Road to Redemption: 23. Chapter 21

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23. Chapter 21


*Thwack- thwack* 

Arrow after arrow hit its mark. Glorfindel was not sure exactly why he was so upset. He and Ecthelion had been lovers, but they were not bound; and looking back at things now, the warrior doubted that they would have become so. Ecthelion was bold and outgoing; far more than Glorfindel had been. His pitch hair and deep sapphire eyes turned many heads and he had had numerous lovers before the golden warrior. Glorfindel's father died before he reached his majority. Once Glorfindel turned fifty, the leadership of the house fell on his shoulders. Glorfindel always admired Ecthelion, the dark-haired warrior a good 300 years his elder. He soon went to Ecthelion for advice and friendship. In time his body demanded its pleasure, and Ecthelion was more than willing to enlighten the beautiful warrior. So the years passed and the two were always together. This was due largely to Glorfindel's infatuation with the other. 

Ecthelion was the life of the party. He was never at a loss for words…actually, he rarely shut-up. He wooed both ellyth and ellon. It was every parent's dream for their son or daughter to become the great warrior's mate. There was never a dull moment with Ecthelion around; not much privacy either. There were times when Glorfindel did not want to be in the limelight. There were times when he just wanted to sit and play chess, or talk by the fire. However, that was not the life for Ecthelion. The Lord of the Fountain was a great warrior, an excellent leader of his house and all around fun elf, but not keen on the mental stuff. Glorfindel did not think his lover would have been able to set up a chessboard, and as far as intellectual stimulation, well... Ecthelion left that for his advisors to handle. 

*Thwap, thwack* 

The warrior glared at the target. He wondered if this 'new' love began before the fall or just in the halls.  


Glorfindel became angry at himself for being so naive about it all. Well, he could not dwell on the matter as Namo had instructed him to look after a newly returned elf. He wondered who it was, and when they would arrive. 

"You know, while a bull's eye is good, splitting half you arrows is not." 

Glorfindel looked up and gave Haldir a half-smile. 

"And just how have I come to merit the honor of your witty presence this morning?" 

Haldir and his brothers leaned against some trees. "I was wondering if you knew anything about the elf Elrohir found. He looked in bad condition." As arrogant as Haldir could be, there was genuine concern in his voice. 

"No. Elrond had a guard placed at the door and someone is to be with him at all times." 

"Seems a little much, do you not think?" Rumil questioned. Orophin reached over and cuffed the back of his head. "Ow! That hurt." The middle brother just shook his head and Haldir tried to ignore both of them. 

"I was going to stop by when I was done…" 

"Killing those dangerous arrows?" Rumil piped in. This time Haldir hit him. "Ow!!"  

Glorfindel chuckled, "I needed this little interruption." He picked up his quiver, and Orophin headed to the target to retrieve any arrows that might have survived. Quiver and bow in hand, the golden warrior headed back to the main house with the three brothers. Once in the main courtyard, Glorfindel bid the brothers goodbye and headed to the healing wing. Haldir joined the patrol that was nearly ready to leave. Rumil headed for the kitchens hoping to sweet-talk his way to some sweets. Orophin watched Glorfindel go. Something was off with the warrior, of that he was certain. 


Maedhros felt heavy, and his body felt hot. He quickly realized that he was back in the physical world. After much concentration, he was able to get his eyes to open. He had no idea where Namo had deposited him. Carefully turning his head a bit, he was grateful to see an elf at his bedside…especially so beautiful an elf. So, he was in an elven community, which was a good start. Now if he could just get this mouth to work. 

Erestor glanced up at his charge. It had been two days and the elf had yet to wake. A small squeak came out when he saw a pair of mahogany colored eyes staring back at him. 

"You are awake!" The advisor stated. "It has been two days." Erestor stood and called the healer. "Fetch Lord Elrond. Our guest is awake." Returning to the bedside, he poured a glass of water. "Here, can you sip this?" Erestor sat on the side of the bed and carefully helped Maedhros to lift his head. The returned warrior closed his eyes at the sensation. It has been so very long. "Are you in much pain? Lord Elrond will be here soon and will be able to give you a draught." The injured elf lay back with a small smile gracing his fair features. Lord Elrond, it could only be his little one. 

Elrond glided into the room. Looking at the mahogany eyes, he could not help the gasp that escaped. "It is you," he said softly as he advanced. "I never thought…" Elrond was interrupted by a small sob as tears began to wet his eyes. He knelt next to the bed and lifted his hand to stroke the soft tresses. "How?" was all he could manage. 

"Shhh…my darkling. It is a long story that can wait." Maedhros chocked out as he lifted a hand to stroke the Noldo's cheek. The movement caused some unexpected pain and he winced. That was all it took to return Elrond to healer mode. 

"Aye, how thoughtless. Here, drink this. It will numb the pain a bit while I change your bandages. Erestor, I will need your help to roll Maedhros over." Elrond did not realize what he said, but a certain golden warrior at the door did.  

Glorfindel turned and sank on to the bench in the hall. It was a lucky thing it was right outside the doorway or the warrior would have ended up on the floor. Glorfindel dropped his head into his hands and let out a troubled sigh. "Of all people," he muttered. He felt his life was about make a drastic change. 

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