To Expore Arda: 15. Turnabout is Fair Play

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15. Turnabout is Fair Play

Rúmil woke from the most peaceful slumber he had experienced in weeks. Realizing that he did not have anything to put on come morning, he carefully extracted himself from Gildor's embrace. He slipped into his leggings and as quiet as a shadow, he left the tent. Moving to the next tent, he entered the one he was to share with Eliron. Sliding past the flap, he was brought up short by the sight within.

Captain Eliron was bound as Rúmil has been earlier, however, there was a young woman in a short sheer gown lapping at his nipple while a young man, clad in only a loin cloth, sucked on the elf's clearly erect member. The younger elf flushed at the sight. The captain moaned in pleasure as the young adan moved to lick the sacs.

The edain were so intent on their ministrations that they did not realize Rúmil had entered. The ancient elf, however, sensed the presence of the other. Opening his eyes, he winked at the guardian. Rúmil flushed and forgetting about clothing, left as quietly as he had came. Before he had gone more than three paces, he heard his friend cry out in pleasure. He quickly returned to Gildor's tent and found his lover waiting for him.

"I feared you regretted what happened," Gildor said.

Rúmil moved to the bed to reassure the older elf. "I regret nothing. I thought to retrieve fresh clothing but…"

Gildor smirked. "The good captain had company?"

"Two and he was…" Rúmil dropped to the bed, confusion on his fair face.

"One of each, right? Not surprised. He is discrete, but for so ancient an elf, his tastes and appetite for physical pleasure are beyond even mine. He can hardly wait to come here to get his release."

"I gathered that from what he spoke of during the journey here," Rúmil said. He turned to look at the lounging elf next to him. The sheet had slipped down to Gildor's hip. Rúmil licked his lips. "Have you ever been bound?" he asked hesitantly.

Gildor eyed the young elf. "Yes, a couple of times."

"I suppose you prefer to be the one to do the tying."

"Actually," the ancient elf said as he stretched like a great golden lion, "I like to be tied."

Rúmil's breath caught at the sight of the ellon stretching, muscles tight. Gildor was the most sensual being Rúmil had ever encountered. "Then you would not object if I wanted to tie you up?"

"I hoped you would, pendithen."

Rúmil leaned down and planted a soft kiss on Gildor's lips. As he deepened the kiss, he took hold of Gildor's arm and guided it to the scarf. Sitting up, the younger elf carefully bound the elf-lord's wrist. Again he kissed his lover then bound the other wrist. When he went to bind Gildor's ankle, the older elf stopped him. Rúmil looked up.

"Untie the scarves from there and tie them here." Rúmil looked where Gildor had indicated with his head. The guardian smirked as he saw the bed had six legs. He tied the scarves to the middle legs.

"They will not reach your ankles."

Gildor winked. "Yes they will." Gildor bent his legs up; his heels almost touching his buttocks. "Now tie them."

Rúmil did as he was instructed, and when he looked at Gildor, his member throbbed, for there was nothing hidden from his eyes. He looked hungrily at the stunning figure lying bound to the bed. He moved to touch his lover, but Gildor's words stopped him again.

"You will find a blindfold in the pack by my clothing."

"You wish me to blindfold you?"

"Aye, it heightens the anticipation. Then you may do to me was you will."

Rúmil's heart pounded in his chest as he retrieved the blindfold. He tied it gently about Gildor's head and kissed the tempting lips. Sitting up again he gazed over the smooth creamy skin. He carefully dipped his head and touched the tip of his tongue to Gildor's nipple. A small sigh escaped his lover's lips. Next the younger elf licked up the perfect shell of an ear as his had slid down, tracing the muscles of Gildor's stomach. Gildor moaned.

"Aye melethron. Yes, tease me," the elf-lord pleaded.

Rúmil licked his way down and settled between the bent legs. Now he had a perfect view of not only Gildor's erection standing tall but also the pink puckered opening he longed to sink into. His tongue flicked over the head, licking drops of cream from the slit. He ran his hand over a thigh and fondled the twin sacs. Rúmil had only had two lovers before Gildor and neither did anything like this. He let his dreams guide his actions, for he had dreamed of remarkable, sensual things that he longed to try now.

"Do what ever you desire. I trust that you will only give me pleasure."

With the encouragement of his lover, Rúmil shifted on the bed. His hands massaged Gildor's inner thighs as he licked and sucked on the ridged member. He let it slip from his mouth and smiled at the disappointed groan that resulted. Taking a calming breath, Rúmil lowered his head again.

"Augh! Saes!" Gildor called out as he felt the delicate tip of a warm wet tongue flick at his entrance. He pulled against his bonds trying to feel it again.

Rúmil repeated the action and again the elf-lord cried out.

Gildor panted and his member twitched and leaked his seed.

Growing bold, Rúmil lapped at the tight hole before plunging his tongue inside. He quickly grabbed the base of Gildor's member and stopped him from gaining release.
"Not yet," the Silvan said, his breath cooling the wet area. "I am not done playing yet." Gildor began to plead and Rúmil chuckled as he was called some not so pleasant names. He moved off the bed long enough to slide his own leggings off. He then continued his ministrations to Gildor's nether region, periodically licking at the weeping head. Rúmil's own desire was building till near breaking point, but first he wanted to bring his lover as much pleasure…and torment…as possible. Still holding the base of Gildor's member with one hand, he used his other to prepare his lover. "You are unbelievable, penmalthen," he whispered. "I never dreamed that I would feel this way about anyone." Rúmil pressed two fingers into the slick passage. "You have taught me so much more than I hoped." He brushed the spot deep within Gildor and the elf moaned in ecstasy. A third finder was added and Gildor did his best to push back on them.

"Saes," the bound elf begged. "Penneth, have me. I can bear it no longer." He gasped as the bundle of nerves was brushed again. "Release my member and slide in. I long to feel you in me, filling me, claiming me," Gildor panted.

Rúmil could take no more; the thought of claiming his lover caused his own weeping shaft to throb painfully. Lining up with Gildor's entrance, he pressed forward slowly. He felt the guardian ring give way and the young elf moaned at the tight heat. He released the pressure on Gildor's member, but continued to stroke it slowly. He pulled out and thrust back in, setting a slow, deep rhythm. He reached up and slid the blindfold off Gildor's beautiful eyes. "I want to look into your eyes as you come undone," he said with a smile. Their gazes locked as they moved as one. Rúmil found that he could not untie Gildor's legs, however, he was able to undo the ancient elf's wrists. Immediately he was crushed to his lover's body.

"Enough teasing," Gildor demanded "Saes, melethron. Make love to me, come with me."

Rúmil quickened the pace, and in the position they were in, Gildor's member was trapped between their bodies. As they rocked together, the pressure built and Gildor, his voice rough from panting, cried out Rúmil's name.

The rippling movement of the tight passage milked Rúmil's orgasm from him. He collapsed onto Gildor, whispering words of love. Catching his breath, Rúmil pulled out, untied his beloved, and pulled the blankets about them. He could see the dawn's glow just beyond the tent flap. They had made love all night. The guardian sighed blissfully.

Gildor chuckled. When Galadriel had asked him to take a young elf with him, he never imagined that he would find the other half of his soul. Come morning, he would ask Rúmil to share his life with him permanently. But for now, he was content to hold his young lover close.

The End…well, for now...

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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