Heart of Stone: 16. Getting to Know You

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16. Getting to Know You

Haldir woke up with a horrible burning taste in his mouth. It was a combination of mandrake and catnip. His throat was dry and his lips were cracked. He felt hot and clammy from being under layers of blankets. He pushed down the blankets and sat up. The room was still dark. He did not know how long he has been unconscious. He looked around the room searching for someone. The feel of silky hair on his fingers stopped his search.

Calavénë slept on the edge of the bed. Her golden hair flowing to the sides and Haldir could see she had been sleeping on the floor. He looked around the room in search for water. The heat in his throat was making it hard for him to swallow. He rose quietly from bed and walked towards the kitchen. Through the window in his kitchen, Haldir could see the moon high in the sky. It was probably a few hours past midnight, he thought to himself. Slowly, he found a goblet and poured himself some water. The cool liquid flowing down his throat did wonders for the ache. He sat the goblet down but it toppled forward and hit the floor.

A loud clanging noise woke Calavénë up from her sleep. She reached out to touch Haldir but was alarmed when she could not find him. She looked around the talan and saw a figure standing in the kitchen doorway, "Haldir?"

Haldir muttered a curse under his breath. He did not want to wake her from her sleep. Calavénë looked exhausted and looked so peaceful whilst sleeping. But now his clumsiness had robbed her of her night's sleep, "Yes, dithen cugu… It is I. Forgive me for waking you up…"

Calavénë walked towards the Marchwarden. He should not be walking around in his state, "Are you well? What were you looking for?"

Haldir smiled, "I was parched. Thus, I came here looking for water."

Calavénë voiced her disapproval, "Why did you not wake me? You should not be walking around. You are not well, melethron. Come, let us sit at the dining table. I am certain you are famished. I will prepare something."

Now that she has mentioned it, Haldir did feel famished. He had not eaten anything since breakfast. He sat down on the chair and watched Calavénë move about the kitchen, "Tell me, pen bain. What happened?"

Calavénë took out some fruits and nuts from the cupboard and placed them on the table, "You fainted, meleth. Your wound was infected. Forgive me for not taking care of you better. Herdir Annoguil tended to your injuries and praise the Valar, you seem well now."

Calavénë stood by the table watching Haldir. He looked up and smiled at her, "Sit, pen dithen. I would love your company as I eat."

Calavénë stroked the warrior's hair and took a seat opposite him, "These were all I could find in your cupboard. Perhaps tomorrow I would travel to the market place and buy some meat to help speed your healing process."

Haldir laughed, "Nay, pen neth. I am not partial to meat. I prefer fish and fruits. Perhaps tomorrow, a broth from vegetables?"

Calavénë looked at him with a sense of wonder in her eyes, "Never would I have thought the Marchwarden did not eat meat. How did you then become so broad?"

Haldir laughed in earnest, "Through training and a lot of milk. I have never been the meat eater in my family. Rumil on the other hand could eat a whole boar."

Now it was Calavénë's turn to laugh. He looked at her intently. The way she laughed, with her head thrown back and her hand covering her mouth, it was endearing. Haldir reached out and touched her fingers, "What do you like, Calavénë?"

Calavénë stopped laughing and pondered the question, "Hmm… I like fruits, a lot. I do eat meat from time to time since ada laughs it so much."

Haldir nodded, "Tell me about your family pen vuin."

Calavénë cleared her throat, "There is not much to tell. But I will try. My ada and naneth met one thousand years ago when he was visiting Rivendell. Nana worked as a librarian there. Ada tells me, he met her by accident when he bumped into her while they were in the library. They courted and not long after, they married. But the true testament of their love would be when they tried for a child. After trying for almost eight hundred years, they almost gave up. Nana was sure something was amiss inside her so she requested an audience with Lady Galadriel. Though I do not know the nature of her condition, she told me the Lady cured her and when she lay that night with my ada, I was conceived."

Haldir smiled, "You must love them dearly…"

Calavénë nodded, "I do… with all my heart. Tell me Haldir, of your parents."

Haldir set down the goblet he was drinking from, "There is not much to tell, pen neth. My ada perished in battle and my naneth followed him soon after. But they were extraordinary elves. My nana has the most beautiful voice and she often sang to us. Her hair was as dark as the night. I have always wondered why none of us have hair like hers. She told us the reason she has dark hair is to shield her children from harm. That way when we hide behind it, all the enemies could see was darkness. My ada was an exceptional warrior. He taught me how to use a bow and arrow. He wrote beautiful poetry and would read it to us sometimes. It is such a shame you could not meet them. They would have loved you and you would have adored them."

Calavénë smiled. She would have definitely loved that. She looked at the plates on the table. The foods were eaten and the goblets empty. She would have him rest now, "Come Haldir. You need to rest." Calavénë stood up and pulled his hand towards the bedroom.

Haldir stood up and wrapped his healthy hand around her waist, pulling her closer, "I would very much like to finish what we started the morning of yesterday…"

He bent down and kissed her. She was surprised by his action. He could tell by the way she stiffened against his touch. But after a few more suckling, she softened and returned his kisses generously. Locked in an embrace, the two of them slowly made their way to the bedroom.

Haldir gently pushed Calavénë on to the bed. She crawled up upon in slowly, anticipating his move. He took of the sling that was restricting his movement and tossed it aside. He took a hold of her legs and pulled her towards him. With on swift move, he laid on top of her, kissing her ferociously. He sucked her lips and played with her tongue, making Calavénë surfaced, gasping for air. She closed her eyes tightly when he pushed his tongue in deeper and she could taste the blueberry he had just eaten.

Haldir pulled away from her, eyes dark with desire. He lifted her gown and pulled it off her body. His hands reached for her camisole and ripped it apart. Her breeches came off quickly too. He stood above her, drinking the sight of her naked flesh greedily.

Calavénë was having hard time breathing. The way he looked at her, made her worry about her maidenhood. Would he keep to his promise and not take her fully? Her questions quietly disappeared when she saw Haldir stepping out of his leggings. He was beautiful. His body broad and slender, with skin as smooth as alabaster. His elfhood stood proud and strained. Calavénë could see the pearly tip. So this is how an ellon looks like up close.

Haldir climbed atop the bed and pressed his body onto hers. Calavénë gasped as his delicate fingers brushed across her hardened buds. He kissed her neck, gentle sucking the skin while his fingers masterfully rolled her nipples. She arched her back, trying to feel more of his fingers. Haldir smiled and kissed the mounds of her breasts. She was soft and firm. The skin along the valley of her peaks was silky and smooth.

Calavénë moaned when he brought the bud in to his mouth and sucked gently on it, "Haldir…"

Haldir ignored her plea and continued his ministrations on the other breast. He could see lift her knee, letting the heat between her legs subside. The rich scent of her desire waft across his senses and made him hungrier. He slipped a finger in between her legs and stroked the length of her sex.

Calavénë arched her back and clamped her thighs. The feel of his finger in between her folds was electrifying, "Haldir…"

Haldir kissed her breast, "Shh… Let me… Do not tense up… Feel me…"

Calavénë gently opened her thighs and she could feel his finger swirling around her now moist folds. Looking intently at her, Haldir carefully timed his action. Calavénë grasped the pillow beneath her and when Haldir saw this, he inserted his middle finger inside her. Her eyes shot open, "Haldir!"

He kissed her and continued his sweet assault. One finger and then another, stroking and taking her to new heights. Calavénë was now incoherent and tiny sobs were the only thing she knew how to make. Just as she was about to reach her sweet release, Haldir pulled his fingers out. Calavénë could feel him kissing lower and lower down her stomach.

She threw her head back into the pillow and bit down on her lips as the tip of his tongue swirled around her folds. It was sheer ecstasy and she felt herself alive now more than ever. Her lips now chanted his name as whimpers and moans followed. He stopped his ministration and blew hot air at her strained bundle of nerves. Her body quivered and her breathing became uneven. She wanted the release and Haldir was teasing her, "Haldir… please…"

This time he obliged. He brought his lips upon the hardened nub and sucked it gently. Calavénë cried out in pleasure as the pressure mounted inside her. The tip of his tongue twirled around her tiny erection and with one final motion, her body convulsed and shook with such force. Haldir could taste her molten release, sweet and salty. He continued sucking until finally her body relaxed. He let go of her and lay beside her.

Calavénë could not utter a word still. She knew he would ask her for his own blissful oblivion. She turned around and looked at him, "I want to please you… but I do not know how… teach me…"

Haldir smiled and took her hand, "Touch me, lirimaer…"

With trembling hands, she reached for his arousal. At the first feel of it, she retracted her hands quickly, "Haldir! It is so warm!"

Haldir laughed and pulled her hands back to his body, "it is supposed to be this way. Come, now rub along my length."

She did what she was told. She began rubbing his length and he groaned in response. She stroked the tip and when she felt the silky fluid on the tip, she spread it along his length and continued her ministrations. Haldir thrust his body further into her hands, enjoying the feel of her soft skin.

She was lost in her amazement of his body and when he stopped her, she stared at him, "Are you not enjoying this?"

Haldir smiled, "I am melethril. But I would love the feel of your mouth on me… Will you do it for me?"

Calavénë nodded and sat up timidly. She grasped his length and licked the tip. He groaned in pleasure. Looking at how he was responding to her infused some boldness inside her. She continued to lick the tip, circling around it a few times. Each time, her strokes became shorter and faster. Haldir was lost in his own bliss, hissing and groaning. Calavénë pushed the tip deeper into her mouth; the taste of the pearly fluid hit her tongue. It tasted salty and creamy. She pushed in deeper and deeper and soon half of his length was inside her mouth.

She continued bobbing up and down his length and she could feel his hand holding her head in place. With a few more strokes, Haldir reached his explosive release and spilled his seed in her mouth. Calavénë was shocked and pulled her head back, coughing at the sudden spillage. She wiped of the excess from her mouth and looked at Haldir. His eyes were closed and there were droplets of sweat on his forehead. She crawled next to him and placed her head on his chest, "Are you well?"

Haldir chuckled, "I am… I am… that was wonderful, pen bain. I need a moment to recover but it will not be long. Then I will love you again…"

Calavénë giggled, "Nay, Haldir. I think we have had enough debauchery tonight. Rest. You are not fully well and I am more than satisfied. My body still shakes with delight. Let us sleep, melethron."

Haldir pulled her close to his body, revelling in the softness of her moist skin. As he fell asleep, he heard her whisper, "Le melon…" He said nothing and pretended to sleep.

Calavénë snuggled closer. She knew he was awake but she did not expect an answer from him. The act of love was tiring indeed and soon Calavénë sailed away in the land of dreams, seeing visions of Haldir and her children.


Pen vuin – dear one
Pen bain – beautiful one
Dithen cugu – little dove
Pen neth – young one
Lirimaer – my love
Melon le – I love you
Melethril – lover (fem)

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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