Heart of Stone: 8. All is forgotten

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8. All is forgotten

Calavénë held her rug sack nervously across her chest. Regrets followed her previous suggestion to have Haldir escort her to the river. She felt foolish for having voiced the notion. She knew how things were between them. Even though since the fateful day, Haldir did not lay a finger on her, she shuddered at the thought of coming moments. She is more afraid of herself than of the Marchwarden. Fear of losing control over her own body and fear of sending an erroneous message overwhelmed her.

She took hold of her walking staff and hopped outside. There she saw him, standing tall under the gleaming sun. The breeze has taken interest in his silvery hair and was now playing with it, making it fly under its touch. Calavénë stared at him; her feelings consumed her day and night. She felt within her a torment, a burning wound, a yearning, combined with the most indescribable bliss. The words of Master Annoguil echoed through her mind. Was she in love?

At the sound of her hopping, Haldir turned. A rare smiled framed his beautiful face, "I see you are ready."

Calavénë felt her heart jump in her chest. He has a most wonderful smile. She watched as Haldir walked towards her, offering his arm to help her walk. With hands trembling she accepted the Marchwarden's offer.

He walked slowly following her pace. She was trying her best not to weigh him down. Haldir shook his head gently. Even in her own pain, she would not have someone else suffer. True, she had the standing of the prestigious Galadriel's lady in waiting but she has the gentle soul Galadriel possess perhaps maybe not as formidable. There is an air of kindness and playfulness to her demeanour. She is unlike any elleth he has come in contact with.

They walked in silence for the rest of the way. Soon, Haldir could hear the gentle sound of water flowing, "We are here. I can hear the water."

Calavénë lifted her gaze and saw the magnificent river. It was not as mighty as the Anduin but it flowed with great force. The trees and flowers on the embankment were breathtaking and it had plenty of boulders for her to bathe privately.

She looked at Haldir who seemed to understand what she wanted to convey, "I shall leave you now. I will not be far."

Calavénë nodded gratefully and carefully made her way to the river. She sat on a rock not far from the embankment and took of her garments. She left her camisole on since she would not be able to immerse her body fully under water.

She soaked her injured ankle into the water after removing the dressings. The water was cool and refreshing. She splashed some of the water on her skin and continued her bath. Just then she could hear footsteps of someone running, "Lady Ca-l…"

Haldir emerged from beyond the trees. His train of thoughts left jumbled at the sight of the elleth clad in nothing but a sheer camisole. Calavénë was horrified, "My lord! What is the meaning of this?"

Haldir turned around as swiftly as he could, "I do not mean any impertinence, my lady. I was merely troubled for I had forgotten about your ankle. I was coming to see whether you needed some assistance getting into the water. I did not mean to stumble upon you like this."

Calavénë was not convinced, "Really my lord? I for one thought you to be a vigil warrior. Surely you did not forget that I had a broken ankle? No! You are here to spy upon my modesty!"

Haldir can feel anger boiling inside him. He took a step closer to the elleth, "Had I that intention my lady, I would have gone far beyond just having a look. Do not test me. I only seek to assist you."

Calavénë was aghast, "Test you? Here you are standing before me without any sense to avert your gaze upon my naked flesh and you say I am testing you? I did not test you before but you took advantage nevertheless! Give me one reason good enough for me to trust you!"

Haldir glowered with anger and approached the elleth. Without a warning he held her by her neck and brought his lips crushing upon hers. The kiss caught Calavénë by surprise. Her hands wrapped tightly against her chest, hoping the camisole will not drape down. Haldir's lips pressed hard on hers and his hand held her in place.

Calavénë struggled against his body. The very breaths of air were drawn out from her chest. His arms held her wrists behind her making it impossible for her to push him away. They stayed locked in an embrace for some moment. Haldir's kiss began to soften as he tasted her ruby lips. His elven ears could hear her heart thumping in her chest. After what seemed to be ages, he released her.

Calavénë fell back on a small rock near the embankment. Her chest was heaving and she seemed out of breath. Her trembling fingers covered her swollen lips. Haldir stepped forward and seized her fingers, "That is but a glimpse of what I would have done had I the intention of taking you."

He turned around and walked away. Merely a few paces away from her, he heard her scream in anger, "You vile creature! To think I thought you to be noble! You are nothing but an arrogant and self-centred elf!"

Haldir turned around and was ready to show her how vile he can be when suddenly a warden approached them, "My lord, forgive me. Rumil and Orophin are seeking for you. It is a matter of utmost urgency!"

Haldir nodded at the young warden, "Stay with the lady. Make sure the lady reaches the encampment safe and sound. I will hold you responsible to anything that happens to her."

Calavénë watched as Haldir disappeared behind the trees. Damn he, she thought. He has humiliated me once again. No more! I had thought him capable of kindness these few days but I was wrong. Haldir will be nothing more than the Marchwarden to me. He will never have my friendship. There will come a day when I will have the last laugh!


Haldir reached the watch talan as swiftly as he could manage. Rumil slid down the rope and met him on the ground, "Finally! Where have you been brother?"

Haldir shook his head, "Where I was is nothing of consequence to you. Now, tell me of the urgent matter."

Rumil was surprised at his brother's manners. He was in good spirits this morning. What had happened between then and now? Rumil pushed his questions aside to give way to more pressing matters, "Our scouts have reported a small group has entered our borders."

"Do we know who they are?" Haldir questioned his brother.

Rumil continued his report, "Nay, the scouts do not recognize them. However this much they know. The group is made of two men, an elf, a dwarf and four hobbits."

Haldir was taken aback, "What an odd assortment of companions! Come, we shall intercept them before they move further into the city."

Rumil gathered a few other wardens to join them. The Lorien wardens equipped themselves with bows and swords. Just as they were about to depart, Haldir saw in the corner of his eye, Calavénë has returned from her bath. He muttered some words to calm himself. How could Lady Galadriel possibly have thought that a bond of friendship would benefit the both of them? There can be no friendship with Calavénë. In fact, there can be no friendship with any elleth for that matter!


Calavénë threw her belongings on the bed. She had never felt so angered in her life. Haldir had crossed the line this time. He knowingly took advantage of her the second time only to prove a point. Had she been harsh in her judgement? Perhaps but it was no means to treat a lady like so. She sat on the edge of the bed. A fresh cotton gown draped her body. She closed her eyes, her hands idly stroking her lips.

Her mouth hurts from the sheer force Haldir assaulted them with. But strangely enough, it celebrated the contact her lips made with Haldir. Her body tingled with much fascination at how the ellon could make her feel. She hated it. She hated how her body manages to betray her. She loathe him with her every being but her every being longed for him in return. Calavénë threw herself on the bed, screaming her frustrations into the pillow.

Annoguil watched as his young apprentice let go of her frustrations towards a pillow. He cleared his throat and saw the elleth shot up immediately, "Herdir!"

Annoguil approached his charge, "I see your anger was misdirected. What troubles you my dear?"

Calavénë smiled, hiding her true feelings, "Nothing herdir. It is not of importance. What brings you here?"

Annoguil stood in front of her, "I have come to say good bye. I will be travelling back to the main camp shortly. I hope to see you well and about next week. Take good care of yourself and try not to bicker with Haldir. It will drain your energy."

Calavénë chuckled at the notion, "He drains my energy just by standing close to me. Do not worry herdir. I will survive the week." Calavénë watched as the master healer left the tent. I will survive the week; she kept on repeating the sentence to herself.


Haldir watched as the group of men, elf, dwarf and hobbits entered Lothlorien. His gaze fell upon the elf, "That is the prince of Mirkwood." Futher behind at the end of the group, he saw two little hobbits. Haldir's heart grew weary. He sensed a great evil surrounding them. The one ring has finally arrived in Lorien. He signalled his troops to descend upon them.

"The dwarf breathes so loud, we could have shot him in the dark," Haldir spoke as they reached the startled group. Haldir looked at the dwarf who began to show signs of hostility.

He walked towards the fair elf, clad in Mirkwood attire, "Mae govannen, Legolas Thranduilion."

The prince of Mirkword bowed to Haldir, "Govannas vîn gwennen le, Haldir o Lórien."

Haldir turned his attention towards the man standing on his left, "A, Aragorn in Dúnedain! Istannen le ammen."

The man clad in ranger attire nodded, "Haldir."

Suddenly the dwarf spoke out of turn, "So much for the legendary courtesy of the elves! Speak words we can all understand!"

It has been hundreds of years since any Lorien elf has come upon a dwarf, "A dwarf!" said Haldir. "That is not well. We have not had dealings with the dwarves since the dark days. They are not permitted in our land. I cannot allow him to pass."

Oddly enough, Haldir thought, this dwarf did not know when is the time to hold his tongue, "Do you know what this dwarf says to that? Ishkhaqwi ai durugnul!"

Haldir watched as Aragorn held his dwarf companion, "That was not so courteous!"

Haldir looked at the little Hobbit whom he sensed evil surrounding him, "You bring great evil with you. You can go no further!"

Haldir spent almost an hour discussing with Aragorn on the matters of their passage. The fellowship had hoped to replenish their energies and rest in Lorien before they continue on their journey to Mordor. Haldir was hesitant in granting them passage. There was the matter of the ring and there was also the matter regarding the dwarf.

The Elves spoke together in soft voices, and questioned Legolas in their own tongue. "Very good," said Haldir at last. "We will do this, though it is against our liking. If Aragorn and Legolas will guard him, and answer for him, he shall pass.

But now we must debate no longer. Your folk must not remain on the ground. We have been keeping watch on the rivers, ever since we saw a great troop of orcs going north toward Moria, along the skirts of the mountain, many days ago. Wolves are howling on the wood's borders. If you have indeed come from Moria, the peril cannot be far behind. Tomorrow early you must go on. You, Legolas, must answer to us for them. Call us, if anything is amiss! And have an eye on that dwarf!"

Haldir and his brothers guided the fellowship through the woods of Lorien. They had stopped at the encampment near the border. Haldir ordered the odd assemblage to rest there for a moment until he had sorted the matter with Lady Galadriel.

Calavénë watched as the small group of men, elf, dwarf and hobbits sat around the fire. They looked weary and forlorn. She saw Haldir leaving them and climbed up the watch talan, no doubt to contact the Lady of Light. Her gaze fell upon a small hobbit with great blue eyes. He had an aura of evil cloaking his good heart. She watched as he pulled out a chain and on it was a ring!

Calavénë gasped. So the ring of power has found its way to Lothlorien! Who are these people and why do they carry the ring here? Is it not to be destroyed? Questions and riddles filled her mind. Moments later she saw Haldir walking towards them once more.

"You are to be in the presence of the lord and lady. Come! We must not waste time for every second we lose gives strength to our enemy." Haldir headed the party towards the path. They were to make their way to Caras Galadhon and there the fate of the ring and of the fellowship will be decided.


Herdir – master
Mae govannen, Legolas Thranduilion – Welcome/ Well met Legolas, son of Thranduil
Govannas vîn gwennen le, Haldir o Lórien - Our Fellowship stands in your debt, Haldir of Lórien
A Aragorn in Dúnedain istannen le amen - Aragorn of Dúnedain, you are known to us
Ishkhaqwi ai durugnul! - I spit upon your grave

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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