Super Nanny in Middle Earth: 2. Chapter 2

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2. Chapter 2

Super Nanny in Middle Earth 2

Beta: Oli

See in previous chapter: Summary, Disclaimer and Warning.

Elvish – English – see at the end of the chapter.

Part 1: Chaos



At morning…

King Thranduil sat beside his desk, and started to write a letter to his friend, Lord Elrond of Imladris.

"Dear mellon-nin,


I am in need of your help, though I do hope that you now have control of those elflings of yours, and even the foster boy you have.

My elfling seems to have evaded all the guards who were guarding him, I could see the light of hope, fading from them, as they tried to catch my sweet princeling. He loves to run.

Though I have no problems getting him to sleep as he dearly loves the stories I tell him.

Let me know, mellon-nin, how do you control them, so I will know how to control mine.

Sílo Anor bo men lín,


Your friend,"

"Galdor," he called once he finished writing it, "Take it straight away to Imladris, no stop, stay there, until you have an answer."

Galdor nodded, taking the message in his hand, "I will do it, my King."

"I know, now go."

Once the guard left, King Thranduil left his room, down the long Hallway, searching for his elfling, while wondering where he went so quickly.

"Princeling Greenleaf, where are you?" Thranduil called, teasing, hoping that he would see his son's head popped up, and yet, he did not show.

'Maybe he is out, in the forest…' Thranduil said to himself.

He headed outside to search for his elfling, hoping that he would find him, not wishing to find him in danger.

Thranduil heard the gallop of a horse, he saw how fast Galdor vanished from sight. The king smiled, the guard knows how terrorizing the elfling could be, and yet how cute he could be.

"Greenleaf, where are you, ion-nin?" Thranduil asked, still hoping that his ion hadn't found danger, it would break his heart so much to see his ion hurt.

Thranduil walked toward the lines of tree, thinking his ion might be hidden behind any tree.

He hope that Legolas would not go far, he knew how dangerous the wood was, there were more creatures deep in the forest, that lurked and waited as a perfect hunter to hunt the helpless prey. He knew it, but the princeling, did not.

"Greenleaf?" he called, and yet there are no sign of him.

Thranduil felt his heart missing a beat, praying to the Valar that his elfling did not go far, or he did not know what he would do.

The king gathered two of his guards, and they walked toward the forest, the guards unsheathed their swords, as they walked in front of the king, watching for any signs of the princeling, and yet there was no sign of him.


Same time…

Elrond heard a loud and repeatedly noise at the door, he yawned, and left the bed, forgotten that he had locked the door. He unlocked it, and opened the door, and saw only a boy there.

"Estel, good morning my child," Elrond greeted him softly, and then added with curiosity, "Where are your brothers?"

" In the breakfast room…" the boy replied and then, he flees from his father's eyes.

'Should I be prepared to hear some shouts because of them?' Elrond asked himself, sincerely hoping that he would not. He already felt that he was losing his nerves, and hoped that King Thranduil managed somehow to pull some control of his son, much better than him.

Elrond sighed heavily, as he walked toward the breakfast room. He could hear laughing, and once he passed the door, he felt something wet hit his face.

He moved his hand to his face, feeling the wet substance upon his finger, looked at it and saw it was cream and proceeded to place his finger in his mouth, then proceeded to clean his face in this manner, then more food hit him again, this time upon his robes.

"FOOD FIGHT!" He heard Estel call, as he and his brothers started to hit everyone in the breakfast room with food, even the maids, seemed astonished, and wore frowned looks upon their faces.

'Oh Valar, why?' Elrond prayed wishing that he would get some answers.

He tried to hide, but he got himself hit again in his face. He moved his fingers, to taste it. It was caramel apples, it was sweet, he needed to remember to tell the maids to add it to any breakfast, as he enjoys the sweet taste of it.

"I hit Ada, did you see it, Elladan? I hit Ada" Estel giggled and hid with the twins.

"I see it, little brother," Elladan said to him, and squeezed the boy's shoulder, and then added, "You aim good, Estel, good work."

Estel's face beamed with his brother's words.

Elrond heard them. He smiled, he was glad that the twins were there with the boy, and they completed each other, from attitude to fewer manners, as it appeared to be.

The lord walked toward the table, as he needed something which he could use to hit his sons, or maybe one of his lords, that now were hidden somewhere in the breakfast room.

He took the apple cake in one hand, and then he took the chocolate cake in the other.

Elrond turned around, his eyes scanning the area, he grinned, he just noticed, Lord Erestor, and by his knowledge, this special elf, was always found near books, never in other elf's company, telling jokes or spending some time with his sons.

He took aim, and shot the chocolate cake upon the librarian elf, hitting him straight in the face, he grinned as he noticed the frowned look upon Erestor's face, and then he ducked when he heard Glorfindel shout for, "FOOD FIGHT."

Elrond turned his head back at Erestor, noticed how his face was changing, from frown to anger, he whispered, "Oh dear, what have I got myself into?"

He threw the apple cake toward Erestor, noticed his advisor smirk at him, he warned him, "Erestor, behind you!"

Lucky for him he was right, as Lord Glorfindel hit Lord Erestor with vanilla cream, and apple cake on his clothes.

Elrond walked behind a chair, and ducked down, as fast as he could, feeling his clothes were wet and sticky.

"I am so in need to a wash myself and a change of clothes." Elrond sighed.

"LORD ELROND, WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?" The Kitchen Chief maid, shouted at the hidden lord, once she got into the breakfast room, only to find lots of mess and food thrown all over the room.

But before lord Elrond could do anything, a chocolate cream flew toward the Kitchen Chief maid's face.

Elrond could hear the twins giggled, and heard the words.

"Nicely done, Elrohir, you shot at her good," Elladan congratulated his other half, and then he added, "I wonder why she shouts at Adar everytime, I love Adar."

"I love him too." Elrohir said, and his face lightened thinking on his twins' words.

"Me too." Estel said, and then he took a cookie, and aimed it at the Kitchen Chief maid, and shot at her.

He shot her in her nose. She cried as she felt it, and then she stared at the boy who started the menace for all the mess in the first place, she knelt beside apples she saw on the floor, she smirked.

Elrond knew about the danger coming, it was an evil look; he could see it, in her green eyes, as he watched her from the chair he was hiding behind.

"Elrond, look out!" Glorfindel warned his lord, as he noticed how she aimed at Elrond.

Elrond could hear the apple smash at the chair where he was hidden, what remained of the apple wet his hair.

The lord knew that he should thank to the Balrog Slayer once it was all over.

But for the Kitchen Chief it isn't over.

Elrond knew that he should find a new place to hide. He whistled to his sons, and then crawled at them, and felt the remains of the apples around him. She almost got him.

'I am in so much trouble... oh wait, my sons... how do I get them to shower, if I know them right, they will be the death of me... I am in so much mess...' Elrond thought, as he kept crawling to his sons' side.

"My Lord Elrond..." she grinned, taking aim at him, and shot another apple at his exposed body.

'It hurts... how could one apple hurts so much?' Elrond asked himself, and tried to get away from her as soon as possible.

"Ada, come to us..." Estel called softly, while Elladan picked up something from the floor.

Elladan was angry, his half could feel his anger, and he too picked up something that he saw from the floor.

The twins aimed it at the Kitchen chief maid, and shot her, while their Adar reached to them, to their safe place

Elrond could hear her screaming.

"My Lord Elrond, I cannot take it anymore..." she said with frustration, glaring at where she saw him hiding with his sons.

Elrond sighed heavily, and then he decided to act like a leader, and stood, facing her, and said with firm voice, "They are only elflings, children to your eyes..."

"They? And what about you, and about the other lords?" she asked, staring at him with a deep glare.

"We are all just having some fun with them, just like you when you also took a part of it." Elrond replied to her.

He could see that she seemed confused, and added, "See for yourself, look around you, what do you see?"

The Kitchen maid, look around her, noticed the lords whom were now standing and staring at her.

"And don't forget that you too, took part of it." Elrond stared at her, giving her a look.

The kitchen maid nodded, and then spoke to the lord, she said her suggestion, "At least punish them, by making them clean the breakfast room."

The twins and Estel heard the word 'punishment' and hurried outside the room with no sound.

Elrond saw them, and smiled. Then he turned around, calling for Lord Erestor and Lord Glorfindel.

Both of the lords came to him.

"Lord Erestor and Lord Glorfindel will help you to clean the breakfast room," he said to her, noticing the unexpected look upon his friends' face, he grinned, and added, "They are young, cleaning is not a great punishment to them, and beside, I need to search for them right now, and to wash them because of the food fight."

With that, the lord left the room.

"This is not over, my lord..." she said in loud voice.

Elrond heard it, and ignored her remark.

"You are safe, my sons," Elrond called softly, hoping that his sons would show their faces, and then he added, "It is time to play with the water..."

Elrond could hear someone talking; he walked toward the corner and heard.

"But I do not want to play with the water now, it will make me sleepy..." Estel said with a pleading voice to the twins.

"Then come, little brother, let us have some fun... first..." Elladan suggested as he smiled at the boy.

Elrond walked toward their conversation, and said with teasing voice, "No, you do not, wash yourselves and then playing..."

"Only if you catch us, Ada." Elrohir grinned and ran away, awaiting his brothers at the other side of the hallway.

"Oh... I hate this game..." Elrond gave up, knowing that all Imladris parts, will taste good, as his three sons were covered from head to toe in chocolate cream and apple pies.

Back to Mirkwood

King Thranduil could feel his heart beating faster and harder, as a memory came into his mind of the scene of last night as he told his princeling about his encounter with spiders, as well as with spider webs.

'Oh Valar, keep my elfling safe…' Thranduil prayed and then he ordered the guards, "Over the Spider webs!"

He could see the frown upon their faces and then how they changed to determination, they walked towards the webs hoping that the Princeling wasn't there.

On the way to Imladris…

Haldir woke to a beautiful day for once, as his siblings did not cause him any trouble with sleeping, he guessed that it was because they were heading toward Imladris.

"Orophin, Rúmil, come, my brothers, let us walk to Imladris… let me take your packs." Haldir told them softly.

The elfling gave their packs to Haldir, and each took Haldir side, in case evil appeared, and tried to steal them from their brothers.

There was a strange noise… and Orophin and Rúmil nearly jumped into Haldir's tunic.

"Easy, brothers, let us go." Haldir told them, as he continued walking as if nothing else mattered, though his keen ears were on guard, waiting to hear any evil.

They went fast as they could, and Haldir could sense so much fear in his siblings, as he hurried too.

Screams, loud screams filled the area of all the sudden, and Haldir found them surrounded by filthy orcs.

"Orophin, Rúmil," Haldir said, "Take any rock that you see, and throw it at the orcs, but do not, and I repeat, do not leave my side!"

His siblings nodded, gathered as many rocks as they could find, and then they watched how their big brother took his sword out, and started hitting one after the other of the orcs that wished to hurt him and his brothers.

He smiled when he noticed how every rock that his siblings' shot got his target.

Haldir killed the orcs as his brothers had beaten them down.

He felt good with himself as the danger faded, and they all walked away.

"Haldir?" Orophin asked, and when he noticed his big brother attention on him he continued, "Did you see us, did you see how we shot at them?"

"I saw it, and I am proud of you two, as I could not win if you were not on my side." Haldir admitted and patted their shoulders softly.

"Hannon-le, Haldir, we love you."

"I love you too," he said to them, and then he added, "Come on, let us continue before more of the filthy orcs come to hunt us."

Back to Imladris

Elrond tried to reach his sons whom disappeared from his sight, as he wanted them to wash themselves at least, as they were dirty.

Elrond left the house, and went searching in the garden, noticed only Lindir sitting there wearing a calming face.

The lord went to him, to ask, if he might have seen his sons.

Lindir watched the lord as he came, and stood.

"Is there anything that I can help you with, my lord?"

"In a matter of fact, I need your help, mellon-nin." Elrond replied to his question.

"What is it then, my lord?" Lindir asked, as his face lightened to hear that his lord needed his help.

"You find the twins, while I look for Estel, all of them including myself, need to wash ourselves."

"I understand, My Lord." Lindir said and bowed to the lord.

Elrond stared at him with a frowned look, not knowing why this young elf, was still appointing him "My lord?" and bowed to him. He needed to do something about it, later.

Elrond sighed heavily, and went back to the task, searching for Estel.

Now he wondered where this boy could be. He knew that he might be near the twins, as they could not be separated from each other.

He walked to the river, hoped that he would at least find some trail.

Elrond busied his mind, and did not noticed that there was a walking bush following him, and he did not noticed tiny hands that pushed him into the river, until he could feel the water filling his body.

"I found them, my lord." Lindir came with joy, but did not see the lord.

"My lord?" he called.

"I know that, hannon-le, mellon-nin, you can continue on your reading." Elrond released him.


The twins and Estel looked at each other, and each jumped into the water, splashed their Adar more, and started to play with him.

Then Estel swam with the help of the twins to his Adar, and asked innocently, "Ada, did I do something wrong? Do you hate me?"

"I do not hate you… you just surprise me… that is all…" Elrond replied, as he stared at his sons, and then he collected a long shaped leaf, and started to clean the food from Estel wet clothes.

When he was done he did the same with the twins' clothes.

"Who will wash your clothes Adar?" Estel asked.

"I will give it to the kitchen maid as my punishment to her, ion-nin." Elrond replied.

Estel giggled and the twins joined his brother.

"Now, after you all soaked with water, I need you out of the river to dry yourselves, I do not wish you or Estel to get sick, all right?" Elrond asked them, his eyes scanning the twins and the boy's eyes, to see if they understood what he asked them.

The triple nodded.

Elrond walked to the river edges, as he helped to his son to get out of the river, he asked their help.

"Elladan, Elrohir, help your Adar…" Elrond asked.

Estel whispered something to Elrohir, while Elladan tried to help his Adar, but it was without any success, as Elrond was pulled back to the water, and stared at his older son with frown, "Elladan, ion-nin, did you do it in propose?"

"Nay, Ada," Elladan answered innocently, "You were too heavy…" and then he could see the twins and the boy ran away, laughing as they went.

'I need help…' Elrond said, as he puts his hands on the edges and pulled himself from the river.

"My lord," the young elf called to him, as he handed him a towel, "Are you all right?"

"Hannon-le, Lindir," Elrond thanked and sighed, "I will be all right…or one of them will be ill soon, if he will not listen to m?…"

"Who, my lord?" Lindir asked.

Elrond ignored the elf's question.

"Lindir," Elrond said, and added, "I need to talk with you…"

"What is it, my lord?" Lindir asked, and sounded tensed and yet curious.

"Walk with me to the house, mellon-nin," Elrond said to him, as he walked he dried himself as much as he could, and let the sun do the rest, until they got to the house.

Elrond thought he could hear his son laughing, and giggling.

There is nothing that he could do about them now.

"Come my friend," Elrond said, as he could barely feel Lindir's presence, "I will speak to you now, come along."

Lindir hurried after his lord to the house. Thinking of what his lord wished to speak with him about, he hoped not to watch his sons… they were a menace.

Elrond walked with Lindir toward his room, as he passed in the hallway, which by now had been cleaned. Elrond turned his head, and noticed the smile upon the kitchen maid, and then he moved toward his room.

Once he closed the door after him, he stared at the young elf, and said, "Lindir, mellon-nin, you can called me as my name that my Adar gave me, and just call me Elrond, and not bow to me, as you are my friend."

"I… I can do it, my lord." Lindir said unconsciously.

"Lindir?" Elrond warned his friend, hearing the formal again.

"Forgive me, my friend." Lindir apologized.

Elrond waved his hand over him, "I know, I know… you can go now, and if you see my sons, by any chance, bring them over if you can."

"I will do it, Elrond." Lindir said, noticing the smile upon the lord's face, he smiled and left the room.

Elrond nodded and sat on the bed, sighing, remembering about how the day started.

Galdor pushed his horse harder, as he rode, Mirkwood disappearing behind him, as he headed toward Imladris with hope that indeed the lord could handle his own, to help the king deal with his elfling.

The guard did hope that his king and the princeling were all right.

On the way…

Haldir could hear the gallop of a horse… he was curious. And yet he could feel his siblings, fear.

He hid with his brothers behind a tree, as he watched how the horse rode toward the woods of Imladris.

He wondered if there was something wrong.

"Come on brothers, let us walk fast, see what is happening in Imladris, I do hope that nothing has happened." Haldir said to them.

Haldir sighed in relief as he could see the boarder from a far… he thanked the Valar, and hoped Elrond would help him to control his brothers.

Back to Mirkwood…

The king was getting more anxious as time went by, and he dearly hoped that his son had not come up against any problem or got himself hurt.

"Owe…" they heard a weak voice from near the spider's webs.

Thranduil's heart missed a beat, as he recognized his son's voice. He hurried toward the sound.

Nothing had prepared him what he saw.


Sílo Anor bo men lín - May the sun shine on your road (Taken from the Council of Elrond website).

Hannon-le - Thank you

See you next week or before...

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