Gathering of the Nine: 37. Dawn of the Third Age

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37. Dawn of the Third Age

It was a cold and bitter night in Ithilien. A small fire crackled and several bodies huddled around it.
"I had nearly forgotten what it was like to be cold," Metima said. "The rings did a lot."
"They still do," Morion said. "We're not dead."
"Is Sauron dead?" Ancalime asked, curling up next to her brother. 
"No," Morion replied. "If he was, I doubt we would still be here."
"What happened then?" 
"I don't know."
It had been a disaster. As Sauron died, the Barad-dur had collapsed, just barely leaving enough time for the nine ringbearers to escape to safety. Orcs were dying in droves, either being killed by falling masonry, or speared on the swords of the Last Alliance, as they were now being called throughout Middle-Earth.
"So the Ring still exists then," Ceure said, staring into the fire.
"It is in the hands of Isildur and his sons," Vorea said. "They are departing for the north after they set the affairs of Gondor in order. Anarion's son will rule there."
"And Isildur takes Elendil's place as High King," Morion said. He smiled. "My cousin, High King of Middle-Earth."
"Minas Ithil is ruled by Anarion's heir now," Vorea said. "Three of Isildur's sons have gone with him, and his wife and youngest wait for him in Rivendell."
Morion nodded. "I wish the best of luck to him. If I could not have ruled the world, I would have no one else than him rule it."
"It is not all over yet," Vorea said. 
"The elves are scattered," Aica said, grinning. "That's a start."
"All of the land is severally weakened," Morion said. "It will take many hundreds of years to recover, and I doubt the elves ever truly will."
"Particularly the elves of Greenwood," Vorea said. "Ah, there are possibilities there, I believe."
"To the north then," Morion said. "On the eastern side of the Misty Mountains. There I think we will be able to escape the influence of both Arnor and Gondor, and whatever remains of the elven kingdoms."
"Very little, that's what," Aica snickered, and Ringe smiled with her.
"There is just one question that I have now," Vorea said.
"What is it?" Morion asked.
"Where is Khamul?"

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