Road to Redemption: 22. Chapter 20

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22. Chapter 20

Elrohir saw the confused look on his father's face. "Ada?" he asked softly. 

Elrond turned to the young elf. "Come, I will need help, the rest of you go about your duties." Elrond was behaving a bit peculiar and Elrohir wondered about it. 

"Do you know this elf, Ada?" 

"I do not believe so." Elrond responded. "Here, clean his face and work down, I will get the ointments and bandages." Elrond quickly left the room. 

The young elf began to gently wash the raw skin, and did his best to clean the elf's hair given the present situation. "I do not know who you are, but somehow you have unnerved my father; that is not an easy thing to do." Elrohir began to hum as he continued his work. Elrond stopped at the door and watched his son. Elrohir was a fine healer and had a beautiful bedside manner. He was glad that the young elf had an interest in something other than slaying orcs. 

"You do a wonderful job," Elrond praised. 

Elrohir blushed at the compliment. "Thank you, Ada. I have done what I could. I did not want to attempt to roll him over alone." 

"That was a wise decision. I will bandage what I can first, then tend to his back." 

Once ointment and bandages had been applied, the two elves rolled the stranger onto his stomach. At this the elf let out a soft moan. Elrohir smiled at his father; the moan was a good sign. The elf was not in a coma. Working quickly, Elrond finished and the returned the red-haired elf to his back and covered him with a light blanket. 

The younger elf studied the stranger for a moment. "He is tall and strong, most likely a warrior. I doubt he is Silvan or even Sinda. There is no indication of which realm he hailed from, though." Fingering a curl of hair, Elrohir continued, "I have never seen hair this color, when clean and healthy it must be absolutely brillant." 

Elrond merely nodded and motioned for this son to follow him out of the room. Once in the hall he addressed him. "I want someone to be with him at all times. Preferably, you, your brother, Glorfindel, Erestor, or myself. I will be his attending physician. Also, post a guard in the hall, just to be safe." Elrohir nodded, and left to find Glorfindel and a trusted guard. Elrond returned to his patient. Pulling a chair close to the bed, he studied the battered face. So familiar… 


Lindir finally agreed to leave his quarters and show Maglor around the grounds. He took him to the Guild and introduced him to the other musicians. Everyone was glad to have their favorite minstrel back. Only a few eyebrows were raised when Lindir introduced the handsome elf that seemed to cling to the young minstrel's arm. 

"I do not think they have made the connection yet." Maglor whispered as they left the building. 

Lindir smiled, "Maybe they have and it matters not. This is a sanctuary; Elrond is known for his welcoming spirit." The two walked through a small garden. As they rounded a corner, Maglor felt his arm pulled back and Lindir hastily ushered him another way. Stopping in a shadowed alcove, the older elf questioned his companion. 

"Elrohir is back. I do not want to make the introductions. That is something his father must do." 

Maglor did not disagree with that and happily kissed his lover breathless in the little alcove. When they broke apart, Lindir swatted the Noldo's arm and began to show him the other side of the garden. 


By the time Elrohir had finished tending the stranger, his brother had returned with the rest of the group. He waited for his brother to dismount. 

"How is he, Ro? Will he recover?" The older twin asked, handing his reigns to a young stable elf. 

"Ada thinks so." They lead the group to the barracks and met up with Glorfindel. Elrohir relayed his father's message. 

"A guard? Surely he does not think the elf dangerous?" The blond inquired. 

"Ada was acting a bit, well, odd."  

"Why do you not both go see your Adar. I know he missed you and there is some news he wants to share with you." 

Elledan eyed his former tutor, "What kind of news?" 

"Only he can tell you." Glorfindel motioned to the Lorien guards to follow him into the barracks. "You Guardians have been assigned beds here. Haldir, as you and your brothers are considered family to the Lady, you will be housed in the main house… as per her request," he added when Haldir made to protest. With a sigh, the Silvan captain agreed. Once his men were settled, he and his brothers followed the seneschal back to the house. On their way, Glorfindel made a detour to Erestor's office, asking the raven-haired councilor to go to the healing house for Elrond. His sons would be waiting in his office by now. 

Erestor left his office immediately and headed to the Healing house. Glorfindel continued to the guest quarters. Once there, he came to a stop before a beautifully carved door. 

"Haldir, this is your room. It has an attached sitting room, shared by the bedroom on the other side." He pointed to the next door down. "Orophin, Rumil and yourself will share that room. Come see; you will find it plenty big." Haldir followed the other three elves to the next door. A collective gasp escaped the brothers' mouths. 

"It is far more than necessary, my lord," Orophin protested. Rumil walked past them and flopped down on the closest bed. 

"I cannot remember when I last felt a bed *this* soft," he said, stretching out. Haldir rolled his eyes at his littlest brother. Orophin made his way into the enormous room. He had never seen, let alone stayed in, quarters this grand. 

"I take it the rooms are to your liking?" Glorfindel teased. 

"Oh yes, sir." Orophin replied absently. 

"Refreshment should arrive shortly. Dinner is just before sunset; you will hear the dinner bell. There is a bathing room just off the common room through there." He pointed to the adjoining door. "Rest up and do not be late for dinner." With that the seneschal left the room. 

The middle brother still stood in the middle of the room in a state of shock. Rumil threw a pillow and scored a direct hit. Orophin glared at the reclining elf. Patting Orophin's shoulder, Haldir went to his rooms via the 'common' room. 

"I get the bath first," he called.

"Not if I can help it," Rumil replied, quickly devesting himself of his travel clothes. "Phin, are you just going to stand there and gawk?" He teased. 

"No." The blond elf made his way to the bed. It was at lest twice as big as his bed at home. Removing his shoes, he stretched out with a content sigh. He was asleep before he could witness the less than mature fight over the bathroom. 


"My Lord?" Erestor asked from the doorway. "Glorfindel asked me to relieve you. Your sons are waiting for you in your study." 

Elrond sighed. He had no idea how his boys would take the news; it was better dealt with now before the rumor mill got hold of it. "Thank you, Erestor. I see you brought a book; I will send someone to take your place as soon as I can." Elrond headed out the door. 

"There is no hurry, my lord. I am happy to keep vigil." Erestor made his way to the bed and nearly fell over the chair. Glorfindel was tall, but this elf was nearly a head taller. 'Definitely a warrior,' the advisor thought. With a little sigh, he sat down to read his book. The book rested open on his lap, but his attention was focused on the sleeping elf. Even in his present state, Erestor could see the beauty that this elf had. His hair was the deepest burgundy-brown he had ever seen and he began to wonder what color of eyes the elf had. Erestor found he could do nothing but stare at the mysterious elf. This had to be the most handsome elf he had ever seen. 


"Thank you my sons." Elrond said with relief in his voice. He had been concerned about the twins' reaction to Maglor's arrival. However, they sat silent and let him tell the whole tale before asking their questions. The main one being 'when do we get to meet him.' 

"He will attend dinner tonight and I will introduce him to the household then. It helps to know that he has your support. It might be a bit uncomfortable for him." 

"Hey Dan?" Elrohir said with a twinkle in his eye. "I bet he has lots of *good* stories about ada and uncle Elros." 

Elledan got a wicked glint in his eyes and smirked. Elrond groaned. 'This could prove to be embarrassing,' he thought. 


A/N: I did not feel the need to rehash the Maglor/Lindir story, so I skipped the conversation with the twins…they are very understanding souls.

Also--Thanks for the kind comments!  I love hearing from readers!


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