The Captain's Daughter-3: 21. Ch 21 Our Little Secret

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21. Ch 21 Our Little Secret

Come the following morning there was no doubt that the Captain of the West-mark and his lovely adjutant were officially lovers.  They remained in bed the day after the wedding feast, enjoying each other's company and bodies.  The couple felt very relaxed; there was no one about to meddle in their affairs—not that meddling was needed anymore. 

For the remainder of their time in Edoras, Erkenbrand and Éalwyn spent time with Marshal Elfhelm and Mistress Arathea before they left for the East-mark.  It would be the first time the Dúnadan had visited the Marshal's lands since the dismissal of Lady Ethelfled. 

Erkenbrand and Éalwyn also tried to spend time with Éomer, but the king proved elusive.  Éalwyn suggested that the king was lonely and spending time with "couples" only rubbed salt into the wound.  Erkenbrand agreed, though he could not offer a solution.  It was not that the handsome young King lacked for company.  Women practically threw themselves at him; the problem was that he did not want a romp nor did he want a relationship based on politics; he wanted what everyone around him seemed to be able to find—friendship, joy…love.


The days flew by and soon it was time for Erkenbrand and Éalwyn to return to the West-mark.  The young woman seemed to pack so very slowly.  The captain approached his little mouse.

"Are you not anxious to return home?" he asked.

Éalwyn stopped her packing and sat on the bed; melancholy eyes regarded him.  "I am, though I fear things will change and I do not want them to."

The captain sat next to her and wrapped an arm around her waist.  He kissed the crown of her head.  "You mean between us?  Nothing between us will change; I love you."

"I know and I love you.  But the others…they will know that we are…well, they will be so smug."

Erkenbrand flashed her a devilish grin.  "We could have a little fun…"


The two returned to the Hornburg but spoke little of their trip.  When asked about it their answers were always rather short and vague and said nothing about their relationship.  By day, the Captain and his Adjutant worked together with ease and proficiency—as had always been the case--no indication of a personal relationship at all.  The same was true whenever they were seen outside of work.  Nothing between them seemed different!  It baffled and frustrated their friends to no end.  No matter what they did or said, the stubborn Captain and the shy Colmáse just would not advance their relationship!  Yet in the dark of night, in the privacy of her own quarters, the two lay entwined as lovers, laughing softly at their friends continued antics to get them 'together'.

"How long do you think we can keep this up?"  Éalwyn asked after a moon's cycle.

"Not for too much longer, I fear someone might think you are available."  Erkenbrand kissed the crown of her head as she rested on his chest.  "The Summer festival is next week; that would be a perfect time to let the cat out of the bag."

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