak, look at all of us once more and feel assuaged There will be no answers to questions asked; all those who trust me follow my wake. Hush now, I swear to you, we shall not break our oath, lest I remember them all!

Stillness – Caranthir

Thousands of bitter tears I cried at the betrayal of your allegiance to my house. I nurtured you, defended you and your sons. Yet, at the finest moment I ran into a wall of silence, delay was your weapon and now this? Screaming my anger, I forced my heart in stillness and fought, avenged, murdered what I created with my hands. Ah, my brother, vigilant in battle corrected what you caused. The wind stirs the leaves silently, scattered we dwindle without destination and I wonder what tomorrow will be like. Slowly I drift away, hiding my shame walled by anger.

Silence – Curufin

All that is left to us is this maddening silence as you once again cast aside our counsel around this campfire. Listen to our brother; you know his fierce words are true. Shall we forever dwell as the dispossessed under your empty command? Why will you not grant us the same rights in matters of our house? Again, you denied us what rightfully is ours; you know that soon the youngest will hearken to his words and the rest will follow. One day you shall regret, while you underestimate our idleness as we brood forced solitude, none shall oust us.

Peacefulness - Amrod

Here you lie, entwined with the mortal who refused what was only ours to claim. Your face is still the fairest of all, but your eyes are empty as if at last you discovered the truth we all did not want to see. I wish you peacefulness brother, wherever you may roam now. Let your heart be free from this burden. Allow me to close your eyes and I wish you will regain the peacefulness you once shared with us, may you all three find the serenity we secretly crave for, whether it is in the everlasting dark or not.

Lull – Amras

Long did we wait in anticipated silence, tokens of friendship and letters ignored, and mayhap our brothers' demands only made them cling onto it even more. Who will tell, even so, who shall be left once we are done? We gathered many followers on our hunting-paths and as we ride along, we awake the early birds and stir them from their slumber. As the sun rises, mist covers our path and a dreamy lull hangs over the land. The same lull reaches my heart and it dispels the weariness. I wonder if this serene moment of the day cannot last.

Serenity - Celebrimbor

At last! I finally completed my masterpiece after years under tutelage of Annatar. Alike my grandsire, I created three jewels connected to the elements. As they lay there on the soft velvet of my private forge, I wonder if Fëanor would have felt the same serenity I feel now. Awed by their beauty, I study them and all touch me with their powers. I wonder: did grandfather name the jewels as I did just now? Did we bestow the same powers on our jewels in minds alike? Will my fate be tied to my new children: Narya, Nenya and Vilya?

Hush – Nerdanel

I do not know why I remain: ages have passed, but none of my sons or my love has returned to me. I do not understand this longing and the not knowing lies heavily upon my fëa. Was Fëanor right, and is that why my son's wives shun me? Did I misjudge my actions; did they all think I would forsake them? I gave life to seven children, each so unique, and determined. Should I have hushed my angry voice, suppressing my fear, uncertainty of the future? This house shattered upon an Oath: a hush that now defines our lives.

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The Voices of Silence

Larner - 17 Dec 07 - 4:13 PM

Ch. 1: The Voices of Silence

The lull between the rants and words and cries of grief.  Celebrimbor's hit me hardest, I think, as he looks down on the three gems he's wrought.

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