To Expore Arda: 12. Anticipation’s Reward

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12. Anticipation’s Reward

Haldir spent his afternoon cleaning his talan. He set comfortable chairs on the balcony, set an area for a light meal, made sure a bottle of red and white wine was available, and put clean linens on his bed…just in case. Once he was sure everything was in place, he headed to the public baths. Finding a quiet area, he soaked in the warm mineral rich water. Leaning back, Haldir let his long hair float across the waters. He washed his locks twice before finally emerging from the pool. He dried himself off and dressed quickly. He was hoping that Authion would not be at his talan already. Luck was with him as he found no one waiting for him. Haldir was not a showy individual but always looked impeccable. Tonight, however, he was going for a different look. Tonight he wanted to look desirable. He stripped again and opened his wardrobe. There was not much to choose from since either he wore his uniform or on rare occasions a formal robe. He riffled through the hanging garments and finally selected an emerald green raw silk shirt with laces up the front. Black leggings were the perfect accompaniment. Setting the clothes carefully on his bed, he moved to his dressing table. Sitting down, he stared at his reflection. His cheeks were flush and his eye sparkled with excitement. He smiled at the elf in the mirror.

"What do you say? Pulled back or loose?" he asked his reflection. He always wore most of the sides and the top pulled back in a herringbone braid. He needed something less practical tonight. Tonight he wanted to make the elf of his dreams his. He decided to leave his hair down and brushed it till it shone like the summer sun. The pale strands fell down his back and wisps framed his face. Next, he dressed, slipped on house shoes and moved to his bedside. His bed was not huge, but it was comfortable and did have room for two to snuggle. He opened the side table drawer and removed a small bottle of oil. He carefully placed it towards the back of the table, behind his book and lamp. He did not want it to be sitting out in obvious view screaming 'Haldir wants to have sex!'

Taking a quick look around his place, the Marchwarden was pleased. Everything was ready; all that was missing was a tall, handsome, green-eyed elf.

Authion's head was spinning. So many things had changed in the last day. He woke up this morning thinking his life was in ruins and by lunch everything he had hoped for came to pass. He was no longer in Haldir's regiment and he was ranked equally. He really loved his new assignment, honored by the appointment. He had been a guardian for nearly a thousand years, and although he loved working with Haldir, he was growing weary of the long tours on the borders and the ever-growing darkness that often entered the wood. He was one of the few who truly enjoyed working with the young trainees. That was why he offered to help those who needed some one on one time. The former captain just had a way with the younglings.

He had spent the day in Thurinmâr's office, going over training methods and schedules. Although Authion would add his own style and methods to the program, his predecessor had created a program that was known throughout all of the elven realms. As the sun began to set, the tired elf headed to the baths. It had been a long day, but the night held much promise. As he washed himself, he closed his eyes and thought back to the earlier encounter with Haldir. The Marchwarden had taken charge and made his feelings known. It had stunned Authion. He really did not think the beautiful elf had any interest in him. How they were going to meet, in private, as equals. The thoughts of what he wanted to do to that perfectly toned body caused his body to awaken. Coming back to the present, he pushed his desire down and quickly finished his bath. There would be time to indulge in his desires later…he hoped.

The sun had just set by the time the training master returned to his talan. He quickly brushed his dark blond hair. Pulling the sides back, he fastened them with a clip. The mass fell like molten gold with golden brown lowlights. He tore through his wardrobe to find something suitable. He settled on a rich blue tunic with silver buttons down the front. He slipped on snug grey leggings and dark grey boots. Taking a last look in the mirror, he grabbed his cloak, the company roster and all but ran through the door.

He briskly walked the short distance to the Marchwarden's talan. Looking up the ladder, he steadied his breathing. He could not believe that he might get his heart's desire tonight. He climbed the ladder and knocked on the door, and waited patiently for Haldir to answer. When the door opened, he was not prepared for the sight before him. Haldir astounded him and he could only stare.

"Come in, please." Haldir moved aside to let his friend pass. Authion entered silently. Haldir took the other elf's cloak and papers, draping the cloak on a chair, and taking the papers to a low table in front of the couch.

Authion found his voice. "Thank you. Umm.. I brought the roster so we could look over possible candidates."

Haldir smiled. "Good, but that can wait. Come, gave something to eat. I did not know whether you preferred red or white wine."

"Red, please." the tall elf said as he moved to join Haldir at the side table. He never saw Haldir look so stunning. "I like that that tunic. The color looks good on you," he said. Haldir graced him with a smile and a blush. Authion took the offered glass and took a deep sip. He was starting to come unraveled and that unnerved him. He was after all, over thirteen hundred years old. There was not reason he should be feeling like an elfling just past his majority.

Haldir sipped at his wine and reached for a strawberry. As he bit into the tender fruit, he caught the eye of his companion.

Authion stepped forward and, using his thumb, wiped a drop of juice from Haldir's lower lip. The training master brought his thumb to his own lips and licked at the sweet juice.

Haldir felt his member twitch. This was pure torture. He wanted to ravish the elf before him.

Authion read the desire and want in Haldir's eyes. Going out on a limb, he set his glass on the table, and taking Haldir's glass, did the same with it. Next he moved close to the Marchwarden. "I have desired you for a long time," he breathed.

Haldir stared into the beautiful green eyes. He could not resist asking, "Then why did you not take a promotion. As my Second, we could not…"

"I did not think you were interested in me. If I took a promotion, I would not be able to spend as much time with you and I thought that would be enough. I was wrong. It only made me want you more." He wrapped an arm around Haldir's waist and pulled the elf closer. "But it matters no longer. I can know show you how I feel now." He leaned in and kissed Haldir almost chastely. A moment later, he captured the soft lips in heated kiss.

Haldir answered the kiss with much desire. He pulled away just enough to speak. "I have dreamt of you for centuries. I though you did not desire me."

"Oh I desire you." Authion said, his voice thick with want and conviction.

Haldir found himself trapped in a crushing embrace. He threaded his arms around the taller elf's neck, pressing their bodies together. Authion began to move away from the table. Haldir gave a little jump and wrapped his legs around the older elf. Strong hands gripped his arse, supporting him as Authion walked to the couch. As they dropped onto the soft cushions, the need for air broke them apart. The two smiled at each other.

The dark blond elf caressed Haldir's cheek with the back of his hand. "You are so beautiful."

"Not compared to you," Haldir whispered as he captured the caressing hand with his own. Turning the limb over, he placed a kiss on the palm before licking it up to the wrist. The Marchwarden was sitting astride Authion. Using this to his advantage, he leaned down to nibble on a delicate ear tip.

The older warrior groaned at the sensation. "What are you trying to do?" Authion panted as nibbles were placed along his jaw. His strong hands moved up and down Haldir's powerful thighs.

"Arouse you," came the answer, just before a bite was delivered to the exposed collarbone. Authion let his head fall back against the couch's back cushion. Closing his eyes, he let the younger elf do as he pleased.

Haldir knew that he was successful when he felt a bulge rub against his own crotch. His hands were far from idle. Nimble fingers were unfastening silver buttons and pushing fabric away from the sculpted chest. After lapping at the pale neck, Haldir shifted so he could bend and reach a rosy nipple. He licked it to a peak before taking it in his mouth and suckling. Authion's moans fueled his fire. He licked his way across the smooth skin and gave the same attention to the other nub.

Authion managed to pull Haldir's shirt from his leggings. His hands slid under the material. With feather light touches, he traced the muscles, earning a moan from the Marchwarden. When Haldir sat up to take a breath, Authion took advantage of the position and pulled Haldir's shirt over his head. The training master, however, had some mischief planned. As the shirt cleared Haldir's head, Authion pulled it to the back, successfully pinning the younger elf's arms. Grabbing Haldir's torso with both hands he leaned forward and latched on to a nipple. Haldir struggled briefly before arching into the warm mouth.

"So you sought to arouse me, penneth. That you have. Now I will show you what happens when I am aroused!" Moving carefully and never relinquishing the dusky nipple, Authion lowered his soon–to-be lover to the floor and knelt between the spread legs. Haldir's eyes were wide as he realized that his arms were still pinned by his shirt and he was at the training master's mercy. The elf towered over him with a wicked grin. "Now I play," he said before attacking the prone elf's lips. The larger elf was careful not to put too much pressure on Haldir's pinned arms. After kissing Haldir breathless, Authion's lips moved down the trapped body. Hands caressed every inch of exposed skin. Hot lips licked and nipped. Haldir's member twitched and became painfully hard with the sensual attack on his body. Sitting back on his haunches, Authion liked his lips as his fingers pulled at the laces of Haldir's leggings. "I want to taste you," he said, running his tongue across his bottom lip. Freeing the hard flesh from the leggings, he scooted back a bit, and holding Haldir's hips still, he ran his tongue lightly over the tip.

Haldir arched and moaned. Never had the Marchwarden been so aroused! A moist heat, followed by the cool evening air ran from the base of his erection to the tip. When he arched this time, quick hands pulled his legging to his ankles and stopped. Authion now knelt on the leggings, trapping the long lean legs.

"Aye, saes," Haldir pleaded. He could do nothing but writhe with wanton desire. Warrior hands caressed his sacs with such gentleness and he cried out as moist heat engulfed his member. He could feel a hand grab the base of the shaft, making sure he could not spend himself. The pleasure grew till he was begging and pleading for release, for more, for anything. Something cool and slick ran between his backside. Where Authion had acquired oil Haldir did not know or care. He felt a hand leave his hip and slide between his cheeks. A slick digest circled his opening and poked at it, teasing it. The Marchwarden tried to bear down but in his pinned state could do nothing. The mouth on his cock sucked harder as the finger breached him. He cried out and panted. Soon the finger moved and hit the magic spot. Sparks of pleasure ran through out Haldir's body. A second finger was added. In and out, the fingers pumped in time with the head bobbing between his legs. It was the most erotic thing Haldir had ever experienced. A fine film of sweat covered his body. The hand at the base let go and he screamed his orgasm. He lay panting on the floor as the fingers left his body and a soft tongue cleaned every drop of his seed. "That was incredible!" Haldir panted.

Authion moved to the side and carefully helped Haldir out of his shirt and leggings. Grabbing an afghan from the couch, he covered his naked lover.

Haldir eyed the other elf. He stood, letting the blanket fall from his body. "Come with me," he said, offering his hand. Authion accepted the hand, and standing, let himself be lead to the bedroom.


Haldir stopped at his bedroom door and allowed Authion to enter. The training master moved to the center of the room and looked around. The bedroom was modest, like the rest of the talan. There was a comfortable bed, dressing table, wardrobe, and an impressive full-length mirror. It the glass he saw Haldir's naked form close the door.

Before the warrior had a chance to turn and have his lover, Haldir covered the distance and pressed his body close. "Look how beautiful you are," Haldir purred as he wrapped his hands around the broad chest. The silk shirt hung open to reveal rosy nipples. Fingers brushed over them and were rewarded with a soft sigh. Authion's arms hung loose at his sides as his head dropped back to rest on Haldir's muscular shoulder. The Marchwarden continued to caress the smooth skin, making no move to remove the shirt or shift to the bed. A hand stole down the rippled abdomen, just pulling the laces loose, then a determined hand slid into the snug leggings.

This caused Authion to buck and gasp. He looked at their reflection in the mirror. He could just see pieces of Haldir's body behind him. The lighter elf was busy lapping at the junction between neck and collar. One hand was splayed over his chest, sometimes brushing a nipple, sometimes tweaking it. What was most sensual to see was the hand down the front of his leggings, rubbing the already straining member. "Haldir, meleth," he panted. His body quivered with delight.

"Does this please you?" Haldir whispered, his other hand dropping to the laces. With another pull, he opened them completely and carefully pulled the throbbing member free.

"Aye, very much…ohhh, mmm…" The rest was lost as the ridged flesh was given a long lazy stroke. Authion reached up and behind his head to caress Haldir's near silver mane. His other hand tried to reach behind him to grasp the reawakening member. Haldir, however, pressed himself tight against the body in front of him. He teasingly ground his hips, being sure that his reawakening desire was nestled against Authion's firm backside. The suede of the leggings was causing the most wonderful friction! The Marchwarden moaned with delight.

Suddenly, Authion broke way, and spinning to catch the surprised elf in his arms, he growled, "Enough play! I want you now. I have waited a long time to feel you this way!" He picked up Haldir and made for the bed. The younger elf let out as sort of squeak when he thrown on to the bed. Authion quickly pushed off his leggings, loincloth and all, shrugged his shirt from his shoulders, and pounced on the bed, straddling Haldir. They laughed as their lips met for a heated kiss. Hands roamed freely and bodies grew slick with sweat. "I want you know. I care not if you take me or I take you, but I can not wait any longer."

Haldir looked into eyes now the dark color of evergreens. They shone with more than desire, more than lust. They shone with love. "You have already begun to prepare me. I gladly give myself to you."

The training master smiled, and after planting a chaste kiss on Haldir's nose, rolled them over, reversing their positions. "As you wish," he breathed. Authion pulled his lover in for a kiss.

As Haldir straddled the narrow hips, he felt fingers return to his tight passage. He rocked back on them, silently begging for more. He was rewarded with three fingers pressing in and out, scissoring and stretching his opening. The Marchwarden panted and moaned, his own member now leaking. Deciding he was ready, Haldir moved off the invading digits, positioned himself over Authion's rock hard member and lowered himself in one swift move. He cried out at the sensation.

Authion grasped Haldir's hips to stay his motion. He wanted to relish the feeling of the hot tight passage that engulfed his member.

Haldir leaned in for a kiss and pleasure coursed through him as his pleasure spot was brushed. Authion's hand came to grasp his member. The former captain stroked him slowly. He began to move up and down on his lover's cock in time with the strokes. Soon they sped up and Authion thrust up to meet Haldir's body. Haldir rode his lover hard, as his own member was stroked and squeezed. He felt his body give way to his climax and he called out in unbridled passion, Authion's name on his lips.

Authion felt the passage around him tighten and milk his member. He arched into the welcoming body above him. With a gasp he spent himself deep inside Haldir. Cupping Haldir's cheek, he smiled. "You are my heart's desire."

"And you are mine," Haldir replied.

"I do not share."

"Nor do I," replied the Marchwarden.

"I would have you forever."

"Then you shall," came the reply. Haldir sealed his pledge with a kiss. The softening member slid from his body and his lover pulled him close. Moments passed as the two enjoyed the aftermath of their passion.

Finally Authion spoke softly. "We still need to find my replacement."

Haldir chuckled. "It can wait till morning." The Marchwarden drifted off to sleep, locked in the safe embrace on the elf with whom he planned to bond.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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