Super Nanny in Middle Earth: 3. Chapter 3

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3. Chapter 3

See Disclaimer & Summary and Warning in First Chapter.

Beta: Oli

Note: Elvish – English – see at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 3

Back to Imladris…

Lindir hurried to the lord's room as he noticed the rider's clothes.

"My Lord Elrond, My Lord Elrond…" Lindir called time after time, and Elrond could hear him before he entered the room.

"What is it, Lindir?" Elrond asked.

"A messenger, from Mirkwood, here, my lord…" Lindir said, wanting to add more, but was cut off by his lord's attitude.

When Elrond heard this he rushed out of the room, Lindir just managing to pull to one side out of the way then he followed his Lord.

As Elrond left the house, he found himself staring at Galdor, Thranduil's Royal guardian.

"Galdor," Elrond called, looking at the guard, he could see that something was up, "What is wrong?"

"Lord Elrond, I have a message from My King... Elrond, it is urgent!" Galdor replied, and handed him the message.

"Lindir," Elrond called to the elf who stood behind him, "Lead Galdor to the guest room, and alert the maid to bring him some food."

Lindir nodded, and waited till the guard dismounted from his horse, settle his packs, and then he led him inside the house.

Elrond sighed heavily, and began thinking of the worst that could happen to him.

He walked back inside the house, wondering about the unopened message in his hands. Not knowing if he should indeed open it. He had lots of troubles with his sons already, and he dearly hoped that nothing wrong had happened to his friend and his son.

He walked to his room, sat behind the desk beside his bed, and opened the message.

"Dear mellon-nin,


I am in need of your help, though I do hope that you now have control of those elflings of yours, and even the foster boy you have…"

Elrond's eyes opened wide.

Thranduil seemed to be asking him for his help with his princeling, he wondered of what he should do, and was afraid to read the rest of the message.

But eventually he read on.

"… My elfling seems to have evaded all the guards who were guarding him, I could see the light of hope, fading from them, as they tried to catch my sweet princeling. He loves to run.

Though I have no problems getting him to sleep as he dearly loves the stories I tell him.

Let me know, mellon-nin, how do you control them, so I will know how to control mine.

Sílo Anor bo men lín,


Your friend,"

Elrond bit his lip, not knowing of what he should do next, he knew that Thranduil waited for his answer, but he had none to give, he wished though that he did.

In that moment when Elrond decided to write back his reply, a knock was heard.

"What is it?" Elrond called, and stared at the door.

He sighed in relief when he saw Lord Glorfindel staring at him.

"Elrond, are you expecting any guests?" Glorfindel asked, noticing the frown that spread on his lord and friend's face, he added, "Haldir and his brothers just came, and his siblings are calling for your sons…"

"WHAT?" Elrond asked, he was beginning to get angry, it was slowly spreading through his body, Glorfindel could see it.

"You need to see it, Elrond." Glorfindel said in calm voice.

Elrond left the room with haste as Glorfindel tried to follow him, he could see the agitation in his friend's face, and hoped that nothing had happened in Mirkwood, as he too saw the guard appear.

He stood outside, feeling the fresh air blow on his head, clearing his mind, and the anger dissipated awhile, he took a deep breath, and stared at the view in front of him.

He heard his sons laughing, he sighed and stared at them, he could see how his sons were still wet, and he thought that it was because they were spending more time in the shade, than the sun.

Elrond hoped that the boy would not get sick; he worried about him, and did not wish him to be sick.

"Haldir," he said to the elf in front of him, "What are you doing here with your brothers?"

Haldir sighed heavily, and then he answered, "Lady Galadriel banished my brothers and I because of their manners, and I came here for your help, my lord."

Elrond could feel Imladris around him darken, and asked himself, 'Why? Why me?'

"My Lord, have I done something wrong?" Haldir asked as he noticed how Lord Elrond, being not himself, worried that he might the cause of it.

Elrond breathed deeply and slowly before he replied to the March warden, "You did nothing wrong, though I think that I could use your help too, as I need with mine…"

Haldir stared at the lord, noticing the despair in his eyes, he said with determination, "I will help with yours, and you will help with my brothers, I just hope that it will work."

"Why?" Elrond asked with curious.

"Because my brothers can shoot at far off target and hit it." Haldir mentioned.

"Oh Valar, how did I get myself into this mess… why me?' Elrond prayed as he raised his head to the sky, staring at the image of a beautiful day in front of him,

"Hide, Haldir, hide…" Elrond shouted at him, as he himself tried to find a place where he should hide. As did Lord Glorfindel.

Strawberries and apples started to hit them. Some of the fruits missed them, and with that Lord Elrond was satisfied, as he had enough from the morning food fight, and now it was happening all over again.

"That was close, my lord." Haldir said, as he ducked when he noticed an apple aimed at him.

Elrond grinned, saying nothing, more concerned about the apples that were thrown at him.

"Ow!" Lindir gasped in pain as he felt the hit.

"Lindir, duck!" Elrond ordered him.

"Who hit me, Elrond?" Lindir asked, as he knelt beside Lord Elrond.

"Lindir, my dear mellon, have you met Haldir?" Elrond asked him, as he pointed to the March warden who was hidden in the doorframe.

"Nay, I am afraid." Lindir replied, and stared at Haldir, both of them nodded and took sight of each other while they remained hidden from the flying fruits.

"Now that you met each other, how are we going to deal with them?" Elrond asked, he turned around and questioned Lord Glorfindel, "Where is Lord Erestor?"

"In the library, Elrond…" Glorfindel replied.


Mirkwood, yet, again…

Thranduil stood closed to his son's limp body, his heart beating faster as he stared at his precious elfling lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood.

"Nay… why Valar, why?" He cried, as he moved his hands touching upon the cold and yet warm skin of his son.

Legolas stirred then gasped from pain, "A-da?"

"Aye, it is I, ion." Thranduil replied, taking his son's body in his arms, and then he barked to one guard, "Bring the healer here, and more guards!"

The guard nodded, and ran toward the palace, as he tried to avoid any unwelcome creature.

"Oh… my sweet elfling, what got you and harm you so badly?" Thranduil wondered as in one hand he started brushing Legolas's hair.

"Ada… help… me…" Legolas said, not looking at his Adar, and Thranduil had become worried.

"If I knew where and by who…" Thranduil sneered, and then softly he placed his hand upon his elfling's cheek and rubbed it softly, and kept saying, "Stay with me ion-nin, I am here now… no one will hurt you…"

Thranduil had wondered who will hurt such a harmless and cute elfling, and leave him to die.



The fruit fight seemed to end lightly, as he heard another voice.

He hoped that nothing wrong had happened.

Elrond was not sure if he heard it right, and then he heard it again.



"Oh Valar, what now...?" he asked as he stared at the sky, only to notice that that the daylight was fading.

"My Lord Elrond," Haldir called, noticing the lord staring at the elfling, and added, "I hope that my brothers did not cause another problem, as we do not have any place to stay."

Elrond broke his gaze, and stared at the elf, and finally spoke to him, "You are welcome, and you are not banished because of them, though we should find a way to tame them."

"Hannon-le, Hir-nin." Haldir thanked him, and noticed, yet again, that the lord stared back at the elflings, and the boy.


"Glorfindel, I need you to get boiled water, a warm bed, and new clothes to Estel, while I, Haldir and Lindir will try to catch them."

"I understand, mellon-nin." Glorfindel said, and left them.

"Elrond, what is going on?" Haldir asked, not knowing what was going on around him.

Elrond stared at the elf, as he answered, "Estel, is a child, and humans can catch lots of illnesses…"

"Such as?" Haldir asked.

"Sickness, allergies, and more…" Elrond replied.

"And what do the twins do while you are taking care of the boy?" Haldir asked, curious.

"One of the lords play with them, keeping them occupied until Estel is properly able to play with them." Elrond replied, as he walked toward the boys.

"Elrond, mellon-nin, do you think it is safe for us to walk to them like this?" Haldir asked, and then he added after he noticed the angry expression upon his face, "I mean, look at them, they still wish to hit us…"

Elrond smiled at him, and said, "It will hurt, but the boys health may last for days, so let us catch them and allow all to have a peaceful nights rest.

"I understand, mellon-nin." Haldir said, and then he headed after Lord Elrond to catch the elflings, so they could bring the sick boy to the house and heal him.

The elflings and the boy saw Lord Elrond and Haldir coming for them, and started to run toward the river. The elflings ran, but the boy fell upon the ground and started coughing.

The twins ran back to their little brother, each one of them held him as they continued to run away from them, catching up with Haldir's brothers, and continued toward the river.

'Not again…' Elrond thought, while noticing them walking to the river, knowing that is not what the boy needed.

"We must hurry." Elrond said to him, heading toward the river, only to feel tiny hands pushing him toward the river, again.

Elrond was angry, wrong, the lord was fuming, and set his eyes on the elflings in front of his eyes, though he was pleased to see that Haldir caught them in firm hands, but Estel was not with them.

"Where is Estel?" Elrond asked, his heart starting to beat harder and faster, hoping that nothing wrong had happen.

The twins did not know, as they shook their heads, and all of the sudden, another cough was heard.

Elrond pulled himself from the river, and hurried at the cough weak sound, noticed the boy, lying on the ground, and coughing non-stop.

The lord knelt beside him with fear in his eyes; he took the pale wet boy into his arms, and then he turned around, noticing that he was not alone.

"Lord Erestor?" Elrond asked, as he was stunned to see the advisor, standing there.

The advisor, only nodded, saying nothing to the lord, he gave him a faint smile as he saw how pallor the boy became.

"Haldir," Elrond said, catching the guardian's attention, he added, "You and Lindir will watch upon the elflings, while I, Glorfindel and Erestor will take good care of the boy, they need to change clothes, I will let the maids knows to make beds more for you and your brothers, including food."

"Hannon-le, Elrond." Haldir thanked, and watched how Elrond and Erestor walked and talked to the boy till they got home.

"ELLADAN, ELROHIR… COME WITH ME…" Lindir screamed their names, he could barely feel their presences, though Haldir's brothers had vanished.

"Look for your brothers, mellon-nin, while I take these back to the house. I have a feeling that they are hungry," he said to Haldir, and then he turned his attention towards the twins, and asked them, "Are you hungry, young ones?"

The twins nodded in agreement, and followed Lindir as they walked to the house.

Haldir spotted his brother hiding behind a bush. He coughed and let them know that he was behind them.

"Come brothers, the packs are near the house, we have a place to live." Haldir said encouragingly with a large smile on his face.

"Aye, you have," he said and added softly, "And you can play with the twins, until Estel feels better."

"What is wrong with Estel?" Orophin asked.

"He is human, and humans from what I heard from Lord Elrond are very prone to sickness." Haldir replied.

Haldir stared at his brothers, and saw them nodding with understanding, and added, "Come, let us settle and eat something."

His brothers cheered and followed him happily toward the house.

Once they entered the house, maids who asked after their health, and their needs surrounded them.

"Oh... more elflings," The kitchen maid mutters, and added after the glare she received from Glorfindel who was near, "What do you love to eat?"

"Tell her." Haldir replied as his eyes set upon Rúmil and Orophin.

He smiled as he heard their answers.

"I want cherry pies." Rúmil said.

"And... I want strawberries pies, and apples pies..." Orophin added.

The kitchen maid turned to ask Haldir, who simply answered her, "Whatever you will make it will be my honor to taste, and I am certain that it will be delicious, my Lady."

She blushed, saying nothing, but left to go to the kitchen.

"You did good, Haldir," Glorfindel smiled as he said it to him, and continued, "If Elrond knows about it, he will keep you by his side each time he needs to go to the dinner room, mellon-nin."

Haldir blushed.


Hir-nin - my lord

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