Unrelenting Love: 3. Chapter 2 - Payback Backfired

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3. Chapter 2 - Payback Backfired

Three days had passed uneventfully in Mirkwood. King Thranduil was taking a mighty long time with the reply, not that Haldir was complaining. He was enjoying his time spent with Legolas and Nyonna. Nyonna was a wonderful elleth and Haldir was happy for his friend. But today Gollon had taken it upon himself to arrange a picnic for everyone. Haldir was dreading the idea. It would be the first time since that night he would be seeing Lothestel. He did not know how she would react nor has she told anyone about that incident. It was odd though. It has been three days and yet no retaliation. She was plotting something, Haldir was sure about it.

The royal family had gathered in the courtyard. Legolas was riding his horse alone. King Thranduil was on his mighty horse as well with the queen in his arms. Gollon and his wife would travel in the carriages since she was too pregnant to ride. Haldir was on his stallion with Nyonna. Legolas insisted on this arrangement since the both of them were still hiding their relationship from their respective families. Now all that was left was Lothestel. Haldir could hear hurried footsteps coming from the hall and turned to look around.

No one could say Lothestel was not beautiful. Her long dark mane flowed to her waist. Her beautiful grey eyes were icy and proud. Her nose stood straight from her face. Her lips... yes... her lips were like little rubies puckered and red. She stopped in front of them, confused at the riding arrangements, "Where is my horse?"

The king laughed, "You will be riding with Legolas, my dear. Your mother insisted that the girls have riding companions."

Lothestel rolled her eyes and walked towards Legolas, "I will be riding with you it seems. Come Las, help me up."

Legolas led out his hand and pulled his sister up. She sat in front of him and settled comfortably on his chest. Legolas felt the weight and grimaced, "For your information, I am not a plush chair for you to lean on. Sit straight or I will trade with Haldir. I know how much you love his company."

Lothestel huffed, "Very well and no thank you. I much prefer your company than his..."

The group moved out from the courtyard and made their way to the picnic grounds. It was a two hour journey to the waterfalls but Gollon promised all of them a magnificent view. Haldir was happily chatting away with Nyonna, asking about her family and about Legolas. She was a very agreeable elleth and would make a stunning princess. Unlike another princess he knew. At least Nyonna would be a humble princess, not like Lothestel.

Upon another horse, Lothestel scowled. His brother's plan interfered with her plans. She wanted revenge. She will have her revenge on Haldir. He had humiliated her and touched her! That warden had the nerve to lay a finger upon her royal body. He will pay and most painfully. Tonight her plan will be put to action. Haldir can count on it.

The assemblage finally arrived at the picnic grounds. The view was indeed magnificent! The waterfall had three tiers and the water in the pool below was a deep blue colour. The king and the queen sat near the embankment, watching the food as they would say together with Oriel while the others began taking off their tunics to jump in the water. Gollon went in first, followed by Haldir and then Legolas.

Thelenineth looked at the ellyth, "My dears go! Join them! You cannot let the Ellyn have all the fun!"

Thranduil laughed, "Yes! Go, be merry. I make sure the ellyn stay civil."

Nyonna smiled and went behind the bushes to change into more proper attire. She changed into her tunic and leggings and made her way to the water. Legolas immediately splashed some water on her as she entered the pool. The sounds of shrieks and laughter could be heard miles around. All of them were having such fun, save for Lothestel. She sat by her mother's side, watching Haldir.

He was a handsome ellon no doubt. His shoulders were broader and muscles rippled on his chest and arms. His golden hair now a darker shade from the water and framed his handsome face. Every now and then he would stand up and Lothestel could see the flat, strong stomach. She gulped and looked away. What was wrong with her? She was admiring a simple warden. This is beneath me, she thought to herself. She could not wait until tonight to have her revenge...


The ride home was much quieter. Everyone was wearied. Oriel was asleep in Gollon's arms and the rest were lost in their own reveries. Giggles could be heard issuing from the queen as King Thranduil whispered something in her ears. Legolas smiled. It was nice to see that his parents were still very much in love with each other after all these years. He glanced towards Nyonna who was coincidentally looking at him. She smiled and mouthed the words, "I love you..." Legolas nodded and placed a hand on his heart, mouthing the words, "Tonight..."

When the assemblage reached the palace grounds it was already dusk. Everyone quickly dispersed into their own chambers. Dinner was to be had separately and for this Haldir was grateful. He went to his room and quickly relieved himself of his soiled tunic. He stepped into the bath and soaked his aching body in the warm water so generously provided by the maids. The heat from the water soothed his aching muscles. A small knock on the door broke the silence in his room, "Who is it?"

"I bring your dinner my lord," said the servant girl.

Haldir spoke louder so that she could hear him, "Come in. Just leave the tray on the side table."

The elleth entered and did what she was told. It would take another half an hour before Haldir finally left the bathroom. He wrapped the towel securely around his waist and sat on his bed. He took the wine goblet and emptied it at once. The taste of the wonderful liquor was invigorating. He ate some bread with cold meat and cheese. He was getting sleepy and fast. It must be the wine, he thought. He did not even bothered to change into his night clothing and climbed in bed. Soon he was asleep with the soft sound of his breathing being the only noise from his room.


A small knock on the door told Nyonna that it was Legolas. She walked towards the door and opened it. Sure enough it was her love, the prince. Legolas entered the room and looked around. It was the first time he had been to her chamber and cursed himself for not doing so earlier. He scooped her up in his arms and kissed her in earnest. She smelled wonderful. Her soft body only covered by a pathetic excuse of a nightgown, he did not complain though. She held on to him while he guided them to the bed.

Nyonna climbed into bed and settled her head against the nook of his neck. There was no urgency tonight. The night was long and they had all the time in the world. Legolas stroked the small of her back, "I missed you..."

Nyonna looked up at the magnificent blue eyes, "I missed you as well. You have been away from me for far too long, my prince."

Legolas pinched her nose, "Father gave me some diplomatic work to do. I could not say no. Gollon is after all busy with the kingdom and with Oriel. Forgive me, my love."

"I will forgive you... but on one condition," Nyonna whispered into his ears.

Legolas smiled, "What is that my dear?"

She cupped the prince's face in her hands, "Make love to me, my prince..."


Haldir woke up a few hours later to the sound of the window shutters banging on the wall. He looked around, the room was dark. He tried to sit up but he cannot. He tried once again and soon came to realize that he was tied to the bed. The sound of an elleth laughing made him even agitated.

Lothestel walked into the room holding a candle to her face, "Missed me? You did not think that I would let you get away with what you did to me, did you?"

Haldir struggled at his bonds, "No. I had the feeling you would pay me back in earnest though I did not think tonight was the chosen day."

Lothestel laughed again, "Oh, yes... definitely today. I have something smelly prepared for you..."

Haldir watched as the elleth climbed on to his bed, kneeling next to his naked torso. She ran her fingers over his hard chest, "You should not make it a habit of sleeping without clothes Haldir. You would never know what could happen to the delicate skin. Something might spill on it. Something like candle wax..."

Haldir winced in pain as she poured the liquid wax on to his chest. He struggled even harder at his bonds, "Stop it! You will regret this!"

Lothestel pouted, "Oh, what is the matter? Not enjoying this?" As she said that, she poured some more wax on his nipples making him groan out in pain.

Lothestel stood up, "That was for tormenting me. Not so fun when you are the one being tormented, is it not? Now, it is time for your present, courtesy of the horses in the royal stable."

She climbed down from the bed and walked to the end of it. She bent down and Haldir could see a wooden bucket in her hand. He struggled harder at his bonds and he could feel them loosening. He watched as Lothestel smiled and chucked the smelly content towards him. Being the Marchwarden meant having great strength and great reflexes. Haldir tugged hard at his bonds and they came free. He jumped out of the bed just in time to avoid the smelly surprise that landed on his bed.

Lothestel's eyes widened in surprise, she did not think Haldir was that strong. Panic rose inside her and she tried to make her escape. Unfortunately for her, Haldir was a lot faster. He crossed the room in seconds and locked the door, "Now... where are you going?"

Lothestel tried to run but Haldir lunged at her. She made her way to the door but Haldir grabbed her by the waist and pulled her away. She kicked his shin and struggled to be free of him. Another kick to the shin proved to be painful and she managed to break free of his hold. She ran towards the bathroom, hoping to escape through the windows. Much to her dismay the room was purely block. The sound of the door clicking made her heart leaped in her chest.

Lothestel stood frozen near the rain shower. She could hear him coming closer, "Nowhere to run I see. Now... where was I?"

Lothestel turned around and saw him walking towards her with the same rope she used to tie him with. She backed away only to find the wall restricting her movement. Haldir smiled, "You were so eager to show me pleasure just now. Why are you running away? I told you, you would regret this."

She stared at him, her heart pounding in her chest, "Let me go..."

Haldir frowned, "Let you go? No... no... no... I have to pay you back for your kindness. You brought me a surprise and it is only courteous to give you one..."

She lunged forward trying to push him out of the way. But her small body was no match for Haldir's strength. He grabbed her and pushed her to the wall. With expert movement, he tied her hands to the shower and now she stood trapped between his body and the wall with her toes barely touching the floor. Haldir stepped back and admired his handy work, "Hmm... this is how you should always look like... submissive..."

Lothestel trashed around, angered by his remark, "Wait till my father hears about this!"

Haldir smirked, "I would love to see how you would explain my bed soiled and my body burned. No, you will not tell him. Because if you do, I will tell him of your wrongdoings towards me. Now, for your surprise..."

Haldir walked forward and touched her neck, trailing his finger along the smooth skin. Lothestel tried to move away but there was nothing she could do, being trapped like this. His hands gently cupped her breasts and Lothestel closed her eyes, biting down on her lips trying not to moan. Haldir smiled. She is enjoying this, he thought. His fingers found the lacings of her dress and began to pull them open one by one. Lothestel looked at him with pleading eyes, "Please Haldir... Let me go..."

Haldir ignored her and continued his torment. The lacings came undone and he pushed her gown down to her waist, baring her naked chest and her bountiful breasts for his eager eyes, "My... This is another surprise for me..." He stroked the buds on her chest with the back on his hand. Lothestel threw her head back, again trying to suppress a moan. He kneaded both of her soft globes with his hands and played with her nipples until they were hard and erect. He brought his lips to them and licked the fiery petals of her chest. This time, the pleasure mounting in her could not be contained and she moaned.

Haldir lifted the hem of her gown and stroked the strong thighs that were beneath the layers of skirt. Lothestel was panting and the erotic intrusion of his fingers on her soft skin was welcomed. Haldir could feel himself hardening and aroused by the sight of this feisty creature in front of him. He continued to stroke her thighs and when she whimpered under his touch, he inserted his long fingers into her moist folds.

Lothestel gasped and cried out his name, "HALDIR! Oh... Eru!"

Encouraged by her reactions, Haldir moved his fingers around her folds, making her shudder and writhed in need to feel more of him. She was sleek with desire and it fuelled him even more when her moans became louder. He got on his knees and brought his hungry tongue upon her blossoming centre. Lothestel moaned, "Yes... Oh, yes... Haldir..."

He swirled his tongue around her folds, tasting her molten sweetness. He latched on to her hardened nub and sucked in earnest. Her moans changed to erotic chant of the words yes and his name. Her breathing became ragged and a sudden rush of electricity flowed through her spine and she came in an explosive end. Her body shook with fervour and Haldir let her go. Haldir stood up, his face close to hers, desire in his eyes, "Do you want me?"

Lothestel could only nod. Haldir smiled and began pulling his towel down. His arousal stood proud and erect. It was ready for attention. As his towel pooled underneath his legs, his senses came to him. What was he doing? This is the princess of Mirkwood, Legolas' little sister! By the looks of it, she might even be untouched still and yet here he was ready to deflower the princess. He looked at her once again and guilt flooded through him. He tied the towel back on and came closer to her. Lothestel had her eyes closed, waiting for his touch.

She suddenly felt the bonds holding her loosened. She opened her eyes and saw a towelled Haldir standing in front of her with guilt in his eyes, "Forgive me... I should not have done this..."

Lothestel was confused. What had happened? She thought they were both enjoying this, "What is the matter? Did I not please you?"

Haldir smiled weakly and pulled her into his arms. He cupped her beautiful face, "No... Not because of that. You could drive any ellon out of his minds my dear. But I cannot. Not like this and not given the circumstance..."

Lothestel looked at him with hurt in her eyes. She did not know what happened here but she knew she wanted him. She wanted to feel his touch and his kisses, "Circumstance?"

Haldir nodded, "I... I have someone waiting for me back home... I would not dishonour your trust or hers..."

She once again felt humiliated and angry, "Haldir! Here I am, the princess of Mirkwood giving herself to you and you reject me for some plain elleth in Lorien?"

Haldir shook his head, "No... That is not what I meant... I cannot... Try to..."

Before Haldir could finish his sentence, Lothestel turned around and ran away, all the while trying to pull her dress up. He ran after her but soon stopped a few feet from her chamber. He cannot go to her. It would give her the wrong impression. Haldir walked back to his room and stared at his soiled sheets. Just then a knock on the door startled him. He spun around and saw Legolas, "Las! What are you doing here?"

Legolas smiled at his friend, "Oh, I was just out for some night air."

Haldir raised his brow, "Night air? You have debauchery written all over your face."

Legoals grinned but then frowned, "What is that smell?"

Haldir sighed, "That would be your sister..."

Legolas looked confused, "My sister smells that bad? What is she doing here in your room?"

Haldir shook his head, "Can you not be so daft? She is not here but she left this in my bed."

Legolas walked forward and saw the amount of dung on Haldir's bed, "Lothestel did this? Why? What happened between you two?"

Haldir shrugged, "Something. I will tell you another time but can you please call the maids. If I want to sleep tonight, I need a change of sheets."

Legolas nodded and left. Soon the maids arrived and helped clean his bed and changed his bed sheets. They even placed some mint leaves to help clear the smell. Haldir slipped into bed. His arousal was still there, not waning from the emotional drama just now. He could not fathom it. He was courting Elwen but these few nights his dreams were haunted, nay were graced by the images of Lothestel. Even the night she accidentally came to his room, he found his release from the visions of her naked form. Tonight he got to experience it. As much as he hated to admit it, he might be feeling something for the feisty princess. But nothing must come out of this. She was the princess of Mirkwood and his best friend's sister nonetheless.

He took off the towel and threw it on the ground. His arousal poked painfully at the sheets. He stroked the length, replaying the encounter with Lothestel in his mind. With every stroke, he whispered her name. Faster and faster he went as he remembered her moans and whimpers. Soon, the ecstatic rush overwhelmed his body and white pearly strands covered his hands and legs. He panted and sighed. In a way he was gladdened for tomorrow. He would return to Lorien in the afternoon and would never see her again. It was for the best.

Haldir stood up and cleaned himself before finally settling in bed once again. He closed his eyes, the image of his lust played in his mind. He closed his eyes and whispered her name, "Lothestel..."


Lothestel sat on her bed, legs huddled to her chest. She cried and cried her eyes out. What had happened in a single night? Up until yesterday she could not stand him but now she was on her bed crying because he had rejected her. Why? Was she not desirable enough? Was this elleth back in Lorien much prettier than her?

She threw herself back on to the pillow. Today she felt the greatest pleasure in her life. She knew how it felt to touch herself but it was not the same when Haldir did it to her. He surprised her, oh, yes he did. But to what end? Tomorrow he will be leaving and nothing could come of this. She hated herself for giving in to his seduction and hated him for seducing her. With the rejection tonight, it has solidified her hatred for Haldir. She pressed her face on her pillow and shouted, "Haldir! I HATE YOU!"


Morning came with the delightful sounds of birds chirping and trees rustling. Haldir was already up and stood in front of his chamber, admiring the beautiful sunrise. He had an audience with King Thranduil to acquire the response to Lord Celeborn's letter. He made his way to the royal study and had a discussion with the king. It was almost time for breakfast and Thranduil gladly invited the Marchwarden for a meal one last time.

The rest of the family was present on time at the dining hall. Haldir sat next to Legolas, talking about the preparations for his departure. Just then Lothestel entered the hall, looking worse for wear. He looked at her. Her eyes were read and puffy. She had been crying. A twinge of guilt poked at his heart since he knew he was the cause of her tears. Legolas looked up at his sister, "My... You look horrible..."

Lothestel shot an angry look at her brother and replied, "Mind your own business!"

The rest of the family was startled at her response. Proud as she was, Lothestel was never rude to her family. Thelenineth looked at her youngest, "What is the matter my dear? Is something troubling you?"

Lothestel looked up at her mother, "No mother. I am tired is all..."

The rest of the breakfast was spent quietly. Everyone was careful not to step on any toes. Haldir stared at Lothestel all the way through breakfast. He needed her to understand. If she does feel the same attraction to him, he was gladdened. But he needed to end his courtship with Elwen first before pursuing anything with Lothestel.

Lothestel walked back to her chamber slowly. She was sorry for the way she acted with Legolas but her mind was elsewhere today. She walked on almost reaching her room when a voice called out to her, "Lothestel..."

She stopped in her tracks. It was Haldir. She did not turn nor answered him. She continued to walk on but his hand softly held hers, begging her to stop, "Please... Listen to what I have to say."

She turned around, eyes cold as ice, "What do you want?"

Without saying anything Haldir moved forward and kissed her. She froze at the initial contact but soon warmed up to his lips. They kissed each other for a long time, tasting each other's lips. Lothestel pulled away, tears in her eyes, "What do you want Haldir?"

Haldir sighed, "Please... try to understand. Elwen is waiting for me back home. Let me return and..."

Lothestel interjected, "Yes, return home to Elwen. Leave me be Haldir. I hate you..."

Her last words tugged at his heart. If this is how she wanted it, then so be it, "Very well... I am leaving now. Forgive me for all the pain I have caused you. I did not regret last night... Good bye Lothestel."

Haldir felt hurt when she did not turn to look at him. She merely stood there, frozen like a statue. He sighed and left. Lothestel turned around and watched him leave, "I hate you... I hate you Haldir..."


Chapter End Notes:

Phew...sexual tension in the air! What will happen now? Stay tuned! Oh, have i told you guys i love review? :D

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