Taming the Wild: 38. The Abandoned Barn

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38. The Abandoned Barn

Chapter 38 – The Abandoned Barn

It was their first nights rest of their march back to Minas Tirith. The excitement of the battle was still fresh in Rhavaniel's mind and Legolas could still feel her energy emanating from her. This excited him in many ways. He wanted her, needed her, but there was no privacy amongst all these soldiers. He could see a small stand of trees not too far from where they made camp. It was some of the first growing things they had seen since leaving the vast desert of Mordor and he longed to be amongst their branches if only for a moment. Off in the distance, lightning flashed. It would rain this night making the men grumpy. He had to laugh for he always welcomed the rain, but the race of Men saw it as a burden more times than not.

"Long has it been since you were amongst the trees Legolas," said Gimli who sat next to his friend.

"Aye and long may it be before I am beneath them again," he answered thinking of Minas Tirith with all of its stone and marble.

Gimli nudged Legolas in the ribs. "Then why don't you make the most of it. Go on. I can watch over the camp. And take the lady with you. No doubt she misses the trees also." This was Gimli's subtle way of telling the elf to spend some alone time with Rhavaniel.

"You are a most gracious friend Gimli and I believe I will do as you say . . . at least only this once," he teased.

He found Rhavaniel sitting with some of the Rohirric men, exchanging stories of battle. As soon as she looked up at him, her eyes lit up. Legolas held his hand out to her. "Care to join me for a stroll my lady?" He took her hand and helped her up.

"I think I would like that my Prince," she answered politely. She had to laugh at the sound of her voice. Long had it been since she behaved as the nobles with titles and such.

Legolas took her by the crook of her arm and led her through the camp. She wondered where they were going. Soon they approached Arod, Legolas' horse, who was thoughtfully readied with bedrolls and a pack. She looked questioningly at Legolas. "And where is it you expect us to go?"

He did not speak, but smiled and pointed out to the distant forest. Then he leapt onto the horses back and held out his hand yet again. Rhavaniel looked around to see everyone either sleeping or enjoying conversation over dried meat and bread. She looked back to Legolas and took his hand. With great ease, he helped her onto the horse, positioning her in front of him. Then he leaned in and nuzzled her neck. "To the trees," he whispered, sending a shiver along her spine. He wrapped his arm around her waist and held her tight as Arod took off to their elven oasis.

They rode the short distance, leaving Arod just outside of the tree line where he could graze on the grass. They walked hand in hand and instantly felt the song of the trees. Legolas breathed deep, inhaling the scent of pine and rain.

Rhavaniel did the same. "I believe the skies will open soon," she said and at the same instant, the rain started. At first, it was only a few drops but soon it was a downpour that not even the trees could protect them from. She held her hands out to the side, palms up and raised her face. "Doesn't it feel wonderful," she sighed.

Legolas walked up to face her placing his hands at her waist. "It has never felt better," he insinuated before devouring her neck. She lifted a leg to wrap around his thighs and brought her arms up around his neck. Their eyes caught as they looked longingly to one another. Slowly Legolas lowered his head to kiss her when there was a bright flash, a crack and a loud clap of thunder. Rhavaniel jumped a little, pushing against Legolas and he smiled. Another flash and a boom sounded.

"We should find some shelter. This storm will not let up anytime soon," she said and they took off running through the trees.

Not too far into the forest, they came upon an old abandoned barn. Legolas found the door locked but kicked it open with his booted foot. Rhavaniel noticed how worn and weathered they were. "When we get to the city, we are fitting you for a new pair of boots. You have had those ever since I can remember."

"I will never part with these most trusted shoes. Long have we journeyed together and they have served me well," he countered as he scooped her up into his arms and carried her into the barn.

"Put me down Legolas. I can walk," she said once they were well inside.

He lowered her to the ground and looked around the barn. "It's pretty dry in here." He kicked the ground. "And the floor is made of dirt. I think I can build a small fire. We need to dry our clothes."

Rhavaniel searched around for wood but it was empty. "Besides some hay, I don't see any firewood and the rain has soaked anything we could find out there."

Legolas noticed a rickety ladder that led to a loft. "I'll check up there," he pointed. Up he climbed and found it to be quite cozy. The hay made a soft place where they could lay and there was a big open window to look out of and see the stars once the storm passed and the clouds parted. An impish smile spread across his face as an idea came to him. "Perfect," he whispered to himself.  After a little more investigating, he found some dry firewood and gathered it in an old basket. Someone had tied a rope to the handle, obviously for the same reason in which he had in mind. Carefully, he lowered the filled basket to the ground below and then climbed back down the ladder. There he found Rhavaniel sitting on a hay bale, wrapped in one of the blankets he packed. Her wet clothes lay on another bale of hay. There was a cleared spot on the floor where she made a place for a fire. He carried the basket to it. As he stacked the wood in a neat pile, he noticed Rhavaniel digging through his pack. "Searching through my things?" he asked.

Rhavaniel smiled but kept digging. "No," she said pretending to be offended. "I am looking for some flint so we can get this fire started. Ah, here it is," she said taking it out and tossing it to Legolas.

He used his dagger to make a spark and soon the dry tinder caught. Now they had a small but warm fire. Legolas moved some of the logs around and glanced to where she sat. Only a wool blanket hid her from him and it was not a very big one. It had fallen away and the side of her bare leg showed all the way up to her thigh. It drove his blood quickly through his veins as he thought about where that leg should be positioned. She was still rummaging through his pack. "What are you looking for now?"

"I am looking for a brush. My hair is so tangled from these braids and I wish to brush it," she said seeming slightly irritated.

Legolas laughed to himself. "I'm afraid you won't find one meleth. I don't carry a brush."

She looked to where he knelt by the fire. "You don't carry a brush?" she said, hand still searching the bag as if she didn't believe him.

"I've had more important things to remember to bring than a brush. Besides, I find what I need in the towns I visit along the way," he said poking at the fire.

Rhavaniel looked a little perturbed. "No brush," she mumbled. "Oh for Eru's sake . . ." She stopped when her fingers touched something inside the bag. She pulled out one of Legolas' archery gloves. It was made of very soft and supple light colored leather. It only had three fingers that would cover the first three leaving the thumb and pinky exposed and a strap to attach it to the wrist. It was designed to protect the fingers of his shooting hand; keeping callouses at bay from years of firing a bow. Rhavaniel thought for a moment. "I do not remember you ever wearing this before," she said holding it up for him to see.

"I don't wear it all the time, only when in battle," he said standing and walking to her. He knelt down on the ground next to where she sat on the bale and took the glove gently from her. Then he slipped it on and attached the strap, holding it for Rhavaniel to see.

She gently touched the gloved hand, inspecting it. "It is so soft, not rough as I would have imagined."

As her attention was on the glove, Legolas looked again at her leg, which was now exposed all the way to her hip, a fine line of creamy flesh revealing itself to his hungry eyes. He glanced back to her face and caught her staring at him. Then she looked down and saw how the blanket had slipped away. Legolas reached out and ran his gloved hand along her leg, up her outer thigh and to her hip. He rested his hand there and leaned forward to kiss her. Tongues danced through parted lips and their internal fire burned hotter than the one Legolas just lit. His hand continued up her side and slipped beneath the blanket to find her breasts while still kissing her. The feel of the pliable leather against her nipples was unexpectedly pleasant. She reached for the blanket tucked under her arm and opened it, letting it drape down the side of the bale. Legolas looked at her with wonder and then squeezed her breast, sucked it into his mouth and lightly bit down with his teeth. Now, as he moved his hand over her, the leather caught and pulled against her sensitive moist skin. It was almost like flesh but thicker, smoother. Rhavaniel liked the feel of it, even the strap that tickled the underside of her tit. She wondered where else the glove would feel good on her body.

Legolas paused, sat back and observed her slender form. Outside the storm raged on and the wind blew, making the flames dance wildly. This made her skin glow a golden color, accentuating her curves. He leaned in and kissed her again with more want and need, moaning as he did. As he assaulted her mouth, Rhavaniel slowly leaned back, stretching out along the length of the bale now covered by the blanket. She came to rest on her elbows. Legolas' hand roamed down her stomach, along her hips and to her thighs. She lowered right leg over the side of the bale, her foot now on the ground. The other leg she bent at the knee keeping her left foot on the hay. Legolas sucked each nipple into his warm mouth while his hand caressed the inside of her thigh. Then he moved to her moist heat, circling her folds while his tongue lapped at her hardened pink nipples. Suddenly it dawned on him that he had not removed his glove. At that same moment, Rhavaniel moaned loudly. She did not seem to mind. In fact, she was reacting quite well to it. He looked to see the ecstasy on her face as she threw her head back. So, she likes this feeling of leather on her sensitive clit he thought to himself. Now he wondered what else she might enjoy.

The feel of the glove upon her overwhelmed Rhavaniel. At first, it caught and pulled making her sensitive flesh come alive. Soon her wetness softened the leather and it slid more easily against her body. She thought about that glove, how he had recently worn it as he fought at the Gate. She imagined his fingers curved around the bowstring as he held it close to his line of sight. How many arrows had it shot? How many enemies had it killed? Now it was slowly killing her with pleasure. His hand, the glove, the feel of an alien skin moving over her body and spreading her moisture was proving to be very arousing. He spread her further still and settled his finger between her folds making slow circles and covering her. She wanted more. She needed to feel it inside her, passing through her entrance, rubbing her most deliciously.

Again, Legolas moved his hand over her sweet treasure and now held a leather covered finger at her entrance. Her hips lifted slightly, searching for him. He eased into her only an inch to see her reaction. She bit down on her bottom lip and inhaled sharply. Still kneeling next to her, he moved slightly so he could watch as he slid further into her body. As he did, she lifted off the hay again.

"How does that feel?" he asked.

"By the gods Legolas, my body aches. I have never felt anything like this, so soft, so foreign. Don't stop my love," she moaned seductively.

His cock was painfully hard and it took everything he had not to plunge into her satiny warmth, but the affect the glove was having on her was incredible. He wondered how long he could keep her on the edge. Again, he slid his finger in and left it there, caressing her canal. His thumb circled her clit spreading her wetness. She was breathing rapidly, chest heaving, tits bouncing along to her rhythm.  She was saying his name in a slow whisper, begging him to finish her, but he pulled from her yet again.

"No. Please, no," she cried missing the feel of the soft leather within her.

"It feels that good?" he asked.

"Yes. Please Legolas. Again. Please," she begged.

He could stand it no more. Rhavaniel was writhing on the hay and begging him to complete her. This almost never happened before. She was always the one in charge, usually riding him. Now he was in charge. He could keep her on the edge as she was now or send her plummeting into the abyss of intensification. He decided to play a while longer.

Now he only teased around her entrance. He listened as she moaned and begged for more. The glove was saturated with her wetness so it slid in more easily now. Each time he touched her she jolted her hips and cried out for more. It was too much for him. "Oh Rhavaniel," he moaned and lowered his head between her legs. The smell of her sweet nectar filled his head. His tongue flicked over her clit as he inserted the gloved finger all the way into her. He circled around inside her walls, tongue still licking her madly. He moaned sending vibrations across her nether region. With one final thrust of her hips, she screamed his name repeatedly and reached her climax. The scent of her sweet juices and the leather was intoxicating. Slowly he removed his finger, replacing it with his tongue and delving inside her once then twice, swirling around inside her still writhing body. When he had his fill and she was spent of her sweet nectar, he looked up to find her watching him, face flushed, lips parted and panting.

"That was exquisite," she said between breaths.

He crawled up her body and kissed her deeply, letting her taste herself on his lips. "I want you Rhavaniel. I need to feel you surrounding me. Let us go to the loft. It's much softer up there."

She noticed how dark his eyes were. "First let's get you out of those wet clothes."

After a brief recovery, they stood together. Rhavaniel's legs were a little wobbly but she managed. Then she began on the mithril hooks of his tunic, undoing them one by one and pushing the garment from his strong shoulders. His skin was cool to the touch from the wet material. Her fingers wandered along his shoulders, muscles moving under his skin. Then they trailed down his arms, beautifully toned for that of an archer. She lifted it and ran her tongue along a vein that ran from his wrist to the crook of his arm. Next, she undid his lacings while he stepped out of his boots. He watched his naked vixen undress him, slowly and deliberately peeling the dark green wool from his hips and down his thighs until his straining cock was free of its confinement. Legolas noticed how she licked her lips as she knelt down to remove the leggings completely. Now she held him in her hands, one wrapped around his hardness and the other cupping his balls. He pulled the strap of his glove with his teeth, releasing it and ripped it from his hand, tossing it with his clothes. Then his fingers entwined in her damp hair as he looked down to where she knelt in front of him. She rubbed him, fondled his straining sack, and teased the tip with her thumb, spreading a pearly droplet across the head. He had been hard for quite some time and needed release. Her touch was like magic but he needed more.

"Take me in your mouth," he demanded feeling quite authoritative.

Rhavaniel looked up at him with a slight glare. Besides who was he to give her orders? What she found on his countenance was desperation for release not authority and she gave in to his demands. Of course, she did this in her own torturous way, gradual and deliberate. First, she used only her tongue running it along the underside of his cock then the opposite. She circled the rim and flicked wildly at the small slit. Rhavaniel knew it was killing him and teased a little longer until she got her just reward.

"Please Rhavaniel take me inside. I need to feel it," he begged.

She smiled to herself. This was payback for his teasing and making her beg earlier. Satisfied that he had been harassed long enough, she slid her lips past the head and along his length taking him as far as she could into her molten mouth. Her tongue caressed him while she reversed the motion. She intensified her pressure and he moaned loudly.

"Oh yes meleth. Suck it. Harder. Please," he cried over a sound of a clap of thunder.

She did as she was told, enjoying the pulsating member in her mouth. She felt his balls tightened and prepared herself. He placed his hands at the back of her head to hold her in place. She reached behind with one hand and dug her fingers into his ass, feeling his muscles convulse.

"Oh sweet gods! Yes my warrior vixen," he cried and spilled violently into her mouth.

Rhavaniel let the bitterness of his cum ease down her throat and held him there until the last drop was spent. Then she slowly slid him from her mouth, tongue caressing him as she did. She stood up, wrapped her arms around his waist and rest her head on his chest. He leaned on her ever so slightly, obviously weak from his orgasm. Then he kissed the top on her head and whispered. "I love you Rhavaniel. I love you so much."

After another brief rest and recovery, they stepped back and came to gaze into each other's eyes. Rhavaniel smiled. "Shall we go examine this loft? Or are you too weak to climb the ladder now," she giggled.

"You have weakened me, yes, but not for long. I am not through with you yet," he growled. "You go on up. I will be along just as soon as I spread my clothes out by the fire."

She kissed him quickly on the lips. "Don't be long my love," she said and headed for the ladder.

Now Legolas was no fool and there was a reason he sent her up first. His reward came as he watched her fine delicious ass sway back and forth with each rung she climbed. Sweet Eru her body was magnificent, slightly toned muscles along her shoulders, slim waist, curvaceous hips and slender long legs.

She reached the top and disappeared over the edge. Then she called down to him. "I hope you enjoyed the view," she teased. She felt his eyes on her the whole time and took extra care of the way she climbed the ladder.

Legolas only smiled and laughed to himself. Of course, she knew. She was the most beautiful and seductive elleth he had ever known and she was his. She would always feel him just as he would her. This closeness made his heart pound and blood race. It was love of the purest kind and it was intoxicating.

Rhavaniel looked out of the window, her arms crossed at her waist. This was bliss being here alone with Legolas. If they never left this barn, she would be all the happier. She loved him more every time she looked at him, but she wondered what would become of them now. They were headed back to Minas Tirith. That much she knew, but what would she do there? What would she do now that Sauron was destroyed? Where was she needed most? Mostly, she thought of Legolas and what he would do. He swore never to abandon the fellowship, even now that their journey had ended. Did this mean they would never return to Mirkwood? She hoped not for she much desired to return to her home someday.

She was stirred from her thoughts as she felt the heat of Legolas' body behind her. He wrapped his arms around her, holding hers in place and kissed her neck. Rhavaniel moaned and turned in his arms to face him. "I love you Legolas," she whispered before drawing him in for a kiss. He smelled a little of smoke and it mixed with his naturally woodsy scent. Their kiss lingered on while the storm went on outside. Lightening would flash and light up the barn briefly, making their skin look like it was glowing. The sound of the thunder and rain added to the effect of their mood. It was just the two of them in the middle of nowhere, caught in a storm. It could not get more romantic than this.

Rhavaniel felt her desire rise again. She wanted him. She always wanted him. Her leg came up and wrapped around his thigh, pulling him in so she could feel his arousal against her belly. The kiss deepened and Legolas let her lead him into this blissful state.  She ground her hips into him. Oh, his cock was so close. She needed to feel him inside her. Not able to wait any longer, Rhavaniel lowered her leg until it came to rest just behind his knees. Then with a move she learned from her training days, she kicked his legs out from under him and he fell backwards into the soft hay. She was instantly rubbing herself on him, slicking him up with her wetness. Leaning down, she sucked on his masculine nipples. She sat back up and looked at him with a devilish grin. Her fingers trailed down his chest, down his stomach, below his bellybutton and finally to that oh so delicious line of fine blond fuzz.

"Tell me you want me," she whispered seductively as her fingers traveled down to her own body. "Tell me you want this," she said as he watched her fingers massage her clit.

It was almost too much for the Prince. He wasn't even inside her yet, but he already felt the first stirrings of his climax deep within him. Still, there was something he wanted even more and that was to be in charge. He sat up on his elbows and watched her finger disappear into her body. "I want you badly Rhavaniel but --"

She didn't wait for him to finish before she moved slightly and impaled herself onto his hard length. "Oh, I want you too Legolas," she moaned.

"Rhavaniel I--" he started.

"Yes, I know my prince. It feels so good," she said swirling her hips.

"Please Rhavaniel, just let me--" Again, she cut him off with her dominating ways.

"Don't wait for me my love. Come when you are ready."

"Rhavaniel!" Legolas finally yelled out taking her by surprise. It was not a yell of passion but of demand. Before she knew what was happening, Legolas managed to flip them over and pin her into the hay. In the process, he slid from her body and was now extremely frustrated by the lack of contact. "Will you not listen?"

"What is wrong? What has come over you?" she said with annoyance.

"Sweetling," he said calming himself. "You are so beautiful and wanton. You are every elf's dream, but sometimes you are just too overwhelming."

"What?" she said confused.

"This," he said. "Your constant needing to be in charge."

"But I thought you liked when I--"

"I do Rhavaniel. I love that you want to please me this way. It's just . . . sometimes I need to be in charge. I want to be the one pleasing you."

"You do please me Legolas."

He sat back kneeling between her thighs. "Let me do this. Let me show you how I can please you. It is not about who is in charge or who pleases whom. It is not a contest. It is give and take. I want you to be able to let me take over and not have you feel vulnerable. You should feel confident that I am not going to let anything happen to you. You will not lose yourself."

He was right of course. She had always been very domineering, but she couldn't help it. As long as she was leading, everything was in her control. Rhavaniel hated the thought of seeming weak or helpless. Being caught off guard was her biggest fear. Still, she feared losing Legolas even more. Maybe that thought was a little askew. Legolas would not leave her now.

"What would you have me do then?" she said in a sweet voice.

"I would have you lay here like this and just give in to it all. Let me take you to the heavens and back. You are safe to let your guard down if with no one else than just with me." Legolas ran his hand along the inside of her thigh then to her nether region, fondling her clit and sliding a finger into her body. She still felt tense. "Relax meleth nin. I promise that you will still be your true self when we are satisfied. You will always be wild. That will never change and I do not want it to. But just with me, let yourself submit. Let me hold sway over you."

His words and his ministrations wooed her and she knew she had to let go once again. "Do what you will then. I love you and I trust you. Master me Legolas."

Legolas lowered himself, hovering over her body. He sucked each glorious tit in turn, flicking his wet tongue over her nipples. His cool and slightly damp hair grazed along her silky skin. All she could do was lie on her back and let him have full reign over her. She was no longer in a position of dominance and she was having trouble giving him control. What if he didn't touch her in the right spot? What if he moved to fast or too slow? What if she didn't enjoy it?

Legolas paid attention to how she reacted to the things he did. Rhavaniel was not the type of elleth that liked to be touched and stroked for long.  She wanted it fast and hard and he would give her everything she wanted. Looking down at her face, he found her eyes closed and worry on her brow.

"Open your eyes meleth. Look at me," he whispered. As soon as their eyes connected, he plunged deep within her. It was unexpected but exactly what she wanted. Then he pulled out of her completely and gazed upon her. Her expression changed to confusion and he rammed into her again, sheathing himself deep and staying there. Her lips parted and she moaned in pleasure. Next, Legolas pumped into her with short thrusts. Her muscles contracted around his rigid cock as he touched her deep within her walls. Each time he did, she yelled in short pleasurable bursts.

Rhavaniel had never felt anything so satisfying. The first time he entered her was unexpected. When he pulled from her, she missed the feel. The second time he plunged even deeper and the first stirrings of her climax started to build. When he pumped in short bursts, she was instantly on the edge of an orgasm like never before. She was going to come faster than she had ever before. Each thrust made her scream louder than the one before.

"Come with me Legolas," she finally managed to say.

"Not this time. Go ahead Rhavaniel. Give in to it. Let me guide you to your ecstasy," he said taking her by the ankles and putting them over his shoulders. Then he continued to thrust deep, hard, and fast.

Rhavaniel's yells were high and loud now. He was touching her where she wanted him. He kept her on the edge where she felt like she could float out of her body. Higher and higher, he took her until she couldn't feel anything but his hard flesh inside her. She came and she kept coming, yelling and letting him penetrate that most delicious spot deep inside her body until her release overflowed and covered them both.

The warmth and squishing of her body proved to be too much for Legolas. As she climaxed, her muscles convulsed and massaged him until he spilled his seed and yelled out in a guttural moan. They held themselves where they were for a moment as they regained their breathing. Eventually, Legolas lowered Rhavaniel's legs. Then he lay down, covering her with his body while still buried within her, slowly softening. Her arms snaked around his back and she moved her hands up and down along his spine.

"That was beautiful Legolas. You are perfect," she said smiling into his neck.

He lifted his head and came to look into her eyes, first one and then the other as if he was looking for something. Rhavaniel laughed. "What are you looking at?"

"I was looking to see if something was missing. No, no there it is. That fiery untamed spirit is still there," he teased then kissed her.

"You know I will never be like this with anyone but you," she said while twirling his loose tendrils in her fingers.

"And I would have it no other way. You are beautiful. You are loving. You are wild and you are mine," he whispered.

"Always," Rhavaniel sighed. "Oh, and Legolas?"

"Yes meleth nin."

"Never get rid of that glove."

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