Elladan's Biograph Script: 7. Home for the Holidays: 3

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7. Home for the Holidays: 3

December 26th

As per tradition, I stayed in bed until three today before getting up and wandering around aimlessly in my new robe and slippers. Elrohir was already up and on castle four of Zelda. Glorfindel, who was watching him play and looking a bit disgruntled, told me I was wanted in the kitchen. So I wandered over there, where dad and Erestor were trying to find the sprout steamer. Dad explained that since we were so busy yesterday, he decided we ought to have real turkey supper today. He looked a bit stressed. The kitchen looked like a general chaos area.

Erestor told me to get dressed and then come back to peel potatoes, which I did. It was supposed to be Glorfindel's job to do the potatoes, but he complained that mashed potatoes are always too bland and offered to improve them. Dad sensibly panicked and hurried Glorfindel out of the kitchen to keep company with Elrohir, who was kicked out because he sneezed on the turkey.

As soon as the potatoes were done grandma rang long-distance and insisted on talking to someone at once, so I was excused to deal with her. She started off calmly enough telling me all about the electric vibrating back massage wand grandpa gave her that she found a better and more exciting use for, and that the tape Glorfindel sent wouldn't play in her video. I honestly didn't know what to say in reply to this, so I changed the subject by thanking her for the bath towels. She said grandpa picked them out.

Then I said that I probably should go, since we were in the middle of making supper. But she sounded desperate and asked me to stay on the line for a while because grandpa's driving her crazy. They watched a sci-fi movie on cable this afternoon and ever since he's been rambling on about how he doesn't understand how someone could think up an imaginative storyline like that, let alone make it into a movie. She figures he's said, "I just can't get over that movie," at least twenty times since three-thirty. She complained about it in at least twenty different ways before finally (almost an hour later) letting me go.

I saw that supper was ready then, and that Elrohir had changed into supper clothes, put Gil-galad the iguana on his head, and sat down at the table. I sat across from him, as I was wary that if I sat beside him the iguana would climb onto me. It had a sneaky sort of look in its eyes. Dad tried to say that iguanas don't belong at the supper table, but Elrohir wasn't listening to him. He kept touching the iguana and then eating turkey with his fingers.

He had to do the dishes after supper, with the iguana still on his head. I tried to play Zelda, but died four times when those dumb red things shot rocks at me. So I gave up and played the new pinball games Elrohir bought me until Erestor came and interrupted with suggestions of much more worthwhile activities.

December 27th

I don't think I did anything important all day. I didn't get dressed, and I only left my room twice, both times for a plate of what Elrohir calls Merry Fiommereth Mush (which is made by taking a bit of all the leftovers, mushing them together, covering the whole deal with gravy, and microwaving it) and a few Nandorin oranges. Otherwise I stayed in bed and watched television and movies. Elrohir joined me for a while, but he just lay with the iguana on his stomach and made loud breathing sounds, so I'm not even really sure why he was there. Then after Elrohir left Erestor joined me, but he soon fell asleep with his hair dangling onto the gravy plate, and is still asleep now.

I had to get up and lock the door in case anyone like dad or Glorfindel came by and saw us together, but then I thought that the locked door would look even more suspicious. So I propped the door wide open and decided to say that we were innocently watching a movie together if anyone asked. Luckily nobody did, though dad stood in the doorway for a while before shaking his head and walking off. He must've noticed Erestor's hair was in the gravy.

December 28th

When I got up this morning (more like this afternoon, actually), I found Glorfindel sitting at the table with a cup of coffee looking worried again, this time with his pink blankie wrapped around his shoulders. I asked him if he was still thinking about his mum being on television in Tirion, and he said yes. He's been worrying about it since Arfiommereth.

I asked him why he doesn't just write a letter or something to ask, and he got a sort of blank look on his face. Then he said, "I never thought of that!" I asked if he'd ever written to his mum, and he said, "No." So he has been away from his mum for several millenia now and hasn't once written home! For someone who worries about her so much, he is awfully dense.

He is now in sitting at the table with a new cup of coffee and a stack of writing paper. The letter is seventeen pages double sided so far, and he's not even summarised his life up to the end of the First Age yet. This massive biography is going to cost a fortune to post to overseas. Though I suspect he'll just use the postage meter at work.

December 29th

Glorfindel is still working on his letter. It is twenty-nine pages long and counting. He came to an impasse earlier when he couldn't figure out how to spell "Gil-galad" in the Tengwar mode used for whatever dialect the Vanyar speak, but finally he opted just to write "the king" instead. Then I asked how he was going to spell his own name in an alphabet devoid of Gs. He just looked at me as if I were a moron and said, "There are no Gs in my name."

I think he might be under too much stress.

December 30th

Forty-six pages and counting. I hope Glorfindel's mum has a lot of free time on her hands. I also hope Glorfindel's Quendya spelling is better than his Sindarin. He still sometimes forgets that there's an N in "Elrond".

9 p.m.: Glorfindel's letter is finished at a modest sixty-one pages. He claims he had to gloss over most parts because his hand was starting to get cramped from writing. He asked me to proofread it.

10 p.m.: I had to give up proofreading due to the fact that I can't figure out what half the letters are supposed to be. Glorfindel said, "Well, I'm sure it's fine anyhow." So we packaged it up in a big brown envelope.

10-30 p.m.: Glorfindel came into my room after having realised that he doesn't know his mum's address. We tried to look it up in the online directory, but no luck. So he settled for writing her name and then "VALMAR" in big letters with a jiffy marker, and is going to stick on a whole lot of extra postage to compensate.

11-30 p.m.: Glorfindel came into my room again worrying about the appropriateness of including his telephone number with the letter. He did include it, but is worried that his mum might try to telephone him, and she is not very rich and probably can't afford such a thing. I assured him that if she does manage to contact him, he can always get her number and ring her back.

11-50 p.m.: Glorfindel came back in a panic, suddenly having realised that he doesn't think his mum can read. The lower-class Vanyar, he says, have very little interest in literacy and tend to just remember things. He didn't learn how to read or write until he came to Middle-earth to live among the Noldor, after all. By this time I was getting a bit annoyed, but managed to calmly tell him that in all likelihood she knows at least one person in the whole city who can read and will be able to read it to her. He seemed satisfied with that.

12-20 a.m.: Glorfindel came back yet again wondering if he ought to have included his email address along with his telephone number. It was all I could do to keep from cursing as I told him that if his mum is poor, and if she can't read, it's highly likely that she doesn't have a computer. He said, "Oh right," and then left again.

If he comes back to ask me if I think he should have included his fax number, I might have to kill him.

December 31st (New Year's Eve)

Dad is having a party tonight. Elrohir is going to a party tonight. Arwen is going to the pub tonight. I have no idea what to do, and it's almost six.

Ideally, I would like to stay home with Erestor, but that would involve attending dad's party and likely playing Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary with people like Lindir and eating bridge mix. I could always go out with Elrohir, but the parties he likes always involve at least one person either falling down the stairs or passing out drunk in the hedge to a soundtrack of painfully loud punk music while Elrohir is on the sofa trying to get lucky with someone who may or may not be conscious. And the idea of spending time with Arwen and her friends is just not worth considering.

I suppose I could always stay home and watch movies. Though I'd like to at least try to kid myself into believing that I'm not quite that pathetic.

January 1st (New Year's Day)

It is now 3019. Nothing much feels different. I have a bruise on my leg the size of a hamster, but that's about if for changes that have come around since midnight.

At nine I had decided to go with Elrohir to his party, only to discover that he'd already left. So I was forced to resort to Plan B, which was stay at home with dad. That was going well enough (I was on Erestor's team for Tri-Bond) until Aralindë showed up with another stupid vegetable tray. It worries me that she came to dad's dumb party to be with Glorfindel instead of going out with her friends and having fun. Things are getting dangerously serious between them. This was about when I convinced myself that maybe watching movies by myself wasn't so lame after all. All sorts of made-for-television goodness can be found on New Year's Eve, if you know where to look for it.

I got about twenty minutes into some old black and white historical drama about Finwë (the sort where the actors speak in booming voices and wear tights and too much eyeliner) before falling asleep. When I woke up a marginally less old colour historical drama about Thingol was on. It was nearly midnight, so I decided to hazard checking on dad's party and maybe sneaking a drink or two. I walked into the kitchen and interrupted a disappointingly subdued game of Yahtzee.

Erestor gave me a bored look. I gave him a bored look back. He, dad, Glorfindel, Lindir, Fainelleth, Bilbo, and some old Man whose name I can never remember (I think it starts with M) were sitting around looking tired and holding glasses of flat champagne. Aralindë had fallen asleep in her chair next to Glorfindel. I pointed out it was three minutes to midnight.

Bilbo looked at his watch and said, "So it is!" He was the liveliest one there. Everyone else just sort of nodded. They did a rather joyless countdown forty seconds too early, then another, slightly better one at about the right time. Everyone downed their champagne. Then Glorfindel stood up and said, "Well, midnight, guess it's time for bed," at which Aralindë perked up enough to lift her head from the table. Glorfindel is obviously aiming for the prestigious title of First One of the Year to Get His Girlfriend Knocked Up.

Erestor then excused himself to go to the biff and never came back. I stood around helping dad say goodbye to the guests and clearing half-eaten adult food such as whole wheat biscuits with artichoke-cheese dip from the table. Then before I could get a talking-to from dad saying that he was disappointed in me for ditching most of the party to be antisocial, I ducked out of the kitchen (he made the mistake of turning around to put the prawn dish on the counter) and made for Erestor's room. Erestor wasn't there, but I heard the bathroom sink running and supposed he was probably washing up and hopefully talking out the blue contacts. I've still not managed to work up the courage to tell him that his Technicolor eyes frighten me.

I would've gone in to help him wash up, hard-to-reach spots and all, but last time I tried that he panicked when the bathroom door opened, slipped on a spot of wet tile, fell over backward, and banged his head on the towel rack. Which isn't really the best prelude to a romantic evening. Though I guess neither is tripping over my trouser legs while trying to pull them off and subsequently falling on to Erestor's bed, banging my thigh on that damn bedpost in the process (origin of hamster-sized bruise, I'm guessing). Erestor hurried out of the bathroom in time to see me half undressed and near sobbing from the pain. He wasn't very nice about it, either. But he was wearing only a very small towel, so I was able to forgive him easily.

He asked if I'd broken anything, and I said no, my leg was only just bruised. He said he meant broken anything important, like the bedpost or frame. I scowled and said no, his bed was just as sturdy and dangerous as it had always been. Then he leaned over to examine his stupid bed before helping me stand up! He was about to say something that probably also would have been annoying, but I quickly kissed him before he had the chance to complain about anything that would have convinced me I'd be better off spending the night by myself.

I don't recall either of us saying anything coherent and/or noteworthy from that point onward, or at least anything that warrants repeating.

January 2nd

While I was sitting having lunch today, dad came and casually sat down and casually asked why I've spending so much time with Erestor recently. I assured him I had been hired by Glorfindel to do reconnaissance work pertaining to year-end accounting necessities, and Erestor was this close to a severe audit. He asked if that was why I was in Erestor's room on New Year's Eve. I said yes. He asked why Erestor was wearing only a towel. I told him Erestor had just come from the shower. Then he asked why Erestor and I were kissing. For lack of any better response, I said, "New Year's tradition?"

He shook his head and walked away. I wonder how much he saw? I think I might be found out. I went to ask Elrohir if dad had come questioning him too and if he'd given away anything, but he looked sort of scraggly and red-eyed and not quite recovered from partying yet so I think it's safe to assume that he was in no state to divulge any information to dad about Erestor and me. He was just sitting on a chair staring at the telly, which was off. I asked him how his New Years party was, and he mumbled, "Good."

Then he told me he saw an alien while he and his friends were walking home. I was almost convinced, too, until he told me it was sicking up in the car park at Toys R Us. I suggested he send an email to Legolas telling him all about it. This seems like the sort of thing Legolas would appreciate.

January 3rd

Dad sat both Erestor and me down today to accuse us of being sneaky and secretive. Dad asked how long the relationship had been going on, and Erestor said that we didn't have a "relationship". Which is true. He prefers to think of our dalliances more as "organised casual sex". Dad didn't approve of that, though; he is very old-fashioned when it comes to any sex life other than his own. He still thinks Arwen is a virgin!

He asked if we really thought that this relationship (he used the word again despite Erestor's correction) was for the best. Erestor tried to fob him off by saying something about how we're all probably going to be moving to Valinor within the next few years and should be spending our last few moments in Middle-earth making the most of life, but dad didn't buy that. He just told Erestor to shut up and then asked me what I think. I truthfully told him that I am sick of always being considered the responsible one and wanted to do something impulsive and frivolous for once. And since getting a tattoo is too permanent and shaving my head is too late-Second-Age nihilist punk, starting up a scandalous relationship with Erestor is the only alternative. I said that dad wouldn't think twice if it were Elrohir doing all these zany things.

Dad said, "On the contrary, I would be just as concerned over your brother's poor judgement in this matter." Erestor said, "What do you mean, 'poor judgement'?!" I, angry at this point, stood up and yelled, "Elrohir's judgement of relationships is never anything but poor! He even shagged Gildor in the back of Aragorn's van at Fangorn National Park this summer!"

Then everything got very quiet. Dad narrowed his eyes and hissed, "He did what?" But before I could answer he was already up and out to the corridor, yelling for Elrohir in a way that indicated vast amounts of trouble were imminent. I think I probably should have kept my mouth shut.

January 4th

Elrohir and I are moving out. After his talking-to (more like yelling-at) yesterday afternoon, Elrohir decided he couldn't take living here any more. So he got right onto the internet and within two hours found a cheap house for rent on the west side. He came into my room this morning and said, "We're moving out on Wednesday!" He looked very determined, so I didn't dare argue with him. I just innocently asked why.

He said, "Some idiot blabbed to dad that I wheeled Gildor and now he's gone all arsey about it!" I did my best to look sympathetic and said that Gildor probably let it slip in one of his emails. He said, "That's what I figured."

So we're moving out in four days. I should start packing. Elrohir started packing, but has stopped because he can't figure out how to pack an iguana. I should also probably tell Erestor that I'm leaving. This moving business is going to inconvenience our non-relationship somewhat. We may have to start going on actual dates and fooling around in the car and all that typical stuff.

January 5th

Emails from Aragorn, Boromir, and Legolas today. I think they must've taken turns at an internet café.

From: "Aragorn" <strider@ardamail.com>
Subject: hey

hey- hows things? were in this dumb little town right
now cause the hobbits wanted to stop for drinks. they
make me stop the van every half hour to get up and
look at stuff. it really sucks. this is taking
forever. if it was just me driving id be at mordor by
now. hows arwen? i wrote her an email to but she never
answers the questions i write. she just goes on about
dumb crap like her feelings and stuff. hows elrond? is
he mad at me? gandalf doesnt think so but i dont know.
let me know.
see ya,
From: "Boromir" <monkeyman78@ardamail.com>
Subject: Hey

Hey Elladan. Stuffs cool here how are yyou? Aragorn's
being a jerkoff still but that's okay. I just ignore
him. He's better that way and just talks to Gandaf and
Legolas anyway and sometimes Frodo. Is Gandaf supposed
to be like a chaperone or something? I mean I know he
smokes and stuff too but I feel a bit wierd drinking
with him you know? And he won't let us get PPV at the
motels. Old people suck.

Anyway nothing els is happening. That guy Sam Frodo's
gardner has a sweet stash of pipeweed so that's cool.
Makes the drive more bearable you know what I mean?
But I gotta go now, Legolas wants to use the email.


"Do or do not- there is no try"
From: *Legolas* <legolas3000@royals.mk>
Subject: Road trip!!! :)

Hi Elladan!!! This is so cool! We're in this really
cool town right now where there's a big bronse statue
of a tea pot! I took a photo to show you but this
internet cafe doesn't have a scanner so I can't send
it right now and also I don't have the film developed
yet. There was also a picknick table by the big tea
pot and Aragorn carved his name into it with his knife
that's on his key chain. He also has a tape measurer
on his key chain but I don't know why it's there.
Boromir has a key chain with a funny leaf on it. My
key chain just has a owl thats kind of old and a bit

I have to share a room with Boromir and Aragorn at the
motels we stay at. The hobbit s also share a room and
Gandalf shares a room with Gimli, I think because they
both have beards. They do snore alot too. Sharing
with Aragorn is ok because he sleeps alot and watches
TV but Boromir is worse because he forgets to wear his
pants and also takes up too much room in the shower
(we have to shower together or else the motel will run
out of water). Last night I had to sleep with him on
the floor again because he saw another big spider in
my bed and I HATE SPIDERS!!!

Aragorn says we have to go now because it is getting
dark and we have to drive more but I will email you
again soon! :)


I thought about sending replies but in the end realised that I had nothing to say in return. It occurred to me that everyone I know is uninteresting. So I played pinball instead. I would've done something with Erestor, but he wasn't around and I was too busy to leave the computer and actually look for him.

January 6th

Most of my things are packed. I started off nicely putting everything into boxes, but then realised that would take up too much space in the car. So now I have most things in piles with just a few boxes of CDs and tapes and so forth. Elrohir's also done more packing, but his method is to just toss everything into green plastic bin bags that are then labelled with masking tape. One of the bags is labelled "CLZ", but the other two are just "STUF" so I'm not sure why he even bothered.

January 7th

My room is bare. Everything is in bins, boxes, or piles ready to be moved. Erestor came in to have a look at everything and said, "Yes, it sure looks empty in here." I note he did not say anything to the effect of being sorry I'm moving out! Then dad came in and said something eerily similar, again with no hint that he is sorry to see me go. In fact, only Glorfindel looked the least bit worried and said he'd rather have me stay. He just can't trust Erestor to help him find his car keys after wild nights of drunken revelry, and dad is no help whatsoever when it comes to looking up Thranduil's office telephone number in the online directory. I promised him I'd put the cordless beside my bed so that he could ring me at any hour in case of emergency.

But I think I'm going to have to call round every other day to check on him, since I later saw him peering forlornly into the mailbox. I tried to explain that his enormous letter probably wasn't even in Valmar yet and that he has to be patient. After seven thousand years you think he could handle waiting another two weeks!

January 8th

I have had to put off moving. Glorfindel needs me here. So Elrohir has taken all his things over to the new house to set up, and I will join him as soon as I can.

I am currently helping Glorfindel with the telephone. Unable to wait a second longer, he decided to ring directory assistance in Valmar to try to locate his mum. We've had no luck so far. He's been on the line for nearly half an hour with four different assistants, talking in their funny Vanyarin language, and has established only that his mother does not seem to have a telephone.

Later: After forty-eight minutes one of the directory assistants came up with a number for Glorfindel's grandfather, who seems to have a telephone. The two were connected, and the conversation that followed consisted of a bunch of stuff that was too fast and strange for me to understand interspersed with Glorfindel saying, very slowly and clearly, "Indyodya!" and "Ambarendyassë!" In the end I don't think they ever understood each other, since Glorfindel was wholly unsuccessful in convincing his grandfather that he was in fact who he said he was, not just some wacko telephoning long distance for the fun of it. He was unable to get his mum's number.

I tried to tell him that if he couldn't get his mum's number from either directory assistance or his grandfather, it would be highly unlikely that he'd find it at the bottom of a Bacardi bottle. But he never listens to me when I say relevant things like that.

January 8th

The government Fiommereth break is over, so dad and Erestor had to go back to work today. So did Glorfindel, since it's time for him to get at the year-end material and try to sort out all that accounting stuff. I don't think he did any actual work, though, since when he got home the first think he proudly told me was that he spent all day online looking through email databases, and eventually came up with an email address for his aunt Aldamizdë. Then he spent the last half hour of the day typing her a short message. It took a long time since his "substandard Sindarin keyboard" was missing the letter Z.

I told him he had to type 363 while holding down the ALT key to get a Z. He marvelled at my computer knowledge for a good four seconds before hurrying off to send another email, this one with proper Zs instead of Rs.

January 9th

The telephone company rang Glorfindel this morning as he was leaving to go to work. They asked if he was aware that somebody used his mobile the other day on a long-distance conversation to Valinor for well over an hour during regular rate time. He said yes, he aware, as it was his conversation. Then he asked, out of curiosity, how much it cost. I don't even want to guess what the hapless telephone company employee said, since Glorfindel's response consisted of "WHAT?!!!" and a collection of many unmentionable words besides.

After he disconnected he sat on a chair in the front entry with his head in his hands and made unhappy noises. I asked if there was anything I could do to help, and he said "Steal money from Erestor and give it to me so I can pay my horrific telephone bill." I promised I'd look into that, but since I've never seen Erestor carry enough money to buy anything more than a pizza I probably wouldn't get very far. He made more unhappy noises.

I tried to cheer him up by pointing out that at least he got to talk to his grandfather after such a long time away. He said he'd rather have saved the money, since he doesn't really like his grandfather, and his grandfather doesn't really like him. In fact, his grandfather blames him for ruining his mother's life. Most of his early grandfatherly memories include a traumatic recurring theme of the nickname "Bastard Noldo Child".

I said I was sorry to hear that, and helped him with his coat before sending him out the door. I hope he drives safely. I tried to think of what it would be like to have such a relationship with grandpa, but couldn't imagine it. The worst thing grandpa's ever called me is a "goof". I don't think he knows any words worse than that.

January 10th

I think Glorfindel might be abusing my presence in this house. He made me waste my entire Saturday doing things with him, like Scrabble. I was almost tied with him until he stuck "THAUZON" on a triple word score with the Z on a double letter score and got 75 points. I asked him what a thauzon was. He claimed it was the Vanyarin spelling of "Sauron". I think he might have been fibbing, but there was no readily available Quendya-Sindarin dictionary so I had no way to call him on it. I did point out, though, that the Z tile he used was a blank one with a Z and the number 10 written on it with a Sharpie. He merely sniffed and said that he took the liberty of improving our "substandard Sindarin Scrabble game" to comply with international necessity. He used the other blank tile to make a Q, which is also worth 10 points.

I said it was very convenient how the letters that never occur in Sindarin are worth 10 points. He said they are bonus letters for the enlightened ones. I asked if by "enlightened ones" he meant "Vanyar". He said yes. Then he stuck "QUENDYA" on another triple word/double letter combination for 140 points. I wanted to put down "CHEAT" for my turn, but unfortunately only had the letters to spell "STOOL".

January 11th

Another day wasted, sacrificed to the Glorfindel elemental. He took me shopping to help him pick out a birthday gift for Aralindë. She will be forty-nine in six days. I'm not sure why he brought me along, since I'm by no stretch of the imagination an expert on what high school girls like, but still I had to follow him from shop to shop, watching him dismiss everything as too impersonal, too poorly-made, too large, too small, too pink, too trendy, or too out-of-stock. The shop assistants were no help. They kept trying to sell him scented glittery hair gel and SpongeBob SquarePants tee-shirts. He kept dithering and finding faults until I got a bit fed up and suggested he just buy her some cheesy stuffed animal or heart-shaped necklace and then promise to take her shopping to pick out her own dumb birthday present.

That seemed to make him happy, because he purchased a small beanbag duck and a silver necklace with a crystal flower at the next shop we entered. Then we went home. I should've made my suggestion three hours earlier.

When we got home I tried to seek out Erestor to maybe do something that involved locking the door, but he was nowhere to be found. I asked Glorfindel where he was, but he said he didn't know. He said it very quickly, though, which makes me suspicious. Almost as if somebody told him to say that.

January 12th

Erestor didn't come home until very late. Dad was with him. They both looked tired. I asked where they'd been, and dad said, "Working." Erestor looked very surly, so I let him go to bed with no further questions. Then they left for work again very early this morning, so I had no chance to see him then either. And when they finally got home, I was occupied by Glorfindel who needed my help to figure out how to pay his telephone charges online using Visa, then pay his Visa charges over the telephone by bank fund transfer.

When I finally escaped and discovered Erestor, he was already asleep. Isn't this just my luck! This summer when I was interested in spending time with Glorfindel, Erestor wouldn't leave me alone. And now that I want to be with Erestor, Glorfindel keeps hijacking me for helper-monkey purposes! The three of us ought to get together and try to work out some sort of a deal. Though the way things have been going lately, I wouldn't be surprised if Glorfindel and Erestor buggered off on their own and I was left without either of them.

January 13th

I've not spent more than two minutes alone with Erestor in almost the past two weeks. You'd think there was a plot to keep us apart or something!

January 14th

Dad broke down and admitted that he's been actively trying to keep Erestor and me apart, and that Glorfindel's been helping him. How nice is that! They are deliberately trying to sabotage my love life, since Elbereth knows I can't do that well enough on my own!

I didn't bother to tell them I am leaving. I simply rang Elrohir at the new house and told him to come collect me and my things as soon as he could manage. I left a note for Erestor, though, in case he notices that I'm gone or even remembers who I am after all this time apart. I included the new address and telephone number and also took the liberty of writing them in his day-timer, in case he looses the note.

Now all that's left to do is wait for Elrohir. He should in theory have been here half an hour ago, but obviously he mistook my "as soon as you can manage" instruction to mean "after you have a snack, beat Super Mario 2, shower, eat lunch, talk to Orophin long-distance, have a nap, feed the iguana, and get dressed". I hope he gets here before five. I would really like to be out of the house and on my way to freedom before Glorfindel can twist my arm into helping him sort his closet into piles of what he still wears and what should be put away into drawers, never to be seen again.

Elvish language notes:
Glorfindel's Quendya (Vanyarin) words to his grandfather are as follows:
"Indyodya" - "your grandson"
"Ambarendyassë" - "in Middle-earth"

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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