Taming the Wild: 18. Choices

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18. Choices

Chapter 18 – Choices

Legolas stood before Rhavaniel. He cupped her face within his hands and looked longingly into her dark blue eyes. The fire was lit. She would not resist him, not now. "Rhavaniel I want you badly. Let me make love to you, here in this place. I know not how long it will be before I see you again."

"Or if we will see each other again." she said with sadness in her voice.

"I promise we will be together again. I am one of Mirkwood's best archers, remember?" he teased.

"How can you be so lighthearted now? This is not a game Legolas. This is not some silly competition. You are going into the very heart of the enemy."

"Not alone." he countered.

"Oh no, not alone but with an unstable man of Gondor and a dwarf no less. It almost seems you are doomed before you even start out."

"Elrond approved of these people. Is that not enough for you?" Legolas did not want to argue. He had other, more pressing things on his mind. As he spoke to Rhavaniel, he began undoing the mithril clasp of her dress. "You need not worry about Boromir." Another clasp came undone. "And the dwarf? Well, he is no match for my cunning." A third clasp unhooked and the dress fell from her shoulders exposing her cleavage. Legolas lowered his head, his tongue delving in between her bosom. He made his way to her neck, sucking and nibbling her fair skin. He took in her scent, memorizing everything about her.

Rhavaniel could not resist him. His warm breath on her skin was more than enough to make her forget about their current situation. All she wanted was to feel him against her naked skin. She reached up and lowered her dress, revealing her breasts, nipples already hard and waiting for his warm tongue to caress them.

He did not disappoint her as he once again lowered his head, taking each beautiful breast into his mouth and sucking on her firm rosy nipples. She moaned aloud. "Legolas." she whispered.

His desire for her was evident as his straining arousal painfully filled his leggings. He needed her. He needed to be inside her warmth. "I want you Rhavaniel." he said as his hot breath was now upon her pointed ear.

They walked the short distance to their bed made of the softest linens. He carefully and painstakingly removed her dress, letting it pool at her feet. Her hands began to undo the clasps of his silver shirt, pushing it from his shoulders. Rhavaniel began nibbling on the flesh of his muscled chest, paying extra attention to the hardened ripples of his stomach. Meanwhile, her hands were busy untying the laces of his wool leggings, releasing his cock in all its glory. He was magnificently well endowed and stood fully at attention, waiting for her to stroke him into oblivion.

They were completely naked now and entwined in each other's arms. Their kisses became demanding as tongues searched for each other. When they touched, it was as if lightening struck.

"I need you inside me now Thranduilion." she demanded. It was a name she called him when she was no longer playing games.

He lowered her to the bed and crawled on top of her, nudging her knees apart. She did so willingly and brought her legs up to wrap them around his hips. Her hand reached up around his neck, fingers entwined in his golden mane, and lowered him to her lips. Their warm kiss was one of hunger and need. "Come lover, come to me." she whispered in a wanton voice.

Legolas obeyed her pleas and entered her wet warmth, feeling her walls massage and caress his hardened length. "Oh Rhavaniel, I need you." he moaned as he slid in and out of her body.

The heat between their bodies was intense as sweat beaded on their skin. Legolas plunged deep and hard, touching her in that one exquisite spot that would bring her about quickly. He buried his face in her neck and breathed deep. He could never forget her scent or the vibrations of her life force. He loved her, needed her. To be separated from her would be painful, but there was no other choice. This would be their last time together for some time. He would make the most of this last night. He would leave her with this memory etched deep in her mind and soul.

Rhavaniel thrust her hips up to meet him. He always did know how to move within her and touch her hidden pleasure spots. His rhythm increased and she felt the building fire deep within her body.  She reached down with her hands and dug her fingers into the taught flesh of his round ass. She knew this would please him and he moaned aloud as she pulled him further into her.

Legolas looked down at her and smiled impishly. "You always did like it deep."

"Oh yes." she moaned as he satisfied her cravings.

Her legs wrapped around his waist. Reaching around, Legolas took her calf and brought one leg up over his shoulder. He pushed deeper and faster, her essence making them slick. Desire built until it had nowhere else to go. They climaxed and yelled each other's names. The wave of passion flowed over them. They were joined as one in that single moment.

His hardened shaft pulsed as his warm seed poured into her. She felt his hot essence swirl within her body and her muscles constricted him. "Don't leave me yet." she begged. "Still yourself and stay within me."

Legolas did as she asked and lay still on top of her. Their breathing came back to a normal pace. Her hands moved soothingly up and down his back. He raised his head and kissed her, pushing his tongue past her lips. She took it into her mouth and sucked it. His buried cock sprang to life once more, pulsing inside her. Rhavaniel's body was hot and wet. Her inner muscles caressed him, squeezed his hardened length. She moved her hips slightly and Legolas began sliding in and out of her once more. Her walls constricted around him, urging him to spill a second time. Legolas did not last long and shot his seed into her again.

"Oh gods, Legolas. You feel so good inside me." she moaned. Their orgasm seemed to not end as wave upon wave of pleasure crashed upon them.

Finally spent, Legolas collapsed on top of her still writhing body. They eventually stilled. Legolas remained buried to the hilt, enjoying the feeling of softening inside her. Her muscles still convulsed every now and then. The experience was like none they had so far. This time they made love like there was no tomorrow.

Legolas reluctantly left the warmth and safety of her body and came to rest at her side. She snuggled into his side, laying her head upon his chest to hear his heartbeat. Her fingers traced the muscles of his chest. He twirled a strand of her hair in his fingers, and then laid gentle kisses on her head. He whispered elvish words of love and need to her as she fell into reverie. Then Legolas joined her and they dreamed of a world of peace and love. It seemed like something that would never come to be in these dire times.

* * *

Despite their ravenous lovemaking, Rhavaniel woke in the middle of the night. She had been reliving the events of the morning. The sight of Frodo coming forward to claim the responsibility of destroying the ring seemed to move her. She felt she could no longer sit back and do nothing. How was it that such a small being could bravely and fearlessly accept such a dangerous mission? Yet here she sat unable to make up her own mind. She was suddenly inspired to take matters into her own hands. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to take control of her own life.

Legolas had told her to return to Mirkwood and wait for his return. She suddenly felt like she could not do this. Everyone in her life wanted her to sit idly by and wait for things to get better. Why had she trained all those years if she could not be allowed to fight for her people, her love, herself? If she went back, surely the walls would seem to close in on her. Antien's words came back to her then. Could she leave her home? Could she find the strength to abandon the only place she had ever known? Would Legolas ever forgive her for leaving him?

Her thoughts troubled her. She looked over to the gorgeous creature lying beside her. He still wanted her to become his princess. Maybe she would one day, but not before she lived her life the way she wanted to. Unable to rest anymore this night, she got up and got dressed. Rhavaniel left her sleeping Prince and wandered through the halls of Lord Elrond's home. She found herself at the library. It was huge compared to the library in Mirkwood. Shelves upon shelves of books lined the walls. Some were so old she was afraid to touch them. Others looked as if they had never even been opened. She turned a corner and found a small figure sitting at a table, pouring over maps. It seemed she was not the only one who could not sleep. He looked up at her and smiled, though there was worry and despair etched deep within his eyes.

"Hello Lady Rhavaniel." Frodo said.

"You know my name though we have not been properly introduced." she answered.

"Legolas has spoken to me about you. He seems deeply in love with you."

She smiled. "We have known each other all our long lives. And yes, we are in love."

"And rightly so. You are quite beautiful." Frodo blushed as he said this, maybe surprised that he did.

Rhavaniel approached him and looked at the maps. "Mordor. Such an awful place that I cannot even imagine. Tell me Frodo, how is it you have found the courage to take on this task?"

"I have carried the ring thus far and have been able to resist its temptations. At the counsel, when everyone was trying to claim it for themselves, I could feel the hate and mistrust emanate from it. It willed everyone there into their fury, turning them against each other. It called to each and every one of them, even Legolas. But it did not call to me. Maybe it thinks I am not strong enough to carry out its task. And suddenly I knew what I must do."

Rhavaniel sat in a chair next to Frodo. "I have always known what I must do but have been told not to do it. Back in my home, I trained as a guardsman and I would have been successful had my mother not perished. My father never agreed with my choice and now forbids me to participate. He would rather have me safe in the palace, which is why I became a negotiator. But this is not the life I want. I do not want to be tied down to palace life."

Frodo creased his brow. "But aren't you Legolas' betrothed? When you marry, you will be bound to this life anyways."

Rhavaniel smiled. "Legolas and I are close but we have made no commitment, not yet. He wants to marry but I feel there is something else I must do first."

"Well, I think you are very brave to want this." Frodo said looking back at the map. "I am not sure I will have the courage to follow through with this, though I don't think anyone else can."

"Frodo, you are braver than all the kings, wizards and Eldars put together. Besides, you are not going alone. Nine companions, that is quite a traveling party." she said laying a gentle hand on his arm.

Frodo smiled up to Rhavaniel. "I suppose you are right. Well," he said rolling up the map and putting it back in its proper place. "I better be off to bed. Thank you Lady Rhavaniel. I have enjoyed your company. I feel better already."

"Good night Frodo Baggins. May you sleep well and have pleasant dreams."

Rhavaniel remained in the library contemplating her decisions. She thought about Mirkwood and her father. She thought about Legolas and his choice to leave. She thought about returning home and what she would find there. Home did not sound so convivial at the moment. What was there for her now? Legolas would not be there. She would fall back into court life, boring and monotonous. She would have no one's support. So why go back at all? But where would she go and what would happen if she did not return? Suddenly, Suiauthon came to her mind. He had told her once during her training that if ever she could not move ahead in Mirkwood, Lorien would gladly accept her services. Lothlorien was the Golden Woods, most sacred place of the elves. They were a breed of elves with a different mindset. Where Wood elves were looked at as being simple and native, Lorien elves were seen as high and mighty. But they did not discourage their ellith to join their troops. Would they accept someone like her? Was Suiauthon correct about his assumptions?

"Rhavaniel, you are only fooling yourself." she thought. "You could not leave your home, the only place you have ever known. What would your father say? What would King Thranduil think? He may even change his mind about you marrying the Prince knowing you would defect. But your mother did not name you thus for no good reason. This could be the chance you have been looking for."

After much thought, Rhavaniel found a parchment and a quill. She sat down at the table where Frodo had been earlier and began writing. If this was to be her time to come into her own, then so be it. She would not listen to the selfish advice of others. It was her time to set her own path now, even if she was hurting those she loved most. In that one instant, she made a decision that would change her life and her future with Legolas forever.

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