Worth The Risk: 1. Worth The Risk

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1. Worth The Risk

Worth The Risk

Eowyn had noticed the Elf Legolas from the moment he arrived in Meduseld. Many rumors she had heard of the Elves of Mirkwood. They were said to be dangerous and unpredictable, unlike the Elves of Lorien. They did not often leave their forest home so it came as a surprise to her when he appeared. It was more mysterious who he traveled with; Gandalf the Grey, wisest of wizards, Aragorn, son of Arathorn and one of the Dunedain Rangers, and most oddly the Dwarf Gimli. Suspicious these traveling companions were to her. However, as the days passed in Rohan, she became used to them being around. They were there to help and not harm. Her trust for them grew each day that she was in their company, though they did not address her often. Their time was spent with the King, preparing for war. Still, there was something intriguing about this Elf. He looked so young, like someone her own age but when she caught a glimpse of his eyes, there were many years of knowledge behind them. He was beautiful beyond words, an ethereal being dropped down from the heavens above. Her heart raced every time he was near. She wondered how true it was about him being dangerous. She saw nothing of the sort as he was always courteous and kind, helping those in need.

One day, a pair of sibling children were found wandering the borders. They were sent by their mother to warn the King of the attacks in the Westfold. Eowyn took them, fed them and cleaned them up. She noticed Legolas stealing glances at her as she worked. It was the first time she noticed him paying her any attention. She liked when he watched her. There was a shimmer in his eyes as he did so. Was it meant for her or was this just part of his heritage?

Later that same evening, Eowyn happened upon Legolas playing with the children in the courtyard. When they first arrived, they were very distraught, thinking their mother was killed back at their village. Now they seemed not to have a care in the world. Eowyn hid in the shadows and watched this 'dangerous' Elf as he laughed along with the children. He was teaching them some sort of game she had never seen before. They were having a wonderful time together and Eowyn giggled quite a few times. She must have laughed a little too loudly as she saw Legolas suddenly look to the shadows where she hid. She backed further away, staying hidden from him. Legolas turned back to the children.

"So my young friends, who was the lady that tended to you when you arrived?" he asked them.

"Oh that was the Lady Eowyn." said the boy.

His sister, who was much younger than the boy was, smiled. "I like her. She helped us and gave us food."

Legolas glanced toward the place where the laughter came from. "Yes, she seems very kind indeed. Tell me what else you know of her?"

The boy spoke first. "I hear she is a warrior." he said excitedly.

Legolas creased his brow. "Certainly that cannot be true. She looks nothing like a warrior to me."

"Mamma used to tell us stories of the women of Meduseld. They are trained with swords and have armor and everything."

Legolas laughed under his breath. Then the little girl spoke. "I think she is very beautiful."

Now Legolas turned his attention to the shadows. "Yes I agree wholeheartedly. She is the most beautiful woman warrior I have ever laid eyes upon." He could not see Eowyn but sensed her presence.

Then the girl put her small hand to the side of Legolas' face and turned his head so that his ear was near her. She leaned forward and whispered. "I think you like her Legolas."

Legolas felt a heat rush to his ears as he whispered back. "I think you are correct mellon nin."

The girl giggled and released her hold on the Elf. "You talk funny." she said every time he spoke elvish.

"Well I think you talk funny." he countered.

Eowyn decided it was time to leave. Somehow, she felt he knew she was spying on him. Even though she was hidden, he managed to connect with her eyes. She heard what he said about her beauty and it made her heart beat loudly. Of course, he was only being kind she thought to herself. She knew the laws and it was forbidden for an Elf to harbor any such feelings for a human. It had only happened a few times throughout history and it always ended badly. Still, to hear Legolas speak of her with such admiration made her shiver with joy.

* * * *

Legolas made it a point to befriend Eowyn. He learned that she was indeed a warrior, or at least trained as one. She was a Shieldmaiden of Rohan, a last line of defense. The Shieldmaiden would protect their people when there were no other options. If the King was slain and the enemy had hewed all the men down, the Shieldmaidens would come forth and fight to the death. It all sounded romantic and brave but truth be told it was just a title. No woman of Rohan had ever fought in place of a man. Still, Eowyn held her position with great respect and honor. She would lay down her life for the sake of her people and her King.

Legolas and Eowyn became good friends. He comforted her in her time of grief for the death of Théodred, the King's son. In return, Eowyn led Legolas to a small patch of nearby woods. She learned much about the Woodelves of Mirkwood. They were indeed dangerous and even blood thirsty at times, but only when their home came under attack. They were only trying to protect themselves.

The two friends watched each other practice their skills. Legolas often sat by as Eowyn honed in of her sword skills. Eowyn did the same as she watched Legolas fire his bow. Each one desired in secret for the other but neither one would confess to their attraction. For now, they lived for a brush of a hand or a gaze that was held for too long. Each one wondered what the other one thought.

Then word went out that the city was to move. Battle would come to Rohan. The King would not stay here, in the open. It was time to go to Helm's Deep. The days of laughter and light hearts ended quicker than it had started. Supplies were gathered. People packed their belongings. All gathered at the gates and left their golden thatched homes. War was coming.

* * *

Along the way, Eowyn and Legolas remained as close as they could. They each had duties to attend to. It did not leave much time for anything else. Eowyn's mind was still plagued with thoughts of this handsome Elf. She worried what might happen to them once they reached Helm's Deep. She knew he would fight alongside his friends. Would he forget about her then? Would war consume him and change him into the savage he was said to be in childhood stories? She hoped not for he was much too kind to be influenced by such things.

The journey to Helm's Deep was lined with perils. Legolas was on constant look out for any dangers. Eowyn would bring him fruit or drink during such times. He was very thankful and always rewarded by her soft touch. He wished things were not as they were. His feelings for Eowyn grew constantly. He missed her when she was not there. To look upon her beauty made his blood race. He wished for more, a kiss perhaps, to feel her soft lips resting upon his own. He wondered what her arms would feel like wrapped around his waist. It would be easy to fall in love with her. She was strong and beautiful, everything he always wanted. But it was forbidden. He could not love her and obey the laws. Legolas took pride in his heritage above all else. Still, Eowyn was worth the risk.

Then it happened. The travelers were attacked by orcs. Legolas spotted them a league away and was able to warn the King. He watched as Eowyn led the women and children off in a different direction. He would stay and fight alongside his fellowship and King Théoden, all the while silently praying for Eowyn's safe passage to Helm's Deep. If fate allowed, he would see her there. Maybe then, he would tell her of his true feelings. Maybe this was a test.

* * *

Legolas and Gimli arrived at Helm's Deep with the King. His eyes scanned the crowd. It did not take him long to find Eowyn amongst all those dirty and forlorn faces. Hers shone bright like a fallen star. It was then that he saw something in her eyes, something meant just for him. Did she feel the same as he?

They ran towards each other until they came face to face. Friendship was not enough anymore. They embraced each other tightly. It was the closest they had ever been. The warmth of each other's bodies travel between them. Legolas inhaled her scent, memorizing it to recall upon later. Eowyn felt the strength in his arms as he held her to him. Not since her brother last comforted her had she felt such safety. Legolas was power hidden in masculine beauty. At that moment, she knew he would protect her and keep her safe.

They parted and looked longingly into each other's eyes. Each one hoping the other would initiate the long desired kiss they had yet to share. However, something did not seem right. Eowyn broke the stare to look around. That was when she saw Gimli standing alone and looking distressed.

"Where is Aragorn?" she asked, her heart leaping into her throat. Instantly the moisture in her mouth disappeared.

Legolas' demeanor changed instantly as he looked to the ground. "He fell from a cliff and could not be found."

Eowyn's eyes filled with tears and for a second time, she embraced the Elf. Now it was with sorrow for their fallen friend. She cried as hope seemed to run out of her like a sieve. What would they do now? Legolas let a single tear fall down his cheek as he held Eowyn and they mourned the loss of Aragorn.

* * *

War was upon them. Weapons were being prepared. Armor was being gathered. Any male young or old that was fit and able was being told they would have to fight. With Aragorn gone and no sign of Gandalf, Eomer or the rest of the Rohirrim, it was Théoden's only option.

A few days had passed. Eowyn had not seen much of Legolas since they arrived at Helm's Deep. He and Gimli were busy helping get things ready. Even when they had a moment alone, she found him to be distant. He had changed somehow, seeming less available to her. There had been no exchange between them since the day he returned with news of Aragorn. Then one evening, when Eowyn could not sleep, she went out on the terrace for some fresh evening air. She found Legolas standing at the edge of the wall looking out into the distance. She walked up and stood next to him. She had missed him, missed his closeness.

"Things have been difficult since Aragorn fell. I wish there was more I could do to ease your pain." Eowyn said reaching out and putting a hand on his arm. It was the first time they had touched in days. Legolas turned to look at her.

"I do not believe Aragorn is gone from this world. I felt no sense of death at the cliff where he disappeared. I found the trinket he wears, given to him by Arwen, his beloved. It still shines bright. Deep down I have a feeling he is still with us, although badly wounded. I have set his horse free to go and bring him back to us, if he still lives."

"But how could someone have survived such a fall? How can you be so sure of this? How can you still have hope after all of this?" Eowyn said her voice almost angry. Hope had long since left her.

"Because there is always hope." Legolas said matter-of-factly. It is this desire to believe that will see us through. It is no different than the hope I have that you and I will…" He stopped mid sentence realizing what he was about to confess to. Eowyn looked at him, confused by his words. A thought came to him. If Aragorn could perish then he too might not survive. He needed to tell Eowyn of his feelings for her. If nothing else, she would at least know of the love he felt for her. Then, if he was to die in battle, he could do so with peace in his heart. He brushed his hand along the side of her face and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Something in his touch sent shivers through Eowyn's body. She knew this was wrong and could not let Legolas break the laws of his people, but she did not want him to stop either. She closed her eyes, afraid of what she would see in his. Legolas gently touched her chin and tilted her head up. She kept her eyes closed, afraid of what she might do if she looked at him. Then a feeling of softness and warmth spread throughout her body as he lightly kissed her lips. There was no heat, no passion, just pleasantness and delightfulness. Legolas' spirit was renewed. He said all he needed in that one kiss. They drifted apart but Eowyn still could not bring herself to look at him. Legolas felt her reserve but also her longing. He was fine with the outcome, for now. After a long moment of silence, he spoke.

"You should get some rest. It is late. If you don't mind, I shall like to walk you to your room." Legolas said hoping for a few more moments alone with her.

What was he saying? Did he want this just as much as Eowyn did? Could she go through with such an act, not only for the first time but also with an Elf? Her body screamed to say yes to him, but her mind spoke first. "I think I will stay here for a while. I would like to be alone and take in the night air. You go on. I will see you tomorrow." Eowyn said.

Legolas could feel her internal struggle. She wanted to be with him as much as he wanted her. She was fighting her feelings. Why? Legolas was ready to risk everything just to tell her of his love for her. Maybe Eowyn did not feel the same. Maybe he wanted it so badly that he was imagining things. He decided not to push the issue.

"Very well my lady. I will see you tomorrow then." he said smoothly. As he turned to leave, Eowyn reached out and took his arm.

"Please, call me Eowyn. We are too close of friends to use such formalities."

Without turning around Legolas spoke, "As you wish… Eowyn." Her name tasted like the sweetest honey on his lips.

There was something about the way he said her name that sent a fire coursing through Eowyn's veins. She noticed she was still clinging to his arm and let go. "Good night then, Legolas."

* * *

The next day, Eowyn was helping to gather food to be taken to the caves when she heard a commotion at the gates. She could hear Gimli's voice but could not make out what he was saying. Then, out of the crowd walked Aragorn. She was in shock. Legolas' intuition was right. He was alive, although he looked worse for wear. He had returned with the horse Legolas set free. She watched him as he made his way to the doors of the entrance. And there standing in his way was Legolas. Aragorn stopped just short of running into him. They exchanged words, then Legolas handed Aragorn the necklace. Legolas kept it safe in hope of his return. Aragorn patted his shoulder then proceeded through the doors. Legolas turned to follow but stopped briefly to look over at Eowyn. He smiled and nodded to her. It was then that she understood what he was trying to tell her last night. He held out hope for the safe return of Aragorn just as he hoped for their true feelings to be revealed.

* * *

Aragorn proceeded to tell King Théoden of the approaching army of orcs. They would be there by nightfall. The King wasted no time and ordered all women and children to the caves. When Eowyn got word, she went straight to her uncle. "My Shieldmaidens and I can fight." she argued.

"I need you to stay with the others. They trust you. You will bring them comfort." Théoden said with compassion.

"You would arm old crippled men and young boys before you would call upon me and my women warriors?"

"I would not risk your safety." he countered.

"Then why train us to do so? Why fill our heads with the promise of war when we would much rather be free of such thoughts, free to live and love?" Eowyn's breathing was heavy and a fire shown in her bright eyes.

"You may yet have your chance if all goes well here. Now… there is no more arguing. You will go to the caves with the rest." Théoden commanded. The conversation was done.

* * *

Meanwhile, Haldir the Marchwarden of Lothlorien arrived with an army of Elves from the Golden Woods. Aragorn and Legolas greeted him with open arms and gave him a tour of the Deep. After planning their strategy, they moved on to the mouth of the cave to help organize the women and children. War was now only a few hours from their doorstep. That was when Eowyn ran up to them, and she did not look very happy.

"Aragorn!" she yelled as she approached. "The King has told me the Shieldmaidens and I must hide in the caves with the others."

"If that is the Kings' orders then you must abide." Aragorn answered. Legolas was listening to their conversation from a distance.

"But there is no valor in that. My maidens and I can fight. It is what we have trained for all our lives. And if there was ever a time we were needed it is now." There was a fiery determination in her eyes that Legolas hadn't seen before. It was very arousing to see her like this. "My people trust in you. They will listen if you speak to them."

"I cannot go against the Kings' orders. I am only here to help fight. If this is what the King wants then that is the way it must be. I'm sorry my lady but there is nothing I can do." Aragorn spoke in a very calming voice. He knew better than to go head to head with a woman of such a strong will.

She looked over to Legolas who was pretending not to listen and approached him. "Is there nothing you can do? Talk to Aragorn. Will he not listen to you on my behalf?"

"I'm sorry Eowyn but I must agree with Aragorn. It is not our place to change orders." He reached out to place his hand at her waist but she backed away.

"Is is not true that the ellith fight alongside the elves? You do not fear for them going to war. They are here now in this very fortress. Why should it be any different for my maidens and me? This is an outrage." Her eyes were burning with anger. Legolas was taken aback. He had never known her to speak in such a tone. He was not sure how to take it. He knew she was upset but that was no reason for her to speak to him this way. No one ever spoke to him this way.

"There is nothing else to be done!" he said in a raised voice, his royalty shining through. "You are to follow the command of the King and go to the caves!" Eowyn's stare alone would have taken down a cave troll but Legolas did not back down. She was the one who was out of control. He stood his ground.

"Prince or no Prince, Legolas Thranduilion, I will NOT be spoken to in such a manner." she said in a deep and determined voice. And with that, she stormed off.

"Is everything alright?" Aragorn asked Legolas. "I heard your argument and so did half of Rohan."

"I did not intend on becoming so enraged." Legolas said, still upset.  "I did not want to hurt her but she is very thick headed and stubborn." Legolas was upset about this whole situation but Eowyn was being childish and not listening to reason. He needed to speak to her and clear the air. He did not want any animosity between them, especially on the brink of war. "I will seek her out and apologize for my behavior." he told Aragorn before he turned to leave.

Legolas headed down into the caves. He found Eowyn organizing the storage of the food. She saw him coming towards her and chose to ignore him. She was still furious.

"Eowyn, I have come to apologize. I should not have spoken to you in a raised voice. It was not my intention to offend you." he said. She was still tending to the food. "Please, look at me." he said and grabbed her arm. "Please, Eowyn. Say something."

She snatched her arm from his grip. "I have duties to attend to. I do not have time for this. If you will not support me then leave me alone." she said going about her business.

Some of the people standing by overheard their conversation. He did not want others to eavesdrop on their disagreement. Legolas looked around the cave until he came upon a small alcove away from prying eyes and ears where he could speak to her in private. He took her hand and pulled her in that direction. He was tired of her attitude. It was time she listened.

"Legolas, what are you doing? Where are you taking me?" she said in an angry, demanding tone. She tried to free herself from his grip but he was too strong. This angered her even more.

 "I will not be treated in such a manner." Legolas said, backing Eowyn into the room. He had her where he wanted her. She would have no choice but to listen now. "I have come to apologize and still you act as if I don't exist. You ignore me and tell me to leave. I won't tolerate such childish behavior." Then with a half smile he said, "I should take you over my knee and spank you." He was trying to lighten the mood between them Usually she liked his crooked smile but this time she was not amused.

"You would enjoy that wouldn't you, to have me in a position of subservience." she yelled, ignoring his banter. There was nothing funny about this. "You will unhand me this instant, ELF!" They stared at each other for a moment. Her blood was coursing through her veins. 'How dare he' she thought to herself.

Legolas was very tolerant of many things. It was the way of the Elves. But this was too much. 'Who does she think she is to speak to me this way' he said to himself. He was upset with her but at the same time he was very aroused. The way she called him 'ELF' sent his blood racing. She was very alluring when she was angry. She was invigorating, full of life and he wanted her.

Just as Eowyn was about to retaliate again, Legolas grabbed her in his arms and kissed her hard. At first, she resisted. She tried to break free from him by hitting him in the chest but he was too strong. She felt the muscles in his arms flex and ripple. He pushed her up against the wall. Eowyn could feel his arousal against her belly. He was hard underneath his tunic and leggings. She broke free from their kiss and looked into his eyes. They were almost black. She had never seen his eyes this color before. There was an animalistic lust raging within him. It would have frightened her if she did not want him so badly. Then the voice in the back of her head spoke up. 'You must stop this. It will never work. He is forbidden of such displays.'

"Legolas, we mustn't go any further. It is not meant to be, a human and an Elf. Please let me go." she begged, looking away from him. Eowyn's heart was telling her the exact opposite, to let go and fall under his spell.

"You are not very convincing Shieldmaiden. You tell me to stop but I can feel your body react differently. You tell me it cannot be, yet the slightest brush of your flesh against mine leaves me on fire. You want your space, yet when we embrace, it gives me newfound strength. Do you not want this just as much as I? Tell me now that you have not any urges. Tell me you do not feel there is something special happening to us and I will stop now and never touch you again. It will be a painful existence without you but I will abide by your decision. Tell me Eowyn and I will go now and be no more than a friend to you. But please, just TELL ME! I cannot go on not knowing your true feelings."

She should have sent him away. Legolas would be true to his word and leave her alone. She should have told him there was no future for them, that these feelings were nothing more than infatuation. But that was not what was in her heart. Eowyn searched for the right words to say to end this. But, for the first time in her life, she could not find her voice. She looked into those dark blue eyes and could resist him no longer. All the bottled up sexual tension was set free. She stopped struggling and kissed him back. It was full of lust, their tongues entwined. Legolas took her bottom lip in his teeth and tugged gently. She reached up behind his head, grabbed his hair and pulled. Legolas broke the kiss. Then he lowered his head and ravaged her neck, kissing and biting. Eowyn threw her head back giving him better access. It felt so good. She lifted one of her legs and wrapped it around him. Legolas reached under her shirt and began caressing her breasts, using his thumbs to rub her already erects nipples. Eowyn let out a moan. 'So, he wants to play that game' she thought to herself. She remembered his sensitive elf ears, grabbed his earlobe in her teeth then ran her tongue along the outer edge up to those delicious pointed tips. So long had she wanted to taste them. It was Legolas' turn to let out a moan. He lifted her shirt up even further, exposing her breasts. He took one in his mouth and teased the nipple with the tip of his tongue while still fondling the other one in his hand. Then he switched sides. Legolas bit down on her nipple causing just enough pain to be pleasurable. Eowyn let out another moan. She reached down and loosened the laces of his leggings. Her hand slipped inside and found his arousal. She released it from the confined space. She began sliding her hand up and down his hard length. It pulsated in her fingers. "Please, Legolas, I want you inside me." she begged. Legolas pushed her skirt up and lifted her so that both of her legs were wrapped around his waist. With one hand, he reached down and felt her moist curls. He did not stop until he found and separated her wet folds. She was ready for him. His hands went to her bottom and he lifted her slightly. He teased her with his hard length at her opening.

 "Are you sure this is what you want? Once I start, I will not be able to stop myself. We will no longer be just friends. There will be no turning back." he said, his breathing heavy, eyes black with desire. It was more than that however. Once they made love, he would never love another. He decided not to tell her this though. Legolas wanted to love her whether she would remain his or not. He desired her above all else and always would. If he died this night, he would at least know he loved her completely.

"Yes, Legolas. I cannot keep this front up any longer. I want you. I have always wanted you. I want all of you." Their mouths found each other one more time. Eowyn could wait no more. She slid her body down onto his arousal. He filled her completely. Their kiss captured their moans of pleasure. He buried himself inside her. She rocked her hips back and forth feeling him pulsate within her walls.

"Oh yes, Legolas! You feel so good. I will not last. Please! I'm almost there. Come with me!" she said with a breathy voice into his ear.

That was all he needed to hear. His hips increased their rhythm, sliding in and out of her wetness at a faster pace. "Sweet Eru! I have wanted you for so long, my beautiful Shieldmaiden. But I never imagined it would feel this good."

Legolas pushed his hard length deep inside her again. Her inner muscles squeezed around his erection as she reached a most gratifying orgasm. Legolas felt his seed spill into her as wave upon wave of pleasure wracked his entire body. They moaned into one another's mouths, stifling any sounds that could be overheard. Their bodies shuttered together as they felt each other's release. As their minds came back into focus, their breathing slowed. Legolas remained buried inside her. They stayed that way for a moment, connected as if they were one being. Neither one wanted to separate from the other. Eowyn buried her face into his neck inhaling his leafy scent. She lifted her head and looked deep into his eyes. They had returned to there normal blue color.

"Too long have I desired you from afar. It has not been easy. But now I can finally tell you that …I love you, Eowyn, meleth nin. I have always loved you. It is like nothing I have ever felt before."

"And too long have I followed my head and not my heart. But now it is my heart that speaks the loudest when I tell you that I love you Legolas, my Elf Prince."

This time when they kissed, it was not from wanton need. It was full of love and passion. It all felt so right, as if their path was laid before them.

Very gently but reluctantly, Legolas pulled himself from her body and lowered her back to the ground. She helped him lace up his leggings. They kissed yet again not wanting to leave each other. He felt the need to tell her what had just transpired. It was more than making love. It was a bond he could not break. "Eowyn… I must tell you something…"

"That was truly breathtaking." she said as she recovered, not hearing him. "I had no idea anything could ever feel so good. But we must keep this secret. At least until after this battle." Eowyn said as she tucked a braid behind his ear.

This was not what he wanted. He wanted all of Middle Earth to know of their love. As he looked in her eyes, he saw her worry. He felt her fear, the fear of what her family would think. Her uncle the King of Rohan and Eomer her brother were her greatest concerns. Legolas did not want this for her but he could not turn away from her. "I will do as you wish although I would rather climb the nearest tree and shout my love for you." he said with a crooked smile.

"In time my love but now we must get back to work. There is still much to do. You needn't worry about me. I wish to fight by your side but I must follow the King's orders." she said reluctantly.

"Eowyn, I would not have you hiding in this cave. I would have you fighting by my side. I have seen your strength and know how well you fight. I don't want to leave you here." Legolas said taking her head in his hands.

"I know what it is I must do my love. My Shieldmaidens and I will stay her as a last defense against this evil. Should they break through the Keep, we will stand and fight to protect our people." Eowyn picked up his quiver and bow, handing it to him. "You must go now. You are needed up top. Go."

"Whatever happens I will come for you." Legolas brushed his lips over hers one last time before turning to leave.

"Stay safe and return to me, Elf." she said in a whisper not thinking he heard her. But his elvish hearing caught her words. He loved when she called him that.

* * *

Three wars were fought, Helm's Deep, Pelennor Field and the Black Gate. Legolas stayed with the fellowship throughout their whole ordeal. He had not seen Eowyn since they parted in the cave. His path led him in a different direct as did hers. He stayed as informed as he could and knew of her battle with the Nazgul and her mortal wound. Legolas was needed elsewhere and could not be with her. Aragorn himself healed Eowyn and a young Captain of Gondor,  the newly appointed Steward to the throne.

Legolas prayed to the stars every evening for her recovery. He began to bargain with the Valar when he felt he was being punished for going against their laws and giving his heart to a human. He told them he would never again interfere with her life if they let her live. Legolas would never love anyone again and that would be his punishment through his immortal life. When he heard that the poison was stopped and she was healing quite well, he thanked the Valar for answering him. He would keep his promise and not seek her out.

* * *

It was a nearing a year now since Legolas and Eowyn last saw each other. Word reached his ear about a friendship the Shieldmaiden struck up with the young Steward Faramir. Many spoke of his love for her and Legolas figured she had forgotten him by now. It was for the best. Their love was forbidden. Eowyn deserved a normal life. If she was with Faramir now then she must be happy to be with her own kind.

Today was the coronation of the new King of Gondor. Aragorn would take his rightful place with Arwen by his side. Legolas was there with his Mirkwood kin. He secretly hoped to see Eowyn. He wanted to know she was happy, but he did not want her to see him. As he walked up the grand hall with the other Elves, he caught a glimpse of Eowyn from the corner of his eye. She was even more beautiful than he remembered. Thoughts of her body connecting with his flooded his mind. His heart was breaking at the thought of never being with her or feeling her love again.  Another glance answered his one question. She was standing with Faramir. So it seemed she had found true love after all. The rumors were not rumors at all. It was heart wrenching and he could not take much more. When his duty was completed with the ceremony, Legolas quickly gathered his things and prepared to leave the city to return to his Woodland home.

He said his goodbyes to Aragorn and Arwen. Gimli decided to stay and help rebuild Minas Tirith. Legolas spent as much time as he could spare with them but his heart desired to leave. Knowing Eowyn was so close but was not with him was tearing him in two. As he was leaving the Citadel, he paused for a moment to observe the grand garden. It was full of weeds and many plants had died. How he wished he could stay and help organize gardens for the city. There was too much stone and not enough greenery. It could not be helped now. He needed to leave.

"Legolas?" came a soft voice.

The Elf froze knowing who's voice was calling to him. He could not bring himself to turn around. He closed his eyes and took another step.

"Legolas Thranduilion?" she said again. She would not let him walk away now.

He slowly turned to see Eowyn standing beneath the White Tree of Gondor, now in full bloom. Legolas' breath caught as his eyes came upon her. She was breathtakingly beautiful. She belonged to another, his mind screamed. Legolas forced a smile and bowed. "Lady Eowyn. It has been a long time since I laid eyes upon you. You… you look… beautiful." The words seemed to stick on his tongue.

Eowyn smiled in return. "And you are still just as handsome." She looked at his hands holding his traveling pack. "Are you leaving so soon? I thought we might… reminisce about old times. It has been so long."

"It has been long even for an Elf." he said and she laughed under her breath. He could not leave now and so he followed her to a stone bench in the courtyard. They say next to each other but looked like complete strangers.

Eowyn was not one to play games so she got right to it. "What happened Legolas? Where did you go? You said you would come back for me, in the caves. Instead, I never saw you again until now."

"I am sorry to have done that to you. I swore an oath to my fellowship companions and followed them wherever we were needed. It all happened so fast. There was no time to go back and find you." As he finished, he looked down at her arm and saw a scar. "Is that from your fight with the Nazgul?"

Eowyn seemed surprised. "Yes, but how did you…"

"I was kept informed of your every move." He proceeded to tell her about the prayer to the Valar and how he sacrificed his own feelings if it meant that she would live. Eowyn's heart swelled to hear how devoted he was to his gods. "And it seems your prayers were answered too."

Eowyn creased her brow. "Of what do you speak?"

"You have moved on with Faramir. I have not met him but I have been told of his kindness. He will take great care to see you are happy. You have chosen well." Legolas tried to sound sincere.

"Faramir? Well, yes we became friends when we were both held in the Healing Houses. We were both gravely injured and helped each other through tough times but…"

"I am truly happy for you." Legolas interrupted. They sat in silence for a moment before the Elf stood to leave. "I must be going now. It is a long journey to Mirkwood. It was nice to see you again." He reached out and took her chin in his fingers. "I missed you." Legolas released her and turned to leave.

Eowyn sat there stunned before she got up. "Don't you want to know what happened?" she yelled to him, stopping him in his tracks.

"About what?" he asked.

"About what happened with Faramir and me."

Legolas turned to her again. "I know what happened. You have found your true love."

Eowyn shook her head. "You have been misinformed then."

Legolas looked her in the eyes and saw something familiar. "How?"

Eowyn went to where Legolas stood. "Do you remember that evening when you spoke about hope? I did not hear you then because I was in denial. Still, I remembered your words and tried to live by them myself. I held on to hope and found the one thing that was missing in my life."

Legolas looked to the ground. "You found Faramir." he whispered.

"No. I found you… here… now." she said.

Legolas lifted his head to meet her eyes. "But…"

Eowyn smiled. "Faramir is a dear friend. He said he loved me but I… I turned him down."

"But why? He could give you the life you deserve."

"Yes he could. But I could not return his love. I told him my heart already belongs to another."

Legolas' heart began to race. "Another?"

"Yes Legolas. My heart belongs to you. It always has and it always will. I held out with hope in my heart and it has led me back to you." Eowyn took his hand and brought it to her lips. "I meant what I said in the caves that day. I love you Legolas and there is no one else I want more in my life."

Legolas' eyes widened to hear her words. His heart raced and a smile spread across his fair face. "I have longed to hear you say this to me. Eowyn, I have missed you so much. I am sorry I was not there for you. I love you."

They came together, lips touching lips, tongues caressing, hands roaming over soft skin and muscles. They embraced and it felt complete.

"I want you in my life, Elf." she said. Then something came to the forefront of Legolas' mind.

"But what about the laws of the Valar. No human or Elf shall join in union. I swore a promise to them in exchange for you life." he said worried.

Eowyn smiled. "There is something you do not know, my love. When I was close to death and the poison still invaded my body, I had a vision. Well, maybe not so much a vision as a visitation. An Elf lady in a beautiful gown came to me and said I was to be rewarded for my unselfish contribution to the cause. Because I fought so valiantly against the Nazgul and spared many lives, I was granted one thing. It could be anything and I chose immortality."

At this Legolas gasped. "That is not possible."

"No it is not. That is what the Elf lady said. But she granted me something just as wonderful… long life."

"Long life?" Legolas said confused.

"Yes. As long as you roam this earth, I shall stay with you. But when you sail…"

"When I sail you will die." Legolas interrupted. He knew it was too good to be true.

Eowyn cupped the side of his face in her hand. "No my Prince. When you sail I must go with you or I will die here on earth."

Legolas looked deep within her eyes. "Then we will be together for always?"

"Yes Legolas, for always."

At this  news, Legolas picked Eowyn up and twirled her around. They laughed and kissed. There were never two people happier than them. "I thought I would be punished." Legolas said, finally setting her feet back on the ground.

"You are being rewarded for your bravery, my love. We both are." Eowyn reached up and put her hand on the back of his neck. Their eyes were filled with the love they shared so long ago. "Kiss me Elf." she said. They stayed in the courtyard for most of the day, kissing and holding each other, talking about what happened while they were apart. That evening, Legolas made love to Eowyn and they bound their souls to one another. Nothing would come between them ever again. They went on to lead happy love filled lives with each other. Legolas started a colony of Elves in Ithilien where he and Eowyn moved to. They had several half elflings over the years. Life was good. Everything was right with the world.
* * *

Legolas and Gimli stayed in Middle Earth until their oath was fulfilled to Aragorn. After the funeral, they decided it was time to sail. The morning came with a fresh breeze and the warm sun shining brightly. There was not a cloud in the sky. The days travel would be easy going. The horses were packed with just enough for the one-way journey. The couple took no possessions. They would not be needed where they were going. Gimli parted with his ax and Legolas with his bow. They were to be sent along with Eowyn's sword to Minas Tirith.

"Ever have I shunned the day I no longer carry my ax. It is as if my arm has been severed from my body." Gimli said sadly.

"Weapons will not be needed where we are going, my friend. There will be no peril on this journey. Our weapons are now futile. But have no regrets Gimli son of Gloin. There will be plenty of adventures to be had in Valinor." Legolas said with a smile.

"Aye. Then let us be off. I am always ready for an adventure with my pointy eared friend." Gimli said.

Eowyn was saying goodbye to her children. "Stay true to your heart and you will never be led astray. I love you always, my children."

"We love you too Mother." said her eldest son. He looked just like his father. "We will miss you. We all will." Eowyn embraced each of them one by one.

Legolas said his farewells. "I am so very proud of you all. You have grown to be beautiful, strong and intelligent, each in your own way. Pass along your wisdom. Teach your children the ways of the Elves. Remember us. We will always be with you in your hearts."

Legolas and Eowyn mounted their horse. Gimli had his own horse, a smaller but sturdy breed. Since the war, he had learned to ride, though he still preferred to go on foot. But this trip would be long and only horseback would do. They turned and waved goodbye as they rode away.

* * *

After a long journey, they finally arrived at the Grey Havens. It was a beautiful site. A big ship waited for them, gently swaying on the waves as it sat in the port. Some of the Mirkwood Elves from the Ithilien colony were sailing with them and were already on board. They waved as Legolas and the others arrived. This was the one place many Elves had never before visited and the last place they would see of Middle Earth. There were archways and paths entwined within long forgotten gardens. Most of this area was overgrown and uncared for for many centuries now. But it still held its beauty in a strangely wild way.

Legolas helped Eowyn down from their horse. They stood there looking around and taking in the scenery. "This is a most exquisite place." Eowyn said in awe. "I have never seen anything like it in all my long life."

"Yes, it is quite impressive, even by dwarf standards." Gimli said.

"I have heard the tales told about this place. But not a single story expressed the true beauty of it. It is definitely something to be seen with one's own eyes. And look at this golden ship." Legolas said as he noticed seagulls flying above its tall mast. "I have never been so close to the sea. I no longer feel the sea longing." Legolas turned to Gimli. "Do you remember when we took the Corsair's ships up the Anduin, Gimli?" Gimli nodded. "That is when I first heard the gulls cry and my sea longing began. So long have I avoided answering their call and instead, stay in Middle Earth with my friends and companions. It has ever been a burden on my heart. But today I give in freely to the sea and let it carry me where it will."

Gimli just stood there shaking his head. "Elves!" he muttered under his breath.

Eowyn stood there smiling at Legolas, enjoying the sight of him experiencing such joy. He had never seemed so at peace before. "Go on, my love. Touch the water."

Legolas took off his boots and walked to where the waves lapped at the shore. He slowly waded in splashing his feet in the cool water. Then he reached down with his hand and swished it around. "The water has a life of its own. It is nothing like the water of the streams and falls. The shape of the land is what makes them travel. But the sea is alive moving in and out as it will." Then Legolas brought his fingers to his lips and tasted the water. "It tastes salty, just as it's told in stories I've heard. This is truly astonishing. You must try it, meleth nin." Legolas ran back up the shore to where Eowyn stood and swept her off her feet.

"Let me take my shoes off first, Legolas." she said laughing. He sat her back down on the sand and she removed her boots. Then Legolas grabbed her hand and pulled her down to the water's edge. They jumped and frolicked in the shallow shore laughing and splashing each other. They looked like two young lovers playing in the surf. The elves on the ship looked down at the couple and laughed along with them.

Gimli just stood there and waited for the silliness to end. "All right my young friends. There will plenty of time for this when we reach the shores of Valinor. But the longer we stay, the longer it will take us to get there. So if you don't mind, can we hurry along and board the ship? I'd like to leave today."

"Lighten up Gimli." Legolas said. "Soon you will be in Valinor and you will see the Lady Galadriel again. After all, we know how much you desire to look upon her fair face once more." Legolas shouted that last part so that the others could hear. It was no secret that Gimli held onto feelings of enchantment for the Lady of the Light though he thought no one knew. If anyone was ever around him after he'd had a few too many pints of ale, they heard the whole story.

"You'll pay for that one you princely rascal." Gimli said as he stomped off to where the ship was docked, muttering to himself.

Legolas turned to Eowyn who was still laughing. He watched her for a moment. She seemed so happy, happier than he'd ever seen her. He took her by surprise and caught her about the waist. She gasped as he unexpectedly pulled her to him. Then he slowly brought his lips to hers and they kissed. Legolas parted her lips with his tongue. She answered with her own tongue, swirling and tasting. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she reveled in the feel of his soft hair in her fingers. He wished he could have taken her right there in the waves. It would be wonderful to make love in the sea. But that would have to wait. So he settled for the taste of her lips and the feel of her body so close to his.

"Are you ready hervess nin." Legolas said. "Our ship awaits our arrival."

"And not a moment too soon hervenn nin." Eowyn answered. "Will it be a long trip?"

"I think so, or so I have heard." Legolas took her hand and led her back to the sand where they retrieved their shoes. "But don't worry. I know many ways to pass the time." he said as he scooped her up into his arms once more, carrying Eowyn to the ship.

"You are incorrigible, Elf." she said.

"I love when you call me that." he said giving her that crooked smile she loved.


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