Storm Clouds: 11. At Last We 'Talk'!

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11. At Last We 'Talk'!

Elrond watched as ‘Rellas climbed up the short distance to their sheltering cave and disappeared. He paused for a moment and glanced about the lower edge of the river bank pleased to see that all traces of their earlier presence had been swept clean by last night’s flooding. At least their enemies were unlikely to find them unless they were alerted to their presence or hunting for them diligently.

He studied the canyon walls looking for something he could describe to ‘Fin so that the searchers could more easily locate and rescue the two of them. There was no way they could climb out on their own with his leg injury and ‘Rellas would not leave him even if he would let her. She would have no protection against yrch and he was certainly in no condition to provide it. The ground was impassible due to the piles of boulders and rocks that littered it and the nearby river. The swift river current added to their difficulties since it could suck them under and pin them down in a sinkhole or against a sunken rock No, it was best to remain where they were and let ‘Fin and the others come to them.

Elrond sat down on a rock and closed his eyes. It was time he tried to reach either the gwanur or the balrog slayer. He knew without a doubt that they were searching frantically for him and his hin would be devastated. After the loss of their naneth, his hin has become almost obsessive about his well-being. It was one of the reasons he had so seldom left the safety of Imladris.

*’Fin? * He sent cautiously. *Are you there? *

*Elrond…Mellon nin. You are alive! * Glorfindel joyfully responded at once.

Elrond flinched as the sound of his exuberance echoed through his head and sending jagged flashes of pain bouncing across tender nerve ending.

*Yes, but I am not sure just where we are. I do not recognize anything. We cannot climb out either. The best description I can give you is that we are trapped in a rather large bend of the river that swings to the east as it flows south. There are large piles of boulders apparently dropped in the south corner from previous flooding. In fact, that is what caught us as we were dragged along. *

*We? The Lady Mithrellas is with you? Are you both all right? *

*Yes we are. The Lady ‘Rellas suffered mostly cuts and bruising and I received a knock on the head and a rather deep cut on my thigh. That is why I did not contact you earlier; I was unconscious for a time. ‘Rellas has tended to my injuries and thanks to her we have shelter and food. It is best we sit tight until you can come for us. *

*We are on our way. *

*The others? *

*They are fine and will be much relieved at your news. I sent Arwen and the ellyth along with the warriors on the far side of the collapse on to Imladris. I did not want to have to worry about their safety while we searched for you. She was much distressed and if you can send her your reassurance, it would help her greatly. *

*Fin, please do it for me. I fear my head injury is such that my ability to send a mental call so far is not possible right now. It is getting better but even now, the pain is returning and I must rest. *

Glorfindel was silent then his voice echoed once more in Elrond’s mind this time more gently
*Mellon nin, rest. I will call periodically as we progress along the canyon rim and wait for a response from you to guide us the rest of the way. *

*Thank you ‘Fin. Give my love to hin nin. “

*I will. Stay safe. *

Once more Elrond sat silently relieved to have that task successfully completed. Sighing he opened his eyes and rubbed the back of his head gently until the pain once more eased as the tension from his efforts to communicate with “Fin diminished. His fingers sought the wound at the side of his head near his ear and he was pleased to note that it was healing well.

“Elrond?” ‘Rellas appeared at the cave mouth and noted that he was rubbing his neck. She called down to the elf lord, her voice heavy with concern. “Are you all right?

He looked up at her anxious face and smiled. “Very all right, hiril nin. I have just contacted Glorfindel and alerted him that we are both well and awaiting the arrival of our rescuers.”

She swallowed hard. “I thought you might have changed your mind.”

His face softened. “No, lirimaer, that is not even something I gave a thought to. I just wanted to make sure that nos nin and mellyn nin knew we were safe and well and so ease their concerns. I do not wish our next few hours to be interrupted by their frantic calls. I intend to enjoy the pleasure and joy that a very special and beautiful hiril has offered to share with me.”
He paused. “You are still of the same mind are you not?”

‘Rellas blushed, something she had not done for a long time and smiled. “No, hiren, I have not changed my mind.” With that, she disappeared back into the cave swiftly.

Elrond chuckled and rose from his rock. With firm steps and only an occasional limp, he crossed to the canyon wall and began the brief climb to the cave. Pulling himself over the edge, he joined her pausing to watch as she lay out the two pieces of packsaddle covers and nervously smoothed them.

She looked up at him sadly. “These are poor substitutes for fine linens, hiren.”

He shook his head gently and placed a hand on her shoulder in a caress. “It is better than the river, ‘Rellas.” For a moment, he was silent, and then kneeling next to her he slipped his arms around her pulling her close and rested his forehead against hers. “I too, would wish for a different bed and I promise you once we have reached Imladris, I will provide one worthy of our passion. Do not regret what we have now, it is but a temporary thing. Here we will celebrate both our survival and our finding one another after such a long lonely time.”

‘Rellas raised a hand and gently touched his cheek smiling. “Ayah, Elrond.”
Then she kissed him and pulled him down to the covered cave floor after her. Laughing he rolled over her and grabbed her hands which were tugging at his tunic and then pinioned them above her head.

She grinned up at him and wiggled under his body reminding him she only wore a tunic and it quickly rode up under her breasts. His eyes turned dark grey as his own body reacted to the slid of her bare skin across the remnants of his torn breeches. He bent and captured her mouth teasing it open with gentle nips and tender licks of his tongue. As she opened to him, he thrust his tongue into her mouth and began a sweet duel with hers. Releasing her hands, he pushed her tunic up and began an exploration of her full breasts with his long firm fingers, cupping and rubbing a roughened thumb against each suddenly tender nipple.

Rellas’ hands tangled themselves in his hair and held him prisoner as she hungrily fed on his own hot mouth. As he moved over her, he placed demanding kisses over her eyes and throat before pulling back and sitting astride her body he hurriedly removed his own tunic and then dropped back only to roll over pulling her astride him in turn and helping her remove hers.

She sat there a moment completely nude and rested her hands on his chest. With a teasing smile, she began her own slow exploration of his body, pausing now and again to bend over and bite a place then soothing it with a lick and kiss. He laid silently his arms relaxed over his head watching her intently as she enjoyed her own voyage of discovery. Occasionally he clenched a fist whenever she hit a particularly sensitive place but other than that, he was content to allow her the freedom to explore as she desired. She worked her way down his body until she reached the waist of his breeches.

She sat up straight and locked on to his eyes as she pulled slowly at the ties that held them closed. He returned her look just as intently then grasped her hands reluctantly.

“Ayah, ‘Rellas, poor as they are, these are the only breeches I have at the moment, so you must allow me to remove them without further damage.”

Laughing, she rolled off him allowing him to sit up and remove his boots and standing to remove his damaged breeches. She admired his long muscular body and sighed rather lustily as he returned to her side. He stood there amused at her reaction his hands resting on his narrow hips and his arousal at full attention.

“Surely I cannot still cause an elleth to swoon at my elfly countenance after all these millennium.”

She went still and gazed up at him before answering quite seriously. “There are many ellyth that would be delighted and honored to share your bed if you so choose, Elrond. How you can believe otherwise is difficult for me to understand. You are admired for many reasons, not just for the power you wield as the Lord of Imladris, but the manner in which you do so. You are admired for the steadfastness of your purpose, for the concern and compassion you exhibit to your people, for your devotion to your family and not least of all, for your lack of self-importance or arrogance. When you add your pleasing physical beauty, it is a difficult combination to ignore.”

He stared at her through suddenly narrowed eyes before asking equally seriously. “And what is it that you seek from the Lord of Imladris, Lady Mithrellas?”

She smiled at his sudden suspicion. “Only the elf Elrond under the burden the Lord carries, hiren. I have no need to enjoy the reflection of his power. I would hope he would find in me freely given comfort, affection and friendship without any strings attached, which he would choose to provide in return.”

‘Rellas reached for his hand and rubbed it against her cheek slowly. “We are much the same you and I, Elrond. I may not have the responsibility of command or the leadership of a great people as you do, but I do know the loneliness of a mate taken from me. I too have watched the pain of hin nin as they struggled to grow up with out a parent and the joy when they succeed in building their own lives in spite that pain. I have never felt the desire to take a lover since I was content to wait until I sailed and reclaimed my hervenn when I reached the Undying Lands. Nos nin have kept me busy and satisfied, yet when I met you I felt a hunger to share a physical possession spring to life. I found myself wondering not what the Lord of Imladris was like but what the elf Elrond was like and did he long for someone to share a simple and uncomplicated relationship for a time.”

She dropped his hand and stood before him, “I understand your need for caution hiren and have no wish to place you in a situation where you would feel uncomfortable or suspicious of my intentions. If you desire we will simply call it a day and when we rejoin the others I will remain merely a companion sent by the Lady Galadriel to watch over my charges and depart from Imladris at once for the Havens to rejoin my family there.” Her eyes remained fixed on him steadily as she waited for his decision.

Elrond exhaled slowly and reclaimed her hands. “’Rellas, forgive me. My only excuse is that I must be cautious in my choice of relationships as well as friendships and it has been a long time since I was face with such a personal one. A wrong choice can have far reaching consequences for others beyond myself.”

She nodded. “I know. I have watched far too many drawn to the circles of power in both Lothlorien and the Grey Havens. Many see only the glamour and beauty of Lord Celeborn and the Lady Galadriel and not the danger or darkness they must keep at bay.” She paused and grinned. “Lord Cirden has little patience for such foolishness and tends to ignore any attempts much to their frustration.”

“He does, doesn’t he.” Elrond chuckled and pulled her back into the circle of his arms. At the touch of their bodies, both were reminded of their nude state and both fell silent.

“’Rellas?” Elrond murmured quietly against her forehead, “I still would like to continue from where we left off.” In response, she bit his shoulder then pulled his head down for a heated kiss. His hands slid down her back and cupped her bottom as she tightened her arms about his neck. Pulling her pliant body tightly against his he walked her backwards until they reached the wall rising above their ground cover.

His arousal had returned full force and she felt it rubbing across the mound of her stomach. She arched rubbing her breasts against his chest and he growled softly as he felt heat pooling in his loins. Slipping a hand between her legs his fingers sought the depths of her feminine core. She moaned against his chest and shifted her legs to allow him better access. He slid first one long finger, then a second inside deep testing her heat and wetness. Her hips moved jerkily as his fingers established a gentle rhythm. Their slow movements frustrated her and she moved in frantic pleading. His mouth continued to plunder hers while he lifted her and braced her against the wall thrusting a knee between her thighs opening her to his possession. She thrust her head painfully back against the rock wall when he reached her breasts and began to nibble the tender nipples and pulling them into his mouth nipping and suckling them in turn. ‘Rellas locked her legs about his waist and gasped as he entered her in one swift thrust seating himself deeply within her body.

Pausing as he waited for her to adjust to his rough sexual invasion, he found himself watching her face as her passion increased. The sensation of her sheath wrapped so tightly around his swollen organ was both exciting and painful yet the need to drive into her again drove him to withdraw and once more plunge in hard. ‘Rellas cried out and began to meet him thrust for thrust.

His heart beat increased sending his blood surging through his body. As he fought to control his climax he sought desperately to slow down but it had been too long since he had joined with an elleth and the feel of her hot channel around his engorged shaft unleashed his drive to completion. His loss of control caused him to drive into her mercilessly and he did so blindly, his head thrown back, his face becoming a frozen mask with eyes closed and lips pulled into a feral snarl. With a sudden cry, he climaxed and exploding within her. Elrond collapsed against her breathing hard still buried deep within her.

‘Rellas clung to his heaving body and struggled to keep hold of him as they both slid to the floor leaving rock cuts and scratches across her buttocks and back. In spite of her pain, she knew he needed this and her arms tightened about him holding him closely against her. As he felt her trembling against him, he tried to pull himself away and release her only to have her protest. “No hiren, please, I still need you.”

He lay back on the cover and arranged her body atop over his. He pushed her heavy fall of hair up over her shoulders his face full of regret. “’Rellas I am sorry I had so little control, I needed you more than I anticipated.”

She smiled as she untangled herself from his body and sat up astride his hips firmly seating his shaft within herself. “That time was for you, this one is for me.” Leaning forward, she braced her hands against the rock wall and watched as his body tensed with her movements. He bent his knees, giving her stability while she rode his sex. His long fingers slowly splayed themselves hotly over her hips holding her firmly against his thighs. He smiled and thrust up against her several times. Shuddering she began to ride his movements until her body was frantic with need.

Elrond moved his hands in leisurely fashion over her abdomen and up under the lower curves of her breasts, cupping them and shaping them before rubbing and pinching her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers then moving back down to her hips and seeking the sensitive jewel between her thighs to torture her sweetly.

She bent down capturing his lips in a deep kiss while she rode his shaft more insistently. Groaning against her mouth he entangled his fingers in her hair and held her face prisoner while countering hungrily. Within moments, his thrusts had become more powerful and deeper as he sought to carry them both to their release. ‘Rellas stiffened and pulled herself upright as she ground her hips against his riding hard. With his hands once more grasping her hips firmly he growled and thrust savagely one last time climaxing deep into her then fell back his hips bucking slowly several times and then slowly relaxed. ‘Rellas soon followed him shuddering against his heated body.

As their breathing returned to normal, ‘Rellas and reached out her hand and stroked his cheek. Snuggling against him, she felt him shake with silent laughter as he drew her into the circle of his arms. “Indeed that was for you. I hope you do not mind if I enjoyed it also, lirimaer.” Grinning she slugged his arm and pointedly ignored him as they both settled into a contented sleep.
Yrch-orc (pl)
Gwanur-brother, a pair of twin
Mellon nin-my friend (male)
Ellyth-elf maidens
Hiril nin-my lady
Lirimaer-beautiful one
Nos nin-my family
Mellyn nin-my friends
Elleth-elf maiden

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