The Sweet Sound of Music: 11. 11

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11. 11

Glorfindel made his way back to Erestor's room.  He just could not seem to get enough of the dark elf's company.  Knocking gently on the oak door, he waited.  When his second knock went unanswered, he quietly let himself in.  Erestor was most likely resting.  The warrior was surprised to find the room empty.  Furrowing his brow he called, "Erestor?"  There was no answer, no sound at all.  The Elda advanced into the room hesitantly and looked to the balcony.  The sun was setting and Erestor loved to watch it set.  Glorfindel was disturbed to find the balcony empty.  Returning to the chamber, he noticed a faint flickering coming from the bathing room.  "Erestor, are you in there?" Surely if the advisor was there, he would have answered.  Perhaps Elrond took him for a walk; somehow, he did not believe that.  Not wanting to cause a fire, he headed to the bathroom to extinguish the candles before he left to search elsewhere.

Walking purposefully into the bathroom, the Elda stopped at the door in shock.  Lying on his stomach, half in the pool, half on the floor was Erestor.  The raven-haired elf made no movement save for shivering.  Glorfindel snapped out of his stupor as instinct kicked in.  He reached the prostrate elf in two strides, grabbing a large towel along the way.  Laying the towel across Erestor, the warrior carefully pulled the councilor out of the pool, simultaneously wrapping the towel around the naked form. 

"C...col…cold."  Erestor whispered through chattering teeth.

Gathering his precious bundle, Glorfindel made for the bed, grateful that Erestor was conscious and semi-coherent.

"Oh, meldir."  The golden elf said as he laid Erestor on the bed.  Working quickly, he rubbed the pale skin dry and removed as much water from the thick tresses as possible.  Covering Erestor with the bedclothes, Glorfindel went to the dresser to find more blankets.  He could hear Erestor's teeth chattering.   "This should help," he said laying a heavy velvet blanket on the bed.  "I will fetch Elrond."

"N…no.  Sta…ay."

"Erestor, you need to get warm.  Elrond has teas that…" Glorfindel never made it a single step before a whispered plea stopped.

"You…ca…you can keep me…" Erestor lost the battle with consciousness, never finishing his words. 

Glorfindel knew what he hoped Erestor was planning to say, but should he assume?

'Take the risk, you coward,' his heart said.  It certainly would warm up the chilled body quickly.  Looking at the vulnerable elf, shaking from the cold, Glorfindel decided his heart was right.  Kicking off his boots and removing his belt and tunic, the warrior crawled under the covers with no little trepidation.  Erestor sought out the warmth of his body and quickly curled up in Glorfindel's arms.  'He fits so well,' Glorfindel mused, melting into the body he held tight.  Soon the chills subsided and even breathing told the warrior that the councilor slept peacefully.  With a smile on his face, Glorfindel let himself drift to sleep as well.


Erestor awoke feeling refreshed and extremely warm.  He had no recollection of how he got out of the tub, only that he was in bed now.  Moving his fingers on the bed, he was startled to discover that it moved.  Upon closer observation, the councilor relied that he was draped across a chest; a male chest.  Moreover, the owner of said chest had the most beautiful gold hair falling over his shoulder.  Erestor smiled.  He was not certain how he had managed it, but he had Glorfindel in his bed.  'Only one problem,' he thought, 'I am naked and he is not.'

Feeling the elf in his arms move, Glorfindel awoke and stilled.  How was Erestor going to react to this development?


"Aye, Erestor."

"You are in my bed."

"Aye, I am."

Erestor thought about his next words carefully.  "How?"

Glorfindel kissed the dark crown before he realized it and smiled when he felt Erestor press closer to him.  "Very carefully," he replied smugly.

Erestor looked up through dark lashes and smiled.  Somehow, Glorfindel always knew what to say…well, at least when it really mattered.

Erestor drew lazy circles on Glorfindel's chest.  "As much as I like this, Elrond will check on me soon and I really do not want to be found like this."

"But I am comfortable," whined a grinning balrog slayer.

"You are fully clothed whereas I am not."


"Fin, move!"  The advisor attempted to sound stern but failed miserably.  The warrior could not hide his chuckle and found himself smacked on the arm.

"All right, all right."  Glorfindel released the dark advisor and moved off the bed.  Turning his back, he afforded Erestor some privacy.  Glancing around, he caught sight of the ebony haired beauty in the window glass.  A sudden heat pooled in his groin. In his concern for Erestor's well being, he had been unaffected by the naked body he had held all night.  Now, however, Erestor was fine and the Elda's body awoke.  Shifting from leg to leg, the warrior hoped his shirt hid the bulge that was forming in his leggings.

Erestor fared no better.  As he pulled on his underlay and robe, he began to think about how wonderful it had felt in Glorfindel's arms and how much better in would have felt had the great warrior also shed his cloths.  Turning to look at Glorfindel, Erestor swore he never saw so magnificent a sight as the tall, powerful elf in just soft suede leggings and a light, flowing, gauze shirt, his long golden mane wild about his broad shoulders.

Erestor quietly approached the radiant vision. "Thank you," he said to the warrior. 

Glorfindel, startled from his musings, turned and found himself nearly nose to nose with the most stunning elf alive.  His mouth went dry and he was at a loss for words.  'You're welcome' just did not seem to do it.  His inaction ended with the softest action he had ever felt.  Standing one tiptoe, Erestor pressed his lips to the Elda's.  Glorfindel's world stopped.  Catching on, he brought his hands up to cup Erestor's cheeks and deepened the kiss. 

Erestor was lost in the sensation.  As Glorfindel's tongue sought entrance to his mouth, the advisor welcomed it with his own.  Exactly when his arms wrapped around the Elda, Erestor could not say.  However as the kiss threatened to drown him, he clung to the strong back for all that he was worth.  Knees weakening and air lacking, the two elves pulled apart.  Sapphire eyes gazed into their onyx counterpart.  Neither elf spoke a word.  What was there to say?

 Leaning for another kiss, Glorfindel let out a growl at the knock at the door. "Damn the peredhel," he mumbled.  Erestor leaned up for one quick kiss (Glorfindel attempted to detain the advisor longer, but failed) before heading to the door.

"Good morning, Elrond."

"Good morning, Counselor.  I trust you slept…" The lord of the valley paused as he noticed the Elda in a state of disarray, glaring at him, "…well."  Up went the eyebrow.

"Very.  Thanks to Glorfindel."  Erestor smiled at the now pink-faced warrior.

"Good morning, Glorfindel."

"Lord Elrond."  Glorfindel made to leave but his lord stopped him.

"I only want to take a quick look at Erestor.  Then I promise to let you two be."  Elrond said with a twinkle.  "I will have some breakfast brought up for you both.

The golden elf smirked, "Tell the servant if she hears any strange sounds to please leave it in the hall."  He looked at Erestor and winked.

Now Elrond blushed.  He made a quick assessment of this councilor's health and left as quickly as possible.


Glorfindel turned on Erestor and pounced, pinning the smaller elf to the bed.  "Excuse me?  Look who is calling whom wicked.  You are the one who slept naked."

"And your point is?"  Erestor raised that damn eyebrow.  Glorfindel hated it as much as he hated Ecthelion's smirk.

"My point, dear councilor," he began, "is simply this."  Erestor found his mouth plundered by the sweetest of tongues.  Wrapping his arms around Glorfindel's waist, Erestor maneuvered his hands under Glorfindel's shirt, caressing his bare back.  The warrior moaned at the touch.  "Erestor," he whispered against kiss-swollen lips.  Having nothing else to say, Glorfindel leaned in for another kiss.  "Mandos' halls!" he swore. 

Erestor laughed as the knock on the door came again, louder.  "Breakfast is here, dear," he said in a candy sweet voice.

"They can leave it in the hall."

Wiggling out from under the grumbling elf, Erestor stood and answered the door. "Mmm, smells divine."  Erestor took the tray to the balcony.

Knowing that it had been some time since the councilor had eaten a true meal, Glorfindel reluctantly moved to the table on the balcony.  They spent the rest of the morning munching on breakfast, talking and simply enjoying each other's company.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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