A Bit of Rope: 66. Calendar adjusted for changed events

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66. Calendar adjusted for changed events

AU Adjusted calendar (all dates are given according to The Shire Reckoning)

Jan 15  Bridge of Khazad-dum. Arrival in Lothlorien at night.

Feb 16 The Fellowship departs from Lorien.

Feb 21 The Four Companions cross the Limlight. Aragorn and Gimli ride south.

Feb 22 Legolas and Merry enter Fangorn Forest from the north and begin searching for Ents.

Feb 23 The Grey Company crosses the Greyflood. Roheryn is lost.

Feb 24 Legolas and Merry meet Quickbeam. Aragorn and Gimli ride west around Fangorn Forest. Their horse is lamed. Balrog emerges from the peak of Zirak-Zigil.

Feb 25 The Five Companions are attacked near Sarn Gebir. Gandalf receives arrow wound. 1st battle at Fords of Isen. Theodred is saved by Aragorn and Grey Company, arriving from opposite sides of river. Aragorn and Gimli meet Grey Company. Aragorn is wounded. Balrog reaches Moria East-Gate and re-enters to muster the orcs for battle.

Feb 26 Theodred, Aragorn and Grey Company return to Edoras. Theodred takes command of Rohan. Grima is confronted with his treachery and flees. The Five Companions take the portage. Treebeard awakened at sunset.

Feb 27 The Five Companions arrive at the Argonath and make their final camp together. Legolas leaves Fangorn in search of Aragorn and Gimli, leaving Merry with Ents. Aragorn's wound worsens.

Feb 28 The Five Companions separate and take W and E stairs. Frodo tends Gandalf's wound. Aragorn begins to recover. Theodred gives Shadowfax to Aragorn, who begins to tame him. Legolas joins Riders in Orc battle. Grima arrives in Isengard.

Feb 29  Gandalf, Frodo and Sam enter Wetwang. Eomer and Legolas meet at dawn. Entmoot begins.

Feb 30 Entmoot continues. Shadowfax agrees to carry Aragorn that evening. Legolas and eored ride west through Rohan.

March 1 Faramir departs from Minas Tirith. Theodred appoints Eowyn to lead the people of Edoras and accompany the ailing Theoden to Dunharrow. Aragorn, Gimli, the Grey Company and main force of Rohirrim ride west toward Fords. Ents march from Fangorn.

March 2  2nd battle at fords of Isen. Fleeing survivors warn Theodred of defeat. Aragorn rides through Westfold and Westmarch to gather scattered Riders. Theodred and Rohirrim retreat to Helm's Deep. Ents reach Isengard at night. Grima murders Saruman and flees Isengard, witnesses destructon. Theoden wakens in Dunharrow. Grima meets Eomer and Legolas and reports destruction of Isengard and death of Saruman. Grima is killed. Legolas, Eomer and eored arrive in Helm's Deep.

March 3 Battle of Helm's Deep begins. Frodo, Sam and Gandalf leave the Wetwang. Frodo probes Gandalf's wound on the shores of Ithilien. Elladan slain.

March 4 Aragorn arrives with Grimbold and Erkenbrand at Helm's Deep at dawn. Battle over.

March 5 The Rohirrim and Grey Company reach Isengard at noon. The Four Companions reunited. Aragorn discovers palantir and claims it, confirming the muster of the Umbarian armada.

March 6 Boromir and Pippin arrive in Minas Tirith at sunset. Gandalf, Frodo and Sam meet Faramir during the night. Host of Moria marches from the East-Gate.

March 7 Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and the Grey Company arrive in Dunharrow. Faramir's company routs the Southrons. G, F and S move at night. Assault of Lorien begins at midnight.

March 8 Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and the Grey Company take the Paths of the Dead at dawn. Celeborn is slain; Elrohir is aware of his passing. They reach Erech at midnight.

March 9 Faramir leaves Henneth Annun. The fiefdoms' armies arrive in Minas Tirith. Aragorn leaves Erech and reaches Calembel. The Rohirrim arrive at Dunharrow. Frodo, Sam and Gandalf arrive at crossroads and go up into Morgul Vale.

March 10 Smoke from Mordor. Arrival of Red Arrow and muster of Rohan. Faramir returns to Minas Tirith, Denethor slays one of the winged beasts with Boromir's Elven bow. Gandalf leaves Frodo and Sam in pass, goes to Minas Morgul. Denethor sees the first few hours of the wizard's battle in the Stone of Anor.

March 11. In the night Aragorn uses the Palantir of Isengard, witnesses Gandalf's battle in progress. Boromir rides to Osgiliath before dawn. Gandalf captured just before sunset; Denethor witnesses it in the Stone of Anor, then has a true vision of the Ring-Bearer climbing toward the heights of the Ephel Duath. Reduced Morgul host, accompanied by remaining Nazgul, marches that evening. Near midnight, Frodo and Sam see Gandalf being transported eastward toward Mordor. Frodo falls from height near pass and is knocked unconscious. Sam climbs down to him and using Narya, continues onward with him.

March 12 Boromir and surviving garrison retreat from Osgiliath. Seige of Minas Tirith begins. Frodo awakens, he and Sam attacked by spiders in eastern Ephel Duath. Rain falls on the plain of Gorgoroth just as Gandalf is brought to Barad-dur. Rain coming eastward from central Mordor disperses spiders. Mirkwood overrun by assault from Dol Guldur.

March 13 Pelennor overrun. Rain from east at sunset suppresses fires. Imrahil wounded, his youngest son Amrothos killed. Aragorn reaches Pelargir and captures the Corsair fleet. Sam falls ill from spider venom. Witch King leaves Barad-dur at night.

March 14 Rain at Minas Tirith ceases before dawn, fires break out again in First and Second Circles. Rohirrhim reach the Grey Forest. Radagast hears news of battles and summons Eagles.

March 15 Gate broken just before dawn. Denethor dies at Gate, Boromir wounded, Pippin saves him and wounds Gothmog. Rohan arrives at dawn. Eomer is slain. Merry and Eowyn kill Gothmog on the field. Aragorn arrives on Pelennor, siege broken. Witch King (arriving belatedly) is trampled to death by mûmak. Frodo senses his passing. Faramir and Aragorn meet. Commander Baranor falls in battle. Aragorn and Elrohir come to the Houses of Healing and labor through the night. Thranduil turns back assault from Dol Guldur; Khamul is recalled to Mordor.

March 16 The Captains of the West meet in the Last Debate. Radagast is brought to Rivendell by Eagles.

March 17 Sam revives. Frodo and Sam begin to climb the inner Morgai peaks. Galadriel arrives in Rivendell.

March 18 The Host of the West begins to march on the Black Gate. Frodo and Sam begin their journey through Mordor. Balrog and Moria Orc army descend from High Pass.

March 20 Siege of Rivendell begins.

March 23 Arwen is wounded. Elrond, Glorfindel and Galadriel together destroy the Balrog, but all three die in the process. Radagast leaves Rivendell. Host of Barad-dur begin their march north toward Udun.

March 25 Host of the West comes to the Black Gate. Gandalf is brought out before the Host upon a pyre. Frodo and Sam find the Crack of Doom and through their joint courage, destroy the Ring. Sam is killed by the ensuing explosion that results from the  destruction of the One. The Gate falls and the battle is won. The Eagles bring Radagast to the battlefield. Legolas and the Eagles find and bring Frodo out. Gandalf is brought alive out of the rubble of the field and passes away that evening.

March 28 Frodo awakens.

March 30 Feast of Remembrance on the Field of Cormallen.

Mid April Crowning of King Elessar. Fourth Age begins.

Midsummer. Wedding of Aragorn and Arwen. Two days later, Aragorn undergoes amputation of his right arm at the scapula (forequarter amputation). Betrothals of Boromir of Gondor and Eowyn of Rohan, Meriadoc of Buckland and Mareyn of Anorien, and Elrohir Peredhel and Ivreniril of Minas Tirith.

Late August. Elves of Mirkwood, Gimli, Radagast, Hobbits, Halbarad and Northern Rangers journey northward to their respective homes. Faramir accompanies Halbarad to explore the Northern realm of Arnor of Old.

September 15th. Halbarad is named Steward of Arnor.

September 22. The three surviving hobbits return to the Shire.

October 6th. Frodo is ill but tells no one.

Late October. The Steward of Gondor, Faramir, returns to Minas Tirith from the Angle in Arnor.

Fourth Age, Year One.

March 15th. Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck depart from the Shire and return to Gondor.

March 25th. Frodo falls into a deep depression.

April 28th. Frodo begins to recover.

June. The Month of Weddings. Meriadoc Brandybuck weds Mareyn of Anorien. Elrohir Elrondion weds Ivreniril of Minas Tirith. Boromir of Gondor weds Eowyn of Rohan. Halbarad, in the company of his daughter and surviving son, are in attendance at the latter two weddings.

September. Frodo and Farmer Maggot visit Tom Bombadil.

October 6th. Frodo is ill for the second year in a row on the anniversary of his wounding by the Witch King near Weathertop.

Fourth Age, Year Two.

February. Theoden grows ill, names Eowyn his royal heir, and names Boromir Lord Marshall of the Mark.

April. Theoden passes away. Eowyn is crowned Queen of Rohan.

Late April. Faramir of Gondor and Faeleth of Arnor are betrothed.

May. Frodo and Maggot visit Bombadil for the second time.

September 17-18. Frodo signs over the deed to Bag End to Fredegar Bolger.

September 30. Iaurel visits Crickhollow.

October 2. Maggot and Frodo journey to visit Bombadil. Frodo meets Gandalf the Silver.

Fourth Age, Year Three.

March 25. Gandalf departs for the West on the Last Ship from the Grey Havens. Frodo changes his mind at the last minute and remains in Middle Earth.

June 13. Elanor Brandybuck is born to Mareyn and Meriadoc in Anorien.

Yule. Merry, Mareyn and Elanor visit Brandy Hall and repair relations with the Brandybucks. Frodo and Esmeralda Took Brandybuck meet with Palladin Took several times, finally convincing him to reach out to his son Peregrin.

...and then life goes on: peace reigns, people are married, babies are born, hobbits migrate to Gondor and establish a colony, cities are rebuilt, books are written, schools are established.

Fourth Age, Year 19.

Frodo has first symptoms of shaking palsy.

Fourth Age, Year 21.

Frodo Baggins passes away and is buried in Annuminas.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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