Heart of Stone: 23. Triumph and Failure

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23. Triumph and Failure

A storm has passed. The morning after was shrouded in mist and the weather calm. For the first time in many years, today, peace was upon the land. The birds chirped happily, whistling sweet songs. Flowers bloomed and the air was fragrant. Water seemed more crisp and clear, flowing carelessly against the banks containing them. Today, the inhabitants of Middle Earth will have awoken to a new world; a world that will be rebuild in the time of peace.

Three days had gone by. Haldir stretched on his bed, in his talan. Today felt different. He could feel it in the air. Perhaps, victory was theirs. Perhaps the Dark Lord Sauron was finally defeated. He rose from bed and dressed quickly. He will have his audience with the Lord and Lady before heading towards the training grounds to have his practice with Orophin. They were scheduled to leave Lorien in two days' time. He needed to ensure his full strength has returned. The climb up High Pass will be strenuous. He was looking forward to it. Passing the mountain could only mean that he was a step closer to finding his one true love.

Haldir walked in a hurried pace towards the main hall. Indeed, today was very different from the others. The residents of Lorien were cheering and smiling. Happiness spread throughout the land in a swift wave. Haldir too was affected. There was a spring in his steps and a smile on his face. He waited outside the throne room to be summoned inside. He only waited for a moment until Lady Galadriel called for him to enter.

Haldir stared in awe at the Lady of Light. Today, the glow from her skin was strong, making it hard to see her beautiful face. His eyes needed a few moments to adjust to the bright light. He could hear Galadriel's voice from behind the blinding light, "Welcome, Haldir. Today is a joyous day indeed!"

Haldir squinted and he could finally see the rulers of Lorien, clad in magnificent attire, dressed to the ninth. Haldir bowed before them, "My lady… My lord… It is indeed a wondrous day."

Celeborn smiled and showed him to a seat on the left side of the hall, "Sit Haldir. What is on your mind that has led you to this audience with us?"

Haldir took his seat and addressed Lord Celeborn, "It is nothing of special magnificence. I felt a change in the air and I wanted to inquire the outcome of the battle."

Galadriel nodded and smiled, "Yes, change is indeed in the air. I am beside myself with joy for today Middle Earth is forever free from Sauron. Our friends, the little Hobbits have succeeded in destroying the ring. A messenger arrived last night, with a letter from Aragorn. Everyone is well except for Theoden who fell in battle."

Haldir was gladdened. His long time companion, Legolas and the enigmatic Aragorn were safe and well. He even felt some relieve when he heard the dwarf, Gimli too made it alive. What is more, all the four Hobbits were safe in Minas Tirith with Gandalf, "That is good news, my lady. What more did the letter entail?"

"Minas Tirith needs rebuilding and of course a new king. The steward's son Faramir has acknowledged the return of the true king. Thus, Aragorn will be crowned in two days time as King Elessar. We have been invited and I think it is best, Lord Celeborn and I leave this evening so we could be in the city by nightfall on the eve of the coronation," Galadriel explained to her Marchwarden.

Haldir wore a confused expression on his handsome face, "This evening? Why was I not informed? I should leave and ready the guards for you."

Celeborn raised his hand, "No need for that Haldir. Have you forgotten you are to leave for Rivendell in two days time as well? We will travel to Gondor safely. You will venture to Rivendell as planned."

Haldir was torn, on one hand there was a call for duty and in the other was a call for love. The lord and lady have done him such tremendous kindness, to abandon them like so would be ungracious. But if he were to follow them to Gondor and stay for the coronation, the longer it will take for him to reach Calavénë. If he wanted to escort Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn, he must at least send word to Rumil.

Galadriel was studying him, understanding his dilemma. Haldir has been a devoted and disciplined warden for thousands of years. It would be hard for him to leave his duties to pursue personal matters. She looked at the Marchwarden, "You know I would love nothing more than to have you in charge of our journey but I think Calavénë is a more pressing matter. Go to her…"

Haldir shook his head, "Nay, my lady. It is my duty to Lorien to keep its rulers well. I will escort you to Minas Tirith and when the coronation is over I shall make haste towards Rivendell."

Celeborn sighed. There was no use persuading Haldir to turn the other way. When he has made his mind up, he will stick to it, "Very well Haldir. Go and ready the wardens that will be travelling with us. We leave four hours after high noon."

Haldir nodded and retreated out from the main hall. He needed to see Orophin and discuss the matters of this evening's journey. He also needed to write a letter to send it over to Mebedir and Rumil in Rivendell. They would be reaching Rivendell in three days time and the fastest way to send a letter to them was by air…


Rumil woke up to a howling wind. He pushed the blankets away and walked out from the cave they took shelter in. The weather had improved a little since last night. They were forced to take shelter in the cave due to the heavy snowstorm atop Caradhras. Mebedir was still asleep. Rumil walked outside to check on the weather. The sun was shining and there was a bit of strong wind but nothing the two wardens cannot handle.

He went inside and woke Mebedir up, "Mellon nin, it is morning and I think it is best we move out. If the weather stays clear, we could reach Rivendell in three days time."

Mebedir stirred and sat up. He looked around and then to the entrance of the cave. The weather outside was indeed better than yesterday, "It is good to see Caradhras calm again. Come Rumil, let us pack and move on."

The two wardens took their belongings and mounted their steeds. It was going to be a pleasant journey down the pass if the weather continues to be this calm. Rumil was in a hurry to reach Rivendell. It was best if they found Calavénë sooner before she tries to do something foolish yet again.


Eight days ago…

Calavénë was in the gardens with Arwen when the news came to them. Elladan and Elrohir, sons to Lord Elrond and brothers to Arwen sent a sentinel to deliver the great news. Frodo had destroyed the ring and now Aragorn was to be crowned king. With the passing of the darkness, the Evenstar's strengths had returned and her beauty became more apparent than ever. Arwen sat on the vine swing and reread the letter her brothers sent.

Dear Ada, Gwathel…

Dan and I are happy to inform you the quest to destroy the one ring has finally ended. Frodo, the brave little Hobbit and his trusty friend Samwise have managed to destroy it. The lands are once again abundant with happiness and laughter. The Dark Lord Sauron will no longer reign in terror. I am also ecstatic to announce that Aragorn, our Estel will be crowned king in seven days time. It is our wish that you and gwathel join us in Minas Tirith. Aragon will be beside himself with joy when he sees you and Arwen.

Ada, he has competed his promise to you, to become King. Now I think it is time we give Arwen's hand to him, in marriage. It will strengthen the bonds between Men and Elves. Dan and I will be waiting for you. Come swiftly and let it be a surprise for Aragorn on his coronation day.

Your Ion,

Arwen held the letter close to her heart. She was happy beyond words today. Aragorn will be crowned king and soon she will be his hervess, queen of Gondor. Tears fell down her rosy cheeks. Years of waiting and hurt have finally been redeemed. Her union will Aragorn will complete their love for each other.

Calavénë felt a twinge of hurt when she looked at Arwen. Arwen's love will be complete soon enough but her love? Perhaps it was not written in her destiny to be loved by anyone but her child. Tears began to well up in her eyes. Arwen saw this and went to her, "Do not weep, Melethovorien. Your hervenn is now happy in Valinor. You will be united with him soon enough. Have faith…"

Calavénë smiled weakly. There was no hervenn waiting for her in Valinor. In fact there was not even a hervenn waiting for her in Middle Earth. She was alone in this world. The tears she tried to hold back flowed from beyond the brim of her eyes. Arwen's heart broke when she looked at the elleth. Looking at her and her now visible belly made the ache inside Arwen worse. No one should feel the loss of a loved one. The child inside her will grow up to be fatherless. It was a sad future to think about.

During her stay in Rivendell, Calavénë has managed to win Arwen's friendship. They shared the stories of their childhood and of Aragorn's and her brothers. Arwen loved Calavénë, as her own blood. She was also very protective of her, since she was alone and with child. But come tomorrow, Calavénë will have to be left alone in Rivendell. Arwen and Lord Elrond together with Lord Glorfindel and a small wedding procession will be heading towards Minas Tirith. Arwen wanted Calavénë to come along but it was forbidden by Elrond since her conditions would not allow her to endure long journeys. Her pregnancy would have reached one month when they reached Minas Tirith and the first three months were the most delicate of months.

Arwen stroked Calavénë's golden hair, "Gwathel, will you not tell me about your hervenn?"

Calavénë sat up, "What would you like to know?"

Arwen smiled, "Tell me of his face. His demeanour…"

Calavénë nodded, "He was a strong ellon with broad shoulders. His face was handsome with a warm smile. His eyes were a deep grey colour and he had long silvery hair. He was a proud ellon. He loves Lorien. He would have done anything to protect it. He loved Nephredils and vegetable broths…"

Arwen continued stroking her hair, "He sounds lovely." Arwen then suddenly giggled.

Calavénë looked at the elven princess, "What is so amusing, my lady?"

Arwen laughed when she saw the expression on Calavénë's face, "It is nothing. But I remembered one time I was in Lorien. The ellon you talked about, your husband sounds very much like Haldir, Marchwarden of Lorien. Do you know of him?"

Calavénë froze. She had forgotten of the role she was playing here, "I have heard of him but I have not met him personally."

Arwen shook her head, "You should! You will be amazed with his loyalty to Lorien. I am sure you too will find him very agreeable like all the other elleth in Lorien. Come, Melethovorien. Help me pack for tomorrow. Help me choose the gown I am to wear for the coronation!"

Calavénë smiled and nodded. She was happy for Arwen. She was relieved when Lord Elrond did not allow her to follow Arwen for the journey to Gondor. She was afraid of meeting Haldir there. Worse still, seeing Haldir with someone else. It was best she kept far away from Gondor and Lorien. The both of them walked back to Arwen's chamber and soon disappeared behind closed doors.


Calavénë stood upon the bridge, watching the procession move out from Rivendell. She had helped Arwen chose the gown she would be wearing to the coronation. It was minty green with delicate embroidery and Lord Elrond had Celebrian's crown delivered to Arwen's room. Curiosity got the best of her, "What is that Ada?"

Lord Elrond came closer and pulled the satin cloth covering the hidden trophy, "It is a crown my dear. This was the crown your mother wore when we married each other those many years ago. She talked about giving the crown to you for your wedding and today, I am fulfilling her wish." He placed the mithril crown on her head. She was a vision.

Arwen kept the gown and the crown in a crate and placed it on the carriage carrying her other belongings that morning. She said her good bye to Calavénë and climbed into the carriage. Calavénë watched as the procession pulled away and she saw Arwen waving to her from a distant. As the last of the procession disappeared from the gates, Calavénë felt lonely once again…


Rumil and Mebedir rode hard through the night. They had made it down Caradhras as scheduled and they were grateful for the excellent weather. The rest of the two days they were on the road were pleasant as well. Perhaps with the passing of the darkness, the weather too was not affected. They had camped out half a day away from Rivendell. They had intended to reach Rivendell by first light. It was only a few hours before dawn. Rumil and Mebedir pushed their horses further, "Noro lim! Noro lim!"

Calavénë rose from bed this morning feeling anxious, as if something was about to happen. It has been six days since Arwen and Lord Elrond left for Minas Tirith. What could have possibly aroused this nervous feeling inside her? She went to the bathing chamber and soaked herself in a tub of warm water, trying to calm her nerves. She closed her eyes and imagined Haldir. His images were the only thing that could calm her down nowadays. She was surprised at this new revelation but it was true. Thinking of him made her body relax.

She wore the new gown Arwen made for her. It was periwinkle in colour and had beautiful rosettes on the neckline. Her hair was pulled in one single braid. She wore her slippers and made her way outside. The air was fresh today in Rivendell. She walked around the gardens admiring the beauty of the flowers and trees. She continued on until she reached the first bridge, standing tall watching as the water flowed over the rocks and into the pool below. Her eyes scanned the horizon. She saw two cloaked riders came through the gates and headed towards the main hall. She did not see who they were. Ignoring the new comers, she returned to the gardens, sitting in the vine swing.

A few moments later, one of Arwen's handmaiden appeared in the gardens, "Forgive me, my lady but we have visitors."

Calavénë stood up, "Who are they and what is their business here?"

The handmaiden spoke, "They wish to see you my lady. They say they are friends of yours."

Calavénë's heart was pounding. Who could they be? "Did you get their names?"

"Nay, my lady. I did not. Forgive me…" the handmaiden bowed before her.

Calavénë raised her hand, "No matter. Send them here will you? And please send some refreshments as well."

The handmaiden nodded curtly, "Very well my lady."

Calavénë turned her attention towards the flowers around the magnificent garden. Her thoughts were still preoccupied with the new arrivals. Who could they be? How do they know her? Was it Haldir?


Calavénë froze. She knew that voice. It was Rumil! She turned around and saw two ellon very dear to her, Rumil and Mebedir. Her hand automatically covered her slightly visible belly. She backed away slowly, trying to run away from them.

Mebedir saw this and raised his hand to stop her, "Please, do not run away from us. We have news for you."

Calavénë was panting now. She was terrified by their presence. She did not want them to see her pregnant. She backed away and turned around. She ran as fast as she could towards her room. Rumil and Mebedir were surprised by her actions but followed her nonetheless. She was faster than them, having known the terrain there better than both the wardens. She closed the door behind her and locked it.

Rumul and Mebedir came up to her room. They tried opening the door but found it locked. Rumil stepped closer to the door, "Calavénë, open the door. Let us in. We have much to discuss."

Calavénë stood close to the windows, "What could you possibly tell me that will heal all the hurt I feel inside?"

Rumil did not falter, "Just one thing. Haldir loves you. He told me to inform you of his affections. He wants you back in Lorien, beside him as his hervess!"

Tears fell from her eyes. She wanted to believe Rumil, "Do not lie to me! How can he declare love and affection when he, himself is not here to say it? Do not think I am a child Rumil, just because I am young. You are lying to me…"

Rumil was getting impatient, "Stop this game. You and Haldir love each other! He loves you and I know you love him with every fibre of your body. Come home Calavénë. Return to Lorien. Haldir will be here soon enough."

Haldir will be here soon enough? Was it true? Or was it a ruse to get her to come out? Calavénë could not tell, "Lies! All lies!"

Mebedir now stepped closer to the door, "Calavénë, open the door. Let us at least talk. Rumil and I will break this door down if you do not!"

Calavénë was shaking with fear and anger, "Break this door and I will run a knife through my body and through my child! You cannot make me go back!"

"Do not do any rash! Very well! We will not force the door open but please Calavénë, do not harm yourself!" Rumil was worried.

There was complete and utter silence from the room. Moments later, Rumil and Mebedir could hear heart wrenching sobs and wails coming from her room. Calavénë was hurt not only her heart and feelings but her fea as well. Rumil could feel the burden in her heart but said nothing; He did not want to cause her more distress. He could only pray to the Valar that his brother would reach Rivendell sooner.


Galadriel and Celeborn reached Minas Tirith as planned. Aragorn was very pleased to see them. He was indeed overjoyed to see Haldir. After arranging the Lady and Lord's accommodation, Haldir headed down towards the square where Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli were drinking and being merry. When the three of them saw him, they raised their tankards, "HALDIR!"

Haldir smiled at the sight of the three raunchy drinkers. He made his way towards the table and joined them. He addressed Aragorn first, "Aragorn! Congratulations! You will make a fitting king!"

Aragorn smiled and patted Haldir's shoulder, "Hannon le, Haldir O' Lorien. I hope all is well in Lorien."

Haldir nodded and took a sip of the mead, "All is well. All thanks to you and Legolas and even the dwarf!"

Gimli laughed, "My, that was a compliment from Haldir!"

Legolas then interjected, "That was half of a compliment Gimli. Tell me Haldir, how is Calavénë? I have been uneasy these few days and I kept on seeing her visions."

Haldir fell forlorn. The talk about Calavénë has opened deep wounds in his heart, "She is in Rivendell for the moment." Haldir did not feel comfortable disclosing the matter.

Legolas nodded, "I see. To further her education with Lord Elrond?"

Haldir nodded and took another drink from his tankard. Legolas eyed him, making a study of his demeanour. Something was troubling Haldir for he fell quiet again, lost in his own reverie. Legolas has been his friend for many years and this much he knew. From the looks of it, Haldir was not about to tell him what the problem was. The four of them continued to celebrate Aragorn's coronation until the wee hours of night.

The next morning the city was buzzing with excitement. It was Aragorn's coronation day and today he would be known as Elessar. The royal kitchen had prepared a magnificent feast and the royal hall has been decorated handsomely. Slowly the citizens of Minas Tirith made their way to the citadel. Gandalf was to head the coronation ceremony. Aragorn was visited by Lady Galadriel that morning and the both of them together with Lord Celeborn had a long talk. It was not until near the time of the coronation, Aragorn reappeared.

The citizens of Minas Tirith gathered atop the Citadel. Gandalf placed the crown on Aragorn's head, "Now come the days of the King. May they be blessed." The crowd cheered and clapped. Aragorn rose and addressed the crowd, "This day does not belong to one man but to all. Let us together rebuild this world that we may share in the days of peace." The crowd applauded and stopped when Aragorn began singing Elendil's Oath. The White tree of Gondor had flowers blooming and by the power of Manwe, the winds blew the soft petals across the citadel. It was a beautiful sight indeed.

Legolas and his kin from Mirkwood approached the newly crowned King Elessar. Aragorn smiled and greeted his friend, "Mae Govannen, Legolas."

Legolas smiled and jerked his head to a direction behind him. Aragorn did not understand this. He turned around and saw Elrond. He was surprised but even more so when he saw a familiar face moving from behind the banners. It was Arwen, his one true love. She walked closer, slowly approaching him. Aragorn could not contain his love and swept her up and kissed her. Arwen was introduced as his betrothed and the two continued to meet the rest. The king and queen both came up to four little Hobbits, who seemed so out of place. The four little ones bowed before the king and queen.

Aragorn raised his hand, "My friends… You bow to no one…"

To Frodo's surprise, both the king and the queen knelt down before him, followed by the rest of the Gondorians. It was indeed a great honour and at that moment, Frodo remembered fondly the journey he went through to destroy the ring. His mind shifted to Calavénë, how much he had missed her and how wonderful it would have been to have her here. Frodo frowned. Why was she not here?

The crowd dispersed and continued into the hall were the wedding ceremony will take place. Elladan and Elrohir had made it their business to decorate the hall, all without Aragorn's knowledge. The wedding ceremony took place with Lord Celeborn performing the bonding and marriage vows. The ceremony was beautiful, attended by loved ones and friends. Frodo who sat with Merry, Pippin and Sam watched as Haldir escorted an elleth into the halls. Frodo recognized her. She was one of Lady Galadriel's maiden as well but where was Calavénë?

Throughout the day, Haldir did not leave Mirnimmeril's side. She too was with child and after finding out that Calavénë was pregnant, he had a new appreciation to elleth who were expecting. He never left her, holding her hand while she descended the stairs and bringing her food during the feast. This was the least he could do while her hervenn was away, looking for Calavénë.

Mirnimmeril looked at the Marchwarden, "I think it is time for you to leave Haldir. Calavénë could not wait any longer. She is afraid and alone. Do not worry about me. I could care for myself and my child. After all, many witnessed my bonding with Mebedir. It was not a privilege given to Calavénë."

Haldir sighed, "It is my fault… I should have found the courage to tell her…"

Mirnimmeril laughed softly, "Things happened for a reason. Perhaps you and Calavénë could not see it now, but there is always a lesson to be learned. Go, I will inform Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn of your departure."

Haldir nodded and crouched down to kiss Mirnimmeril's cheek. She has become somewhat like a gwathel to him, "Thank you, pen vuin. I will make sure to return Mebedir to you soon."

Haldir ran down the citadel, trying to reach the stables where his horse, Baingraban was being cared for. He rode the steed, not looking back. He will not take the High Pass. Since the Gap of Rohan was now secure, he would travel through there, thus shortening the time it will take to reach Rivendell.

Frodo watched the exchanged affections between Haldir and the elleth. Who was this elleth and did Calavénë not tell him before of her affections towards Haldir? Had nothing transpired from it? Did Haldir take another as his wife?

Glorfindel watched as the young Marchwarden rode away. He approached Mirnimmeril, "Forgive me henn, but where did the Marchwarden go?"

Mirnimmeril bowed to the golden warrior, "My lord Glorfindel. He rides to Rivendell."

Glorfindel was confused. Why was he riding to Rivendell? The Lords of the land were all here in Minas Tirith, "What business does he have to attend to in Rivendell?"

Mirnimmeril hesitated. Should she tell the Balrog slayer of this delicate matter? "There is someone he needs to fetch."

Glorfindel had a knowing smirk on his face, "Would this be a certain pregnant elleth with golden hair?" Glorfindel needed no answer for the look on Mirnimmeril's face gave it away. Haldir had a connection with Melethovorien. It seemed that the elves of Lorien had explaining to do…


Calavénë locked herself up in her room for four days now. She did not come out to eat nor did she ask for anything. Her room was quiet with only scuffling sound audible. Rumil and Mebedir took turns watching her room. Rumil would talk to her sometimes but she would never reply. He would tell her of Haldir's love and of his knowledge about the child growing inside her. Still, she said nothing.

Mebedir stood upon the bridge, eyes fixed on the entrance to Rivendell. Haldir should have arrived two days ago, as planned but he was nowhere to be found. Mebedir and Rumil concluded from the letter that he might have accompanied the Lord and Lady to Aragorn's coronation. That would definitely delay him. It was already nearing nightfall. Mebedir turned to leave the bridge as it was time for his shift change with Rumil.

Sounds of hooves stomping stopped him in his tracks. He spun around and saw Haldir riding atop his black steed. He saw Mebedir and made his way towards the bridge. Haldir dismounted the horse and approached Mebedir.

Mebedir was happy to see his captain but he was also a little bit annoyed, "Where have you been? You are delayed."

Haldir nodded, "Forgive me. There were affairs that needed tending to. Where is she?"

Mebedir sighed, "In her room. She has managed to lock herself in there for four days now. She saw us and made a run for it. Now she has threatened to kill herself if we force open the door."

Haldir stopped his steps, "Mebedir, I praise your courage and Rumil's as well but I fear both of you need to train your mind. If she will not let you force the door down then do not. But you could have asked for a key from the maids…"

Mebedir shook his head, "I did not think of that… Forgive me…"

Haldir smiled, "No matter. I am sure she kept you on your toes. No one could expect less from Calavénë. Show me to her room. Oh, Mebedir, Mirnimmeril sends her love. She is well as is your child."

Mebedir nodded graciously, "It is good to hear that. Now come, your love and your child await."

Haldir walked to the room while Mebedir made his way to the servants' quarters to inquire about the key. Rumil was gladdened to see his brother arrived at last, "Thank the Valar you are now here. Talk to her. She is terrified. She will not believe a word I say."

Haldir patted Rumil's shoulder, "Thank you Rumil. I will take it from here."

Haldir walked closer to the door, placing a hand on the smooth wood, "Melethril… It is I, Haldir. I have come for you, to take you home. Open the door… Open the door please…"

There was still no answer. Haldir pressed on, "Meleth, I love you. I love you will all my heart. I love the child we would soon have together. I missed you, your laugh, your scent, your kisses and your soul. Forgive me for the way I acted. I wanted to tell you how much I love you that day but you have ingeniously laced the wine with sleeping draught. Though it might have helped you escaped it had hindered me from revealing my true feelings from you. You ran away from me before I could tell you I love you. Please Calavénë… pen vuin… Open the door."

Calavénë still did not open the door. This greatly worried Haldir. Mebedir came moments later with the key. Haldir continued his soothing pleads while Mebedir carefully and quietly opened the door. They pushed the door ajar and found the windows opened and the breeze flowed in carelessly. They searched the room but found no one. Haldir had a bad feeling about this.

His fears were realized when Rumil spoke, "She tied the bed sheets here and climbed down! She is gone!"

Haldir sat slumped on the bed. He was too late and now she had run away again. His hand touched a letter that lay on the bed under a small rock. He picked it up and saw Calavénë's hand writing.

Dearest Rumil,

I am sorry to have done this to you. But I cannot trust the words you said. I know you might want me to return home, but alas, I cannot. I have shamed my family. You see I am with child. I am with Haldir's child. He knows not and this was not expected. I cannot return home for I am not his hervess. There is a name they give to women who are with child who are neither a hervess nor a widow. You know that word…

You say he loved me yet he is not here. He did not come and claim me as his own. I cannot return to Lorien only to watch him court and marry some other elleth. I will live by what memories I have and with the strength that this child has given me, I will survive. Forgive me, mellon nin…


Haldir crumpled the letter and threw it aside. He was angered at Calavénë's hasty decision to run but he was more angered at himself for not arriving in time. Mebedir placed a hand on his shoulder, "Forgive us, Haldir. We did not guard her well…"

Haldir raised his face and looked at both Rumil and Mebedir, "It is not your faults. I came too late… She needed to see and hear me but I was not here. No matter! I will search the entire Middle Earth for her. I will not care if it will take me millennia or whether it kills me! I will have her by my side again!"

Tears welled up in his eyes as he stormed out from the room, running towards his horse. He would start searching tonight. He will not rest until he has found her!

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