LeadingUp To Love: 7. 6. Over Dinner

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7. 6. Over Dinner

Prompt:  Having Dinner(thanks Inwe_seralonde!)



The Imladrian elves were sitting in a small private dining room located near the center trunk of the great malorn.  Glorfindel and Erestor had accompanied Celeborn’s daughter back from her surprise visit to Imladris.  Now, rested and refreshed, the two old friends enjoyed a fine meal.


“I am not sure why Elrond insisted I join the escort.  I doubt my feeble skills with a sword would do much to protect Lady Celebrian.”  Erestor stabbed at his roast pheasant.  Glorfindel sat in silence across the table from the raven-haired advisor.  “When I tried to question him about it he…Glorfindel?  Is the meal not to your liking?”  Erestor asked, finally looking at his companion’s untouched plate.


“I asked you join the escort.”  The captain said, trying to steady his breathing.


“You?  Why?”


“We need to talk Erestor.”  Glorfindel answered as calmly as he could.


“Could we not talk in Imladris?”


“No.”  Glorfindel took a long drink from his wine.  Erestor finally put his fork down and sat back in his chair, giving the blond his complete attention.  Taking a deep breath the remade warrior continued.  “You know there is talk about us?”


Erestor shook his head, question in his eyes.


“I do not know for how long, but I know the rumors started in earnest while we planned Elrond’s begetting surprise.  It must have been all the private meetings, my sneaking to your room at night.”


“Wait,” Erestor interrupted, “are you saying there are ‘rumor’ rumors?  Others think we are…we…”  Erestor could not bring himself to say the words he so wished were true.  Glorfindel only nodded.  Great!  Imladris thought the pair were intimate but nothing could be farther from the truth—much to Erestor’s disappointment.  “Well, I will make certain to take care of that when we return,” the advisor said with resolve.  “I apologize for any trouble such foolish whispers may have cause you.”  He began to stab at his food again but with less pleasure.


“They have caused no trouble, Erestor, only thought on my part.”




“Aye, thought.  We have been friends for centuries.  These ‘whispers’ as you call them have made me wonder if perhaps people see something we do not.  I would be lying if I said I did not find you attractive; you are by far the most striking elf I have seen in either of my lives.”  The golden lord silenced Erestor’s objections.  “You are quick witted, smart, loyal and compassionate.  You are a much desired elf whether you believe it or not.”


“Glorfindel, you flatter me.  However, I am nothing special.  I am just a Noldo.  It is you who is remarkable.  It amazes me that you have not found your mate yet.  I can think of no elf that would deny you and many in Imladris desire your attention.”


“No elf?”  Glorfindel felt a ray of hope break through the tense air.


“None that I can think of.  And I assure you that as soon as we get back I will make certain no one thinks us romantically involved.”


“What if I do not want that?”


The advisor’s sharp mind failed him and he tilted his head, brows furrowing in confusion.  “Do not want what?” he asked.


Glorfindel’s rich laughter filled the small dining room.  He got up from his chair and moved to kneel next to Erestor’s chair.  He hesitantly reached out and stroked the porcelain cheek.  “What if I do not want you to stop the rumors?  What if I said I wanted them to be true?  Erestor, my feelings for you have deepened.  I think the same might be true for you.  I want to explore those feelings.”  Glorfindel clasped the advisor’s hands and look into the rich dark brown eyes, hoping the truth of his words shown through his bright blue ones.


Erestor’s heart raced and his hands trembled.  He found it impossible to keep eye contact with those beautiful blue orbs that often stole into his dreams.  For the first time in his life, he was speechless.  His fëa screamed out to accept Glorfindel and explore his feelings, his heart seconded the idea but his mind…his damned rational, calculating, emotionless mind spoke first.  “Glorfindel, I do not know what to say.  We are friends, first and foremost and that will never change, but…us, as more, I do not know.  We are so different.  You are full of life and energy, radiant like the sun.  You will quickly grow tired of my placidness and simplicity.” 


“Saes.”  The warrior was not beyond pleading.  He knew they belonged together.  That is why he asked Elrond to send Erestor with Celebrian’s escort.  Here in Lothlórien there was nowhere for the elusive elf to run, no work behind which to hide. 


Erestor looked at the Valar honest truth right before him.  This is what he wanted and here in the Golden Wood they could learn more about their relationship without the whispers, the rumors.  If it did not work out there would not be the curious stares, coworkers walking on eggshells; no one need know the relationship failed.  Maybe this was the right time.  He needed to think.


“I still do not know what to say.  I never expected that you would find me desirable in that way.  Please, I am not saying no.  But I need time to think.”  Erestor stood, pulling Glorfindel up with him.  “Give me a few days.”


“I will give you as much time as you need.  When you are ready to address this, admit this, I will be there.”  The massive warrior leaned in and placed a chaste kiss on the slighter elf’s brow.  Then he left, giving Erestor the space he needed.


They had little contact over the next few weeks and Glorfindel all but gave up hope.  Erestor thought about it, dreamed about it and finally, weeks later, sent a message to Glorfindel.

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