To Expore Arda: 11. The Pendant

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11. The Pendant

The wandering company was traveling southeast, along the White Mountains, heading for Minas Tirith. The plan was to visit the city and then move south into Harad. Gildor explained that while some of the southern people were not to be trusted, the culture was so exotic that it would be a shame for Rúmil to not experience it.

As they traveled, Gildor and Rúmil danced around each other, neither making a move. It was frustrating Elrilon terribly. Furthermore, he was not the only one noticing the unspoken attraction. While Rúmil's circle of friends grew, none dared to try to deepen the relationship for fear of the ever-watching elf-lord. Those that knew Gildor best hoped that Rúmil would act on his feelings. The guardian from the Golden Wood was well liked and it was often whispered that the two would make a fine pair. Still none would give Rúmil any further information about the ancient one, and Gildor's answers were too evasive.

Finally Elrilon had had enough. When they reached the great citadel, he decided to push a little. He knew that Gildor liked his evenings of solitude so he could think and brood in peace, but this night would be different. After the elf-lord excused himself, the captain approached Rúmil. "I am taking your duty this night," he said.

Rúmil looked up from the ground. He was setting out his bedroll. "Have I done something wrong?" he asked with concern.

The other elf looked down with a warm smile. "Nothing, other than keeping quiet too long. You will find Gildor at the river. Go to him. Talk to him. No one is blind; they see it in your eyes. Go make him truly happy again."

Rúmil looked deep into the brown eyes. He saw sincerity and hope in them. He smiled and went in search of the elusive ellon.

Rúmil found Gildor some distance down river. The elf-lord was reclined on his elbow; his tunic open to reveal the smooth chest. The golden haired elf fingered something on the end of his chain. Rúmil's heat raced. Never had he seen anything so desirable. His member twitched in appreciation. He approached cautiously.

"I thought you were on watch again tonight," the elf-lord said softly.

"Elrilon relieved me," came the reply. Rúmil now stood over the reclined elf.

"And he told you where to find me." It was a statement of fact, not a question.

"Do you wish me to leave?" Rúmil asked quietly.

Gildor looked up from his chain for the first time. There was a melancholy in his eyes and Rúmil wanted to wipe it away. "What I wish and what should be done are often different things." Gildor watched as Rúmil gracefully sank to the ground. The younger elf stretched out to mirror Gildor's position.

"May I?" The younger elf asked, indicating the necklace.

Gildor shifted closer and let Rúmil take hold of the pendant. The Silvan elf leaned in to look at it closely. It was a square turned on its corner. In the center was a wheel of alternating gold and copper wedges. From that center circle burst rays, like the flames of the sun or strange wings. What little remained of the background was enameled with bright blue. Something about it seemed familiar to the young Silvan.

Gildor thought he would spend himself just by the sheer closeness of the elf he had dreamed about since they met. The moonlight illuminated Rúmil's pale blond hair, giving a halo effect. The young elf smelled of sandalwood and pine. Gildor's heart was racing and he all but swooned.

"It is beautiful," Rúmil said in a hushed tone.

Gildor cleared his throat. "It was given to my mother by my father before he left…" The elf-lord caught himself. He had revealed too much and now the questions would start. He did not feel like answering questions; he felt like holding the other elf, kissing him, caressing him, tasting him. The passion in Gildor grew.

Rúmil looked up into passion filled eyes and his next question died on his lips. It did not seem to matter at the moment. Without thought, still holding the pendant, Rúmil leaned in and pressed his lips to Gildor's.

Gildor closed his eyes and moaned with delight as a warm tongue sought entrance. He opened his mouth. Rúmil explored the elf-lord's mouth with such tenderness that Gildor thought he would cry. Rúmil pulled away with a final nip. The elves gazed deep into each other's eyes before coming together for a more passion filled kiss.

Gildor pulled the younger elf close, their bodies flush. His tongue pushed past yielding lips. Rolling onto his back, the older elf pulled Rúmil across his body so that he could wrap both arms around the slighter elf.

Rúmil broke from the kiss and began to trail nips and kisses along Gildor's jaw and neck. Fingers splayed over the silk tunic, seeking the clasps and quickly opening them. Rúmil began to lick his way down Gildor's bared chest. Gildor loosened his hold on the young elf to allow the movement. Rúmil attacked a dusty nipple, pulling it gently between his teeth then licking is with the tip of his tongue. Gildor gasped and moaned, his fingers combing though Rúmil's soft hair.

Rúmil pushed the silk shirt wide and straddled Gildor's legs as he continued his tantalizing assault on the elf's body.

Rúmil's touch was like nothing Gildor had ever experienced. His breathing was shallow and his heart raced in anticipation of where Rúmil exploration would lead him. The younger elf felt the desire hum around him. He moved slowly, savoring the perfect body beneath him. His tongue lapped at the elf-lords navel causing the pinned elf to squirm and writhe. With each move, Gildor pressed against Rúmil's sensitized member and the young elf felt pleasure course through his body.

Reaching the laces on his companion's leggings, Rúmil paused to look up at Gildor. The elf's eyes were closed and a smile of pleasure graced his lips.

"Seas," Gildor said in way of permission.

Rúmil opened the laces and freed the most beautiful silken rod he had ever seen. Gildor was well endowed. Before Gildor registered that his member was free, a moist, hot cavity engulfed it. The ancient elf cried out, unable to remain silent. He fisted his hand in Rúmil's hair as the younger elf's head bobbed up and down over the thick shaft.

As the member began to twitch and Gildor's hips came off the ground, the young elf let it slide from his mouth, smiling at the moaned protest. Quickly, he sought the junction of hip and leg and ran a long lazy lick along it. His was fondling the twin sacs gently as he ran his tongue from the patch of curls to the tip of the erect penis. He then took the member in mouth again, and thrusting his own hand down his leggings, he lay flat on the ground between Gildor's powerful legs. His own hand pumped his member in time with his mouth on Gildor's shaft. Soon Gildor was pumping into his mouth wildly and with a cry and fingers fisting in Rúmil's hair, the ancient elf-lord came as never before. Rúmil continued to milk him as he rode out the waves of pleasure. Both elves collapsed boneless. Rúmil laid his head on Gildor's hip.

Panting, the spent elf looked at the one who had brought him such pleasure. He pulled at Rúmil. "Let me now tend to you," he breathed.

Rúmil smiled up at him and with drew his hand from his leggings. Holding it so Gildor could see, he replied, "You already have." Grabbing the hand now covered in seed, Gildor brought it to his mouth and sucked at the cream. He hummed and moaned as he had the first taste of the one he loved. Rúmil groaned at the sensation.

"Next time," Gildor said between licks, "I get to do that." Rúmil scooted up Gildor's body and let the older elf pull him close.

"I am glad Elrilon took my watch." Rúmil sighed as he drifted off

"I hope you do not regret it later," Gildor whispered, holding the young elf close. Gildor remained awake, thinking, until nearly dawn. He then woke Rúmil and sent him back to camp. Rúmil left reluctantly but the older elf assured him all was well and that he wanted to clean up before returning. Catching Rúmil's hand as the younger elf turned to leave; Gildor delivered a kiss that spoke of promise.

Rúmil smiled, and with one last glance at the mysterious necklace, headed back to camp.

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