Taming the Wild: 26. The Healing Pool

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26. The Healing Pool

Chapter 26 – The Healing Pool

The Galadhrim were on their way with the fellowship to the city of Caras Galadhon. Haldir led the way with his brothers. Legolas walked along with his companions and Rhavaniel traveled to the back with some of the other Lorien elves. All felt the tension lingering in the air, but for different reasons. Rhavaniel wanted to go to Legolas and try to explain things. This was not the time or the place for this discussion.

Her heart sunk to think of him walking up and seeing Haldir so close. She was not sure she could explain any of the things that had happened since she came to Lothlorien. Then there was the fact that she and Haldir shared a connection when in battle, one that extended beyond the fight. She still hated herself and Haldir for allowing themselves to share their bodies that night. It would not happen again. Legolas would never accept this. She knew he would not. If all they could have was one more conversation, then she would tell him her true feelings. Legolas was her love but Haldir complicated things. Maybe she needed to leave Lorien. If Legolas would allow her to travel with the fellowship, Rhavaniel would be rid of the Marchwarden, though not the battle-lust. In that way she was connected to Haldir. However, it was controllable. She had manipulated it last time and would have been fine if Haldir did not slink up to her and rub his straining cock upon her backside. This angered her for he knew better than to tempt her when this dark mood was upon her. This was all the more reason to leave Lothlorien. Of course, she was fooling herself to think Legolas would allow her to join him. She remembered the look in his eyes. She broke his heart. For sure he hated her now. Love was wiped away, trust was nonexistent. She betrayed him. Rhavaniel's heart sank and despair set in. It was over. There was nothing left to hope for now and she stayed clear of him for the remainder of the journey.

* * *

After half a day's journey, they finally made it to the city. The Lord and Lady would see them right away. Haldir, being the Marchwarden, would lead the fellowship to the counsel. The rest would stay back and go about their business until it was time to head to the borders once again. Rhavaniel took this time to rest and wash up. Being presentable was important to her and her new home. She threw on her dark green gown, fixed her hair and sighed. It was time to talk to Legolas whether it was to say goodbye or to search for a second chance and maybe follow him with the fellowship. Perhaps Legolas would remember how much she hated wearing these dresses and know she was being sincere. Her stomach turned as she waited. It may all be in vein.

Hours passed by and still there was no sign of the Prince. Surely they were done with the counsel by now. As she walked about, Rhavaniel saw Frodo alone by a tent set up for the weary travelers. She approached him.

"Frodo, long has it been since I have seen you."

"Rhavaniel, you look well. It seems the Golden Wood agrees with this Mirkwood elf."

Rhavaniel smiled. "I was worried for everyone's safe return and it seems for good reason. What happened to Gandalf? How did he fall?"

"There was a balrog. Gandalf saved us and in turn, he sacrificed his own life." His voice was dismal. "I cannot help but feel it was my fault. I was the one who chose to go through the mines of Moria. It was full of goblins and orcs. They chased us until the balrog came. We barely made it out alive."

Frodo raised his eyes to look at Rhavaniel who had been listening intensely. "Legolas was beside himself when you left. He almost chose to break his oath just to go looking for you. His worry could be felt by everyone. He has changed. We have seen things that should never have been witnessed. Legolas' heart is troubled by you and by Gandalf's death."

"Yes, I sensed it right away. He has aged much during this time. He is no longer the protected Prince as I know him to be. I am afraid what I have to say will make matters worse, but it must be done. I can put this off no longer. Do you know where I might find him Frodo?"

Frodo pointed. "He said he was going to the healing pool." Then he looked back at Rhavaniel and put his small hand on her arm. "Whatever you are about to tell him be gentle. We still need his skill and his sharp mind. He needs you Rhavaniel. He needs to know you still love him."

"I will do all I can to make him understand." she said and placed her hand over Frodo's.

Rhavaniel made her way through the paths and gardens towards the healing pool. She went over her situation repeatedly, trying to think of a way to tell Legolas about what happened, what she discovered about herself, how she still loves him and wants to go with him when it is time for him to leave. As she approached the pool, she heard voices speaking. There was the low voice of an ellon and a higher pitch of an elleth. Rhavaniel began to think that Legolas was not here until the ellon's voice floated to her ears.

* * *

"You should not be here. I came to the pool before you and you know the rules. You must wait." Legolas said coolly.

"I see no harm in two mature elves sharing some healing." said a wanton elleth's voice in answer. "Besides, there is no one else here."

Legolas watched as the elleth let her robe drop to the ground. She was quite beautiful and seductive with her shapely body, but his mind was elsewhere. He turned from her and went to the opposite side of the pool. The elleth did not follow but simply sat down in the shallow water watching the very handsome visitor.

"I am told you are a Prince." she said after a while. "And from Mirkwood no less."

"You have been told correctly." he answered.

"We have one of your warriors fighting amongst us... Rhavaniel. Perhaps you know her." the elleth went on.

Legolas got up and made to leave the pool. "I should go and give you this time to yourself." he said avoiding her stare.

"Ah, so it would seem that you do know her. Then by your reaction I will assume that maybe you would like to forget her." the elleth smiled slyly.

"My business is my own." he said rather rudely and left the pool.

The elleth watched with hungry eyes as the Prince strode over to where his clothes lay. She licked her lips as she examined his lean body, long legs and shapely arms, not to mention his other princely attributes. He was perfection. "I did not mean to run you off or to upset you. Forgive me. I have always been a bit too curious for my own good." Now the elleth had removed herself from the pool to fetch her robe. She struggled to slip it on over her wet skin. Legolas went to her and helped her into the robe.

She secured the belt loosely and turned to Legolas, laying her hand lightly to his cheek and letting her fingers run along to his ear. He grabbed her wrist before she got to the tip and looked at her with a furrowed brow. Just then, he heard a slight gasp from the trees and looked over to see Rhavaniel standing at the entrance to the area.

* * *

Rhavaniel recognized Legolas' voice but could not hear what he was saying. She hesitated, not knowing if she should approach him yet. She wondered if there was anything left to salvage between them. He would probably hate her once again, just like when they were younger. About to lose her nerve, she turned to leave when a feminine voice caught her attention again. With a rustling of clothes and a slight giggle, she became curious and peeked between the trees.

Legolas and this unknown elleth were standing front to front. Her robe was loosely tied and hung open, exposing the curve of her breasts. Legolas wore only his leggings and they were not laced up. The elleth's hand touched his ear as he gripped her wrist. She gasped louder than she meant and her heart fell to the ground at the sight of them. Suddenly, his eyes were upon Rhavaniel.  Anger built quickly and she glowered at him. Could she really be this upset though? Hadn't he found her in the same unlikely position with Haldir?

* * *

Legolas panicked at the first sight of Rhavaniel. This was not what he wanted. She would misinterpret the scene. It did not take long for the vision of Haldir grinding against her and her responding to his ministrations to leak back to the forefront of his mind. It was Rhavaniel who ran from him, turned from their love and declined his proposal. His thoughts were clouded just as they had been since leaving Imladris. This accursed weapon of the enemy had a way of working its malice into the deepest recesses of one's mind. All of these feelings intertwined and he found he could not stop his thoughts or his actions.

His face turned from shock to lust as he brought the elleth's hand to his bare chest. She hadn't seen Rhavaniel in the shadows and he used this to his advantage. Legolas lowered his head and captured her pouting lips. His hands moved to her ass and pulled her close while his hips ground into her, the same way Haldir had done to Rhavaniel. The elleth responded by wrapping her arms around his waist and down to his tight rear, squeezing. Legolas moaned louder than normal, wanting to make sure Rhavaniel heard his response to her touch. He put on a good show but his stomach turned to know he was touching another. Still, the thought of putting these images in her head was payback enough.

Another rustle of leaves and branches caught his attention. When he looked this time, Rhavaniel was gone. Instantly, he pushed the elleth away but she only laughed. "You did not think I saw her. I don't mind you know." She came back to him and looked down noticing a slight bulge beneath his loose lacings. "She must have treated you very badly for one of your stature to be affected so." Her hand went to his half-grown arousal. "I can help you. I want nothing more than this." she said stroking him and feeling him grow instantly.

He didn't want this. He didn't want to stoop to Rhavaniel's level. She will have bested him once again. Still, the writhing beauty  was encouraging him and that was very tempting. He thought of Rhavaniel's lustful look while Haldir buried his face in her neck. She did not push the Marchwarden away but rather invited him in. She had deceived him or she had moved on. Both he thought to himself. Perhaps he should have known better than to ever have gotten himself involved with her. Ever had she been a thorn in his side. He silently cursed the day she was ever born. Why did it seem when he was at his worst, she was involved in his downfall?

Legolas closed his eyes and let the elleth continue to torture him. His body ached for release. Long had it been since he felt such desire and need. Rhavaniel was torturing his heart but his mind needed soothing. His body needed satisfaction and he had a willing participant. He had been through so much lately. He needed to clear his mind. Lothlorien was only a temporary place to stay. Soon they would be on their way again. He did not know what the future held but had felt the threat that surrounded them. He could think of Rhavaniel no longer. That time of his life was over now. She made her choice and found her path. His place was with the fellowship. Their lives were going in completely different directions from here on out.

Legolas opened his eyes and looked down at the elleth in his arms. He did not remember undressing her. He did not remember being undressed himself. Somehow, they were both naked and standing by the healing pool.

"Forget about her for now. Let it just be you and me in this moment." she said seductively.

Without hesitation, Legolas devoured her mouth. His tongue pushed greedily past her lips. She did not resist and answered him by swirling her tongue around his. Her hand was stroking his arousal making him grow hard and ache with want.

"You have been with no other have you?" she whispered.

"No." Legolas answered as he let the elleth continue to her seduction.

She smiled. "I will be gentle then." She drew the tip of his ear into her warm mouth and caressed it lightly. Then she moved to his neck, kissing and nipping delicately with her teeth. She traveled lower to his chest, stopping to swirl her tongue around his nipple. Her fingertips teased with light touches tracing the outline of his stomach muscles. Her tongue followed leaving a moist trail. Getting down on her knees, she finally came to her prize. He was fully erect now. She took him in her hands and examined every bump and ripple. A pearly droplet appeared at his tip and she delicately licked it away. She moaned, savoring the taste of him. Then she carefully caressed the rim and back to the tip. He jumped and pulsed as she assaulted the head before traveling along the underside of his straining arousal. One hand caressing his balls the other stroking him at the base, she wrapped her lips around him and took him in as far as she could. He gasped, held his breath a moment and moaned as he let it out. She moved him in and out of her mouth, sucking and licking. He tried to get her to take more of him by pushing his hips forward as she swallowed him. She moaned and the vibrations traveled through his body. He would not last long. Her rhythm increased. He looked down and watched as his cock disappeared into her hot mouth. The sight was too much for him.

"I am so close." he whispered, fingers running through her hair.

Her hands left him and found their way to his tight rear. She felt him squeezing his cheeks together as he pumped into her. Her fingers dug deep into his ass, clutching, gripping and pulling him in. She moaned once more and he shot his seed into her awaiting mouth. She held him still and drank him in, gently caressing with her tongue until he is all but spent.

She released her hold on him and came back to her feet, standing before a sated Prince. She smiled wickedly and devoured his mouth, letting him taste his own essence. Then she looked into his dark eyes.

"Let me take you." he whispered desperately.

She tucked his braid behind his ear and smiled sincerely. "Not this time love. This was just for you." She kissed him once more and moved away from him to dress, leaving him standing by the pool, chest still heaving and sweat on his brow. He knew he would regret this later, but for now he was satisfied with his decision for revenge.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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