A Reflection of Passion: 1. A Reflection of Passion

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1. A Reflection of Passion

Haldir's jaw hung open at the sight that greeted him upon entering his talan that evening. This large tree was the home he shared with Legolas; together they had built it to such sophistication unlike any other talan found in Lothlórien. But even in its grandness it was never in this state. It was nearly pitch black, but a beautiful golden glow came from the room where the lovers slept, and the light reflected on every hard surface around their home. Haldir slowly made his way up the steps - stone fused with tree branches - up to their room and took a peak inside.

Every inch of the walls were adorned with mirrors. Over the shelves were small lit candles whose light were reflected in each mirror, creating an alluring glow in the room, and scattered around the shelves and floor were hundreds of bright red rose petals.

Legolas was sitting on their bed lighting another candle beside their bed. He turned around and his face lit up upon seeing him.

"Welcome home, Haldir," Legolas greeted, getting up to kiss his love on the lips.

"So this is your reason for staying here all day," Haldir said, taking in their surroundings. "Are you certain the candles will not set the tree aflame?"

"It won't be the candles that will light the tree on fire," Legolas said mischievously. "Come, my love. This is in celebration of our anniversary."

"One hundred years it's been tonight," Haldir said. "As a matter of fact I had my own plans for us."

"What did it consist of?" Legolas asked. He rested back on the bed. "Staring at the stars sharing a bottle of wine?"

"Well…yes," Haldir said, shaking his head.

Legolas threw his head back, exposing his white neck as he laughed. "You are too predictable."

"It is safe." Haldir sounded slightly hurt, so Legolas sat up and beckoned Haldir to him.

"My love, I did not mean to hurt you. Come."

Haldir settled beside him, taking great care not to knock over a single candle. Legolas noticed the wrapped bundle in Haldir's arms, and he took it from his love.

"Mirkwood wine!" Legolas said as he studied the fine bottle.

Haldir smiled. "I know how much you enjoy the elven wine from your land."

Legolas yanked out the cork unceremoniously and took a big chug. He grabbed Haldir's head and crushed their lips together. The wine passed between them and some dribbled between their red lips. They went on like this for a while till the entire bottle was finished.

"Ai, I'm making a mess!" Legolas laughed and began to take his robes off. He was surprisingly sober for drinking the rich elven wine. Haldir's cheeks were just barely red, and he wondered momentarily if the wine had not been from Mirkwood at all. But Legolas didn't seem to care, and as long as Legolas was happy then all was well.

"What is the purpose of the mirrors?" Haldir asked, glancing around them. Even the ceiling above them was covered with them; Haldir wondered how long the mirrors could stay put, and he cringed at the thought of one falling on Legolas.

But such worries were trivial to his husband, who was licking his fingers in a way that brought blood rushing to Haldir's member. "I want to see us," Legolas said. "I've always wondered how it looks when you are deep inside me." He leaned back again, giving Haldir a clear view of his naked body; his own cock was becoming hard. He moaned impatiently. "Haldir, out of these robes!"

He shifted forward and energetically shed Haldir of his clothing, his sticky fingers tickling Haldir's skin. Haldir grinned; perhaps the wine had some effect on Legolas after all.

Legolas tossed aside Haldir's leggings without checking to make sure no candle was in the way, but thankfully nothing was knocked over. Legolas leaned back again, his eyes studying Haldir's broad shoulders, strong chest and taut stomach. He slid lower on the bed and spread his legs; one slender hand massaged his body down, stopping only to rub his nipples and dip a finger in his navel. His hand roamed around his inner thigh before folding his fingers around his cock. Haldir was mirroring each of his moves, the two paying attention to their bodies.

Legolas stopped suddenly, and spread his legs wider, he beckoned Haldir closer. Haldir gladly obliged, moving slowly and planting kisses up Legolas's body as he went. His kisses turned to licks when he reached the base of Legolas's neck; up he went till at last he claimed Legolas's soft lips. Legolas award him by opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue to claim, the taste of wine still upon him.

As they kissed deep their hips grind against each other. Haldir grabbed a fistful of Legolas's hair as his tongue explored inside his love's mouth. He didn't know what Legolas had in store with the mirrors, but in the meantime he focused on showering his husband with love. He enjoyed the familiar act of this intimacy even if Legolas at times complained it to be boring.

Legolas pushed Haldir away, and the silver-haired elf groaned. "No more. I don't want this to end soon, my love. Please, the mirror." He gave Haldir's nose a quick kiss before shifting to his right side. Haldir followed his moves, resting behind him. The confused expression on Haldir's face reflected back at him in every mirror. Right in front of them was the largest mirror in the room, perfect to watch their every move.

"What exactly do you wish that I do?" Haldir asked.

"What you do best," Legolas said. "I want to see how it looks."

Haldir made a face, and Legolas's reflection replied back by sticking out his tongue. Haldir rested one arm lazily around Legolas's shoulder. The other hand drew circles around Legolas's chest and stomach. Legolas was watching his every move in the mirror, and his body gave a little startle when Haldir reached his throbbing cock. Smiling, Haldir teased him, tracing patterns all over his groin while avoiding his erection. Legolas released a whimper, moving himself so Haldir can touch him, and when it seemed Haldir was not going to give in to his wish, Legolas brought one shaking hand down to touch himself.

"No!" Haldir said, surprising Legolas by pinning his entire body to the bed. "You watch and don't move!"

"Haldir!" Legolas laughed. "You're enjoying this already!"

And indeed he was. Haldir was thinking this would be quite an enjoyable night. He kissed Legolas and helped rolled him onto his back. Legolas quickly turned back to his left side, insisting on facing the mirror.

Haldir shrugged at his husband's odd ways. He leaned his head down and took Legolas's cock into his mouth. Legolas moaned and giggled for Haldir's long silver hair tickled his belly. He tried to brush the hair away, but Haldir swatted his hands.

"Please!" He squirmed, unsure whether to moan from the pleasurable licks or to laugh. Haldir gave Legolas a warning look, and he slapped Legolas's buttocks. He shook his hair to curtain it around Legolas's abdomen again, knowing how sensitive Legolas was in that particular area. "I cannot see what you are doing!" Legolas whined next, and with an annoyed growl - this sent delightful thrills through Legolas, for Haldir still had him in his mouth - Haldir released Legolas's cock and lay beside him. To make up, Legolas brought him for a kiss and cuddle.

"Then how would you like us to carry on this night?" Haldir asked when Legolas let go of his mouth.

Legolas shifted around till he had a clear view of his opening. "I'm ready," he said. "But stay where you are. I want you to watch us as you prepare me."

Haldir glanced back at their reflection, at Legolas's hole so exposed in the mirror, and he felt his face turn red. "Did I embarrass you?" Legolas's eyes grew wide with shame and defeat. He lowered his leg in his embarrassment and made to leave the bed, but Haldir grabbed him by his waist and brought him back into his strong arms.

"Ai, Legolas my love, I do not feel embarrassed by you!"

"It's only us in the mirror, Haldir," Legolas said, snuggling close to Haldir so they could nuzzle. "Please, I want us to see every move."

"We will do this," Haldir said, giving his mate a tender kiss. He helped Legolas resume his former position. They kissed and fondled one another's body, glancing at the mirror to see how each act looked, till seed dripped from their cocks. Then Haldir took some of Legolas's seed and gently prepared him, inserting one finger into his entrance.

They watched themselves in the mirror as Legolas's entrance was coated with semen from both partners and Haldir was using his entire hand to stretch him for what was to come. Haldir couldn't remember a time when he felt this aroused just by preparing his husband. He would never see his own hands the same way again, this was certain. His cock throbbed painfully against his belly, yearning to feel Legolas's warm body wrapped around him.

Deciding Legolas was well prepared, Haldir removed his hands and positioned his cock over the awaiting hole. Legolas quivered underneath him, and for a moment Haldir thought Legolas was going to hit his orgasm right then, already driven mad by the sights. Then it occurred to him that Legolas was reacting to how he, Haldir, looked making love to him. Smiling, he held onto Legolas's hips as he gently inserted his shaft into his husband.

"Oh stop being a gentleman!" Legolas yelled impatiently and drove himself deep into Haldir. The two cried out, Haldir gripping tight onto Legolas's shoulders to steady himself lest his own climax came too soon.

"Patience was never your virtue," Haldir gasped out. He teasingly squeezed Legolas's nipple, enticing giggles from the other elf. Legolas rocked back as a reply.

They turned back to the mirror. Legolas's breath caught in his throat at the sight of Haldir's pulsating cock sliding slowly out, glistening in their juices, before disappearing deep into his opening once more. Moans escaped Legolas as Haldir brushed against his sweet spot. He shifted slightly till this sensitive spot was struck directly by Haldir's cock, and the two moaned loudly.

"It's almost a terrifying sight," Legolas said softly. "I did not think how painful it would look having my body stretched so wide. But it hurts not at all, and I love that you can stretch me open so wide and yet not bring me any pain."

Haldir's eyes were mesmerized by the scene before them, such a reflection of passion they were. Never did he think of how erotic their bodies looked in this act, how intimate it felt to watch Legolas's body readily swallow him deep inside, followed by his soft moans.

The two chuckled over how Legolas's cock twitched after Haldir hit a particularly sensitive spot. Reaching around Legolas's hips, Haldir stroked Legolas at the same slow steady speed of his thrusts, pressing his thumb on the tip each time his cock hit the sweet spot. His hand slid down to play with his sac; Legolas's eyes focused on Haldir's hands stroking each. His cock twitched again and the both chuckled again at the sight. More of Legolas's nectar was already dripping from the tip, and Haldir took some into his fingers and massaged Legolas's stomach, sighing at how his lover's skin now gleamed in the candlelight.

Legolas looked over his shoulder and smiled at his husband. "Aníron, Haldir!" Legolas was trembling greatly with desire, so Haldir returned to stroke his cock again in tender slow strokes.

"Aníron, Legolas!" Haldir licked Legolas's ear and moved to meet his mouth, careful not to break the rhythm they were in. Legolas raised his right leg higher to take more of him in.

"Would you prefer I quicken my pace?" Haldir asked gently.

Legolas shook his head and moaned. "I wish to feel you for as long as I can."

Legolas stroked Haldir's free arm that was lazily draped around his shoulder, and he took Haldir's hand into his. He sucked on each finger while studying his reflection. Haldir watched the red tongue lap around each finger before sucking on it, and he recalled all the times when Legolas's tongue licked around his shaft and slid over the slit of his cock. He moaned at the memory and thrust a little harder. Legolas responded by sucking harder on Haldir's finger, and on they went in this rhythm.

They were nearing their climax. Their hearts were quickening in their pace. Haldir's thrusts became rougher and his strokes faster. Legolas was no longer able to focus on sucking Haldir's fingers, as blinded as he was by the fiery passions that consumed him at that moment. Haldir moved his free arm under his husband in a sort of embrace, and Legolas held onto the bedsheets with one hand while the other was gripping tightly Haldir's hand.

Their moans were growing louder. Legolas let go of the bedsheets and grabbed Haldir's hand, squeezing his husband as he cried out his name repeatedly. Haldir's fast breaths fell on Legolas's ear, blowing against the golden hair sticking to his skin moist with sweat. Their eyes were glued to what was taking place in Legolas's opening, holding onto each other as the final deep thrusts sent them over the edge. Legolas threw back his head and Haldir buried his face in Legolas's shoulder, both crying out the other's name and squeezing each other's hands as they were overcome by ripples of intense pleasure that radiated throughout their bodies. Legolas's seed shot out onto Haldir's hand; Haldir's own seed filled Legolas, and some dribbled out of his entrance.

They stayed in this position till their hearts and breaths steadied. Their lips met for an affectionate kiss as Haldir released his grip on Legolas's softening cock. He embraced Legolas snugly against him. They turned back to the mirrors one last time; Haldir was still inside Legolas.

"Let us remain like this," Legolas said as his fingers trailed up and down Haldir's arm.

"Anything for my prince," Haldir said softly. He stroked Legolas's arm lovingly, watching his husband fall into reverie. He looked up and saw themselves in the ceiling mirror, a couple full of tenderness and love.

One hundred years they spent together in happiness, astonishingly long to the eyes of any mortal, but to Haldir and Legolas it was only a small chapter in their everlasting story together.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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