Road to Redemption: 15. Chapter 14

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15. Chapter 14

So, it was decided that Maglor would return to Imladris with Lindir and serve as a minstrel. A love-struck smile lit the silver-haired elf's face every time he looked at Maglor. This could not get any better. Maglor was equally happy. He had given up hope for finding love long ago. He still did not understand how Ilúvatar could be so generous; but he was not about to waist time dwelling on it. After they had broken their fast, the two elves began to break camp. Maglor packed what little he had. What he did not take was thrown on the fire. By the time everything was all packed, the sun had begun to set. They ate a modest meal, and curled together to sleep. They would set out for Imladris in the morning. It would be a long trip and they could not delay if there was any hope to cross the mountains before the winter snows. 

"I can not express how happy I am." Maglor whispered. Feeling the breath over his ear caused the smaller elf to shiver. The shivering gave way to a moan as a warm tongue licked the tip of said ear. The minstrel pressed back against his lover, turning his head slightly in a silent invitation. Maglor seized the opportunity and greedily sucked the delicate tip. Tremors coursed through both bodies as passion mounted. 

"I had thought to wait until we were in a soft bed to have you again, but I find myself unwilling to wait." Maglor whispered between nips. 

"Have me now." The sliver elf purred, "It will be some time before we encounter a soft bed. I could not wait so long to make love to you."  

Spooning behind his lover, the Noldo began to explore the supple body beneath his fingers. Lindir moaned as a ridged shaft pushed against his buttocks. Maglor wanted him, that much was obvious. The older elf let his hand stray down the sleek chest to play in the soft nest of curls at the base of a quickly growing erection. Lips moved from the ear to the soft flesh covering the collarbone. Lindir gasped at the assault. The minstrel attempted to turn in the embrace, wanting to face Maglor but the Noldo had other ideas. 

"Stay as you are, my lovely one. Relax and let me tend to you." Maglor slowly stroked the velvety shaft, quickly bringing to its full potential. 

"Ahh…that…" Lindir was reduced to panting. "That feels so…aye Maglor I am about to…" Before the silver-haired elf could finish, a climax was ripped from him; he screamed his lover's name. Maglor held the trembling body as Lindir rode out the waves of pleasure. Gently rolling the younger elf onto his stomach, the Noldo situated himself on his knees between the long legs. Leaning forward, he began to massage Lindir's shoulders and back. The minstrel groaned. Due to the present position, Lindir missed the wicked and rather predatory glint in his lover's eyes.  

Maglor leaned forward and purred into the delectable ear. "How is this?" Lindir could do little more than groan his response. Maglor slowly began to move his hands down the back, kneading the muscles of the lower back. Sliding back a bit, the dark-haired elf began to massage the twin globes that teased him. Maglor placed a kiss to Lindir's tailbone. Clever fingers continued to rub and stoke Lindir's backside, gently spreading the soft mounds. Maglor groaned, as the tight pink entrance was laid bare. Shimmying down a bit further, the older elf spread the lean legs wide and ducked his head to sweep his tongue over the tempting opening. Lindir squirmed and moaned at the stimulation; spreading his legs even farther. 

"You like that?" Maglor asked, letting his breath ghost over the quivering opening. 

"Oh, yes." Lindir panted. 

"Do you wish me to do it again?" To emphasize his question, Maglor flicked the tip of his tongue just over the opening. 

The younger elf gasped, "Yes, please…ahhh" Maglor ran his tongue from the minstrels cleft over the puckered skin and down to tease the sensitive sacs. At this point, Maglor's arms pressed down on the back of Lindir's thighs, effectively holding the squirming elf in place. Lindir thought he would die. His flaccid member already began to grow hard again. The friction caused by the blanket below him and the sweet warm tongue teasing him was more than he could stand. 

"Saes." He begged. "Saes, more…ahhh." Lindir's heart raced. All his pleading did nothing to expedite the situation. If anything, it caused Maglor to tease and taunt him more. "Melethron…I need… Ohhh.." Maglor's' wicked tongue again circled the tight opening before the tip pushed its way past the guardian ring. If he could have, the minstrel would have jumped, but he was pinned in place and could do nothing but whimper, plead and accept the stimulation. Every sound and wiggle from Lindir sent a jolt of heat to Maglor' already throbbing groin. Reaching for the ever-present vial of oil, the Noldo coated his fingers and as his tongue thrust in and out, a finger was added. Lindir sighed and relaxed his body. It felt so perfect. 


"Not yet, my love. I love to see you writher in such a wanton way. Your moans set my body on fire." A second finger was added and Maglor maneuvered into a kneeling position. Scissoring his fingers and bestowing nips and kisses to Lindir's backside, the dark-haired elf was able to coax Lindir to his hands and knees. 

"Aye, you are beautiful." Maglor said inserting a third finger.  

As the young elf moaned and thrust back against the invading digits, Maglor slicked his erection. Quickly removing his fingers, he slid his member into the willing body, not giving Lindir a chance to miss the thrusting fingers. Thrusting forward at an alarmingly slow pace, the older elf reached below and with his oil-slicked hand grasped Lindir's weeping shaft. Stroking it with the same languid pace, Maglor brought his other arm around the panting chest and slowly lifted the smaller elf to his knees. Lindir let his head fall back onto Maglor's strong shoulder. In the stillness of the night, the only sound was a roar of the ocean and the impassioned cried of the lovers as the found completion together. Maglor held his lover tight as they rode out pleasure surging through their bodies. Carefully lowering the silver-haired elf to his knees, Maglor gently removed his member. Gabbing a nearby cloth, the Noldo cleaned his member and his lover's backside before rolling to the side, pulling Lindir with him. That was how they fell asleep; Maglor spooned behind his silver lover, both elves smiling. 


Morning came and promised a glorious day for travel. Quickly dressing, the two elves ate a cold breakfast, packed up the bedrolls and left the cave. A surprise awaited them. Lindir looked at Maglor in disbelief as the Noldo looked at a tall figure holding the reigns of an exquisite steed. 

"You're journey will be long as it is. This is a gift to you.  He will carry you swiftly to your destination and outrun any harm in your path." 

The elves approached the magnificent animal. The stranger was elf-like, though taller and broader than even Glorfindel. He was rugged looking and carried a great bow. There was a twinkle in his eye that spoke of mischief and daring. Neither elf spoke a name, but both knew who it was that gifted them the horse…Tulkas. 

"Well, you do have to mount him if you are to get anywhere." The Vala chuckled at the stunned elves. "Come on now, up you go." Helping both elves to mount, the Vala smiled and smacked the horse's flank. The great beast surged forward like the wind. The journey home had begun.

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