Silmarillion Chemistry: 1. The Elements

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1. The Elements

Feanor: will bond with a Nerdanel to produce Seven Sons of Feanor. Will form a +3 cation in the presence of a Melkor, even though this creates a very unstable atom. In its cationic state, a Feanor can induce a dipole in most Elf molecules, causing instability, which is particularly pronounced in the Sons of Feanor molecules. Unlike other elements, a Feanor +3 will experience an increase in its electronegativity and attempt to wrest electrons away from other elements. If it attempts to do this with a Morgoth -3 or a Gothmog, the Feanor will explode in a shower of subatomic particles and scatter itself over a wide area.

Nerdanel: will bond with a Feanor to produce the Seven Sons of Feanor molecules. The Nerdanel molecule itself is usually found bonded to a Mahtan or Feanor element, or by itself far away from other Noldorin elements.

Fingolfin: a relatively stable element that bonds to an Anaire for increased stability. If enough Fingolfins and Anaires bond, a Fingon, Turgon, Aredhel, or Argon may be created. Despite their neutral status, Fingolfins are attracted by the charge of a Feanor +3 and may follow the element. If it encounters a Morgoth -3, the Fingolfin will attempt to steal the Morgoth's electrons and end up losing its stability. Its nucleus will then split in half.

Finarfin: a very stable element usually found orbiting a Vala element or bonded to an Earwen, from which Galadriel, Finrod, Aegnor, Angrod, or possibly Orodreth molecules may result. Though it may be initially swayed by a Feanor +3, once it is a certain distance from the Valar elements, it will abandon the Feanor and return to the Valar elements.

Elwe: a mostly stable element that bonds with a Melian for increased stability. With enough Elwes and Melians, a Luthien molecule may be formed from this combination. Elwes strongly repel all Beren molecules as well as Sons of Feanor molecules. However, if a Beren -1 molecule shows up, the Elwe will accept the electron, allowing the Beren to bond with a Luthien. An Elwe -1 is a highly unstable element and will attract Dwarf molecules, which will tear the Elwe apart in their attraction for the electron.

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