Road to Redemption: 38. Chapter 36

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38. Chapter 36

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  In this fic, the twins' connection is not so all-powerful.  They can sense each other, but only when a conscious effort is made.


"You are willing to be solely mine?" the older twin asked. 


Rúmil blushed.  "If that is what you wish," he replied, lowering his eyes.  Elladan studied the elf's demeanor.  He prided himself in perception; the elf next to him did not see them as equals…


 "But what do you want?  Relationships are two sided and I will not have you in my bed because of some bizarre sense of duty to my Grandmother or worse, stay out of it because of her."

The silver haired elf gave a small smile but continued to stare at the ground.  "Do you desire to share my bed, Rúmil?" the twin asked in all seriousness.

"Yes," came the soft reply, "however it is not…"

"OH do not even think to say appropriate.  Appropriate is how you react to a situation, what you make of it, how you perceive it.  It matters not how others see it."  Sliding closer to the young elf, Elladan continued, "Do you fear my Grandmother's reaction?"

"Hers is not the immediate concern," Rúmil looked at Elladan, sitting so close their bare legs brushed.  He quickly looked away.  The dark haired elf began to smirk.  Leaning over, he began to nibble at Rúmil's neck, eliciting the most enticing sounds from the Silvan elf.   Running his tongue along the delicate shell, the dark haired elf whispered, "Is it Haldir?" 

Rúmil trembled at the attention and had to struggle to answer.  "He…he will skin…skin me alive," came the shuddering reply. 

Elladan pressed forward, successfully laying Rúmil back, pinning the archer beneath his body.  Rúmil gasped, feeling smooth skin against smooth skin. Continuing his assault, Elladan breathed, "Just tell him you did not want to cause trouble when I made my advances.  So in the name of good diplomacy, you submitted to my carnal desires."  With that, Elladan captured Rúmil's lips in a passionate kiss.

Rúmil tangled his fingers in the dark mane cascading over them.  He could not help it when his body arched in an attempt to get closer to the delightful creature above him.  Cradling the silver head in his hand, keeping his weight on his forearm, Elladan let his other hand begin a thorough investigation of the plains and ripples of Rúmil's body.  Brushing his fingers over an already hard nipple, he began trailing kisses down the guardian's chest, stopping at a hardened nub to suckle and bite.  Rúmil felt his conscious thought leave him as he moaned and writhed beneath the sensual onslaught.  The younger elf released his hold on his soon to be lover's hair, allowing the dark haired elf to move freely down his body.  Elladan obliged, stopping to dip his tongue in Rúmil's belly button.

"Aye, Elladan, you set me aflame!" the young elf panted.  Elladan smiled against Rúmil's hip but said nothing.  Instead he began to pepper Rúmil's hips and inner thighs with kisses causing Rúmil to nearly jump out of his skin.  "Ahhh, please.  You…" The poor elf could not finish his sentence as a wicked tongue began to lick the junction between the hip and groin, teasingly sliding under the edge of his loincloth.  Deft fingers untied the cloth and before the cool evening air could reach the exposed flesh, it was engulfed in the warmest wet heat Rúmil had ever felt.  The Silvan elf moaned and gasped, shuddered and arched, his body begging for release.  "El, I think I…ahhhh. Oh gods, please…mmmmm. Oh, I am going…"

"Oh, no you do not," came the mumbled response (it is difficult to speak with an erection in one's mouth).  Elladan clamped a hand at the base of Rúmil's very impressive length, denying the younger elf's release but still building the passion.  Rúmil saw stars as he felt a slick finger slide into his tight passage.  Where Elladan got lubrication from was quite irrelevant at the moment.  Pumping his finger in and out, moaning at the muscle clamping around his finger, the heir of Imladris added a second finger to the first.  At this point Rúmil was begging for release and begging to go on.  Elladan crooked his fingers and found that spot that sent white light behind Rúmil's closed eyes.  Removing his mouth, Elladan looked at the wanton elf beneath him.  He had lovers before, but never had one been so beautiful flushed with passion, writhing with desire.  Never had another reacted to his touch like Rúmil.  The older elf continued to stimulate that wonderful bundle of nerves, watching the silver haired elf come undone.  Never missing a beat, Elladan released the base of Rúmil's throbbing length, attached his mouth and let the warm nectar shoot down his throat.  The Lórien elf screamed Elladan's name as he experienced the most intense orgasm imaginable.  With a gasp, the spent elf felt his lover's fingers leave his contracting passage.  Elladan kissed his way up the sweat-slicked body, ending with a possessive kiss.  Rúmil opened up and tasted himself.  Running his hands over the incredible body pressing against him, he came down from the stars.

"That was…you are…*pant*...still hard.  Let me…" Catching his breath Rúmil snaked his hand between their bodies in an attempt to pleasure the dark haired elf.

 "Not yet."  Elladan grabbed the questing hand.  "I will see you hard and begging again before I take my release inside your body." 

That alone caused Rúmil's length to twitch and reawaken.  Elladan placed the captured hand at the lace of his loincloth.  Rúmil positioned his other hand the same way and untied the barrier.  Pressing and rubbing against his lover, Elladan managed to push it aside.  The elves gasped in unison as warm rigid flesh caressed newly awakened flesh.  It took little to have Rúmil exited again.  This time, when Elladan inserted his fingers, he added a third.  As Rúmil began to loose control for the second time that night, Elladan pressed the head of his elfhood against the tight opening.  Slowly breaching the muscle, the half-elf almost came right then.  Reigning in his racing desire, Elladan pushed in to the hilt.  As Rúmil gasped and arched against him, the older twin paused, giving the younger elf time to adjust.  Soon, the slow rhythm began.  Rúmil's hips rose with every thrust. 

 As the rhythm quickened, Rúmil let his long legs wrap around Elladan's slender waist, successfully driving the elf farther inside his passage.  Two bodies rocked in a passionate dance.  Rúmil felt the erratic thrusts and knew it would not be long.  He held out as long as he could before tensing and letting another explosive orgasm take over.  Elladan followed, gasping his new lover's name and collapsing atop the slight elf.  Carefully rolling off the warm body, sliding out gently, Elladan reached blindly for one of their blankets.  He covered the quickly cooling bodies and pulled Rúmil close.  The younger elf was sated and sleep was tugging at him.  Softly kissing the swollen lips, Elladan settled down, relishing the feel of his lover in his arms.


Haldir and Elrohir reached the courtyard late into the evening.  They had stayed with a couple of Mirkwood elves who needed to stop and rest.  As they dismounted, a few stable hands rushed to take the horses.  Helping the injured elves to the healing wing, Elrohir sighed.

"I will turn in, Haldir.  It has been a long day."

 The Lórien captain eyed the younger twin as he dismissed a healer wanting to examine him.

"I am fine," the younger twin barked at the unsuspecting healer.  "Forgive me," he sighed, "I am just tired."  With a small smile, he headed out the doors.  

Catching up in a few strides, Haldir came upside the dark haired elf.  "Are you certain you are alright?" he asked, concern laced in his voice.  The twin nodded, still heading to the main house, eyes focused on the path before him.  "I guess I will also turn in," the Silvan said as he continued to walk beside the other elf.  Elrohir seemed to climb the steps with much thought and Haldir could not help but think something was not right.  Unfortunately, he was not about to push the younger twin; if Elrohir was hurt badly, he would have let the healer treat him…little did he know.

Elrohir bid Haldir a quiet goodnight as they reached his chamber, saying something about meeting for breakfast.  The silver haired elf gave a small bow and headed to his quarters.  He had taken no more that half a dozen steps, when a loud crash drew his attention.  Rushing back to the twin's room, he began to pound on the oak door. 

"Elrohir!  'Ro, answer the door."  He tried the door and  found it locked.  Trying not to panic, he called again.  "Come on…*pound*…Elrohir answer the door now! *pound* *kick*  Damn!" 

 Why was there never anyone around when you needed help!  Throwing his shoulder to the door, the captain attempted to break through.  It was a painful lesson in futility.  Haldir thought quickly then looked up and down the hall.  With a small breath of relief, he darted to the end of the hall, grabbing a decorative sword off the wall.  'I hope this is strong enough,' the warrior thought, racing back.  Not bothering to knock, he began to hack and pry the door away from the frame.  Wood chips flew as he worked frantically.  Taking a deep breath Haldir again rammed the door.  This time it creaked and gave a bit.   Hacking some more and trying again, he managed to crash through the door.  Quickly, he glanced around the room.  He saw a tipped end table, a shattered vase and a pair of booted feet sticking out from behind the couch.  All color drained from Haldir's face.  He rushed to Elrohir's side.  Kneeling, he checked for a pulse; he gave a silent prayer when he found it; unfortunately the red stain, slowly growing on the braided rug left him cold.  Carefully rolling the twin over, Haldir gathered the smaller elf into his arms.

"Hang in there, Elrohir.  I have you."  He rushed from the room.  "You just hold on," he pleaded.  He took the steps to the healing house by threes.  Bursting through the door, he nearly collided with the healer.  "Come with me," he ordered.  The stunned elf followed.  Coming to an empty room, the silver haired elf ordered an apprentice to find Lord Elrond.

"What has happe…" the young elf began to ask.

"GOT LORD ELROND, NOW!" the now impatient captain shouted.  "You, get clean water and rags," he said to the still shocked healer.  Haldir continued to mutter soft words of encouragement to the pale elf on the bed.  Having no time to carefully remove the twin's bloodied clothing, Haldir pulled a knife from his boot and cut the fabric away.  He could hear the valley's lord coming down the hall firing questions at the young apprentice.  He stopped cold upon entering the room.  His youngest son lay pale as the winter snow, a crimson stream flowing from a wound in his side.

"How did this happen?"  He turned accusing eyes to the silver haired captain.  Before Haldir could answer, Elrond continued his tirade, "Why was he not brought sooner?  You can see how serious this is.  I would have expected better responsibility from you, Captain."  Pushing a stunned Haldir aside, Elrond called for the necessary tools.  "Go!  You are only under foot.  We WILL discuss this once my son is stable!" 

Haldir left the room without having a chance to explain.  Elrond was right though.  Haldir should have insisted Elrohir let the healer examine him.  'But you had no reason to,' a little voice whispered, 'it is not your fault.'  He was brought back to the present when a firm hand settled on his shoulder.

"He is only frightened.  He will calm down.  Do not let his words upset you," Glorfindel said gently.  Haldir looked up at the warrior, fighting against the tears stinging his stormy eyes.  Having lived long, two lifetimes to be exact, Glorfindel could see that it was not only Elrond's harsh words that upset the young elf.  He smiled at the troubled elf, knowingly.  "Go rest, you have done everything within your ability."  Haldir made to argue.  "I will keep you informed.  You can see Elrohir tomorrow.  Elrond will be rational by then." 

Silently the Guardian nodded, walking dejectedly back to the main house.

Hours later, Elrond immerged and sagged against the wall.  "How is he?"  Glorfindel asked.

"He will survive, although it would not have been so bad if Haldir had brought him here right away!"  An angry fire flickered in the lord's eyes.  "How could he be so irresponsible?"

Glorfindel pulled Elrond onto a bench.   "Do you honestly think Haldir is responsible…"

"Glorfindel, he let Elrohir stay behind.  He should have sent him with you!"

"But Elro…"

"No!  There is no excuse.  He is centuries old and a captain at that.  He should have known better."

Glorfindel had had enough.  "Elrohir was fine when we parted ways."

"How can you say that?  Go look at him, Captain!  How could *you* not see it?" 

Now Glorfindel felt his legendary temper begin to boil.  Lord or no, father or not, Elrond had now stepped out of line.  Standing, Glorfindel drew to his full height, a subtle golden glow resonating from the warrior.  "You will listen!"  Wide steely eyes met shocking blue.  "I understand your fear, but it is not my fault nor is it Haldir's!  If anyone is to blame, it is that stubborn son of yours who did not want to appear weak in front of an elf he fancies.  Granted, it is more like something that Elladan would do, but Elrohir is strong and managed to hide his injury.  No one knew!" 

Elrond just stared at his captain before silently standing and gracefully walking back into his son's room.  Glorfindel knew his dressing down was not appreciated; however, he would not allow blame to be placed on an innocent elf, especially as honorable a warrior as Haldir.  Looking every bit like the millennia old he was, the Imladian captain headed for the family wing.  He would grab a bottle of wine and go find Orophin.  Then they would talk with Haldir together.  He had no doubt that the Silvan elf blamed himself.


Erestor's night was filled with erotic images.  Twice he woke to find his breath labored and his sheets sticky.  He was desperate to be in Maedhros' arms (among other places).  The former warrior however, seemed in no real hurry.  Had Erestor misread the signs?  No, the burgundy haired elf was interested.  Since Erestor knew that any sleep would not last, he rose, wrapped a robe around himself and curled up in a chair in front of the dying fire.  He stared into the fire and slowly a wicked plan began to form in his mind.  Erestor smiled as he plotted.


It was well after midnight, and still Lindir had not returned to their room.  Maglor knew where he was but he was not about to drag the minstrel from the prince's side.  The Noldo sat on the window seat, looking out into the moonless night.  All the worst scenarios began to play out in his mind and he soon finished a bottle of Bordeaux and was halfway through another.  There was a repeating knocking inside his brain… 'No,' he thought, 'not in my head.'  Stumbling to his feet, he swayed toward the door.  "Lindir!"  He said as he threw the door open, losing his balance in the process.

Maedhros looked at his inebriated brother.  It was not like Maglor to drink outside of a celebration, and judging by the dark haired elf, there was no celebration here.

"Oh," Maglor said as his eyes focused on the force that kept him upright.  "What are you doing here?" he slurred.  "Do you not have a visor…an advisor to s'duce?"  Maedhros let the implication go.  "Mine is with another elf.  A young prince of…of…well, of somewhere."

Maneuvering the staggering figure back into the room, Maedhros made for the fire.  Maglor nearly fell over at the loss of support.  The tall elf took the kettle from the hearth and hung it over the flames.

"I guess he is done with me."  Tears began to fall.  The distraught elf sank to the floor.  The older brother quickly responded, wrapping his arms around the sobbing elf.  For a time, all he could do was mutter loving words and support.  The re-born elf was not certain of what was happening, but things began to take shape.  He thought about the afternoon, when Maglor came to the forge.  He knew something was wrong then, but did not press the matter.  Then there was the talk with Erestor about the Mirkwood prince and Lindir.  Maedhros narrowed his eyes.  Surely the minstrel had not abandoned his brother.  The Noldo prince was beginning to think it was very wise for the Valar to ban him from weapons, although…for his brother, he would break that ban if necessary.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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