Road to Redemption: 19. Chapter 18

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19. Chapter 18

Elrond knew the hour was very late, but after his little tantrum, he could not wait until morning. He had said some dreadful things to Maglor; he never gave the other elf a chance. Coming to a stop at Lindir's door, he knocked firmly. He could here the swish of fabric and some inaudible mumbling. The door opened and an irate head minstrel greeted him. 

"It is late my lord. Surely you would not throw him out in the dead of night?" 


Elrond flushed with guilt and embarrassment. He deserved the younger elf's ire. "I only wish to speak to him." 


"I believe you have *spoken* to him enough. We will leave at dawn." Lindir hissed. 


"Please, just give me a moment." The great lord begged. A hand came to rest on Lindir's shoulder. 


"It is alright. He may speak."  


Lindir looked back at his lover cautiously. Maglor gave a subtle nod. Lindir stepped aside to let Elrond enter, and then he began to raise the wicks on the oil lamps. The room was filled with a warm glow. Elrond stood just inside the now closed door, unsure of his next move. He was beginning to wish he had waited until morning. It would have given him some time to formulate and organize his thoughts. 


"Come." Maglor walked to two chairs situated before the dying fire. Taking a quick look at the still glowering minstrel, Elrond followed to the chairs. Lindir sat himself at a small desk in the far corner of the room. Under no circumstances was he about to leave his lover alone with his lord. The room was filled with an uncomfortable silence. Maglor waited patiently for the Noldo to begin. 


Elrond to a deep breath and finally raised his eyes to Maglor. "I am sorry hardly covers it. I do not know what to say. I was shocked to see you and suddenly all the old emotions swelled up and poured out of me. It was not fair to you…then, or now. I was a foolish child who would not listen to reason and as an adult, I acted like I was still a child." 



"Elrond…" Maglor began softly but Elrond interrupted. 


"It took the Valar to finally open my eyes to that which I tried to deny." Tears welled up in the slate eyes. "I did not mean all those things I said. That was the child in me." The tears now flowed freely and the younger elf began to sob, making it difficult to speak. "I loved you so much and when you…" Elrond broke down, unable to finish. Maglor moved from the chair to kneel before the repentant elf.  



Taking Elrond into his arms, Maglor began to sooth him as had done millennia ago. "It is alright, penneth," he whispered. "I should have at least sent word but I feared the others greatly."  


Elrond looked up abruptly. "No, you have no blame in this. You did what you had to; I was just too pig-headed to see." The sorrowful eyes nearly broke Maglor's heart. "Please, forgive my irrational behavior. Please, can we start over? Stay. Please?" Elrond pleaded from the familiar embrace. Maglor tightened his hold on the dark-haired elf, burying his face in the dark tresses. Tears left his eyes as he clung to the younger elf. 



"It is forgiven if you can forgive me. I did not want to leave you, but I did not think I would survive. I could not let you be alone again." Maglor pulled back and used a hand to raise Elrond's chin. Staring into the deep eyes, Maglor continued. " I loved you…I still do, and you are ever in my thoughts. Your life, however, moved on and you thrived. I no longer had a place with you." 



"Yes, you did. If you had returned, I would have…" Elrond stopped himself as a realization hit him, "responded the same as now," he conceded. "Though you need not my forgiveness, I will give it as you ask. Please, stay. I want you back in my life. I want my sons to meet you." 


Maglor smiled and looked over Elrond to Lindir. Lindir had heard everything and there was a peace in his eyes. Yes, they would stay. 


Maglor embraced the half-elf one last time before standing. "We will stay. There is much for you to share with me, as I have to with you." The older Noldo held out his hand to help the younger up. Once he was standing, Elrond crushed his foster-father in a hug.  


"I am so glad you are back." He said with a genuine smile. The elf lord turned to the elf sitting at the desk wearing a very smug smile. "This is who you really searched for, is it not. You wished to learn from Maglor." Lindir merely nodded. "I am glad you found him." 



"Well," Lindir began as he stood. "I had a bit of help." Maglor chuckled. Elrond looked between the two elves in confusion. Lindir gave Maglor a wink, "We will tell you about it…in the morning." 


Elrond took the hint and moved to leave. Before opening the door, he looked back and saw the possessive arm wrapped around Maglor's' waist. "I am very sorry; I wronged you both."

"It is behind us, my lord. In the morn we will begin again." Elrond gave the couple one last smile before he left. No sooner had the door clicked than Maglor found his mouth being plundered, most sweetly, by his lover. Breaking away when air became scarce, Lindir looked into the depths of Maglor's eyes. He saw forgiveness, redemption, gratitude and love shining back at him. Taking the Noldo's hand, he led him back to bed. This night he would make sweet love to his 'Gaerlinn.' 




On the other side of the Last Homely House, a certain golden warrior got a most startling surprise… 


Glorfindel came from the bathroom in his leggings, towel drying his hair and lost in thought. He never saw the one leaning causally against the wall. 


"You are as beautiful as always." 


Glorfindel dropped the towel and took up a defensive stance. When he finally identified the intruded, he cursed. 


"Now that is hardly befitting you." 


"Námo, you really should not sneak up on someone like that!" The warrior commented tartly. 


The Vala of the Dead smiled and chuckled softly. "Now where would the fun be in that?"

The golden warrior shook his head. Glorfindel was one of the few who knew the 'true' spirit of the solemn Vala. They had been close companions in the Halls and Námo actually missed him.  


"So what can I do for you? Has Elrond implored you to take me back?" he asked with a smirk. 


"No, you are stuck here. I would not take you back anyway…I think you favored my wife a bit too much." Before the Vanya could respond, a serious look fell over the Vala. "I have two things to tell you. One I should not reveal to you, but I think you might be a bit reluctant to do as I will request." Glorfindel sat on his bed as Namo came to lean on the bedpost. "Much time has passed since the dawn of Arda. Ilúvatar has announced that some of the elves in my halls are to be reborn. They are to choose between remaining in my halls for all eternity and dwelling in Valinor, or returning to Arda, sailing west when they see fit." 


Glorfindel hung on every word the Doomsman said. Could it be that he would finally be reunited with Ecthelion? Hope blossomed in his heart. Namo saw that hope and it pained him to continue. "This brings me to the first point of business. Ecthelion was given this choice." The Vala paused. Glorfindel was not going to like this but if he was to succeed with his upcoming task, he had to here it. "He chose to return to Valinor…with an elf who captured his heart while dwelling in my halls." 


To say that the warrior was shocked was an understatement. Glorfindel raised pleading eyes to the figure before him. "He did not wish to come back to me?" He asked softly, hoping beyond hope that he had misunderstood. Now, being the Vala of the Dead, Namo could kill or comfort with his touch. At this moment, he chose to comfort and rested a hand on Glorfindel's shoulder. 


"You were not bound and he found the mate of his soul. You cannot begrudge him that. But I know it pains you. You loved him dearly. Do not lose hope, Golden Warrior. There is a mate for you…you need only stop and listen to your heart." While Glorfindel knew Namo meant to offer support, he still felt like a part of him was ripped from his body. His former lover loved another.  


He looked up at the Vala, "What task do you ask of me?" His voice was flat and his eyes a bit dull. 


Námo stood and regarded the warrior. Yes, this was the right decision…on both points. "There is one who wishes to be returned to Arda. He however is still serving his penance for his past crimes. Therefore, he is not returning entirely…well, healthy. It will be very difficult for him and he has great trepidations about it all. Still, he did not feel himself worthy of Valinor yet and whished to fight the evil which haunts this world. I ask you to be his guide and support. It will not be quite as easy as it sounds, Glorfindel." 


Glorfindel thought back to his return. It had been difficult on so many levels. If it had not been for Ciridan and Elrond, he did not know what his fate would have been. Furthermore, he respected Námo greatly and felt honored to be given such a task. It would hopefully take his mind way from Ecthelion. 


"Who is the elf?" He asked. 


The tall Vala smirked. "You will know him when he arrives." Namo knew so much more, but he could not tell all. It was not his place, no matter how special an elf was. "Remember, love is not lost to you, melon nin." With that, the Vala faded into the shadows and left Glorfindel alone.

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