Road to Redemption: 30. 28.

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30. 28.

As Maedhros and Erestor discussed the details surrounding the smithy job, the two blond elves excused themselves. 

Glorfindel smirked. "I think the dear advisor is smitten." 

Orophin laughed and Glorfindel thought it was the sweetest sound he had ever heard. It was so unlike Ecthelion's boisterous outbursts…now what was all this comparing about? Glorfindel found himself constantly comparing his former lover to the enchanting elf next to him. The warrior let out a small sigh.

Orophin turned to look at Glorfindel and wondered about the thoughtful expression on the older elf's face. The sigh that the Vanya let out hinted at an internal imbalance. The young archer went out on a limb.

"Is something troubling you, Glorfindel? Does it bother you that Counselor Erestor has taken a liking to Maedhros?"

"No, nothing like that." If Glorfindel had not been staring off into the distance, he might have seen the relief that flitted in Orophin's eyes. The warrior continued, "It is just…well…I just find myself…Oh never mind. I am sorry, it really is nothing; just an old elf's musings."

"You know that you can trust me, right. If something bothers you, I will gladly help."

"You really want to help?" The archer nodded enthusiastically. "Then would you take a walk with me? I had planned to head towards the river for some peace, but I find myself not wanting to be alone with myself. That is of course, if you have no other plans." He gave a sheepish grin.

"I can think of nothing I would enjoy more." 'Except maybe kissing your tempting lips,' a little voice whispered. Glorfindel wondered about the light flush that came over the younger elf's cheeks. Another thing that he never saw Ecthelion do, blush.

The two walked in silence for a time before the silver haired elf spoke, "You are miles away again," he scolded, while trying to maintain a firm expression.

Glorfindel chuckled, "More like ages away."

"You were thinking of Gondolin, were you not?"

The tall warrior nodded, looking up at the star-filled night, and answered. "Things are so different this time around. Who I have become, what I look for in life, in companions."

Having reached the riverbank, Orophin stopped and sat on the cool grass, stretching his long legs out. He hoped that the golden warrior would do the same. Glorfindel unceremoniously dropped to the ground, wrapping his arms around his bent knees. "I find myself comparing then to now, comparing elves."

"You must miss it, him I mean." The words were little more than a whisper. Glorfindel took in the sight of the young elf sitting next to him. Silver hair hung down, shielding the chiseled face. Still, it was clear that the elf next to him sat in a dejected sort of position and Glorfindel wondered why.

"Yes, I miss it at times; but I must admit, I am happier here. I am no Lord of a house here, I am just another elf…" Orophin cocked his head and raised an eyebrow. "Okay, not quite just another elf. Still, I am not responsible for the politics of the house. That honor," he snorted, "belongs to Elrond and Erestor."

"You must miss Ecthelion, though. It must be hard to see another elf returned to Arda instead of the love of your life."

"He was…is not the love of my life." It came out a bit harsher than intended. 

Orophin was taken aback for a moment. " I am sorry. I did not mean…"

Glorfindel interrupted the apology. "Please, you did nothing. Yes, it bothers me, but not for the reason you think." Without looking at his companion, the captain continued, "My relationship with Ecthelion was not as the bards make it sound. I was young and infatuated with him. He was strong, well liked, outgoing, and handsome. When he helped me through my father's passing, I wanted to be just like him. When we became lovers, I wanted to be his everything. Unfortunately, it is not in my nature to be like him and looking back at it now, I certainly was not his everything." Finally looking over at Orophin, the warrior continued his confession. "Do you realize that he never would have asked if something bothered me like you have…twice? He would have told me I was over-reacting and to live it up a little. He never took a walk with me, unless it was to the nearest tavern. Books, learning, intellect were foreign to him. I was just too naive to realize that the relationship was very one-sided. When Námo said that Ecthelion chose to not return to me…"

Orophin's head snapped around and he gripped the other elf's bicep. "Are you saying he could have come back and he did not?" This thought sickened the young warrior. How could Ecthelion just walk away?

"It seems he found his 'soul-mate' in Mandos and chose to return to Valinor."

"I am so sorry, Glorfindel. And I mean no disrespect to Lord Ecthelion, but he is a fool. He must have been a blind idiot to not see what you offered him." The Silvan elf's eyes went wide when he realized what he had said. "Oh Glorfindel, I am sorry, I should not…" He could not continue because as he turned to apologize he found his mouth otherwise occupied.

Soft warm lips captured his is a sweet kiss. Glorfindel slid a hand up the young elf's neck to tangle in silver silk. He nibbled and nipped at the other's lips and pulled away only when air became a necessity. Caressing Orophin's cheek with his thumb the ancient elf looked into astonished eyes. "I am not sorry he chose not to return," he whispered. Orophin watched with amazement as the lips that had been haunting his dreams reached again for his. He could not stop the moan that escaped, allowing Glorfindel to deepen the kiss. A tentative tongue sought entrance. Its counterpart gently greeted it.

As Orophin wrapped his arms around Glorfindel's strong shoulders, he lost the support that had been keeping him in a sitting position. The golden warrior braced his arm to insure that Orophin did not fall back. Instead, the young elf found himself being gently laid back so that Glorfindel's body lay next to him when the warrior pulled away.

"Orophin," was all the golden warrior could whisper before delving into the willing mouth again. Using the sliver haired elf's firm hold on him, Glorfindel rolled over, pulling Orophin onto him. He kept one hand tangled in the soft hair while his other roamed the archer's strong back.

Breaking the kiss, Glorfindel look deeply into Orophin's eyes. "Ecthelion never made me feel like I feel right now, with you. I have not had or desired another's company in decades, not until the night we first spoke." All the silver-haired elf could do was loose himself in the rich sapphire eyes.

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