Super Nanny in Middle Earth: 4. Chapter 4

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4. Chapter 4

See Disclaimer & Summary and Warning in First Chapter.

Beta: Oli

Chapter 4

As Elrond laid the boy on the bed, Estel did not stop coughing, and this worried Elrond a lot more than he thought it would.

"Elrond," Glorfindel called, as he and Lord Erestor brought everything, and found Lord Elrond just staring in shock at the boy, "Are you all right, mellon-nin?

"I am worried, Glorfindel," he sighed heavily, and added, "It is worse than before."

Squeak voices, and cough. It was all Elrond heard.

He was worried, as he heard earlier, the boy coughing.

"Estel, what is it, ion?" he asked.

"I…cough… do… cough… not know…" Estel answered still coughing though.

"Come with me, Estel, I'll give you something for it, and let me know if it is helps, all right?" Elrond asked him softly, as he rubbed the boy's back, soothing him from the coughing.

Elrond made him herbal teas and let the boy drink it, then let him rest then two hours later repeated it again.

The twins, though who stayed in the next bed, stared at the boy's body, anxiously, and worried about him, watching quietly, not wishing to disturb there ada.

Elrond was pleased with his son's behavior, as he nodded at them, and then he set his eyes upon the boy, and hearing his breathing, hoping that he could breath better.

The next day the boy breathed easier and the cough was nearly gone.

"He will be all right, mellon-nin." Glorfindel tried to reassure him.


"Estel?" Elrond moving his hand over Estel's forehead, only to move it away.

He could feel the heat. He was worried.

"Glorfindel, he has a fever, and he's very hot with it." Elrond said to him.

Erestor moved next to Lord Elrond, and suggested for Lord Glorfindel, "Bring cold water, lots of cold water, wet towels, and food, his body is weak, he needs some food in him."

Glorfindel stared at him, and added with a smile, "About the food, I will tell Haldir to do it…" and left with a big grin upon his face.

Leaving them wondering about it.

"Who are you? And what have you done with my friend?" Elrond asked the advisor, after a brief moment of silence.

Erestor only grinned at him, not adding anything, as he knelt beside the bed, and whispered into the boy's ears.

"Estel, dear child, do not be worry, we are all going to take care of you."

In the kitchen…

Haldir walked into the kitchen as Glorfindel told him that Elrond asked for him to bring some food for the boy.

The guard was pleased, as he wanted some excuse to talk more with her.

He walked toward her, watching her as she moved slowly, making the food with a calm face.

He was in love with her, but held back through fear of her feelings were not as his were.

She turned to him, standing face to face, staring at him, not saying a word.

Until both of them could hear a slight cough.

"Is the food for the boy ready?" Glorfindel asked, amused by the couple.

"Not yet." the kitchen maid replied. With her eyes still locked upon Haldir's.

"Bring it when it is ready, Haldir, the lord is waiting." Glorfindel grinned at them.

Haldir nodded but did not look at him.

The Balrog Slayer left the room, smiling to himself.

Glorfindel walked in the hallway, toward the healer's room and let himself in.

He set the bucket of cold water beside the bed, and handed Lord Elrond the wet towels.

"Where is the food?" Elrond asked.

"Oh... Haldir volunteers to bring it." Glorfindel answered smirking.

"What are you smiling about?" Elrond asked in curiosity, while he took the wet towels and started moving it upon the heated skin of the boy.

"Nothing..." Glorfindel answered, still smiling.

"I know that look, mellon-nin, spill it." Elrond asked and gave him a smile, while he and Lord Erestor continued to wet Estel's body.

"You are safe, mellon, the kitchen chief maid would do nothing to you when Haldir is around..." he smiled a large smile, as he stared at his friend.

Both Erestor and Elrond stopped and stared at him with wide open eyes.

"Oh Valar..." Elrond said with relief written upon his face, and added, "Are you sure?"

"I am," Glorfindel answered, and added, "You should see them, Elrond, they did not even noticed me, just kept their eyes locked upon the other, and I think that Haldir's brothers with Lindir, though I have no idea of what they doing."


Elrond went back to comforting his son, while in his mind, thoughts were running one after another, and he believed that it was for the best.

"Hope to catch them…" Elrond mumbled, and set his mind, upon the ill boy.

"Catch who?" Haldir asked as he brought the food.

"That is no matter, mellon-nin," Elrond replied quickly, with a slight blush, and added, "Did you have any problem getting the food?"

"Nay, mellon-nin." He simply answered, though not adding more.

Haldir noticed their smile, he said nothing, but he suspected they knew something.

The elf looked at the boy, noticed how pallor he was, he also noticed the wet clothes that been on the floor.

"How is he?" he asked, as his eyes locked upon the sick boy.

"Not good," Elrond replied with heavy heart, and then he added with his eyes locked upon the Lórien guard, "Go, rest, you have done a lot today."

"I will do it, mellon-nin, thank you for everything." Haldir left the room.

Back to Mirkwood…

The healer took the princeling from the king's hands, and with the help of the guards they settled him steadily between them, and hurried toward the palace.

The king was right after them, vowing to himself that he would find out why his son was hurt so badly.

While they walked back to the palace, Thranduil's mind was running thought after thought not wanting to believe that his son was hurt, and he knew that he would not forgive himself if he lost him too, just as he lost his Adar, and his wife.

"He will be all right." He said to himself, having faith on his son's health and in the healer he had.

"He will be all right, Your Majesty." The healer confirmed his thoughts.

'Please, ion… be among the living, I do not know what would I do without you…' Thranduil prayed as his eyes set upon his son's limp form.

Once they got inside the palace, the Healer was the one to give orders to, while the king watched with sad eyes.

The healer did not like it at all, the king might deal with issues, but he did not need him like this.

"Your Majesty," he called, getting the king's attention, he added, "You need to rest."

The king left the room, hesitantly not wishing to leave his son's side, but he knew that the healer was right, how can he face his son when he is tired, he needed the strength as he son needs him.

The healer sighed in relief when the king left the room, and then he knelt beside the bed, his hand softly stroking the princeling's cheek that was soaked with blood, he wiped the blood away, and started to heal him, knowing that it will take a few days until Legolas would be all right.

The healer could see that some of Legolas's wounds already became infected, he moved his hands to the princeling's forehead, and checked it.

Heat. He had a fever.

The healer knew that he should work fast, not wishing to lose this sweet elfling to the heat of the fever.

He started to give new orders, and then he got cold water, and started to wet the elfling heated skin with the purpose to lower the temperature, when it did not work, he asked the maid to prepare a cold tub, and then picking up the elfling carried him to the cooling waters, hoping it would erase the fever that had a hold on him.

In the meanwhile, Thranduil decided after a few minutes that he could not concentrate he needed to see his son to make sure he was alright.

He left his room, heading toward the hallway towards the healer's room, and found nothing.

His heart missed a beat.

He started to walk down the hall, hoping to see the healer and to ask about the meaning of it, and why the healer left him to worry about the fate of his son.

The bathroom room door was half opened, and he could see the healer, maids and guards in there, holding his son.

Thranduil walked in haste inside the bathroom, watching any movement they did, and said nothing, knowing it will not do any help if he disturbed the healer in his work.

The healer moved his hand again, checking to see if the heat was still within the princeling's body, and he sighed in relief, as he felt a warm skin.

The cold had helped him.

"Get him back to his room, and cover him with blankets," he told to the guards, and then he turned to the maids, and order, "I need tea, hot tea, bring it straight away."

They nodded at him, and he found himself staring at his king, who only nodded at him with understanding.

The king followed him back to the room, only saying, "Thank you." to the healer.

The healer looked at the king and said, "Thank me when I see him laughing again."

Thranduil nodded.

Once they reached the room, Thranduil sat on the chair next to the bed, and watched with worried eyes as his son, who still not reached conscious, and even the healer was worried.

Thranduil noticed the bruises upon his son's body, his eyes growing worried, and he tried to get rid of one thought: Revenge.

He knew that revenge could destroy everything including himself, he would let the guards take care of what hit his son, he would know the whole story when his elfling recovered and not before.

'You are my everything, ion, please wake up…' Thranduil stared at his son with hopeful eyes as he prayed to the Valar.

Yet, his son was far away from waking.

He saw how the healer put lots of herbs in Legolas's smaller body, he said nothing, just kept praying for the Valar, that he could see his elfling, smiling at him again, as he was all he had left.

"Take something to eat, Your Majesty, I think that there is lot of time, till he wakes up." Gîl, the healer said to him.

Thranduil felt that his presence was needed here, and therefore he asked the maid to get ready meals, and bring it to him and the healer.

The maid left the room after bowing to the king.

The king stared at the healer and asked, "Is there anything that I could do, Gîl?"

Gîl stared at his king, and answered, "Talk with him, Your Majesty, let him know that you are near to him, hold him, so he will know that he is safe. Be there for him."

Thranduil nodded, he left the chair, and knelt beside the bed, one hand stroking Legolas's cheek, while the other was on his hair.

"Princeling, my dear elfling, please come back to me…" Thranduil held back the tears, not wishing them to fall down, but he knew that he needed release from all the pain that he going through alone, he started to cry, "Ion… sniff… I love you, I love you dearly… sniff… you are safe, ion-nin, and I am here with you… you are all I have, and I love you."

A knock was heard, and Gîl walked to the maid, taking the tray full of food, and set it upon the table. He nodded to her, and the maid left, hoping hat the princeling will be all right.

"Your Majesty," Gîl called softly, and added, "eat it, all of it, if you do not, I will call the guards."

The king raised his eyebrow at him, and Gîl added with a grin, "I will, my king, as you too need to eat, and as you are my king, and being a healer here, let me say that I don't want to have to heal you too, from falling again to grief."

Thranduil lowered his head; he knew that the healer was right he had faced grief before.

He lifted his head, and nodded to the healer, and thanked him, "Hannon-le, mellon-nin."

"There is no need to thank me, Your Majesty, I am just doing my service to you as a healer." Gîl said and bowed to him.

"Gîl, as my loyal healer, and friend, there is no need to call me as 'Your Majesty', you can call me Thranduil, as you called Lord Elrond as Elrond, when you were under him, learning how to be an healer." Thranduil said to him, and smiled at him.

Gîl smiled, and again bowed his head, saying nothing more.

Gîl gave him the tray of food, and placed it near to the king, so he could take each plate of food, and still be near to his son.

Thranduil moved closer to lie beside his elfling, so his son could feel his presence, and know that he was indeed safe.

"Ion, I am near you, you are safe." Thranduil said to princeling Greenleaf, before he started to eat.

Back to Imladris…

Right after Haldir left the room, he walked toward the hallway, over the kitchen, instead of resting by Elrond's advice.

He felt in his heart that he should see her again.

Süril, the kitchen maid, could feel her heart beating faster and harder, and she did not know why, and the only thought that was in her mind, was Haldir, the beautiful elf that appeared in Imladris.

She left the kitchen, heading outside.

They bumped into each other, their hearts beating so hard that each in turn thought the other could hear it. With eyes unmoving they stood and stared at each other.


The healer's room

Elrond was pleased when the boy was sleeping, but he was also worried that he might not wake again.

"Elrond." Glorfindel called once.

There was no reply.

"Elrond." The Balrog Slayer called again, only to be find that he was the only one doing the talking, and his friend, might have something on his mind, if he was thinking so deeply that he could not hear him.

Glorfindel knew that he should wake the lord from his thought that he had in his mind.

It will do no good to him or Estel, who was fighting for his life, as the cold and illness took him.

He knew how much Estel meant to him, and he knew that between Estel and Elrond had to have some connection,

He moved his hand upon his friend's shoulder, and started to shake him, waking him from the muse that caught his mind with a fog.

"ELROND!" he shouted as he shook him.

The lord began to be aware of everything around him, noticed Glorfindel by his side, and Erestor beside Estel's bed, ruffle the boy hair, as he still moved wet towels upon the heated skin.

"What happened to me?" Elrond asked, as he noticed the worried look upon Glorfindel's face.

"You were… you had something on your mind, mellon-nin, that took everything from you." Glorfindel answered, still concerned about his friend.

Elrond nodded and smiled at him, to be there for him, and then he nodded to Erestor to take care of him too.

"I Think I am going to lose him… like I lost my twin, my brother, Elros." Elrond said to them, as his eyes fixed upon the boy who seemed to him restless in the sleeping herbs that he puts in the tea.

"Elrond, my friend, I am not going to give up on him, and nor shall you, you should not give up on him, as he needs you now, as you need him, mellon-nin." Glorfindel said with firm voice, as he gazed at him.

Elrond nodded again to his friend, and went to the bed, taking a chair to sit, and with his eyes locked on the boy he took another towel and started to wet it upon the heated skin.

Then the door slammed back against the wall, startling everyone inside.

Lindir appeared at the door, he looked as if something worst had just happened

Glorfindel stood to handle it, as he saw that Elrond should not be bothered, not now when Estel is sick.

"I will handle it, my friend." Glorfindel said to the lord, noticed Elrond smiling at him, and then left the room, by closing the door after him.

"Now, Lindir, tell me what has caused you to be so." Glorfindel asked, as he scanned the young elf face, noticed some stress in his eyes and fear.

"Lord Glorfindel," Lindir said, as he tried to control his breathing, "Haldir's brothers and the twins shoved me off, as they ran through me…"

"Are they outside alone?" Glorfindel asked, believing that it was what was concerning Lindir the most.

Lindir only nodded; felt that he failed the elves.

"Was Haldir there with you, Lindir?" Glorfindel asked him, as he remembered that Elrond sent him over, as they had always an extra bed in each room.

"Nay… Should he have been?" Lindir asked, seemed surprised, by the news he got from the lord in front of him.

"Aye he should," Glorfindel replied, and then he added with a grin, "But I do believe that I know where I could find him."

Lindir looked at him, and asked, "Where, my lord?"

"Somewhere around food." Glorfindel grinned as he stared at him.

"In the kitchen?" Lindir asked, and then he added another question, "Why?"

"I believe that he found his match, Lindir," Glorfindel answered, "Let us find them."

Lindir nodded at him.

Both of them left the house toward the hallway, to look over all the elflings.

But in between searching for them, Lindir felt the need to ask more.

"Lord Glorfindel, can I ask you something?" Lindir asked, and Lord Glorfindel could see the hesitation and fear in his eyes.


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