Taming the Wild: 27. The Practice Field

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27. The Practice Field

Chapter 27 – The Practice Field

Rhavaniel was beside herself. Every emotion ran rampant through her. She was angry at Legolas for what he did, or was doing right now. She was disgusted with herself, pissed off at Haldir and heartbroken. All the other emotions she could deal with except for the sadness in her soul. This one was slowly killing her, toughening her up and hardening her heart. If she did not do this, she would fall into despair.

It was somewhat of a relief to be back in the city and after heading back to her talan to change into her normal attire she went to the practice fields. Shooting a few quivers of arrows and hacking at a practice dummy always helped to relieve her frustrations. Rhavaniel started with the targets but soon tired of needing to retrieve her arrows. She drew her sword and began pummeling the wooden dummy. After a while, she felt a presence behind her and turned with raised sword. Haldir blocked her attack with his own sword and the two glared with stone faces and dark eyes. They slowly lowered their weapons without taking their eyes from each other.

"Why are there no orcs when you need something to kill?" Rhavaniel said as she turned away from Haldir.

He laughed under his breath. "Come. I will spar with you. Besides you need the practice."

Rhavaniel was in no mood for his pompous jesting. She was about to leave saying nothing to him when Haldir swung his sword at her, barely missing her arm. She jumped out of the way just in time and glared at the Marchwarden.

"You almost cut me." she said her eyes in slits. He was trying to get her involved but Rhavaniel was in no mood. "I am leaving." she stated in a low voice and turned away from him again.

This time she did not get out of the way quick enough. There was a swoosh sound and the feeling of a slight breeze going past her leg. It instantly started to burn and sting. She looked down to find a slash in her leggings. She touched the spot and brought her hand up. There was blood on the tip of her finger. With daggers in her eyes, she glared at Haldir.

"You drew blood." Rhavaniel raised her sword and assumed her battle stance. "So that's how you want to play. Fine then, but you will pay."

Haldir cocked an eyebrow and smiled a devilish grin. "One can only hope." He raised his sword, prepared for her counter attack. They walked around each other, never dropping their eyes. "I understand you if you need to let off your frustrations. I want to help."

"I do not know what you are talking about." she countered.

"I saw the elleth follow the Prince to the pond. From the looks of it, so did you." Haldir said.

Rhavaniel's eyes blackened some more as she thought about Legolas taking her into his arms. "I do not control him any more than he controls me. Besides, I think our journeys have taken us in separate directions. We have both changed, grown apart."

Just then, Haldir swung at her. She jumped to the side naturally and with ease.

"He does not know what he is tossing away." he said in that low smooth voice.

At that moment, Rhavaniel spun around and brought her sword to Haldir's neck. He was too quick and jumped back and away from her.

Rhavaniel stood still, examining Haldir's countenance. "I have not been tossed away." she countered, anger on her face and in her tone. "And what business is it of yours?"

"It is my business because you are under my command. Being in the Lorien army requires stealth, brawn and a clear head. Right now you have two out of three. You never know when we might be called upon Rhavaniel. If Legolas' presence is a disruption to you, I will have to hold you back." At this point, Haldir approached Rhavaniel, weapon lowered and a fire in his eyes. He came within inches of her, feeling the heat of her body. His eyes darkened like a stormy sky as he stared straight through to her warrior soul. "You and I both know a spirit like ours cannot be harnessed. I told you once and I will tell you again. You must let go. If this is what you want, if this is the life you seek you must let go." he spoke in a whisper. "You control it. It does not control you."

Rhavaniel knew Haldir was right. Legolas was holding her back. Knowing he was here in Lorien, holding another, kissing her and doing… things to her...

She thought about seeing Legolas with the elleth. Anger, guilt, sadness… it was too much to take. It was too much to try and control. She had to let it go. She had to forget her past. Rhavaniel was a true warrior now.

Suddenly and without warning, Rhavaniel reached out and grabbed the sides of Haldir's tunic, pulling him into her body. Haldir did not react. He merely let her take charge. This was what she was meant to do. She was in charge of her own life. "Do you know how much I loathe you?" she growled and assaulted his full lips.

In a synchronized motion, both elves dropped their weapons to the ground, the sound of clinking metal filling the small glade. Her hand went to the back of his head and wrapped into his hair, pulling and wanting to cause pain. Haldir undid the clasps of her tunic and pushed it from her shoulders. He felt her breasts through the light material of her undershirt. His hips ground into her, showing her how ready he was.

"Gods Haldir, you are so hard." she moaned as she remembered what it felt like to have him inside her.

Immediately, his hand dipped into her leggings and spread her folds. His finger caressed her. "And you are so ready with desire. I want you Rhavaniel. I want you now."

She kicked off her boots, undid the laces of her leggings and pushed them off. Haldir picked her up in his strong arms and led her to the edge of the glade. He laid her down on the leaf littered ground and got onto his knees. His hands went to his laces and untied them. Then he pushed his leggings down just to his knees. There was no need to undress completely. Right now all either one needed was lustful release.

"Come on you bastard." Rhavaniel demanded. He lowered himself to her and plunged deep inside her awaiting body. She thrust up until their hips touched. Haldir moaned at the sensation of being completely buried inside her. He started to pull out but she stopped him. "No. Stay in me. Steady yourself. Let me show you." she said wantonly.

Haldir grinned and slid back into her. Instantly, he felt her inner muscles begin massaging his hardness. Her hands grabbed his ass and held him in place. The urge to pump into her was overwhelming, but she would not let him move. Now her hips swirled as her muscles still pulsated. He brought his arms under her shoulder blades and buried his face in her neck. Their bodies covered each other and the heat was intense. Unable to take being still any more, Haldir mindlessly thrust deep into her body without withdrawing. Her legs wrapped tight around his waist, fingers dug deep into his delicious ass and felt his cock touch her deep in that one place that sent her over the edge. "Fuck me Haldir!" she yelled and he began pounding into her, deep and fast.

Stars suddenly burst behind their closed eyes as they climaxed together. They were panting and moaning like wild animals. She felt his hot seed swirl into her and clenched her inner muscles tight. Another burst of hot liquid poured into her as Haldir seemed to growl with satisfaction. This was something no elleth had ever made him do. His body finally gave in and collapsed on top of her. He whispered in her ear between panting breaths. "Sweet Eru what was that? I never came so long or so hard before. Oh Rhavaniel, I… I…"

Afraid of what he was about to say, Rhavaniel gained her composure and pushed him from her with every last bit of energy she had. "Get off of me you beast." she demanded.

This sudden outburst shocked Haldir as he instantly missed the warmth of her body. He rolled onto his side but she turned away from him. Her legs were still too weak to support her or she would have gotten up. Haldir felt her reserve and realized why she reacted this way. He laughed under his breath. "You thought I was going to admit something to you just now. Do not flatter yourself. You are not the only one who just needs release." He was angry with her for pushing him away and thinking he would tell her he loved her. Of course, he did not love her. Her heart belonged to another. There was no room for love in his life, least of all for Rhavaniel.

 It took every ounce of self-control to make himself believe this lie.

Haldir got up from the leafy ground, pulled his leggings up and tied them. Then he went to where her clothes lay and picked them up, tossing them onto her. "Don't forget, it was you who made the first move tonight." he reminded her and walked away.

Rhavaniel finished dressing and looked around at the empty practice field. What was happening to her? How did her life become such a state of confusion and chaos? She did not want any of this. It was not what she started out to do. If only she was allowed to follow her dreams in the first place, she may not be in this predicament. Now she felt alone. Legolas was gone. He hated her she was sure. She no longer felt his love. Haldir was not love but she felt she had a stronger connection to him than the Prince did right now. She knew Haldir was lost in the moment and was going to say those three words that would change everything again, making it even more complicated. Only one ellon had uttered those words to her and he would probably never say them again. She could not stand the thought of Haldir saying them to her, not now, not in this state and not ever.

She could not leave Lothlorien now. Where would she go? She could not return to Mirkwood. Imladris needed no warriors. Besides, Haldir's warrior spirit would forever haunt her.  Even if Legolas wanted her back, this one thing would still need to be dealt with. No. Lorien was the only option for now. She could fight and feel useful. She just needed to work on gaining control over this battle-lust so she did not need to depend on Haldir. Somehow, she knew he would always be a part of her in this way due to this warrior bond.

Then there was the fact that Legolas and the fellowship still dwelt in Caras Galadhon. How could she deal with him being so close and knowing that they were miles apart in spirit? She wanted to hate him and make him go away, but she could not. Besides, she was the one who faltered first. His reaction to the elleth at the pool was only because he knew Rhavaniel was watching. She deserved this. It was part of her punishment and she accepted that. Her heart was broken and damaged now. It would never feel the same as it had once been. Now she could not help but feel that it was a mistake to ever let Legolas into her heart. They tripped up when they fell in love. Always follow your first instincts she thought to herself as she remembered their animosity growing up.

Her mind suddenly thought of Antien. He was the one stable aspect of her life. He always had been. She needed him more now than ever. She let her heart go out to him across the miles, letting him know she still thought of him and missed him. At least her best friend would never abandon her. He was all she had now and he was far away, too far to give her any comfort. Her heart broke for a second time.

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