Tide of Destiny - Part One: Choices: 35. Character List

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35. Character List

The second part of Tide of Destiny - Drummer - is in the process of being posted for those who would like to continue with the story.

It is a romantic interlude with a sprinkling of adventure and features Prince Amrothos. LBJ.

Tide of Destiny Part 1 - Original Character List.

R - Rohirrim
G- Gondorian
O- Other

Æbbe - R - Sister to Déor

Adian - G - Retired Swan-knight

Adwine - R- East-mark Rider

Alhael- G- Nephew to Duinhir

Aldred- R- A baby, nephew of the Lord of Harrowdale

Amal - O - Prince of Harad

Ana - G- Dol Amroth maid.

Annulin - G- Wife to Duinhir of Morthond.

Beorn- R- A rider of the East-mark. Husband to Edyth

Bergit - R- Daughter of the horse-breeder, Egbert.

Byrde - R- Hama's youngest daughter.

Byrhtwyn - R- Hama's widow.

Lady Calaerdis- G- From Sirith in Lebennin. A rich widow.

Coras- Fisherman - Master of The Blue Pearl

Cullas. - G- Clerk in Dol Amroth Healing House

Dáwyn- R- Bergit's maternal grandmother.

Déor- R- Friend of Éomer, brought up in Aldburg.

Durthor - G- A member of Lothíriel's guard.

Egbert 1 - R- Horse Breeder -Bergit's father

Egbert 2 - R- East-mark Patrol leader

Edyth- R - Cousin to Éomer, related through his father. Wife of Beorn.

Edwick - R- A wheelwright in Eastfeld. Husband to Bergit.

Lady Eglaneth - G- Cousin to Imrahil - brought up Lothíriel

Eldrid - R- The Lady of Harrowdale

Elwyth- R- Déor's mother

Elthain- Relative of Edwick's

Master Éofor - R- Edoras Healer

Éomund - R- Son of Bergit and Edwick

Eorllic- R- Déor's father.

Ephrem - G- Imrahil's steward

Félewyn - R- Daughter of Bergit and Edwick

Faeldor- G- Guleth's dead husband

Garrick - R- Éomer's young squire.

Gideon - G- Amroth's captain

Godred -R- Lord of Rohan living on the Wold

Guflaf --R- A Rider of the East-mark.

Mistress Guleth -G- An aide in the Healing Houses.

Halcon - R- Éomer's Stable-master.

Halldor - R- Lord of Harrowdale

Lady Heleguin- G- A relation of Faramir's

Hisael - G- Lothíriel's maid

Hulde- R- Lothíriel's temporary maid from the Eastfold.

Oríon - G- Son to Sergion. Childhood friend of Amrothos and Lothíriel

Marin - G A Dol Amroth widow

Princess Meren - G- Elphir's wife.

Moreth -G- Housekeeper in Town House

Nemir - G- Master of Dol Amroth Healing House

Pelilas - G- A captain of Dol Amroth

Lord Raglan G- Elder of Minas Tirith.

Master RaglanG- Assistant warden of Healing House in Minas Tirith

Rolfic - A Rohan carter

Sedgewick- R- A young relation of Edwick's, who works for him.

Seldrid - R - A Rider in Elfhelm's éored.

Sergion - G- Friend of Prince Imrahil's. Commander of Swan Knights.

Seron - O- An unidentified mystic.

Sigeweard - G- West-mark Healer

Lady Tinusel - G- Noblewoman from Lossarnach.

Welwyn- R- Daughter to Erkenbrand and Winfrith.

Wilflede - R- Hama's eldest daughter – Married to Elfhelm

WilheardR- Erkenbrand's son

Winfrith- R- Erkenbrand's wife

Umar - O- Prince of Harad. Device – the Black Serpent on Scarlet


Aéfre- A Rohirric mare.

Aero - Amroth's warhorse

Amaurea - Lothíriel's Harad War-mare/

Fireball- Éomer ( originally his father's horse)

Firefoot- Éomer's stallion

Flyhte- Carthorse belonging to Edwick and Bergit.

Hero - Amroth's first warhorse

Gilroch 1 - Denethor

Gilroch 2 - Amroth's charger

Lady- Mare bought by Amroth

Léofwende - A Rohirric mare.

Mista – Lothíriel's 1st pony

Sea-lord - Imrahil's retired charger

Starkhorn - Eothain's warhourse.

Thunderer – Sergion's warhorse.

War-lord - Imrahil's warhorse

Warmonger – Erchi's charger

Whitewing – Sergion/Lothíriel riding horse


Gárbald - Collie dog belonging to Begit and Edwick/

Larca – Lurcher - belonging to Lothíriel

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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