The Sweet Sound of Music: 12. 12

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12. 12

Three days had passed since Elrond returned home.  The welcome feast for Ecthelion had been postponed until the Chief Councilor recovered.  Glorfindel returned to his duties, as did Erestor, although they spent their evenings together.  They walked the gardens, played chess, or drank wine by the fire.  All seemed as it had always been.  No one saw the subtle touches and stolen kisses.

Gildor continued to help Erestor, though he spent his free time chasing an elusive galadhel.  Rumil was young and fair, and had the Vanya's heart flutter.

Ecthelion worked with the trainees during the morning hours and spent his afternoons and nights with Lindir.  Those who saw them together could not help but smile.  The Lord of the Fountain and Imladris' head bard were so deeply in love.  Often in the evenings, they could be heard playing music together in the gardens.  Many commented that it was the sweetest sound they ever heard.

The feast day came and the Last Homely House was all abustle.  Once all the necessary daily work was completed, everyone readied themselves for the night of merriment.

In his quarters, Glorfindel took special care in his appearance.  He always looked handsome and well groomed.  Tonight, however, he readied himself with a certain elf in mind.  The warrior put orange ginger oil in his bath. He scrubbed his nails to get all of the dirt from the training grounds out.   He combed a small about of the bath oil into his hair to tame the golden mass, and brushed it until it gleamed like burnished gold.  He chose to leave it loose, tucked behind his ears; the circlet of his house rested upon his brow.  He stood in front of his wardrobe for a long time, before finally choosing a pair of midnight blue leggings that fit like a glove.  Vines of gold flowers were stitched up the sides.  Taking a rich gold shirt, he paired it with a dark blue jerkin, also embroidered with the symbol of his house.  Soft black boots and belt finished the ensemble.  Standing in front of the mirror, Glorfindel felt like an elfling.  Butterflies had invaded his stomach and his hands shook. 'Relax,' he chided himself.  'It is only Erestor.'  Only Erestor; only his best friend in this life; only the one who made his pulse race; only the one he desired above all else. With a sigh, he left his room for the Hall of Fire.


He was going to be late, he just knew it.  He could not even blame it on work, as it was Elrond who shooed him out of the office.  Everything started out right.  He had taken his bath and rubbed Eucalyptus/Spearmint oil into his hair and skin.  He even managed to scrub the near permanent ink stains off his fingers.   Now, however, he was at a standstill.  The advisor was on his third outfit; none seemed to work.  The blue one was too…blue; the black and silver too…uptight.  He rummaged further into his wardrobe.  Well, here was an outfit that had not seen the light of day in centuries.  Carefully taking the garments out, the dark-eyed elf laid them on the bed.  Perfect!


Erestor rushed down the halls in a flurry of robes.  He was late.  Nearly skidding to a halt at the large double doors, the Chief Counselor took a moment to straighten his clothing and smooth his hair before calmly entering the Hall of Fire.

Elves had just begun to take their seats as the councilor entered.  As he advanced into the hall, eyes stared and conversation stopped, and most elves did a double take.  Erestor felt eyes upon him, but kept his gaze plastered to a spot just above the head table. The advisor was garbed in black, which was not unexpected, but these were not his robes of office.  The outer cassock was raw silk, closed at the chest with toggles of the darkest crimson and open from the waist down.  The under garment was of the same crimson color as the toggles, embroidered with black vines.  A black silk sash could be seen around the slender waist. Hair as shiny as obsidian flowed down the elegant back.  The sides were pulled back into a herringbone braid; his circlet of status woven amongst the dark strands. At the head table, Gildor let out a low whistle, and Ecthelion had to steady Glorfindel.  Erestor was a vision to behold; he rivaled Namo in dark splendor.  Glorfindel knew at that moment that his heart was no longer his.

"My apologies, my Lord."

"None needed, Councilor."

Glorfindel moved a chair from the table, offering Erestor the seat.  Erestor blushed and quickly seated himself.  Glorfindel, whose place was normally at Elrond's left, moved to sit next to the dark beauty. 

Gildor found himself sitting next to the Lord of the Valley.  "Interesting development," he whispered.

Elrond looked at the Vanya and smirked.  "Very interesting."

"Care to wager on whose room they end up in?"  Gildor let out a hearty laugh at the stunned look in Elrond's face.


Through the entire meal, Glorfindel could not take his eyes off of the advisor.  Of course Erestor was just as smitten. If Manwe appeared in the hall, the two elves would never notice.  Once dinner was completed, tables and chairs were moved aside to make room for dancing.  The musicians took their places, and a loud applause erupted when the Lord of the Fountain joined them. 

As the first strains began, Glorfindel stood and offered his hand to Erestor.  The warrior held his breath, knowing the other elf rarely danced.  With a meek smile, the advisor stood.  Glorfindel lead him to the dance floor, pulled him close and forgot all else.  They danced and laughed all evening.

As the hour drew late, Erestor said, "Will you walk with me in the gardens, Glorfindel?"

Glorfindel nodded, and led Erestor out of the hall.

The two elves walked in silence for a time.  The advisor stopped under a flower filled arbor.  Turning to the golden elf beside him, he said, "I really do want to thank you.  Had you not returned to my rooms the other night, I do not know what would have happened."

Glorfindel cupped the beautiful face.  "I could not stay away then anymore than I can now."  The Elda leaned down to capture rose-petal lips.  Lips met in a soft kiss until Erestor pressed forward, wrapping his arms around the tall warrior's neck.  Glorfindel readily deepened the kiss, demanding entrance to the dark elf's mouth.  Erestor moaned, as he tasted the sweetness of Glorfindel's tongue.  The two elves held each other in a crushing embrace, and when the need for air forced them apart, both spoke at once.

"Your room."  They laughed. 

Erestor caressed his soon- to- be- lover's face.  "I have spent far too much time in my room as of late.  Let us retire to yours."

 Glorfindel gazed into the depthless eyes and read the true desire in them.  Kissing the smaller elf softly he answered, "My room then." 

Both elves reigned in their desire and walked to Glorfindel's room calmly, nodding and greeting those they passed.  The Elda opened the door and invited the advisor in, closing the door behind them.

"You know," Erestor said as he turned to face the warrior, "I do not think I have ever…" The demanding lips of the balrog slayer stopped his words abruptly.  Erestor gasped, and in doing so allowed a persistent tongue into his mouth.  Clinging to the great elf, the dark elf could feel desire pool in his groin.  Breaking for air, Erestor ran his hands over Glorfindel's jerkin, eliciting a moan.  His nimble fingers made short work of the cloth barrier.  One less obstacle, the advisor thought. 

Glorfindel did not succeed in undoing Erestor's outer robe and growled, "Off!  I do not wish to damage it." 

Erestor chuckled, stepped back and deftly undid his robe.  He had not even opened it when the impatient slayer pushed it down his arms. 

Locking Erestor in a passionate kiss, Glorfindel maneuvered the other elf to his bed.  The great warrior was gasping and sighing as the clever advisor had managed to slip his hands under his shirt. 

"You looked like a Vala tonight, Fin, but now I want to see the real you."  Long fingers untied the laces on Glorfindel's leggings.  The larger elf attempted to push the smaller onto the bed but was met with surprisingly strong resistance.  "Hmm, not yet, I am not done yet."  Erestor nipped at the long neck, lapping at the racing pulse.


"Shhh."  Erestor slid the shirt over Glorfindel's head and promptly latched onto a rosy nipple.  After lavishing its mate, Erestor knelt before the great lord and kissed his way down the muscular abdomen. 

Glorfindel thought he would die at the sensation. 

Just before reaching the golden elf's bulge, Erestor stood and unbuttonrd his own under robe.  Never had Glorfindel seen a more sultry sight.  His body reacted; his leggings were far too tight.  Erestor stopped, leaving the light under-robe hanging open and looked expectantly at the warrior.  "Are you going to make me do all the work?" he asked.

Glorfindel could take no more.   After sliding his leggings off, he launched himself at the startled advisor.  Knocking the smaller elf off balance, the Elda successfully pinned Erestor beneath him.  Glorfindel took in the advisor's body.  "Absolutely beautiful," he said, leaning down to suck on a pale collarbone.

The dark-haired elf arched into the kiss. "You have seen me naked before," he gasped.

"Yes." Glorfindel ran his hands down the creamy chest and over the tempting thighs. "But I was not in the position to enjoy it, nor were you..." He leaned down and kissed Erestor soundly before continuing down his body. 

Erestor touched every part of the broad back that he could reach.  Every kiss, every lick the golden one bestowed sent sparks through his body, pooling in his groin.

The warrior dipped his tongue into his lover's navel.  He repeated the action when the cutest little squeal came from below him.  Holding Erestor's hips still, he nibbled at the joint between the now rigid shaft and hip.  Erestor gripped the satin comforter.  He wiggled and squirmed in an attempt to get Glorfindel's mouth where he desperately needed it, his pulsing length.

Glorfindel smiled and continued to tend to every part of the advisor except his penis.  He wanted to taste the drops that formed on the head, but he wanted to show his dark love just how important he was.

"Saes!"  Erestor begged,  "touch me."

Looking up through hooded lashes, midnight eyes sparkled.  "But I am touching you."


"Oh, you mean here."  The balrog slayer smirked, lifted one of Erestor's long legs, and licked the back of his knee."

"You are incorrigible! Ahhhh!"  Erestor shouted as a warm moist heat engulfed his throbbing shaft. 

"Mmm.  You taste good."  The warrior said as he licked at the purple head.  Taking it whole again, he sucked and swallowed.  Erestor's head thrashed from side to side as incoherent sounds came from deep with in him.  Glorfindel held the councilor's hips firm as he continued to tease the heated flesh.

"So, hot!  Ai….it feels so good," Erestor panted.  When another swallow made him gasp, he cried out, "Saes, Fin!  I need more!"

Every moan and gasp coming from the wanton counselor drove Glorfindel closer to his own completion.  Reaching under a blanket at the foot of the bed, the slayer retrieved a small vial of oil.  The warrior never let go of the velvety shaft as he uncorked the scentless oil.  Carefully manipulating the bottle, he was able to pour a small amount into his palm before dropping the bottle.  Letting the pulsing rod slide from his mouth, the blond looked at Erestor with a predatory grin.

"Do not leave me so, Fin.  Saes!"  Erestor cried out as a slick digit entered his body, the loss of moist heat temporarily forgotten.  "Fin, melethron, saes more; I need more."  Erestor pleaded, "I need you."

"Not yet ithildae nín." The finger left and returned to the counselor's body with a friend.  Crooking his digits, Glorfindel had Erestor arching off the bed when he touched the bundle of nerves inside his lover.

"Now, Fin!  Valar curse you…Now!"  Getting nowhere, the stubborn advisor decided two could play this game.  "Kiss me, Fin saes, kiss me."

Glorfindel could not refuse.  Without withdrawing his fingers or missing a thrust, he claimed the kiss-swollen lips hungrily.  Erestor smiled into the kiss.  Stunned, Glorfindel found himself staring at the ceiling with a wild sprite sitting on him.

"Now," said the darkling, leaning close to a perfect ear, "let us see how you like it."  He took the tip of Glorfindel's ear into his mouth, sucking and nipping until he felt the powerful body below him squirm.  He licked a trail down the neck, biting the collarbone.  Glorfindel gasped and wrapped his arms around his tormentor.  Wiggling down Glorfindel's body, Erestor locked onto a peaked nipple.  His other hand pinched the other nub, causing Glorfindel to yelp.

"Saes, Erestor.  Enough," the golden lord begged.  His member nearly burst before the table was turned; now he thought he would explode for certain.

"Oh no, my love.  I am not through playing yet."

Glorfindel dropped his head to the pillow and steeled himself for some intense teasing.  Nothing could prepare him for the next sensation.  While he was begging, Erestor had pushed the strong legs up and apart.  Sliding his body between the warriors spread legs; the advisor licked the puckered opening lightly with his tongue.  Glorfindel screamed his lover's name.  Chuckling, Erestor continued to tease the quivering opening.  Finding the discarded oil vial, he poured what remained onto his fingers.  In one fluid movement, the raven-haired elf replaced his tongue with a finger and engulfed Glorfindel's shaft to the hilt. 

Letting out another cry, the golden one thought he would spend himself as his bundle of nerves shot lightning through his body and he watched the raven head bobbling up and down between his legs.  "Erestor, have mercy," he begged.  "Take me, saes, now take me! Make me wait no longer."  He had to connect with his lover now or he was sure he would die. 

Erestor let the shaft slip from his lips and smiled seductively at the warrior.  "No, I do not think so," he whispered.

"Damn you, Erestor!  Do in NOW!"  Glorfindel yelled as tears of frustration slid from his eyes.  "Saes," he pleaded softly.  Glorfindel watched as Erestor sat up.  Glorfindel sighed as he realized that the counselor was done playing.  He closed his eyes and prepared to take all his lover had to offer.  He felt the body above him shift.  His now cobalt eyes shot open as the Chief Counselor of Imladris impaled himself on the warrior's shaft.  Erestor threw his head back in ecstasy, his long hair tickling Glorfindel's thighs.

Looking down, Erestor let his soul shine through his eyes, showing Glorfindel the limitless depth of his love. 

Grasping Erestor's hips, Glorfindel thrust up, never breaking eye contact.  Both gasped at the sensation.  "Melethron, you are so tight.  You are as a velvet glove around me."  He panted as he thrust up again.

"Take me my love, no more games.  Just love me."

Glorfindel thrust in and out of the willing body above him.  He had experienced bed-partners in the past; none, however made him feel as safe and powerful and loved.  Erestor pushed down to meet every thrust.  they moved faster, their bodies in perfect harmony.  Letting go of a hip, Glorfindel clutched the shaft bouncing between them, stroking in time with his thrusts. 

Erestor leaned forward, his hands on either side of his lover's head and pushed back harder.  Not once did Erestor break eye contact.  Even with the intensity of his orgasm, he looked deep into Glorfindel's soul.  They came as one, souls melding, bodies humming.  Collapsing on Glorfindel, Erestor rode out the waves coursing through him.  He felt a kiss on his head and strong arms enfold him.

"Gerich veleth nín, malthen raw nín."  

"And you mine, Ithildae nín."  Glorfindel replied. 

From the garden below, the sweet sound of music floated up on the evening breeze, lulling the new lovers to Irmo's realm.

i  meth (the end)


Melethron:  lover (m)

Malthen raw nín:  My golden lion

Ithildae nín:  my Moonshadow

Gerich veleth nín: you have my love

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