Unrelenting Love: 1. Prologue

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1. Prologue

The sound of laughter broke the silence of a calm afternoon in Mirkwood. Two young Ellyn barely past their three hundredth begetting chuckled at the sight of their laboured catch dangling at the end of the fishing line. Both were handsome creatures with long silvery blond hair and a cheeky air about them. One was tall and slender and the other was slighter broader though equal in height. They pulled the line and stashed the fish in a wicker basket. It was a good day. They had spent the entire morning fishing and now the basket was almost full. It was a rare occasion for these two Ellyn to meet for one stayed in Lorien and other in Mirkwood.

Haldir watched as Legolas jumped into the water, wetting his tunic and leggings. The air was warm and a swim seemed reasonable. But Haldir was worried for it was not the way a prince should behave. Legolas had been in trouble before when his father found the both of them spying on beautiful ellyth bathing in the pools. What would he think if his second son was to return soaked to his bones?

Haldir called out to him, "Las, come on! Your father will be cross. You know you have an audience with him within the hour."

Legolas who was slightly older than the other was the prince of Mirkwood, though not directly in line for the throne for he has an older brother, Gollon Aranel. Gollon was almost five hundred years old and was now training with his father, King Thranduil in the war room. Legolas being the second prince did not have the responsibility of the kingdom on his shoulder. Thus, he spends his time in archery classes and would follow the border patrols at times. Whenever he has the free time, he would write to his friend, Haldir to come and visit him.

"I know! But it is so warm right now! Join me and together we could swim down river and see some ellyth!" Legolas persuaded his friend.

Haldir stood up, looking around for signs of King Thranduil or Gollon. He was unsure about Legolas' suggestion but the familiar stir in his loins could not be ignored, "Very well... We better hurry. You have to meet your father soon."

Legolas smiled from ear to ear when he finally succeeded in persuading Haldir to join his little jaunt. Haldir hid the basket of fish and began pulling his tunic off. He joined Legolas in the river and dove under the cool water. They do this almost every time Haldir would visit and every time they would get caught and be punished by the king. That never ceased to stop them nevertheless. They swam underwater until they reached some rocks near the river. Legolas surfaced first, looking around to see any unsuspecting elleth. Then his eyes caught a slender body sitting near the embankment.

Legolas nudged Haldir's side, pointing towards their latest victim. Haldir came to his side and watched the elleth. She had her back towards them but Haldir could see ample bottom where her long hair ended. Legolas began to giggle at the sight of the elleth. Haldir rolled his eyes, no matter how many times they did this, Legolas always, always giggled like an elleth himself.

They watched as the young elleth pulled her hair to the side, revealing her smooth back and more rounded rump. Her skin gleamed under the sun. Her back was beautiful. She had a small nipped waist and did they mention beautiful rump? Legolas was getting frustrated. He wanted to see all of her, by all he meant her bosoms. He signalled to Haldir to move around the boulder to have a better look. They threaded the water silently and hid behind the opposite boulder where at last they could see her beautiful body.

She still had her hair covering her face but her body was magnificent. Her breasts were not very large but bountiful nevertheless. Her nipples were rosy pink and stood erect from her generous breasts. Her stomach was flat and smooth and her legs were as long as the river. Her sex was hidden from their view since she had her legs crossed. The two young Ellyn could feel the heat flowing down their loins.

Haldir looked on as she washed her hair, long and golden like that of Legolas'. He muttered under his breath. Damn that hair! It was blocking his view from her face. She must be beautiful. No, she is beautiful, Haldir thought. They continued to watch the young elleth for some time. She stood up and pulled her gown over her naked form. Suddenly she looked at their direction, "Who is there? Show yourself!"

Legolas gasped and ducked, "Eru! That is Lothestel! My sister!"

Haldir hid behind the boulder. That was Lothestel? No, it cannot be! The last he saw her she was only a child. Wait, that was almost fifty years ago. That was Lothestel, Legolas' little sister. When did she grow to be such a desirable elleth? Haldir looked down at his leggings. His arousal was evident in his wet clingy clothing. He looked at Legolas who bore a disgusted look on his face. He looked at Haldir and mouthed, "That is my sister!"

Legolas felt dirty. He spied on his sister! Oh, father would kill me if he knew, he thought. Without even telling Haldir, he jumped in the water and swam away. He was already a few feet from them when he heard Lothestel screamed, "Haldir! How dare you!"

Haldir gulped. What was he to do? He was caught, alone nonetheless, abandoned by his own friend after he followed him on his stupid notion. Now he stood there, clad in wet leggings with his arousal painfully poking through to suffer the wrath of Lothestel, princess of Mirkwood.

Lothestel was angry and embarrassed. She knew Haldir was here visiting his brother. Which came to the next point, Legolas too was here. Wonderful, my brother is a pervert, spying on me, she thought. She ran towards Haldir who was making his escape and held a sword up his throat, "What are you doing here?"

Haldir eyed the sharp gleaming object, "I was swimming..."

Lothestel was not convinced, "Swimming? You were spying on me! Were you not?"

Haldir shook his head, "I was not! I swear! I was only swimming."

Lothestel lunged forward with the sword. Haldir was faster though. He spun around and caught her arm. With one swift movement he disarmed her and had her arm twisted around her back. Haldir felt his heart pumping faster. She was a feisty thing. He whispered in her ear, "I was just swimming. Nothing more..."

She struggled in his arms. The feel of her soft body wriggling upon his, made his erection grew harder. Lothestel gasped when her bottom brushed against it. Suddenly aware of her situation and what it could lead to, she tried pleading with him, "Haldir... Please let me go..."

Haldir spun her around and looked at her. Wet golden hair framed her face and her eyes were filled with terror. His gaze seemed to pierce her being and she could feel her heart beat quickening. Haldir looked at her trembling lips. He was too painfully aroused and his lust had clouded his mind. Without giving it a second thought he kissed her.

Lothestel was caught off guard by the kiss. She tried to push him away but he held on to her tightly. She wiggled her arm free, grabbed a chunk of his long hair in her hand and yanked. Haldir released her as he screamed in agony. The elleth pushed him away and ran towards the embankment. Haldir looked on as she disappeared behind the trees. What a feisty little creature, he thought.


Back in his chamber, Legolas sat uncomfortably. He was waiting for someone to come to his room and tell him he was summoned before his father. His sister, Lothestel would definitely have told their father the king about his insolence. He sat nervously on the bed, not knowing what to do.

A knock on the door startled him. With a weak voice he spoke, "Enter..."

To his surprise and relieve if was Haldir, "Haldir! What happened?"

Haldir crossed the room and punched the prince right on his perfectly straight nose, "You! You left me at the mercy of your sister! Did you know she had a sword? She could have killed me!"

Legolas backed away. Haldir was younger than him, definitely but he was broader and threw a mean punch, "Haldir, forgive me! I panicked. I could not let her see me. Father would have my head. You know my reputation with the ellyth..."

Haldir became angered and held Legolas by his collar, "I do. That is why I felt like an idiot. To think I followed you, who gave me the idea. Now if she runs off telling you brother or worse your father, I will be the one to blame! Did you think of that?"

The sound of two people arguing in Legolas' room stopped her in her tracks. Legolas' mother, Thelenineth, Queen of Mirkwood was passing his youngest son's room on her way to the dining hall. She pushed on the door and saw the two best friends fighting and hitting each other, "Legolas! Haldir! What is this? Why are you two fighting?"

Haldir pulled away and looked at the queen, "Ask him!"

Legolas looked at his mother with pleading eyes, "It was not my fault we spied on Lothestel!"

Thelenineth gasped, "You what? Legolas! How many times do I have to tell you not to go spying on ellyth! Did you know it was your sister?"

Legolas made a disgusted expression, "Mother! Of course not! We only knew when she stood up and called out to us."

The queen looked at Haldir, "You too Haldir? When will you two stop this playing around and be more mature? If your father knows about this, your punishments will be severe. Come. It is time for dinner. Let us hope your sister has the sense not to report this to the king."

The two Ellyn looked at the queen dejectedly and followed her to the dining hall. Legolas prayed in his heart that his sister did not reveal the incident to their father. Haldir on the other hand was terrified of the kiss he gave her today. Would she report this to the king?


Dinner was spent in silence apart from diplomatic discussions between King Thranduil and his firstborn. Legolas spent the entire time looking at his plate, too embarrassed to look at his younger sister who was seated across the table from him. Haldir on the other hand kept on staring at Lothestel, trying to read her. She did not look at him or acknowledged his presence with them. She merely jabbed at her food and took small bites.

Gollon noticed the change of behaviour in the three young elves, "What is the matter Las? Lothestel? Haldir what happened? Why are the three of you so...quiet today?"

Legolas looked at his older brother, "Nothing, Gollon. I am just a little weary. Perhaps Haldir and Lothestel are too..."

Haldir nodded, "Yes. The fishing trip was fruitful but tiring."

King Thranduil nodded, "What about you my dear? You are usually not this quiet my daughter..."

Lothestel smiled at the king, "Nothing father. I was slightly shaken by something at the river."

Haldir and Legolas both gulped. Would she tell on them? Would she let her brother and his best friend be punished?

Thranduil looked at his daughter, "What scared you my dear?"

Lothestel shook her head, "Nothing. It was just a toad. It jumped up at me when I was about to leave."

Gollon and Thranduil laughed when they heard this. They continued to talk about the toad while Lothestel tried in earnest to come up with a good story. Haldir and Legolas felt relieved she did not tell on them. Dinner went by after that much livelier than before.

After dinner, Lothestel went out for a walk in the gardens. The night was beautiful and the stars adorned the sky. She needed time to think. She was angry at both Legolas and Haldir. She knew Legolas took Haldir to the river and he definitely had a hand in her embarrassment today. But she was furious at Haldir for kissing her. Never had anyone dare to touch her and he kissed her! The nerve!

The sound of rustling bushes startled her. She turned around and saw Haldir walking towards her with flowers in his hand, "Lothestel... Forgive me... I did not mean to..."

His speech was cut short when a hand slapped his face hard. He opened her eyes to see an infuriated Lothestel before him, "Leave! I do not want you apology. I am Lothestel, princess of Mirkwood. Who are you, daring to kiss me? You are nothing! Just a lowly warden from Caras Galadhon! Touch me again and I will make sure your hands are severed! I hate you Haldir! I hate you!"

Haldir watched as the young princess left the gardens in a hurry. He rubbed his face. The pain was still there and as he watched the flowers he picked lay motionless on the ground, he sighed. This was not the way he wanted to meet Legolas' little sister after so long. He had hoped they could have been friends. But by the looks of it, enemies were what they would become...


Gollon Aranel – Royal Wisdom
Lothestel – Flower of hope
Thelenineth – Calm sea

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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