Road to Redemption: 34. chapter 32

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34. chapter 32

Haldir found it nice to simply relax.  As Captain of the border guard, he seldom had time to himself and even then, he found it difficult to let go.  Sitting with Elrohir, talking about things not related to weapons or warfare was more pleasant than he could have imagined.  Haldir was highly educated, he was one of the few Silvan elves to deal with peoples from all the realms…all except dwarves that is.  Unfortunately, his work schedule usually had him in the company of those who would rather discuss their conquests (both on the battlefield and in bed) than anything of intellectual value.  The silver haired elf found his present company extremely bright, not really a surprise given the lineage.  However, the younger elf lacked the air of superiority that often comes with his *position*.

As the embers began to die down, the two elves' conversation began to dwindle into a comfortable silence.  Both elves were guilty of stealing glances when they thought the other was not looking.  Elrohir knew that there was quite an age difference between Haldir and his younger brothers, which meant the same difference was true for him.  Haldir was at least 150 years older than he.  The young twin could not think of anything Haldir could find interesting about him.  He was not the heir and while he was a skilled warrior, in his heart he preferred to pursue the healing arts and diplomacy.  Furthermore, Haldir had a reputation for enjoying physical pleasures, yet avoided relationships.  Elrohir really lacked that talent.  His lovers were rare; Elladan was the one with all the experience. Still, he could not help noticing the comfortable atmosphere and pleasant conversation he and Haldir enjoyed.  He also could not help the heat flowing through him when he looked at the Silvan captain.  Haldir was beyond fair.  He was probably one of the most beautiful elves to grace Arda.  He was nearly as tall as Glorfindel, meaning Elrohir had to look up to make eye contact.  He was built like a warrior but retained his elven grace.  However, his eyes caught Elrohir's attention from the start.  They were a crisp, cool blue, yet they were not cold.  The dark-haired elf was certain he could spend hours gazing into their cool depths. 

Staring at the dying fire, Haldir could not help but glance at the elf sitting with him.  He had always respected the house of Elrond, and not only because of the relationship to his lord and lady.  Elrond's accomplishments were well known; he was a powerful leader, fair and wise ruler and the best healer in all Arda.  The Lady Celebrían was known for her beauty, gentle spirit, and a perchance for mischief.  Elrohir clearly carried their genes.  Given the twins' age, the younger elf's eyes shown, surprisingly, with knowledge and wisdom.  Haldir also noticed that Elrohir had his mother's beauty.  Upon further thought, he realized that although Elladan and Elrohir were twins, the captain found Elrohir very desirable, yet he just could not see Elladan in his bed.  His bed?  When did he start looking for a bed partner?  A little voice inside his head whispered, 'more than a bed partner.'  Haldir shifted uncomfortably and took several deep breaths hoping to silence the voice and clear his mind of the less than pure thoughts now running rampant in his mind.

Both were so lost in their own thoughts, that neither realized they had fallen asleep.  Elrohir awoke with a start and cocked his head.  There it was again…

"Haldir."  The captain did not move.

"Haldir, wake up."  The twin untangled himself from his bedroll and quickly reached over to shake the other elf.  "Haldir, get up now.  There is something wrong."

Haldir suddenly bolted up, all signs of sleep gone.  "What is the matter?" he asked concerned.

"Listen."  Elrohir stopped rolling his bedroll so Haldir could concentrate on listening.  The Silvan elf's eyes went wide and in one fluid motion he was up and pulling on his weapons.  Elrohir followed suit and in less time than it would take a Rohirrim to saddle his horse, the two elves mounted their steeds, racing toward the faint sound of battle.


Elladan led Rúmil through the woods.  Soon they came to a small stream.  Both elves scanned the damp earth for any signs of the missing horse.

"Nothing."  Elladan said crest-fallen.

"Do not give up.  This was a good place to…" Rúmil was interrupted by a yelp of joy.

"Here!  Tracks, maybe a day old…no more."

Rúmil smiled at the unadulterated glee on the Peredhel's face.  Not one to pass up an opportunity, he smirked and replied, "Told you so."  He had to duck quickly to avoid the glob of mud that was heading for his silver head.  "Hey!" he said incredulously.  Elladan just crossed his arms across his chest and gave the younger elf an "is there a problem" look.  Heat pooled in Rúmil's groin.  Elladan had the most beautiful bedroom eyes.  The elves began to follow the tracks and were soon rewarded for their effort.  As the stream opened into a small river, they saw the horse playing in the water.  As they approached, it stopped to look at them, as if saying, "just try and catch me." 

Elladan quickly climbed onto a small rocky outcrop.  Carefully unwinding his lasso, he moved slowly so as to not spook the animal.  Rúmil moved around to the shoreline.  If the horse bolted his way, he would be ready.  Quick as lightning, the Peredhel released his rope.  As luck would have it, he made a perfect throw on the first try.  Elladan began to pull.  As the rope went taut, the horse remained rooted to the spot.

"Come on, let us go home now.  That is a good horse, come one."  The horse neighed and did not move.  "Come on."  Elladan pulled harder.  The horse took a step back.  Rúmil watched in amusement as the tug-of-war began.  It was a stalemate and Elladan was getting frustrated.  As he attempted to adjust his grip, the horse bolted back a few steps and sent an unsuspecting prince into the river.  Rúmil ran to the outcrop and looked down at the soaked elf.  He could not contain his laughter as he heard the horse nickering and neighing with amusement.

A rather flustered Elladan looked up.  "Find this amusing do you?"  He said with as much venom as he could muster given the circumstances…which was none.  Rúmil attempted to stifle a giggle but the harder he tried, the less successful he was.

"I am sorry," he gasped, "but, actually, yes."

"Just help me out of this confounded river, will you."

Rúmil crouched down and extended his hand.  Before he knew what happened the young elf found himself pulled face-first into the river.  Coming up sputtering, he heard Elladan laughing.  Without a moments thought, he launched himself at the older twin.  The battle was on.  The two grown elves spent the next hour splashing and dunking like elflings.  So engrossed were they in their fun that neither noticed the horse walking to the bank, shaking off the water and strolling to a nearby patch of grass.  Completely disheveled and gasping for breath, Elladan and Rúmil final dragged themselves out of the river.

Rúmil tilted his head, grasped his silver mane and squeezed out the water.  Elladan smiled a sly smile.  "You know what I really want to do now?"

Twisting his hair the other way, Rúmil answered, "Forget the horse, go home and tell your father that the horse met an untimely demise?"

Elladan chucked and advanced on the unsuspecting elf.  "No…but that does sound appealing."

Rúmil stood straight and tossed his hair back over his shoulder.  He took an unexpected step back as Elladan had moved into his personal space.  Seeing the twinkle in the Imladrian elf's eyes, he asked warily, "What then?"

Elladan now stood directly in front of the other elf.  Deep red lips turned from smile to smirk.  Rúmil found he could not look away from those luscious lips.  Oh, how he wanted to just grab Elladan's face and kiss him senseless.  However, the thought of Haldir's reaction to such behavior quickly cooled his fire.

"Kiss you." 

Rúmil's eyes snapped up to meet Elladan's, shock clearly showing in their depths.  "Excuse m…" The Lórien elf was interrupted when warm lips gently pressed against his.  At first he did not respond, lost in a fog he was.  When he finally began to reciprocate, the kiss ended.  The dark haired elf took a step back giving the younger elf some space. 

"Why did you do that?"  Rúmil was honestly perplexed.  He knew his position and it hardly warranted the attention of the heir of Imladris.

Elladan smiled at the slight blush that crept onto Rúmil's fair cheeks.  He hoped he had read things right and had not offended the other elf.  "Because I desired to.  Would you object if I did it again?" 

Elladan got his answer.  Rúmil leaned forward and kissed him.  It was gentle at first but quickly became more.  Reaching out, Elladan placed his hand on the nape of Rúmil's neck and pulled him closer.  He ran his tongue over the younger elf's lips and was rewarded by them opening to him.  His questing tongue soon found its mate and the dance began.  Rúmil could not stop the moan that escaped.  He wrapped his arms around the strong body pressing against his own.  Gentle hands combed through his wet hair, causing his body to quake.  Somewhere on the edge of the guardian's passion filled mind a little kernel of reason began to grow.  The Silvan elf quickly stepped on it.  There would be time to sort through this later.  Right now, he simply wanted to relish in the wonderful sensation.  All too soon for Rúmil's taste, the kiss ended.  Elladan cupped his cheek, his thumb brushing Rúmil's kiss-swollen lips.  The two elves stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like eternity.  Rúmil was certain that Elladan was moving in for another kiss when the mood was broken by nickers, sounding an awful lot like laughing, coming from their left.  Pulling away from each other, they saw the horse that started it all.  Both elves chuckled; the horse had a very self-satisfied look about him. 

A shiver escaped the silver haired elf as Elladan moved away.  "Come on.  Let us get camp set so we can get out of these wet clothes." 

Very unaware of how that sounded, Elladan did not see the deep crimson that crept over Rúmil's face. 


"Good morning, love."  Maglor rolled over to find his lover gone.  That was odd.  Lindir always woke him when he left.  Maglor lay back and wondered, an odd feeling creeping into his heart.


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Road to Redemption

Alaeryel - 21 Feb 12 - 6:00 PM

Ch. 34: chapter 32

OOOHHHH--evil I am caught up in the intrigue and you gave bits and pieces leaving me wanting more!  I like that--ALOT! I am so glad for your stories and making look at other sexual encounters alittle differently.  My mind is expanding which is good  I am so grateful to have found your writing and you yourself!  Thank You for being you!

I am also greatful for the suggestion you gave me--I enjoyed their story immensely also--not quite as much as yours but 2nd to you.


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