Road to Redemption: 31. 29.

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31. 29.


The two elves on the bed were so wrapped up in 'smithy' plans, they did not notice the other two exit.

"Erestor, I am in your debt. I cannot believe that I could not think of that. My father was a smith for Manwe's sake!"

Erestor flushed and continued to stare at his hands, picking at non-existent lint on the bedspread. "I am just glad to have helped and that you will be staying here." He flushed when he realized what he had given away. "I mean, Lord Elrond will be happy that you will be staying; so will your brother."

Eyeing the younger elf, Maedhros took a chance. "Are they the only ones who will be happy if I stay in Imladris?"

Erestor peeked at the former warrior through his dark lashes before whispering his reply, "No." 

A silence settled over them. Taking pity on the flustered advisor, Maedhros changed the subject. "We had planned to play chess tonight. If it is not too late for you, I would really enjoy a game. Perhaps we could send for some beverages."

"It is not too late, but I would not want to keep you from your rest. Elrond would be most displeased." Despite his words, the raven-haired elf headed to the door to ask for tea and then began to set up the chessboard.


Haldir was relaxing in the Hall of Fire, keeping an eye on his little brother who was engaged in a card game. He knew that Rumil was an adult, but the free-spirited elf was still young and…well…free-spirited. He debated whether to tell the Imladrian guards that Rumil knew every trick in the book and was the world's greatest bluffer. He decided against it when he noticed a presence behind him. Looking over his shoulder, he looked up into the platinum eyes of the younger twin.

"May I join you?"

"Of course, but are you not going to join the game?" Haldir asked, motioning to the group in the far corner.

"Elladan's the card player, I just lose my week's earnings. Anyways, it is far more fun to watch. Notice, Elladan will nurse his drink, letting the others imbibe. It is much easier to win when everyone else cannot see straight."

Haldir laughed. "Rumil is in trouble, then. He is good but he has already had several drinks. I fear he will be over here asking for a loan soon. Elladan just won another hand."

"No, Elladan will take a marker, or make another wager…you know, you may want to give your brother a loan, now. I have been on the receiving end of some of Elladan's wagers."

"I will have to ask him about that." Haldir smirked. He cast a sidelong glance at the dark haired elf sitting next to him.

"Do not dare!" Elrohir had the most charming blush, the Lorien captain mused. He had a feeling that it would be a very entertaining evening.


"Checkmate," Maedhros said triumphantly. They had already played two games and the remade elf had lost both. He began to fear that Erestor would grow bored with his lack of skill and no longer wish to play.

"You played that well. I never even saw that opportunity," Erestor conceded. "I will have to be more careful."

"Does that mean we will play again?"

"Certainly. I enjoy it very much." Erestor paused before continuing, "I understand that Elrond will *finally* let you leave the healing wing and move into your new quarters tomorrow."

"The healers here are wonderful and I have enjoyed my visitors," the true meaning did not escape the quick advisor, "but I am looking forward to leaving."

"Well, who says that your visitors will not come by you new rooms?"

"I hope they will. I really enjoy your company."

Again, the younger elf got flustered. "It is late and if you do not get rest, you will find yourself stuck in this room indefinitely." Erestor put away the board and set the teacups back on the try. "Good night, my lord." He gave a soft smile and a gentle nod.

"It would be a better night if you were to call me by my given name, Councilor."

Erestor stopped at the door and turned to the elf in the bed. He almost lost all ability to think when Maedhros adjusted the covers and showed a rippled abdomen and muscular leg. The young elf had a hard time not imagining what lay between the two areas. "G-Good night, Maedhros," he stammered as he darted out the door. He had to flee; even in his robes, he was certain that his erection was obvious. Safely reaching his rooms, he dropped his outer robe on a chair in his sitting room as he moved to the bedroom and flopped on the bed. Staring at the ceiling, he let his imagination go.

The son of Feanor was big and strong like Glorfindel, although, the golden warrior never caused a reaction like this. Erestor was not a large elf. He stood only about 5 foot 10 and had a lithe build. He began to think about being enfolded in the strong arms, feeling the powerful body press against him. His hand stole down his body and slid into his leggings of its own device. Erestor gasped at the sensations pulsing through his body as he began to stroke himself. Groaning at the restricting clothing, Erestor's other hand moved to unlace his legging, giving him more room to stroke the throbbing flesh. His eyes were black with desire as he thought of another elf's strong hand rubbing him, teasing him. He began to pant as the pleasure escalated. Opening up his legs, he ran his free hand up his chest, sliding under his shirt. The writhing elf closed his eyes, moaned, and gasped as he climaxed, calling Maedhros' name. Laying in the aftermath, riding out the quivers, Erestor lay boneless on his bed. He fell into an erotic reverie without cleaning up, changing, or even removing his hand from his leggings.

That night he dreamed like an elf just discovering his body. His hand again began to stroke him as his mind played out fantasies that would make a Gondorian soldier blush. He had no idea how many wet dreams he had; only that he woke just before dawn, extremely sticky; his heart was still racing. How was he ever to look the cinnamon-eyed elf without blushing? He blushed just thinking about it…he got hard again, too.


Maedhros had lived far too long to miss the look Erestor gave him before leaving. He knew what he was doing when he 'adjusted' his bedding. He was grateful that the young elf left, as he felt the heat rise in his groin. He wondered if his companion was aware that he was naked beneath the covers. Come to think of it, he wondered if he noticed the rise in the bedding, just below his navel. That thought caused the anatomy in question to twitch. He groaned. All he wanted to do right now was kiss Erestor's luscious lips, and feel that delectable mouth roam his body. Suddenly, it was no longer just a heat, or twitch; Maedhros found himself painfully hard. He tried to ignore it. He thought about working in the forge, only to think about the elf that came up with the solution. He thought about his brother and the happiness he found; now he wondered if he could have that kind of happiness with Elrond's chief councilor. Finally giving up to the feeling, the Noldo wrapped his had around his shaft, a few quick strokes and a vivid mental image and he arched off the bed with Erestor's name escaping his mouth.


Most players had retired; most had lost all their coin to a very sober Noldo. Rumil remained however, determined to regain what he lost…even if it did seem like the cards were a little fuzzy.

"Do not bother your brother," Elladan said as he upped the bid, beyond what Rumil had in front of him. "I take markers or perhaps a non-monetary wager?" Rumil was attempting to stand so he could ask Haldir for some money.

Rumil raised an eyebrow and smirked. "What did you have in mind?" He dropped back into his chair.

"Nothing dangerous…well, nothing life threatening anyway."

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